Professor Alvin Moss warns vaccine ingredients cause autism

from FAIM

The VAXXED film crew recently interviewed Dr. Alvin H. Moss in West Virginia. Dr. Moss is a professor and section chief in the Department of Medicine, Section of Supportive Care at West Virginia University. He is also a nephrologist (kidney doctor). He has taught medical ethics for over 25 years.

Dr. Moss acknowledges that he could potentially lose his job for speaking out against mandatory vaccines and consenting to be interviewed by the VAXXED film crew.

Dr. Moss states that he knows 12 children with autism, including one of his neighbors. Both parents of the child who is his neighbor are physicians. So physicians are familiar with the fact that there are some children who meet all of their milestones and suddenly develop autism after receiving vaccines.

Dr. Moss states that as someone who teaches medical ethics, he is very concerned that the public is not being informed about the dangers associated with vaccines. He references the Vaccine Court that compensates victims of vaccine injuries by more than $200 million a year, and that the flu vaccine is the biggest one being litigated in the Vaccine Court.

He believes that anyone being vaccinated should be fully aware of the potential benefits and the risks.

“With every other drug that is out there, if it causes injury, you can go to court, and you can sue the manufacturer, and you can get a settlement if there was something that was caused by the drug. But with the vaccines, they’re protected. And so the vaccine manufacturers don’t have to worry about vaccine safety.”

Dr. Moss expressed his concern that the data being disseminated by the CDC about vaccines is not accurate, due to a number of scientists inside the CDC who have questioned the integrity of the CDC’s research.


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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to the readers attention. This guy is a hero of mine – he inspres me when all seems lost..


  2. Interesting article. If one dares to even question vaccination one is treated like a leper – with a mental disease to boot… A bit like questioning the climate change hoax (yes, the climate’s changing as it has done so for millions, billions of years but don’t let that fact get in the way of a massive transfer of wealth).

    My GP strongly suggests that I have vacs for shingles & flu and when a friend of a friend came down with a bad & on-going case of shingles, I was tempted but undecided. Still considering..


  3. The Nuremberg trials determined that there is no defense for saying ” I was only following orders” each human being has a responsibility to do no harm, and is personally liable.
    So sue the directors of ‘big pharma’


  4. There is shocking censorship on the dangers of vaccines, even though the product inserts do admit to the serious risks.. Mainstream media will not print any letters which would harm the agenda of increasing vaccines, not only for babies, but eventually everyone on earth. Those who speak out against them often lose their jobs, including doctors and nurses. Somehow this demonic ritual of injecting poisons into healthy people has been sold as a good idea for health. Mass resistance to this demonic ritual is needed to save humanity.


  5. ” Mass resistance to this demonic ritual is needed to save humanity.”

    Well, that’s putting it out there Bev… but where’s the evidence?

    Rhetoric without substantive evidence is….rhetoric. I’m sitting on the fence right now (re vaccs) with a tendency to skepticism to anything the elites/mainstream media try to foist onto us. They do have form. But my rudder is rationalism and facts in an attempt to steer through the BS. So any links to factual evidence re the negative effects of vaccinations, as opposed to conjecture & emotional response will be appreciated.


  6. Vaccines are causing many of the illnesses/conditions prevalent today. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death for children in Australia and if you read an ingredients list of vaccines (if you can find one), there are at least 3 known carcinogens listed for many vaccines – Formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80 and Glysophate. Yet authorities fail miserably to connect the dots. These concoctions are being injected into babies from the day of birth. It is nothing short of criminal. A crime being played out on the gullible, fearful public. Time for people to wake up and investigate this issue at depth for themselves. There are many excellent books now on this issue and Youtube videos. While ignorance is bliss, it will not be so blissful when your child is damaged or deceased from this preventable poisoning.


  7. Read the product inserts that the manufacturers supply to the medical industry. They list a myriad of reactions that happened during the trial process – which they are making shorter and shorter to lessen their reporting on side effects. Also, the USA compensation fund has paid out over 4 BILLION $$ – the FDA in USA admits that between 1-10% of reactions are ever reported as reporting is voluntary. The compensation fund rejects 50-75% of claims as it is very hard to prove vaccine damage without doctors on board. Even if a perfectly healthy child has a major reaction on the day of vaccination, many are fobbed off as coincidence. When the risks of disease are exaggerated and the risk of side effects is downplayed, the casualty is the truth…and children’s health.


  8. Ian all you really need to study are the ingredients in vaccines to know they are deadly and should never, ever be injected into anyone, regardless of what age. You will find them on the CDC website “Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary”. Most of them contain aluminium, and the flu vaccine still contains Thiomersal (49% mercury) both known to cause brain damage and still used, regardless of how much information is put out there. Some of the vaccines contain multiple strains of the disease, all given on the same day, which is just criminal and hideous. The more you research the more you learn and the more you will l hate vaccine and avoid them like the plague that they are. As far as evidence, there are hundreds of anti-vaxx groups on facebook, all now being censored, because too many are learning of the dangers. The information is available for those who can bother to search.


  9. Ian, my husband and I had vaccination for shingles earlier this year as a friend had it. No after effects at all. Costly though , $182 if you are over 80…I think they want to kill off all the oldies but I am defying them!
    I think it depends on a person’s metabolism/ make up? as to whether they have after effects of any sort, everyone is different…what affects me may not affect you.
    However, I strongly object to babies having several vaccinations in one jab!That is certainly going to affect some as their little bodies just cannot cope.
    Last of all…if there is a class of vaccinated children, ones who are now not supposed to get infected by measles, mumps etc., how can one unvaccinated child harm them? I cannot see the logic.


  10. The majority of the public believe the vaccine lie and this is proof that programs developed starting in the 50’s including MK Ultra are working as planned , people know every detail when it comes to their football team netball team but are ignorant of the dangerous chemicals they willingly put into their child’s body , if they were intelligent and informed they would be crying for big pharmas blood but through subliminal messaging and complicit politicians and doctors they are just obedient drones doing as they’re told believing they have free will but are mentally imprisoned in a world of exploitation and quite often their lives are turned upside down with the birth of a severely autistic child with other impairments and the joys of raising a normal child is only a fantasy


  11. Eddie your words are an enlightenment on this terrible medical scam which has maimed many thousands of children and given them a death sentence.Editor


  12. Sthephanie M

    well said Eddie – my baby is dead from vaccines. He reacted on the day of the vaccination. The doctor told me it was normal and she said he would be okay in a few days. After a few days he did stop having seizures etc, so 2 months later I allowed my baby to be vaccinated again (due to my fear and ignorance). This time his reactions were the same, however, much more severe. He did not grow past 4 months, in fact, he regressed to a newborn. No more holding his head up, no more rolling over, no more gooing and gahing. He died a slow death over the next 11 months. The poisoning finally shut down his organs. The medical industry then went into denial. I learnt how the system worked at that point. It was some years later I learnt there was a product insert. I got it and read what I could of it. ALL my son’s reactions were listed on the insert. By law we are supposed to be shown the insert in order for us to make an informed decision. It is still not happening. I have since come across many, many people with deceased babies from vaccines. They are hiding the body count by calling them SIDS and even Encephalitis (swelling of the brain), but they never say ‘vaccine induced encephalitis.” It is criminal…to say the least


  13. Thanks every one for your comments. I think the research is pretty conclusive ie that vaccinations can and sometimes do have negative & devastating effects.

    That being said, still can’t get my head around why most MSM and the medical profession in general crucify anyone – esp parents – for daring to question the absolute necessity of having vaccs. And in the case of kids, it’s virtually CRIMINAL not to do so, for fear of ‘infecting’ ‘their’ kids. (as pointed out above, their kids should be perfectly safe, having had the vaccinations. Hello?)

    I’ve listened to a well known commentator on a leading Sydney radio station actually stating that parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated are criminals. Is he (are they – he’s not alone) in the pocket of Big Pharma’ ? I don’t think so.

    So where does this attitude come from, in the face of substantial evidence to the contrary? I don’t get it. Ignorance doesn’t cut it, they are mostly intelligent & well read. It’s just like the man-made climate change nonsense that around 50% of the population, including PhD’s and other super brainy types, believe in – what gives; are they mad – or are we?

    The answer, of course, is ‘yes’.

    Anyway, I’m due to see my GP tomorrow and in answer to his question, ‘ Have you thought about getting those vaccinations, Ian’ I’ll respond. ‘Yes..but No. . But thanks very much for your concern. I know you mean well.’ (but I don’t get it..)


  14. “…..they are just obedient drones doing as they’re told believing they have free will but are mentally imprisoned in a world of exploitation…..”

    Lot of truth in that, Eddie. Anyway out, in your opinion? Or are we so far down the rabbit hole there’s no way out in the foreseeable future (say, a few thousand years..)


  15. the main problem with much of the medical industry is they think they know better than the ‘common’ man or woman, when in fact, often the ‘common’ man or woman is well researched in depth, whereas they have received most of their info from drug company sponsored medical schools and journals…and let’s not forget the continuing education given to them by travelling drug company salespeople. They give many, many incorrect diagnoses and medical mistakes are an enormous problem. I remember when Dr Brendan Nelson was head of NSW AMA, he stated on mainstream primetime TV that approx. 13,000 Australian die in hospital every year from causes other-than what they were admitted to hospital for. He went on to say we (the silly public) should not be concerned about that as we have one of the best health systems in the world. The message is clear – if you want to stay healthy, take responsibility for your health and stay away from the medical industry as much as possible.


  16. Well said Ian. It is just astounding that intelligent people cannot see the truth about vaccines, and refuse to investigate for themselves, which can only be explained that they are proud and stubborn and find it too difficult to admit their error. Most have to suffer first, and even then some cannot admit that they were wrong. The rich will not believe because of pride and the fact that they have spent a fortune on getting into their positions, and the poor cannot afford to believe because they will be penalized by the government. Many will become homeless if they lose their welfare and rent assistance if they do not co-operate. It is indeed a shocking state of affairs and hard to believe that it is happening in a world that we thought was civilized.


  17. Words of wisdom from
    both Stephanie and Bev.Editor


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