Delta variant just hay fever and another facet of fear

by Kevin Moore

Deception: Hay Fever Symptoms Same As “Delta Variant” – They Are Trying To Control Your Mind

Professor Tim Spector, who runs the Zoe Covid Symptom study at King’s College London, has warned that younger people with the “delta variant” are reporting new symptoms. But those who have had hay fever for years or even decades say those symptoms are exactly the same.

Not bad for a virus that has never been isolated. The so called Delta variant – just another fear factor to force vaccination

Are the rulers rebranding hay fever as the “delta variant?” Or is this just a coincidence? There sure seem to be a lot of coincidences lately, but you decide for yourself.

Instead of the usual high temperature, hacking cough, and loss of taste and smell we’ve become familiar with, a new set of symptoms are thought to be associated with the Delta variant. –TYLA

It certainly looks like they are taking every single cold or fly or ailment that they can and turning it into something big and scary to panic the public.

“Since the start of May, we have been looking at the top symptoms in the app users – and they are not the same as they were,” Spector explained. “This variant seems to be working slightly differently. People might think they’ve just got some sort of seasonal cold and they still go out to parties and they might spread around to six other people. We think this is fuelling a lot of the problem.”

Unsurprisingly, hayfever sufferers have reacted in confusion and, in some cases, panic that their symptoms might be something more than a mild allergic reaction.

On reading about the new symptoms, one person tweeted: “That’s also basically me in hot weather and with hayfever. Guess I need to get myself a few thousand test kits.”

Another joked: “Are they sure the Delta variant ain’t just hayfever season?”

One tweeted: “Cool, that’s just what we needed to hear in HAYFEVER SEASON.”

While one wrote: “Oh good. An added level of stress and jeopardy to this year’s hayfever season.” –TYLA

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Deception: Hay Fever Symptoms Same As “Delta Variant” – They Are Trying To Control Your Mind

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  1. It looks like when mRNA injections were tested during the Animal Trials around 20 years ago and all died when exposed to a wild virus. Look whats happening now have Covid 19 Variants latests is the Delta strain from India and when you read 2 blog posts from Humansarefree

    Have a hypothesis what if the Synthetic Spike Proteins are really killing people much faster than expected with all the blood clots and this is why got Covid 19 Variants. It could also why during Animal trials with mRNA injections that was the Synthetic Spike Proteins that killed them all and why Animal Trials skipped for Covid 19, so the Human Race are now in the Animal trials what can go wrong …


  2. Yupp.. There part of the 741 genders ,,,,


  3. ED, Especially to Labor and Greens, but omit the fist two.
    One SURE way to see the relevance of all the hype, check out the death rate from all causes in 2018 and compare it to the death rate in 2020.
    I have not done so, but, I’ll bet London to a brick (without much chance of loosing London), that the death rate is actually LOWER in 2020.


  4. Does that apply to Labor and Greens?


  5. You all have to realise, that there’s as many variant as there are genders ??& as you know, there are 743 genders ?
    One Male .
    One Female.
    & 741 psychiatric mental issues genders …


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