Port Arthur shooting witness dies before eventually exposing the Port Arthur psyop


The despicable and persistent hounding of Wendy Scurr by government enforcers terrified this hero and most other credible eye witness who publicly exposed the cover-up which made intellectually challenged Martin Bryant the patsy for the shooting at Port Arthur 28th April 1996.

The following article published in Gumshoe News by Malcolm Hughes  is a befitting tribute to a great Australian taking on  Goliath’s lies and relentless persecution of Wendy. Living in total fear this witness could not achieve her goal of bringing John Howard and his cartel to justice….


A courageous Australian passes —vale Wendy Scurr

Today Australians have lost a brave, patriotic lady, Mrs Wendy Scurr. We repost Mal’s article from The Great Australians: Wendy Scurr in 2016.

by Malcolm R Hughes (4 December, 2016)

This great Australian, Wendy Scurr, became an unplanned heroine during and after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996.  For those who have not previously seen the purposely lost word “heroine,” the meaning is female hero.

Wendy is happily married to Graeme Scurr and they reside on the mainland of Australia. Why the mainland? Because they were driven out of their home state of Tasmania. Why driven out ? For doing the right thing. You know how it goes these days – but Wendy was ahead of her time, having stuck up for the truth about Port Arthur 20 years ago.

The Port Arthur Massacre was a Federal and Tasmanian government-planned event whereby several people were to be shot dead, at the Port Arthur Historic Site on the island state of Tasmania in Australia.

The reasoning behind this plan (I think) was that the population would then accept the Commonwealth Government’s implementation of the United Nations wish to disarm this part of the World’s public. (See Terry Shulze’s 3-part article here.)

Unfortunately, to fulfill this plan, a dupe was required. Martin Bryant, an intellectually handicapped man, was framed as the gunman and has, until now been imprisoned for 20 years. The killing of 35 people took place on April 28, 1996.

It is now widely accepted that Bryant did not shoot anyone, and could not have been the gunman.

The most evil part of the situation is that many politicians, public servants, lawyers and investigative bodies, have had the proof of this thrust in their faces but will not do anything to rectify the situation.

Wendy Scurr, a survivor of that April 28, 1996 massacre, had been an ambulance driver for several years and a first-aid instructor. Very selfless occupations.

Wendy was a tour guide for the Port Arthur Historic Site until after the massacre, when, owing to events that took place that day, she like others were overtaken by post trauma stress disorder or P.T.S.D.

During the killings, Wendy was nearly hit by a bullet fired from the cafe as she went to investigate the noise coming from within. She had heard the whiz of the bullet right past her but did not realise what it was. Upon visiting the scene two days later, husband Graeme pointed out the hole in the window that indicated what a near miss she had had.

After the tremendous amount of shooting in the historic site’s café, it was Wendy who phoned the police to report the noise – this was at 1.32pm on that infamous Sunday.  She had to hold the telephone outside of the office so the person on the receiving end of the call would believe that shots were being fired.

Once the killer had left the Broad Arrow Café  (remember: it’s not Martin Bryant as we were brainwashed to believe), Wendy then entered to check on and help the victims. Although she did not see it – no mirror there —  she became covered with blood and human tissue. The worst anxiety for all the survivors was not knowing if the gunman was going to return.

She, along with the remaining hundreds of people had to continue in a stressful state as police did not arrive in sufficient numbers until six hours after the first report of the shootings to police headquarters. That deliberate delay was, of course, planned, and is unforgivable.

Months after, Wendy had to cope with a letter she received from the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions of Tasmania, Damian Bugg) telling her that she would not be required in court to give evidence.  That was despite her having been one of the main witnesses to the Port Arthur massacre!

Wendy soon realised the event had been a Federal and State conspiracy.  Thus she travelled the east coast of Australia lecturing on her experiences and that of co-workers on the day of the massacre.

By this time, private investigating citizens had unearthed many troubling events of that day and these were spoken about by these investigators at Wendy’s talks. One who shared the podium with her was retired Victorian cop Andrew MacGregor.

Wendy’s contact with a later generation of Aussies has manly been by Youtube. One of her Youtube videos has had 166,000 hits. She is a very loved and admired figure – and a modest one.

Wendy wanted the public to know what really happened on Sunday 28th April, 1996 and to force the release from custody of the entirely innocent man, Martin Bryant.

For this, she was terrorised in her home by the Tasmanian Police to such an extent that the Scurrs were forced to sell up their property and move. She still has health and mental problems related to that pre-planned event.

When “the people” take no notice of what good people like Wendy Scurr tell us, and allow evil employees in Government to get away with their perverted schemes such as the Port Arthur massacre, more of the same will follow. Next time, and there will be many other next times, unless the vile evil-doers are stopped, you and your family members may be the victims either directly or as collateral damage.

I see Wendy as a very courageous woman who deserved a better fate than that dished up by Australian society. It takes an exceptionally brave person to take a stand against the Government and its agents, knowing that at any time, they may arrest you on false charges, to have you thrown in jail.

I consider Wendy Scurr a truly great Australian and am hoping that the Australian public will give Wendy the recognition that she so justly deserves, at some time in the near future.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. John Howard and his mates are now nearing the end of their miserable lives….Now would be a good time to CONFESS AND RELEASE MARTIN BRYANT AND APOLOGISE FOR THEIR DECEIPT…….John Howard was doing the bidding of the evil UNITED NATIONS who didn’t want Australians to have the RIGHT TO ARMS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES SHOULD ANY SITUATION ARISE WHICH MAY HAVE THE USE FOR GUNS…They should save their SOULS…AS TIME IS ON TURBO CHARGE..!!.

  2. Wendy Scurr was a great Aussie, and both her and her husband must have been strong to stand against the PTB.
    I will always remember Wendy’s address during the public-speaking tour. Imagine having to be the first response, entering the Broad Arrow Cafe to render first-aid to the victims of the shooter.
    No wonder that Wendy suffered PTSD, especially as the dead and wounded included her own friends and co-workers, not only strangers.
    Fancy being exposed to just that alone, then suffering at the hands of her own government, for exposing the truth!

  3. What a load of rubbish in this story. She could have gone to any media if she really wanted her story out there. Cant believe some of the rubbish getting pushed here

  4. Hi Mary don’t know where you have been hiding since 1997 but this heroic lady went to every media outlet in Australia and was refused to be heard so she took up a speaking tour at her own expense across the country telling the story the controlled media refused to publish. Suggest you search this site about Port Arthur and all will be revealed.Editor

  5. I have pasted an exert from The Guardian below:
    In 1987 a frustrated Barry Unsworth, then premier of New South Wales, stormed out of a national gun summit in which Tasmania had resisted changes proposed after two mass shootings in Melbourne that year, declaring: “It will take a massacre in Tasmania before we get gun reform in Australia.”
    To those that are blind and think that these happenings aren’t orchestrated, I have a bridge in London to sell you, you are gullible.
    The hit rate/ time frame at Port Arthur would only be achievable by the top 3% in the military even with the weapon used and no one could shoot back as we are all not trusted with weapons as opposed the Swiss who trust and train their populace, so who is dumber?
    In Australia, before about 1980, many men and boys, yes, would catch the train or bus with their rifles to go to the Nation Rifle Association Ranges, this was our heritage.

  6. when i hear of a conspiracy theory regarding port arthur i think of the witnesses that were not killed and saw martin bryant with the gunand shooting. Are they Liars?????

  7. I’ve always said that the real enemies are the politicians judiciary and the police hierarchy. Sadly Australians are so blissfully ignorant as to whats going on behind their backs.

  8. Unless you start understanding that the media is owned by the elites, who are really in control..you’ll be part of the problem. WE were disarmed and why do you think a massive fence has been built around act Parliament House? Cause the public are waking up to the treason, corruption and selling us out! U.N ONE WORLD ORDER is coming!

  9. Now we know why the United Nations wanted to disarm the Australian people. So that when Africans migrate here and start home invasions in Australian citizens homes, the Australian people can’t defend themselves by shooting the Africans. We need to dismantle the United Nations.

  10. Mate, you have got to be kidding. Who has widely accepted that Bryant didn’t do the shooting? You don;t speak for me, the people of Australia or the media. Your comment can be proved to be wrong. One thing you forget is that the general manager of the Port Arthur tourist site saw Martin Bryant arrive in his car and then proceed to pull a large carry bag out of the car. The manager had known Bryant all his life and is a fully credible witness and has not lied for the government. The manager then went up to the Cafe from the car park and witnessed Bryant shooting people, he then fled. He is no liar and any attempt to call him such would result in a libel action. This witness proves your story is nonsensicle rubbish. There are also several survivors still alive from the Port Arthur Massacre and they don’t support your story either, you have been owned and debunked. Get your facts right before you publish crap like this


  12. What an incredible load of crap. The reality is the best Crown Witness to this tragedy was a young WA guy who was in the cafe with his sweetheart who he was planning to marry. He had long unkempt hair. Bryant entered the cafe with a bag (containing firearms), starting eyeballing and staring at the young WA guy. Then he opened the bag, pulled out a rifle and shot the WA guy in the head. But even though it looked bad…it wasn’t a fatal wound…rather a long flesh wound. The WA guy fell to the floor covered in his own blood. A split second later his girlfriend fell on top of him…shot dead by the gunman. They were the first two people to be shot at the Broad Arrow cafe. Pretending to be dead the WA guy watched as the gunman systematically walking around shooting other people in the cafe. At this point he became the Crown’s most valuable eyewitness. For the first 24 hours his existence and the fact that a WA girl was among the victims was kept secret. Then at police request,I was flown to a Wheatbelt to conduct a TV interview with the dead girl’s parents to be sent all over Australia. I went to her funeral later where I met her grieving boy friend…we talked a lot and formed a good relationship. Later, One morning on the way to work I heard on the radio news that Bryant had pleaded guilty 35 murders and several attempted murders. (I think it was 16). I diverted to the WA guys house, not far from the Perth TV stations, woke him up to tell him the good news. The guilty plea meant he no longer had to appear at the trial and give his evidence. That;’s the real reason why the woman in this bullshit story received a letter tell her she was no longer required to giver HER evidence. It wasn’t a coverup. Bryant had pleaded guilty, that’s why.

  13. Quite possibly one of the worst written articles I’ve read in the recent past.
    I’ll point out a few errors that are blatently obvious;
    1. She claims that two days after the massacre, she and her husband were allowed in to the crime scene. I doubt this very much as, even today at a ‘normal’ murder scene, it is blocked off for days, so imagine how the Port Arthur scene would have been treated.
    2. She received a letter telling her that she would not be required to give evidence in Court. That is simply because Bryant pled guilty to all charges, hence no trial, hence no need for witnesses.
    Anybody who believes that the massacre was a false flag operation committed by Howard et al, needs to take their head for a wobble and read the Coroner’s report into it and not depend on YouTube as a news source.

  14. Sorry Phil if you go to the Port Arthur records in the RH column you will discover the most comprehensive library of articles and videos on the Port Arthur scam in the country. Just because the lying major media says it, their claims usually are the opposite. Turn off your TV.Editor

  15. You would plead guilty to breathing if your IQ was 66(hope not) and had a crooked solicitor such as John Avery brainwashing you every second day to plead guilty to something which you plainly didn’t do. After six months of scolding, brainwashing and plain nastiness by the government agent Avery, Bryant reluctantly pled guilty because the warders told him he could have a TV set in his cell if he did. We have done our homework, you should do yours before making yourself look silly before the facts. I also suggest you turn off your TV and don’t read major dailies.Ed

  16. Well Mary who ever you are, get out from under your rock.

  17. You are so right.

  18. That low life bastard did it l should ducking know l was there an almost copped a stray bullet. I saw the bastard shooting n hit the dirt when a bullet missed my god damned face by millimeters. This woman is of her god damned head. I saw the whole fucking thing she needs to shit the fuck up l saw him l saw the shooting l still have the bullet that ended up in frigging car door l was driving

  19. Hi David did you see a man with long hair and a pock-marked face firing a rifle right-handed? This was the description given by numerous witnesses.
    Unfortunately Bryant was left-handed and did not have a pock-marked face. We know the identity of the shooters which have been published on this site.
    Follow the links and all will be revealed.Editor

  20. Rest peacefully wendy.
    A brave lady.
    My dearest life long friend
    Who suffered so much .

  21. Do you seriously think a government, any government, is that bloody clever? Not only that, but also manage to con dozens of witnesses into lying about what they saw that day? It did NOT take police 6 hours to respond, and one of the first people Bryant shot LIVED and watched Martin Bryant systematically kill everyone else around him while the victim lay under his dead girlfriend. You people are seriously mental.

  22. We have done our homework over the past 20 years and the results can be found in the Port Arthur files on this website. Do a search before hitting the keyboard. We become suspicious of trolls when we see responses such as this. Ed

  23. Sadly missed

  24. Chris Macquarie

    I for one have witnessed the power of the government to silence the media to hide their dirty work.
    Windsor NSW is having its history destroyed by the government who have completely decimated Australia’s oldest town square, Thompson Square.
    And I see the work of their vermin trolls online. Are you one of them?

  25. Vale Wendy, what a legend.
    If the naysayers had heard her speak , they wouldn’t question her earnestness or honesty.
    All you people that believe the media or the government, go get yourselves a Darwin Award…
    Rest easy Wendy; we will keep this alive xxx

  26. My uncle was shot in the arm from Bryant whilst standing out the front of a bus , my Aunty watched what unfolded from inside the bus and both had a clear view of Martin Bryant. When any conspiracy theorist tried to say it wasn’t Bryant they got very worked up about it due to the fact they had a very clear view of Bryant and his actions.

  27. Exactly 😊

  28. @TasmaniaPolice, you know what this,”She, along with the remaining hundreds of people had to continue in a stressful state as police did not arrive in sufficient numbers until six hours after the first report of the shootings to police headquarters”. An innocent rots in jail.

  29. I phoned the terror hotline to report in 1996 working in south oz two muslim men stated with anger we dont have a god ! Allah is god , osama bin laden will rule the world & islam will be the only religion with the war starting on american soil ! I was warned by my german boss not to enter there shed when the door is closed or they would kill me ! I said joke yeah & the serious lokk on his face whilst stating no was proof for me ! My point is there were people in oz at that time capable of these murders ! I since then have seen one of these men fighting for isis on face book & his name is ohmar , last name unknown but if anyone wants more information please gmail me .

  30. In 1987 as 15 year olds my friend and I carrying two rifles and a shotgun, one of which was only wrapped in a towel, caught two buses from West End to Belmont were the Brisbane rifle range is. Nobody raised an eye or even queried what we were up to.

  31. Pauline Hanson is right ,all the evidence is there.for the doubters how do you explain the cctv of Bryant at a service station kilometers away, at the time of the shooting.

  32. And now we have the Christchurch massacre.. hmmm. Still trust your government??

  33. Of course Bryant was not involved, why else could the coroner write to all victims families stating the FACT, he could never ever state that Bryant was the gunman responsible………………….

  34. Well said Tony and a fact lost on the detractors.Editor

  35. I cannot understand how only one young man with limited psyche could shoot 35 people, it’s a wonder some of the people didn’t rush at him en masse. Would u just sit there & wait to be shot? Just throwing a table or chair would catch someone off guard.

  36. philip larter

    from previous comments,it is unbelievabl that no person made an attempt to attack the gunman.perhaps because the gun man was a well trained professional killer,and the speed he was traveling at gave them no choice.plus it is known that some of the people in the restraunt were government agents.

  37. Wendy Scurr a survivor a warrior, one who’s fight for justice should never be lost or given up on.
    I am in 100 per cent agreeable with Wendy in her theory on Port Arthur. Political Conspiracy and nothing less.

  38. You are one of the many realists Belinda who realise the Howard Liberals took everybody for a ride in Port Arthur. Wendy was always right from the start. She was there, first on hand to treat the wounded. The police refused to take her evidence. She was a martyr for truth. God bless her.Editor


    to mary the news papers would not print wendys evidence nor would the police listen to her.i suggest you google details of the false flagging.then you will realise how little you know. phil ashmore

  40. Hi Phil Cairnsnews.org has the most comprehensive files on Port Arthur that can be found on the internet.Editor

  41. grasshoppergreen2019

    May god bless Wendy and the wonderful job she did in helping those injured customers. How sad that she had to be the person who tried to encourage people to understand how it all played out. Her story is truth as far as I’m concerned. She, out of all the people that day, knew the exact story. Why did Tassie get a huge stainless steel “body carrier” at the time it did; never required before. I saw Wendy’s first vid. that was enough for me to believe. Martins mother said all along he couldn’t organise anything he only had a low IQ. Loved people. In the end it became so stressful, I think she gave in. The man who bequeathed him property possibly knew the truth as well.

  42. Are you for real did you even read it. My god some people are stupid. They own the media there is no way they would have allowed it to make the news. An she did travel around trying to inform people, so why did not the media pick up on it then,BECAUSE THEY WERE TOLD NOT TO. Silly woman


    You join Politics then you forfeit your sole to be so called important What a DELUSION of importance

  44. Mary do some research, it won’t take much to find out what peoples hav known for a long time… so don’t stick yr head in th sand, knowing that th lib govt hav done another of their cover ups.. Leonard

  45. Very sad that the vital witness was never given her day after all her wonderful self paid for work and efforts to let the truth be known. It’s very sad when a young man who has not fully understood his fate has been serving years in gaol for something it is widely known it would be beyond his capability to perform.

  46. You are seriously mental ill gov toilet paper.i knew him and witnesses at the attack who knew him said it wasn’t Bryant.how do you feel now you bullying liar.

  47. martin bryant is left handed,the shooter was right handed.end of argument.

  48. Mary where have you been when this happened Wendy went to every media she could find, did talk shows everywhere. There was plenty of evidence to dispute what the governments were coming out with. Martin Bryant was miles away. His mother was interviewed she said he wouldn’t have the IQ to be able to plan something like this. Also what happened to the boat load of USA tourists. Why did the shooter shoot the man who said you are too early? there has been mega amounts of evidence.

  49. Just like they threw chairs in the Lindt café?idiot.

  50. An altruistic soul. Wendy I love you mate. Rest easy now.
    Thank you for exposing little Jonny and his gutless evil MURDEROUS traitorous henchmen and handmaidens.
    Australia the shit goes higher than you’d imagine. Sold soul’s to Satan.

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