Is boofhead NSW Minister Elliott really going to arrest these patriotic Australians? We’ll see about that mate!

These Australians peacefully exercising their right to protest in Sydney last Saturday, before being insulted then targeted for arrest by the vile and vindictive NSW Police Minister David Elliot.
Just part of the protest march through Sydney last Saturday, claimed by David Elliot and his media friends to number only 3500! And the same unbalanced, power-drunk Elliot wants a squad of detectives to identify and charge them all.
This NSW minister is off his block and must resign.


THE rancid authoritarian regime now running New South Wales is going after the mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, children, teens, and adults who exercised their lawful right to protest in Sydney on July 24.

The anti-citizen NSW terrorist operation was announced by the distasteful NSW Police Minister David Elliot, after he insulted the thousands of protesters his police are commissioned to “protect and serve” by calling them “boofheads”.

But it’s Elliot who deserves the “boofhead” label. He demonstrated deep-seated ignorance not only over his ministerial obligations as an elected public servant, but in crossing the line to inflicting truly Stalinist-style tyranny on the free people of Australia. This minister is no longer one. He is a tyrant abusing the powers of office to an extent unheard of before in Australia’s history.

Elliot wants the July 24th protesters identified and reported to Crimestoppers in an operation involving 22 detectives. It’s a mirror of the Democrat-inspired FBI terrorist operation in the US to track and arrest innocent participants in the so-called insurrection at the Capitol Building on January 6 this year.

We should not be surprised at this latest act of tyranny by Berijerklian and her cabal of power-corrupted cronies. They, like her fellow terrorist premiers Andrews of Victoria, Marshall of South Australia, the law destroying thug McGowan of Western Australia and Queensland’s DNA-trading-for-the-CCP Palasczcuk family, all appear under the control of the uber-rich globalist pedophile puppet masters who have declared war on freedom and humanity in general.

It’s a shocking crisis of government in Australia. When broadcaster Alan Jones stated recently that Berejiklian had lost the right to govern, he was being polite. This COVID madness is a crisis of government in this nation that must be addressed by the people.

Elliot says the NSW police “strike force” will work to identify and charge the 3500 people (there were at least 10,000) he claimed were involved in Saturday’s “illegal anti-lockdown rally in Sydney’s CBD”. The boofhead minister also ordered them “go and get tested” because in his estimation there would be “at least one person in that crowd with COVID”.

In fact there could have been thousands of people in that crowd “with COVID” or some form of corona virus in their system because real medical experts – epidemiologists in particular – will tell you that half to 80% of the population has natural immunity. But such knowledge is typically ignored by corrupt tyrants hellbent on control of entire populations.

And as if anyone among the protesters would go line up for hours to have some plastic-covered goon stick an elongated, poison-contaminated ear bud up their nasal passage and then have the goo put through a fraudulent test condemned by courts in Europe so that they might be sent into forced quarantine. It would be hilarious if not so deadly serious.

As noted by one of the speakers at the Brisbane World Freedom Day rally, the only test required for dealing with the so-called pandemic should be an IQ test. But that might be going too far, as it could result in a massive leadership vacuum across at least four Australian states and the federal Parliament.

Minister Boofhead should apologise to the thousands of Sydneysiders he has not only insulted, but now threatened with investigation for exercising their lawful right to political protest. This is pure Stalinist-style terrorism and the people of Sydney must go out again in defiance of the ludicrous city lockdown on the basis of a couple of hundred so-called COVID cases.

The fear peddling dimwits of mainstream media and politics are also condemning the Sydney protest as a likely “super spreader event”. Did they ever wonder what “the virus” was doing when masks were off a few weeks back – for instance at the footy? Did the virus take a holiday? No, it and other viruses were spreading – that’s what they do, and the majority of reasonably healthy people with a functioning immune system simply fight them off. Zinc and vitamin D3, a supplement highly recommended by online British GP Dr John Campbell and many others, are good preventive medicine.

Others like the immune compromised or elderly with existing illnesses may need extra care. Repurposed drugs like ivermectin, budesonide (a steroidal inhalant) or hydroxychloroquine can help infected people drastically reduce their viral load, as proven in trials and clinics. But the Berejiklian cabal and their so-called health advisers don’t talk about this – they merely push the dangerous and ineffective vaccines that large numbers of Australians don’t want. It’s criminal negligence cloaked in the respectability of “public health” and people are sick of it (pun unintended).

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. David Elliot belongs in the same category as Brad Hazzard.


  2. Best article I’ve read in bloody ages


  3. Do not take the experimental jabbar. Those who take it still get covid and have to wear masks. So what is the point of throwing the life/death/TPD dice. TGA saw tests results of rats for goodness sake and no significant human data. No-one knows what will happen in 6-12 months although the reality is it could be that everyone will need to take it twice a year. So what’s the point? These politicians are probably being threatened with death themselves if they do not comply but that makes it ok for you to die doesn’t it? If your employer tells you to get do not resign but contact a lawyer. Make them fight for your job with everything you have if they want to sell you out.

    These guys want clients who are being forced. Better to die with your free will in tact than become a test rat who may or may not be ok in 2 years. (Assuming you service their yearly jabbars)


  4. There are sufficient grounds to believe that we have been graphenized i.e. medicated or contaminated by the Graphene Oxide, which is present in the vaccines, masks, swabs, saline solutions, air etc.

    The presence of the graphene oxide in the body after vaccination or contamination, can be detected by magnets, voltmeter and EM detector, as demonstrated here:

    The connection between the graphene oxide and COVID-19, has been explained here:

    The properties of the graphene oxide:

    The scientific paper showing that the Pfizer covid vaccine contains 98-99% Graphene oxide:

    Presence of the Graphene oxide in Astra Zeneca vaccine:

    The Graphene oxide in Moderna vaccine:

    Detection of the Graphene oxide in the flu vaccine:

    The Graphene oxide in the air, as magnetic dust:

    The Graphene oxide in the masks:

    Presence of the Graphene Oxide in the blood:

    The SARS 2 COV has never been isolated:

    At the end, there is a lot of indication pointing that the Graphene Oxide is the “virus”. When injected into a human body it can cause the blood cloths, myocarditis, pneumonia and when exposed to EM waves of the certain frequencies inside the 5G range, it is causing COVID symptoms.


  5. Love and light to all who will awaken ❤️


  6. Email Service


    Sent from my iPad


  7. crisscross767

    It’s time to rethink the notion that “loyalty” is protecting and promoting traitors posing as “government”.


  8. crisscross767

    You MUST Act Now to Protect Your Privacy!

    For many years, the AVN has been trying to get a study done comparing the health of the fully vaccinated, the fully unvaccinated and the partially vaccinated using the information on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) which is now called the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Since 2016, this register has tracked all vaccinations given to everyone in Australia.

    In our research, we have just discovered that there are plans to use this data to inform State Governments of who is and is not vaccinated for the purposes of bringing in a vaccine passport within the next 2 months.

    What we were not aware of is the fact that we can opt-out of allowing the government to share our data with any third party including sharing it with the States (it is currently held by the Federal Government) or whomever will win the tender to operate the passport system.

    Time is short since the federal government has already said they have everything ready to go for the vaccine passports and are only waiting on the States to complete their end.

    Please visit this website –

    and fill in the form IM017. It cannot be submitted online but must be printed out and mailed – we recommend you do this by express post and also if you don’t mind spending a few dollars extra, paying for the proof of delivery so you have the signature of who has received it should they claim they never got it.

    Please share this as widely as possible since it is urgent that we opt out now while we still can.

    The AVN Team



  9. The French show us how it is done:


  10. Dissenter of regimes get silenced – eventually or straight away. It is continuously proven by history in all 4 corners of the world. Boofheads, criminals & traitors are the real Authorities. NSW can and will never win freedom nor does any other state within the colony. As it seems that the new “Commonwealth of Australia”, registered in Washington DC in 1934 may have been set up by the creditors of the “old Australia” nothing will change here for felt “eons” to come. “Bring it on” – to fight a global tyranny/virus is like a flea yelling at an elephant to get out of the way. Boofheads are those who still believe Australians can negotiate with “come on wealth” puppet governments.
    Same includes our Kiwi brothers as we are all subjected to the same criminal corporation that does not only run the “motherland”, the Commonwealth realm and the royal family but all other nations embedded in global debt slavery of this crooked coin run world. The ugly face of lies one seems to look at is covered by other layers of faces that continuously will be replaced/exchanged. Follow the strings attached to “our” politicians. Follow the coin. All tracks will lead abroad from Aussie and Kiwi shores into the same vaults!


  11. We select the jurisdiction that we ‘live’ in, and if you rely on the Birth Certificate issued to you as some unqualified form of identification, then you have ‘elected’ to live in the fictional commercial jurisdiction which is ‘administrated’ by what presents as ‘government’ (which is why they are registered corporations beholden to a foreign jurisdiction from ‘we the people of the Commonwealth of Australia’).

    The current Queen of the UK etc placed herself under the Coronation Oath, and all her agents are likewise bound to the precepts therein.

    It is our ignorance that has led to us being in the wrong jurisdiction so we cannot blame the deceivers if we chose to remain deceived.

    The Queen pays homage to the City of London, which is the home and centre for the sovereign people using the jurisdiction of equity, as a God given right, to emancipate oneself from the onerous laws of kings.

    The ball is in our court and always has been.

    What’s your play going to be?


  12. crisscross767

    MASSIVE! Top Doctor Warns about COVID Vaccine (DISTURBING …

    Dr. Peter McCullough – Texas A&M College of Medicine: In this disturbing video, a top cardiologist breaks down the dangers of the vaccine and shares his convictions on why there is such an emphasis on vaccines, over treatment. If you watch nothing else this week, watch this!


    Watch this if you want to know where we\re going


  14. Well put. You covered all the basis beautifully.


  15. Sydney could be coming a full on Police State more than it is now and with Sydney’s Casedemic and month long Lockdown could be extended indefinitely. The only way out is majority of Sydney need to be inoculated with the Bioweapon Poison being labelled as Vaccine. August is only around the corner, Sydney is the best city to initiate Martial Law.


  16. Why is China becoming the new world leader


  17. Below is the post I put up on gab earlier today and the link to the CDC website also.

    What the CDC are now saying is that the PCR test is basically no good. Hello, we have been telling them that since Kary Mullis made us all aware.

    What I want to know is, are all the decisions that were made based on all these fraudulent test results going to be reversed now?
    What about people that were coerced into getting Graphene Oxide shoved up their noses not knowing what was in it?
    What about the people who have lost their businesses and livelihoods based on these test results?
    If a diesel fitter from CQ can work all this out, why can’t some of these misfits in power work it out? I”ll (hazzard) a guess…whenever they make statements like the minister for police made, straightaway we know whose payroll they are on, and it certainly isn’t that of the Australian people. Shameful DIRTBAGS is being extremely polite!

    “I was unable to repost the post by KYPatriot2013 so I went to the CDC website myself and found the information on the PCR tests we always knew were fraudulent and not fit for task, just like its inventor Kary Mullis stated many times before his “disappearance”, see below link and screenshot.

    Now that this is out, I wonder if all the decisions that were made based on fraudulent tests and therefore fraudulent numbers , will be reversed?
    This is YUUUUUGE!
    What are the grounds for your fraudulent lockdowns (lockups) based on now palacechook, berajokelian, andrews (and that bloke in the west)?????

    Many thanks to KYPatriot2013!

    Lets be careful to check the next test they hit us with and ensure that it is capable and accurate to pick up the (flu)…”


  18. SA:
    Adelaide authorities say they will use CCTV surveillance and shop purchase data to enforce contact tracing and quarantine A surveillance state.


  19. Jubal Hershaw

    Another extremist with a toxic born-to-rule complex.
    In SA they’re also tracking people via their credit card purchases (will find out if you’re only buying “essentials” ?)
    Though The Compliant Ones have been called upon to help track-down the Defiant Ones, ie, “be a dobber,”, i suspect ‘phone location data will be mined to enable The Disobedient children to be punished by the NSW Nanny state.


  20. crisscross767

    Statute law is the Law of the Sea or the Pirates of Finance Law which means guilty until proven innocent and over which the Queen who presides over the law of the land has no jurisdiction – she has to get permission to enter the one mile square Crown City of London wherein is the Bank of England.

    Plus the fact that the Queen at her at her coronation she accepted a wedding ring attaching her to the Vatican – the Holy See (Sea).

    By the terms of the “FOREVER” Treaty of 1213, the Vatican has since owned the Crown which it has rented to the British Monarchy per the terms of said Treaty, to wit:


    “We wish it to be known to all of you, through this our charter, furnished with our seal, that inasmuch as we had offended in many ways God and our mother the holy church, and in consequence are known to have very much needed the divine mercy, and cannot offer anything worthy for making due satisfaction to God and to the church unless we humiliate ourselves and our kingdoms: we, wishing to humiliate ourselves for Him who humiliated Himself for us unto death, the grace of the Holy Spirit inspiring, not induced by force or compelled by fear, but of our own good and spontaneous will and by the common counsel of our barons, do offer and freely concede to God and His holy apostles Peter and Paul and to our mother the holy Roman church, and to our lord pope Innocent and to his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances, for the remission of our sins and of those of our whole race as well for the living as for the dead; and now receiving and holding them, as it were a vassal, from God and the Roman church, in the presence of that prudent man Pandulph, subdeacon and of the household of the lord pope Innocent, and his catholic successors and the Roman church, according to the form appended; and in the presence of the lord pope, if we shall be able to come before him, we shall do liege homage to him; binding our successors and our heirs by our wife forever, in similar manner to perform fealty and show homage to him who shall be chief pontiff at that time, and to the Roman church without demur. Concessions of May 15, 1213 to the Pope.” [END QUOTE]
    Two Papal Bulls followed after Magna Charta nullifying most of its terms.
    The Monarchy follows the dictates of the Crown’s owner, and does so to this date in spite of what is pretended. Note with whom the kings of the Earth seek counsel from time to time. This will give you understanding.


  21. The French resistance in WWII routed occupying invader German with very few weapons but total solidarity to take back their stolen country


  22. And WHY are these boofheads pushing all this tyrannical rubbish?
    Because they are working for Bill Gates and the Great Reset, aka World Economic Forum, aka New Green Deal, aka New World Order, aka One World Govt., aka Agenda w1/30, aka UN.
    I am always very suspicious of organisations which keep changing their name!
    Gates is not actually a member of the Forum but he is up there with them…it his vaccine being used…he owns the patent….and it is being used to force people to be injected, using fear.
    Gates believes there are too many of us and we have to be culled, back to numbers that can be easily controlled .
    Gates is a very dangerous, narcissistic, arrogant, mentally deranged sociopath.If he wasn’t so wealthy, he would be in gaol, he has killed so many people with his vaccines….mostly in 3rd world countries.
    They want globalisation under THEIR laws.
    This is what we are fighting against…….loss of our freedom.

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  23. selwyn noffke

    All it will take is one of andrews Gestarpo GOONS in Vic or The imbercile you wrote about and his NSW force to Fatally maim a protester thats when the shit,ll hit the fan and the balloon will definately go up, And as for our own no one was pinched or locked up in brissie , BIG Question was that because palacszuzk was sight seeing in Japan .

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  24. Sam Tomarchio

    Hi just where does one source these proven cures. It would cease the unnecessary pain we are all forced to endure. Can you please help in sourcing all of the below ingredients. Let’s begin a funding raising to purchase as MUCH that can be made available.

    Best regards, Laverton Motel


  25. crisscross767

    “Governments work for us” then why are they called governments? They are masters not servants. When you vote you are voting to elect a new slavemaster.

    Govern/rule – ment/mind.= ruling minds

    Parlia – ment = talking minds



    DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH QLD is located in Brisbane City, QUEENSLAND, Australia and is part of the Administration of Human Resource Programs Industry. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH QLD has 1,981 total employees across all of its locations and generates $14.40 billion in sales (USD). (Employees figure is modelled).



    QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE is located in Cairns City, QUEENSLAND, Australia and is part of the Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities Industry. QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE has 15,031 total employees across all of its locations and generates $1.66 billion in sales (USD). (Employees figure is estimated).


  28. Follow this link: :

    NSW POLICE FORCE is located in Parramatta, NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia and is part of the Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities Industry. NSW POLICE FORCE has 20725 employees at this location and generates $2.59 billion in sales (USD). (Employees figure is estimated). There are 831 companies in the NSW POLICE FORCE corporate family.


  29. Muppet puppet.


  30. Have a look at the Constable article I sent you, Tony.The bloke who wrote that reckons they get elected and take your proxy vote, and thengo and swear another Oath to the Queen, which negated their obligation to the actual people who elected/voted for themThis is misrepresentation.A friend was told that this is what actually happens here: they work for the Queen, notthe people-and this was from a woman working in a government department who actuallyseems to have known what the deal is. See the attachments. Gary


  31. Thank you for continuing to speak the truth for all Australians.

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  32. The vaccinations are the virus! It’s not a pandemic it’s an IQ test!

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  33. Government infiltration caused the peaceful demonstrations disruption to discredit the demonstrators


  34. Proof that Australia is still a convict run colony


  35. There may come a time when the lock downs will be stricter, Therefore no protest marching etc against this evil regime..However there always is a positive no matter what in everything. Meditation collectively has awesome power that actually works. whereas we the people can organize a national even worldwide meditation at a synchronized time to change outcomes within our matrix and we can do this everyday without leaving home. we just need someone to organize this event which again is truly powerful and our requests will not go unanswered which is simple physics. In the mean time try to avoid the FEAR the evil has created as much as possible.


  36. nailed it, once again

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