Wayne Glew’s answer to NSW HEALTH MINISTER. You are a NUTTER. You should be locked up.

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A video by actavist Wayne Glew delivers a verbal blasting of NSW Health Minister Hazzard fear mongering interview with that ever compliant media apeasing agenda driven government

They use the state of emergency law to bypass the constitution laws all abuse of office.
Stand up to these clowns people, they are pathetic.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Handle with Care. Be mindful this was a leaked recording. Make of it what you will. Very interesting though.
    Must listen
    Australian Arrests imminent?


  2. Editor/Harry, I look forward to seeing those wins because ultimaetly it helps everyone to know that someone somehow on the basis of actual law had a win. Why do I say that, its because often times people have a win and its not actually because the law was unlawful per se, it was because the prosecuting agency when it came to the crunch did not have enough, and or correct evidence and the party won due to insufficient or incorrect evidence, not the fact that the LAW ITSELF was unlawful. People need to understand that the law by its very nature has to be a precise beast, As an aside, when Rodney CULLETON was elected to parliment and had his first ‘legal’ win everybody should have got down on their hands and knees to pray that he remained in parliment, but unfortunately not enough people understood or cared and the man of most recent times who could have made a genuine difference in the position he held was given the boot.


  3. Ed, Looks like people World Wide are doing Just that…….Have you seen LONDON UK?

    Tens of thousands in Trafalgar SQ.


  4. Well defined Tim to explain your first comment. I have information on Wayne’s great success in WA & QLD that I cannot devulge s it is under legal agreements but I will follow that up and see if can lookhole it and 5 others as well. ED/Harry


  5. Jubal Hershaw

    Surely if our Nanny, Gladys, invoked a ‘state of emergency’ it would apply to the entire state ? and would be used to implement compulsory toxic shots for everyone ? Is Nanny Gladys for real, or is it just propaganda to scare the chooks ?


  6. selwyn noffke

    HERE is a Q to Fellow Cairns posters AND includes the ED,. HAS ANYONE seen any of these POLITICIAL FILTH AkA politicians GET any DNA changing JAB and not like the one the QLD chook had with the cap on the jab , that Moronic health minister MUST have got the REAL one thats why he fell over FFS,My bet is when that happened they ALL died in the ANUS and thats why WE MUST have a cleanout of these SOROS controlled politicial criminals


  7. editor, cairns news, as an ex copper myself, I have no issue with Constitutional challenges etc, point me to the court cases where Wayne himself has taken criminal action against those in the establishment.
    We can all wail around the place saying that such and such is illegal etc, and indeed sometimes that is correct, whilst the high court in full sitting mode is politically appointed, it is the closest thing in the systems we have to a genuine arbitor of lawfullnes or otherwise and certainly most of the time they carry out the function correctly.

    Where the problem lies is that the Governments often do not want to take action against each other when they are wrong(after high court says they are wrong) and if they don’t want their enforcement arms (police etc) to take action then obtaining redress through the usual channels by the people is nigh on impossible.

    I know what I am talking about and when Wayne or anyone else says the laws are illegal etc they may very sell be right in some particular area but and that but comes with its own issues, the Criminal Codes in each State and the Crimes Act Federally are the instruments of redress that are fully in PLAIN SIGHT for all citizens to use, if they are knowledgeable enough and then brave enough and or rich enough(to afford lawyers to assist them)

    Civil liability is easily corporatised away to the group(Gov’t) so that individuals need not fear such things when acting in good faith within guidelines provided by the government, however those guidelines mean nothing if the action they take is unlawfull, that is why all govt’ employees fear criminal charges but not civil.

    Unless authorised justified or excused by law ( meaning prior case law backs up common law, statute etc) then the government employee who does an unlawful action is personally criminally liable even if the employee is acting within the scope of government legislation, but such legislation is in fact unlawful.

    When you understand what I just said in the above paragraph then you will know why my first comment is relavent and that is why no one achieves anything irrespective of right or wrong.


  8. Leigh-Anne Rogers

    An excellent video. Thank you Wayne. So much is said, including by myself. I have been for years. So many letters , so much of trying to get people to wake up. I have been to rallies , marches, been herded and sprayed with pepper spray, sort of like an annoying bug or mosquito. But like them I have not given up. But I do wonder, what the hell are we achieving ?Are we doing practical things , or are we just a load of words
    There are groups here, groups their , when do we unite ? Some of you older people will remember Tony and Pat Pitt .He was always trying to get people to unite. I do not think he had a lot of success. He was a loyal Australian, There have been many in the past who spent much of their lives writing articles , News Papers, You also Dick. I reckon I have a book of yours from a few years ago., Ray Platt from The Strategy “. Ian Murphy, The Aussie Scouts .Brig Gen Ted Serong , Alan Gourley and his books.. .IT says ” Will CERN create the largest GENOCIDE in history . Sustainability and Agenda 21 .I copied that page 10 times and gave it to people, as I did with a lot of stuff. To what avail ?
    So many more people are awake So what now , is the most effective course of action ?

    We do NOT have time to stuff aroiund.



  9. great video, listen very carefully about what this guy is saying about who is in hospital with COVID19


    and here’s the TGA report on vaccine safety, 399 post vaccine deaths, but of course ‘it had nothing to do with the jab’



  10. horsecowsheeps


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  11. To Tim: Bad news Tim, too many people are now awake. Irrespective of what Wayne claims – none of what is happening now makes any sense. Are the VAERS figures wrong? I’m hearing anecdotally from people I meet that this ‘jab” is definitely unsafe. It is not tested. It does not even stop you getting BS19. Why are there so many “cases”, but virtually no one dying..? How can the wholesale shutdown and destruction of our economies be justified? It cant. Why is the PCR test being used when the actual creator of it said it is inaccurate? Why are US CDC now moving away from it? It is over. People are waking up to the LIES.


  12. Tim. Why do you denigrate Wayne for his facts and continue to sell Communist propaganda?


  13. Aussie Fighter

    Thanks so much for that share of Hero Wayne Glew. Hazzard the health hazard to the Australian people. Bastard should be strung up along with the rest of these polishitstains


  14. Hi Editor Thanks Wayne is very good with facts. Dick

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  15. Awesome video, for a sand groper Wayne you certainly know your stuff , keep kicking them mate, your the salt of the earth.


  16. Tim, clearly you obviously do not know Wayne Glew .. Harry


  17. The states can not “by pass” the constitution.


  18. pay no attention to wayne glew, he is an ex copper and he knows full well how to criminally charge people either by using his civilian powers of arrest or by complaint and summons, so should he really believe the stuff he is saying then he would have personally charged criminally some government officials etc when it comes to them attacking him(which if you believe his videos has occured) so he has no conviction of his beliefs


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