Vaccination Network warns Greg Hunt Minister for Health and Ageing….stop rollout now….genocide

Open letter to Minister Greg Hunt from Australian Vaccination Network

The Honourable Greg Hunt MP
Federal Minister for Health and Ageing
PO Box 647
Somerville, Vic 3912

May 30, 2021

Dear Mr Hunt,

On behalf of the tens of thousands of members and supporters of  The Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN), we are writing to you with the many concerns we have around the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out. We demand, based on the precautionary principle, that the current mRNA and viral vector vaccination experimental trial be immediately halted until independent scientific safety and efficacy evaluations can be unequivocally established. We understand that Queensland has, as of 21st May 2021, abandoned the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccination program due to injuries and deaths following vaccination.

We are very concerned that the COVID-19 vaccines have only been given provisional approval by the TGA under the State of Emergency declaration and that the decision to vaccinate the Australian public has been made on the basis of short term efficacy and safety data. It has been conceded by the TGA and AHPRA that there is no longitudinal scientific data relating to risk/benefit profile. Why is our government coercing Australians to have experimental injections which have been developed, marketed and distributed in less than a year while previous vaccine development took between 10-15 years?

Liberal Minister for Health and Ageing Greg Hunt said: “The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, largest global vaccination trial ever and we will have enormous amounts of data…” Correct, most of the data will be in death certificates.

In an interview on Insiders you stated:

“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data.”

As you have publicly admitted, these injections are still in clinical trials, and anyone who gets the shot is now part of an experiment.

Why haven’t you given instructions to health professionals to inform every person receiving the shot that they are participating in an experiment? Informed consent is essential for any medical procedure as per the Australian Immunisation Handbook and the Nuremberg Code.

These Covid vaccines are not necessary. According to the CDC’s current best estimate, “the infection fatality rate” (IFR) for Covid-19 is less than 1 percent for people aged 69 and younger. Vaccine manufacturers claim that COVID-19 vaccines are 95 percent “effective,” but the FDA is allowing companies to define effectiveness as “prevention of mild symptoms.” The studies are not designed to detect a reduction in outcomes such as severe illness, hospitalization or death. For individuals who develop severe symptoms, the vaccine is not a remedy. Instead, nutritional and oxidative support can help keep the illness from going into “overdrive.” Peter Doshi from the British Medical Journal has concerns that the current trials are not designed to show whether the injections will save any lives. In fact, reports since the commencement of the rollout in countries around the world are showing the vaccines are causing deaths and injuries.

Participants in every COVID-19 vaccine trial reported adverse reactions including high fever, chills, muscle pains and headaches. Some even reported severe reactions that required hospitalization and invasive treatment. According to the FDA, potential long-term effects may include Guillain-Barré syndrome, brain swelling, muscle weakness and paralysis, convulsions and seizures, stroke, narcolepsy, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), shock, heart attack, autoimmune disease, arthritis and joint pain, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, and death.

Some UK health workers have experienced anaphylactic shock after receiving one dose of the approved vaccine and the UK government has warned those with severe allergies to avoid the Pfizer injection. Manufacturers have been granted complete indemnity, freedom from liability even though all previous attempts at creating coronavirus vaccines caused harm and never advanced to regulatory approval.

Sadly, we are seeing the devastating results of these government-sponsored and unnecessary, untested experimental injections on people all over the world. As of May 14, 2021, the number of reported US deaths following COVID-19 vaccines was 4,201 according to data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data comes directly from reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). A US Harvard Study concluded that “fewer than 1% of injuries were reported” to the database. Every week, VAERS makes public all vaccine injury reports received as of a specified date, usually about a week prior to the release date.

Between December 14, 2020 and May 14, 2021 there have been a total of 227,805 adverse events, including 4,201 deaths. This is alarming but not surprising as there is no data to suggest safety for the following groups of people: Anyone younger than age 18 or older than age 55, pregnant or lactating mothers, those with autoimmune conditions and immunocompromised individuals. The safety for other age groups is inconclusive as the clinical trial for Pfizer, and AstraZeneca will not conclude until 2023.

In Australia, the reported adverse events were over 19,598 on May 20, 2021 according to the report on the TGA website. We are also hearing that thousands of women around the world are reporting disrupted menstrual cycles after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines. The U.K.’s government vaccine adverse event reporting system has collected more than 2,200 instances of reproductive disorders after coronavirus injections, including excessive or absent menstrual bleeding, delayed menstruation, vaginal haemorrhaging, miscarriages, and stillbirths.
Two prominent doctors, including the ex-head of Pfizer’s respiratory research, had warned that Covid-19 vaccines contain a spike protein called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of the placenta. If the vaccine triggers an immune response to this protein, then female infertility, miscarriage or birth defects could result.

On Monday 22 February 2021, COVID-19 vaccinations began in Australia. By May 12, the TGA had received 6 reports of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) following the injection of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. There have also been reports to the TGA of 18 cases of Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), a devastating condition that leaves the patient with low platelet levels and a tendency to bleed at the same time, and which has a fatality rate of 25%. Reports as at May 2 show that there are approximately 20 cases of anaphylaxis reported in Australia per million doses of the Comirnaty vaccine. How many reactions to vaccination are actually reported to the TGA’s database of adverse reactions? Do frontline medical staff know that they can and should report a suspected adverse event following a vaccination? We know that according to the study performed by Harvard less than 1% of all adverse reactions are submitted to VAERS, so we can only assume (as no such study has been performed by the Australian government) that the percentage would be similar in Australia.

Informed consent is being bypassed. According to the Australian Immunisation Handbook on the TGA website, informed consent is essential. It states:

Valid consent is the voluntary agreement by an individual to a proposed procedure, which is given after sufficient, appropriate and reliable information about the procedure, including the potential risks and benefits, has been conveyed to that individual and it must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.

According to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners:

Informed consent is the process whereby a patient makes a voluntary decision about their medical care with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and potential risks involved. A patient should only agree to the proposed treatment if he or she has been provided with sufficient information including the benefits, associated risks and alternative management options, so they are able to make an appropriate decision about their own health care.

Clearly, we are not able to make an informed choice unless we have the full information to do so. This clinical trial we are engaged in does not meet the requirements of full disclosure and so this vaccination program must cease immediately. Many Australians are being coerced and pressured into taking the vaccine against their will due to the ongoing discussions by the Australian government around restrictions being imposed on those who do not consent to the Covid-19 vaccine. This goes against the values of Australia as a free country where the citizens are entitled to make their own informed medical decisions.

We look forward to receiving a written reply to our concerns and we request urgent action in response to the above information, ensuring a halt to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines for the safety of all Australians.

Ms Meryl Dorey
President, Australian Vaccine-risks Network (AVN)
On behalf of the Members of the AVN and our supporters
Cc:/The Hon Mark Butler MP, Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Richard Noakes

    95% Efficiency What they did:
    · They took 36,523 people and divided them into two groups. 18,198 got the injection and 18,325 didn’t.
    · Then they looked at how many people had an increased cough or muscle pain or sore throat or diarrhea or some other generic symptom that can be caused by almost anything.
    · Next, they used PCR tests to see how many of them supposedly had Covid. They found that 8 of them got the Experimental Injection and 162 did not. Based on these results they called their injection 95% effective.
    Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Fernando P. Polack, et al., N Engl J Med 2020; 383:2603-2615
    The Clinical Trial does discuss severe Covid. Here’s what it says:
    “Major secondary end points included the efficacy of BNT162b2 against severe Covid-19. Severe Covid-19 is defined by the FDA as confirmed Covid-19 with one of the following additional features: clinical signs at rest that are indicative of severe systemic illness; respiratory failure; evidence of shock; significant acute renal, hepatic, or neurologic dysfunction; admission to an intensive care unit; or death. Details are provided in the protocol. An explanation of the various denominator values for use in assessing the results of the trial is provided in Table S1 in the Supplementary Appendix.”
    Interestingly, when the report discusses the injection and the placebo it states:
    “No deaths were considered by the investigators to be related to the vaccine or placebo. No Covid-19–associated deaths were observed.”
    So how can they say the vaccine will stop you from dying from Covid if “No Covid-19–associated deaths were observed” in either the placebo or injection groups?
    But, putting that aside, what about the other severe side-effects? Here’s what appears in the Supplementary Appendix:
    So according to Pfizer’s data, out of 21,669 people who got the experimental injection 2 people had severe Covid and out of 21,686 people who got the placebo, 18 had severe Covid.
    Sound impressive. Let’s put that into simple statistics:
    · The percentage of people who got the placebo and did not get severe Covid was 99.916997%
    · The percentage of people who got the experimental injection and did not get severe Covid was 99.99077%
    Do these results prove that the injection is effective against stopping severe Covid symptoms? Is this statistically valid?

    Moderna Vaccine did not prove true clinical efficacy
    According to the FDA, they don’t know if the Moderna injection will protect people for more than 2 months.
    “[I]t is not possible to assess sustained efficacy over a period longer than 2 months.”
    The primary efficacy endpoints were similar to Pfizer such as things like sore throat or headache.
    For the primary efficacy endpoint, the case definition for a confirmed COVID-19 case was defined as:
    · At least TWO of the following systemic symptoms: Fever (≥38ºC), chills, myalgia, headache, sore throat, new olfactory and taste disorder(s), or
    · At least ONE of the following respiratory signs/ symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, OR clinical or radiographical evidence of pneumonia; and
    · NP swab, nasal swab, or saliva sample (or respiratory sample, if hospitalized) positive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR.
    If you already tested positive for Covid, they don’t know if the Moderna shot will provide any benefit because they didn’t test for this.
    “Thus, the study was not designed to assess the benefit in individuals with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection.”
    They don’t know if the Moderna injection will stop people from dying from Covid.
    “A larger number of individuals at high risk of COVID-19 and higher attack rates would be needed to confirm efficacy of the vaccine against mortality.”
    They only have limited data to see whether the Moderna injection stops the virus from being transmitted from person to person.
    “Data are limited to assess the effect of the vaccine against transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from individuals who are infected despite vaccination.”
    There is no data to determine if the injection is safe for a large percentage of the population.
    “There are currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine in subpopulations such as children less than 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating individuals, and immunocompromised individuals.”
    They don’t know if getting the injection will make getting the disease even worse.
    “However, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown…”
    Source for all the above statements:
    Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting December 17, 2020 FDA Briefing Document Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
    All % numbers are just statistics and statistics can be manipulated to give a better review than what might otherwise be the truth.

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  2. Excellent letter. Could also have included European death numbers following the injection – over 12,000 now.

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  3. rebecca vantol

    Hünt apparently had his second shòt today

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  4. john wholohan

    It would be good if you could do an article on the Australian constitution especially section 51. Yeah I know it was the one that Daryl used in the great movie “the Castle”
    51. Legislative powers of the Parliament
    The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:
    xxiiiA the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;
    as far as i am concerned civil conscription can be construed as denying any mandatory mask wearing or vaccination
    Keep up the good work and keep rattling the cage


  5. crisscross767

    STATE OF FEAR! How the Government used Science of Psychology to Delude Us
    Ivor Cummins
    183K subscribers
    “Myself and Laura Dodsworth discuss her new book: “STATE OF FEAR – How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic.” A superb read explaining how the Government used the Science of Psychology to delude us into a form of mass psychosis. Learn how to innoculate yourself against these totalitarian methods!”

    An interesting point she makes in the video is that the politicians themselves appear to be in fear. It appears to me to be a Masonic like induced fear, not of Covid but of a higher power so great that it causes politicians to be psyop actors for the planned One World Government.

    w3 May 30, 2021 at 11:17 am

    On fear and control, you reminded me, I noticed with the German TV “virus expert” who closes off every DeutscheWorld news show, last time I looked, that he seemed very stressed since the previous time I saw him which was some weeks ago. He glanced sideways off camera as if someone was pointing a gun at him. He must be closely monitored by his off-camera handler. I can’t imagine how they would keep him under control, in a state of fear.

    Given that the scamdemic was pre-orchestrated through Agenda 21, Event 201, Lockstep and other such public manifestos and declarations, and we understand the funding of the Wuhan lab occurred through Fauci (govt) and Gates (foundations) through Gates buddy Tedros (WHO), then the quaxxine must be ransomware. I thought government policy was to not pay ransoms for the simple and obvious reason that it just encourages more. They have grandma tied up in the basement and to keep her safe we need the scheduled protections and to pay the protection money.

    This seems to be part of an incredible “matrix” of threats and payoffs, I expect all orchestrated through Rockerfella Foundation (and allied foundations) to the various political, media and medical organisations. We hear how wonderful philanthropy is in the US. So and so got a free medical degree. Some underprivileged got free injections. Some place in Africa got a free “program”. Carnegie, Ford, Clinton, how many more are there I wonder, busily following the agendas, mapped out at World Economic Forum.

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  6. YIPES!! This one gets a “COPY ALL.” Thank you from the steaming swamp.


  7. Search Cairnsnews and you will find numerous article about S51.


  8. We hope he acts on the AVN letter before he disappears.Ed


  9. Thankyou Richard but trim the content please.Editor


  10. selwyn noffke

    HUNT will not reply until his masters in the U N direct him what to say, sadly enough TO many VICTIMS have been jabbed with this IMMUNE changing drug.


  11. He ended up in intensive care after the first shot, obviously he has no brains at all, which I guess is a prerequisite to join the Liberal Party.Editor


  12. Fantastic – with you 100%

    Also – who authorized the poisoning of our old people!! This is a crime against humanity – the world over.


  13. Thank youCains news.

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  14. Marilyn missen

    I am very worried about having the injections but also worried there are so many fake reviews coming out what do we really believe I’m not sure


  15. Noel Anderson

    Perfect explanation for Victoria:
    This post should make most people think but why do most simply comply?
    This is the dumb stuff people believe…
    Melbourne peeps if you’re complaining about lock down read this
    This is what has happened in melbourne and why we are in lock down.
    A guy walks in to a Melbourne bar – he’s just back from India, does 14 days quarantine in Adelaide, passes that and wanders the streets of Adelaide then flys to Melbourne AND THEN the virus that was on him all that time suddenly appears and starts spreading, and causes the complete lockdown of 6.5 million people for at least 7 days.
    No one else in Adelaide quarantine or working there, no one else in Adelaide, no one else on the plane gets it.
    But he gets to Melbourne and SHAZAM, it takes off and shuts the whole state down.
    And all this happens days before the State of Emergency runs out in Victoria.
    And the reason for a lockdown, according to the govt, is that not enough people are “jabbed”.
    But they get to extend the State of Emergency because of this sudden and mysterious outbreak that only happened AFTER the guy left quarantine and flew to Melbourne and mixed amongst his family.
    And the people of Victoria rush out in unprecedented numbers to join the global human testing and trial of a toxic concoction currently being marketed by govt as a ‘ennicav’ – even though it’s not actually a ‘ennicav’ and even with the long term ramifications will not being known for a long time, of course.
    And no one questions it.

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  16. Don’t do it Marilyn.Ed

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  18. Natural origins, or man-made,,,, If you believe either, then you must believe SARS-COV 2 infection causes COVID-19; that a-symptomatic spread is a fact; that the PCR tests are all accurate; and that there really is a worldwide pandemic.
    If however you’re unconvinced by either claim (are a non-believer), you might be asking
    why is the corporate propaganda pushing the ‘wuhan lab origins’ now ?

    the ‘Wuhan” story excludes the reports that the ‘virus’ was found in other places before
    Wuhans ‘outbreak’; that the USA has numerous ‘bioterrorist’ labs scattered around the world.



    Hi Editor

    Here is a video that is fairly recent that you may like to check out for Covid Vax.




  20. crisscross767

    Horowitz: Facebook’s ‘independent’ fact checker on vaccines is funded by … you guessed it–you-guessed-it

    Accurate information about the vaccines and other vital COVID-related topics hinges upon the ability to disseminate the facts on major social media platforms like Facebook. In turn, Facebook relies on, among other shady organizations, to rule on what information is admissible. is funded by a grant from an organization run by Obama’s former CDC director, whose assets contain Johnson & Johnson stock. In other words, the vaccine companies control the flow of information about vaccines. Welcome to the world of “independent fact checkers.” …………………”


  21. crisscross767

    World-Renowned Doctor Blows Lid Off COVID Vaccine –‘It’s a horrendous bioweapon that’s been thrust onto the public, and it’s going to cause great personal harm.’ | 27 May 2021 | Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, FACP, FACC, FCCP, FAHA, FNKF, FNLA, FCRSA – Doctor of Internal Medicine and Board-Certified Cardiologist discusses the COVID vaccine. (Video.)


  22. Thanks, no attachment.Ed


  23. 100% Don’t do it..


  24. @Ms Meryl Dorey An excellent letter. Thankyou for taking the time write this most urgent letter and sending it out to the relevant people. Have shared!


  25. crisscross767

    I copied the letter and joined it with links describing the adverse affects of the vaccines and handed it to staff at the local vaccination clinic.


  26. crisscross767

    The long-kept secret was revealed from the mouth of those who produced it!

    Join Our Telegram channel here:

    We heard the TRUTH from those who created the entire situation!

    The officials have repeated millions of times that the experimental COVID-19 jab doesn’t alter genetic code!

    According to them, the ‘’vaccine’’ fed information to our DNA, making it learn and act!

    I don’t think that’s the REAL TRUTH!

    Here we have the Moderna executive saying that mRNA alters genetic code, and we have this statement RECORDED!…………………..”


  27. crisscross767

    Moderna Chief Medical Officer Confirms mRNA Injection For COVID-19 Can Change Your Genetic Code


  28. crisscross767

    A despicable manipulation of the public – must-watch video

    An excellent briefing in which pathologist Dr Roger Hodkinson tears to shreds virtually every aspect the government’s dishonest narrative.

    Dr Hodkinson covers many aspects of the Covid fraud – from the uselessness of the PCR test to the very real dangers of experimental vaccines and explains how the politicians engineering the fake crisis are culpable for the deaths of thousands of their own citizens Hodkinson.

    This is an eminent physician with the highest possible credentials who provides an excellent education in how the hoax is being engineered.


  29. To avoid overloading this webpage one has to replace (dot) with a “.” in the links.

    Are Vic AP J Merlino & CHO Brett Sutton charlatans when they are making claims, etc, without any proper shred of reliable scientific evidence to prove what they are on about and yet inflict financial and other harm upon Victorians?

    This document can be downloaded from:
    www (dot) scribd (dot) com/document/509789951/20210529-PRESS-RELEASE-Mr-G-H-Schorel-Hlavka-O-W-B-ISSUE-Are-Vic-AP-J-Merlino-CHO-Brett-Sutton-Charlatans

    The biowarfare of COVID-19 using a Trojan Horse is a classical warlike proven conduct that the rest of the world fell for hook, line and sinker.
    Scare your opponents about some virus, and get them to force citizens to use masks, which are contaminated, and you have the Trojan Horse to infect mass casualty using your opponents eagerness to become dictators in their own right

    This document can be downloaded from:
    www dot) scribd (dot) com/document/510021811/20210531-PRESS-RELEASE-Mr-G-H-Schorel-Hlavka-O-W-B-ISSUE-The-Trojan-Horse-of-COVID-Biowarfare


  30. Good warning and official notice. Cannot claim he wasn’t aware now it is on record. I wonder what reply will ensue, how many days do they have to reply again 10?


  31. Tony Van Tol

    This is all well and good but when I charges going to be laid against the federal government state government and territories no one seems to care about our constitution how about we invoke the Nuremberg code and start laying charges against federal and state parties including all police departments from all states and territories this is an absolute pathetic thing happening and all you people should be ashamed of yourselves if we need to bear arms against the state and territories I’ll be first in line


  32. ……………The Queen of England and her family did not get the Jab !!!!! .

    if they did…. .why did they ALL wear Masks???….and social distance ???????


  33. crisscross767

    What is a virus?

    “…….Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, and author of several excellent alternative medicine books, speaking at the ‘Human Health and Rights’ summit in Tucson, Arizona, March 12, 2020, relates that the famous 19th century philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, when asked about the cause of the Spanish Flu, responded with, “Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell.” Cowan expounds with:

    “Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with a few other proteins. They bug-out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything. And the first way I would encourage you to think about this is if you were a famous dolphin doctor and you’ve been studying dolphins in the Artic Circle for hundreds of years, or at least a long time, and they call you up saying, ‘Fred, all the dolphins, or a lot of the dolphins are dying in the Arctic Circle, can you come and investigate?’ And you have one question to ask, how many of you would say ‘I want to investigate the dolphin to see the genetic makeup of that dolphin’? Nobody. Because that is stupid. How many of you would say ‘I want to see if this dolphin and that dolphin has a virus because it might be contagious and that’s why all these dolphins are getting sick.’? How many of you would say, ‘somebody put some shit in the water’… like Exxon Valdez? Anybody? Everybody. Because that’s what happened. And the cells get poisoned, they try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call ‘viruses.’ … I had a dramatic example of this when I was growing up. Right outside our house there was a wetlands and it was full of frogs and the frogs kept me up at night and in the spring they made a big racket, and over time the frogs were all gone. How many think the frogs had a genetic disease? How many think the frogs had a virus? How many think somebody put DDT into the water? That’s what happened. (DDT in the water) Diseases are poisonings. So what happened in 1918 (with the Spanish Flu)? With every pandemic in the last 150 years there was a huge, quantum leap in the electrification of the earth. In 1918 there was the introduction of radio waves around the world. Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field, you poison it, you kill some and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation, so interestingly they live a little bit longer and sicker.”………….


  34. crisscross767

    Vaccine ingredient “not for human use”

    SM-102 is one of the ingredients of the Moderna vaccine.

    This chemical is made by several companies including the Cayman Chemical Company. And by law they have had to produce a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this chemical.

    It begins with this:

    Application of the substance/the mixture:

    For research use only, not for human or veterinary use.

    That should say it all. But it doesn’t. Read it for yourself:

    • Fatal in contact with skin

    • Suspected of causing cancer.

    • Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.

    • Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.

    Read on –


  35. crisscross767

    [QLD] More wastewater samples test positive to COVID-19

    So what! People are merely excreting toxins from a poisoned cell –

    25 January 2020

    Fragments of COVID-19 have been detected in sewage at seven more sites in Queensland.

    Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said viral fragments of SARS-CoV-2 had been detected at wastewater treatment plants at Caboolture South, Oxley Creek, Bundamba, Gibson Island, Luggage Point, Maryborough and Pulgul (Hervey Bay).

    “While this does not mean we have new cases of COVID-19 in these communities, we are treating these detections seriously,” Dr Young said.

    “A positive sewage result means that someone who has been infected was shedding the virus. Infected people can shed viral fragments and that shedding can happen for several weeks after the person is no longer infectious………………..”


  36. Cowan is a great thinker, individualist and frankly – hero of mine.. I know all his digital work – incredible breadth of research and understanding. I too believe Virus Theory is fraud and Virology is some sort of sick pseudoscience.They all belong in hell!

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  37. crisscross767

    What is a virus?

    virus (n.)
    late 14c., “poisonous substance” (a sense now archaic), from Latin virus “poison, sap of plants, slimy liquid, a potent juice,” from Proto-Italic *weis-o-(s-) “poison,” which is probably from a PIE root *ueis-, perhaps originally meaning “to melt away, to flow,” used of foul or malodorous fluids, but with specialization in some languages to “poisonous fluid” (source also of Sanskrit visam “venom, poison,” visah “poisonous;” Avestan vish- “poison;” Latin viscum “sticky substance, birdlime;” Greek ios “poison,” ixos “mistletoe, birdlime;” Old Church Slavonic višnja “cherry;” Old Irish fi “poison;” Welsh gwy “poison”).

    The meaning “agent that causes infectious disease” emerged by 1790s gradually out of the earlier use in reference to venereal disease (by 1728); the modern scientific use dates to the 1880s. The computer sense is from 1972.

    VIRUS (among Physicians) a kind of watery stinking Matter, which issues out of Ulcers, being endued with eating and malignant Qualities. [Bailey’s dictionary, 1770]


  38. Can someone please conduct a Risk Assessment of the vaccine.


  39. This is what I like about Cairnsnews to spread the truth that his well hidden in the main news media, the comments I read are very interesting saves me hours of research to find it myself when links are attached.

    Have we had not a similar type of open letter before to another form of Government to halt the Experimental Gene Therapy Injections 🤔🤔🤔

    I am very keen like all your Readers Ed that get to find out when there is a reply back from the Open letter to Minister Greg Hunt from Australian Vaccination Network everything that was stated is a known fact. Are Governments that are allowing these Experimental Injections are also exempt from liability exactly like from these Manufacturers they can’t be touched no how many Serious Adverse Reactions and Deaths its part of the Depopulation Narrative.


  40. We also eagerly await reply from the constituents government dead letter office -ED


  41. People are waking up!
    Not only is government coercion going against the values of Australia as a free country, it goes against our Constitution .
    Quote:-Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1901, section 51 (xxiii)
    1a….not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription, for force or coerce or apply undue influence on us to receive a medical product….end quote.
    And so the document goes on stating our Rights under the Constitution.
    I have sent two such lengthy documents stating my refusal to have the vaccine and quoting the reasons why according to our Constitution, to Mr Morrison, the Governor General, Anne Ruston,Gladys Berejiklian, Greg Hunt and Andrews
    I received one reply.A very airy fairy one from Morrison not answering any of my questions.
    They are totally ignoring the Australian Constitution….any changes they have made to it have been done WITHOUT a Referendum, now and in the past,…therefore their demands and lockdowns are ILLEGAL!


  42. The entire Australian Government is illegal has been since Washington DC registered Australia as a Business for America. Australia is owned by the Monarchy every law needs to be approved by the English Monarch.


  43. M. A Villareal

    Not just the covid vaccine that post danger to every human beings. Also the Swab test must be check if it contains Ethyl Oxide (EO) which is a very toxic substance as explained by a reliable source.


  44. So not only Graphene Oxide is on the PCR Nasal Swab also Ethyl Oxide, I have read that Glutathione/NAC can get rid of GO have not heard that can also rid of EO. Imagine every now Delta Variant scare how many end up going to get tested by these PCR Nasal Swabs.

    Even though Delta Variant plus all the other Variants do not exist they are made up to create more fear porn to drive more to accept the Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon inoculations.


  45. It ought to be clear that using 45cycles regarding PCR testing is absurd when 17cycles should be applied. For the same of the New World Order it seems any misuse of PCR testing is acceptable to the enemy within. But, will citizens continue to accept this nonsense and abuse of power, that is the question?

    This document can be downloaded from:


  46. Many people need to read this information. The sad part is that we are an experiment and are being forced to take the experimental vaccine.
    Why should the vaccine passports be digital? What sort of control is this to human beings?


  47. Has this been responded to yet?


  48. There have been several comments made .. take a look on the post


  49. I’m petrified to have the vaccination for Covid -19 . The side effects as printed and given after my partner had the injection are what I live with daily as I have Lyme Disease, another illness that can’t be recognised here in Australia.
    My partner a 74 year old very healthy , active and fit man suffered chest pains , breathlessness , Pyrexia , aches and pains and bedridden for two days . I flushed him out with chlorophyll , MSM and Vit c powder. Loads of water and took Panediene fort for three days. He’s up and moving around the house and pulling his lawn mower apart as it’s a sit down job. A week later and he still looks ill and mentally foggy.
    He said he’s not having the second injection . I’m so glad as I love this man . Well stay home and avoid crowds . We live in a small fishing village in Far North Queensland.


  50. Yes it is pure poison.. Sadly so many asleep..


  51. Posts – Covid Blog

    Michael Mitchell: 65-year-old “Braveheart” actor receives both Sinovac injections, then third Pfizer “booster” shot, dead six days later

    Anna Biafora: 49-year-old Italian woman in intensive care for three weeks, dead four weeks after first AstraZeneca injection

    Larry Dietrich: 64-year-old Syracuse (NY) retired journalist dead 12 weeks after second Moderna mRNA injection

    2020 Summer Olympics: Simone Biles, Jon Rahm provide case studies for why athletes should refuse experimental injections

    CDC, big pharma scrambling to take back control of narrative as facts and admissions hinder COVID-19 agenda

    Maxime Beltra: 22-year-old French man dead nine hours after first experimental Pfizer mRNA injection

    Brian A.Wilkins – Founder, Legal Writer, and Editor-in-Chief


  52. Australia is Fallen – Europe and the U.S. Next?
    Aug 3, 2021

    This is TYRANNY! Elderly man arrested in Queensland park for not wearing a mask (he was exempt) then suffers heart attack. Are they trying to kill people with their terror?

    — leilani dowding (@LeilaniDowding) August 3, 2021

    Comments by Brian Shilhavy:

    I emailed a contact I have in Australia and asked him if it was really as bad as Summit News and people on Twitter were reporting, and if so, if it was only in the major cities like Sydney, and he replied:

    Everything in that clip is true. Most of the worse draconian measures are currently in NSW/Sydney. The State Premier Dictator Gladys has turned particularly bad as has the PM Morrison. He speaks of punishing the unvaxxed.

    But also other states have very draconian state laws including Western Australia where I live. Our state 2016 Public Health Act section 158 and other similar sections are about as bad as you could imagine with powers to forcibly remove clothing (actually says underwear) and give you a vaccine or medical treatment, yes also removing children.

    That law is unconstitutional but it was passed by a state conservative government which shows you how both sides left and right have become the same evil bird.

    There are rumours circulating that my state WA (and maybe all of Oz) will be put under a level 5 (the worst) lockdown by end of August, but we’ll see. There is no science to it just demon possessed dictators.


  53. One thing for certain, I will not be receiving, this experimental c- jab!
    Sending Prayers.🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Rebeccvantol you said Greg just had his second shot. I ask , Shot of what ? There could be anything in those things. But it makes a good story.


  55. About 12 months ago the CDC (US) knew of around 20 ‘possible’ serious side effects from the covid experimental injections… How anybody could believe The Queen, Prime ministers, and all those Very Important Politicians (VIPs) would be injected by such is beyond belief…
    That none have been seriously injured or died from being part of the experiment is evidence enough, surely, that they were not injected with any experimental substances…


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