Islamic Yanner a disgrace to the Aboriginal race

Yanner nearly jailed for an attack on a woman in 1997

Aboriginal activist Murrandoo Yanner yesterday verbally abused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson accusing her of being a racist and telling her she was not welcome at the indigenous art show she visited in Cairns.

Yanner, whose Christian name is Jason, comes from the Gulf community of Doomagee near Burketown and like Hanson is no stranger to controversy.

Indigenous industry sources have told Cairns News Yanner converted to Islam about 10 years ago which explains his vile attack.

Hanson laughed it off, later releasing a Facebook clip asking Yanner to stand with her against the corruption in various land councils and in government.

Yanner is regarded as a thug among some of his own people and his outburst will win him no friends within the wider Aboriginal community and certainly none at all in the white community.

A Traditional Owner and elder from Cairns called Yanner a “…disgrace, and our community will not tolerate this attack on a woman.”


Murrandoo Jason Yanner, regarded as a thug amongst the wider Aboriginal community verbally assaults Pauline Hanson at an art show.

Murrandoo Jason Yanner, regarded as a thug among the wider Aboriginal community verbally assaults Pauline Hanson at an art show.

Yanner was given a suspended jail sentence by a Mt Isa court over his role in a vicious pub brawl. The Court of Appeal found Yanner’s sentence should be increased, ordering he be jailed for 18 months, but wholly suspended the sentence for a period of four years.

The Attorney General had appealed a Mt Isa District Court sentence in which Yanner was placed on community-based orders.

However, in a split decision, one of the three appeal court judges, Chief Justice Paul de Jersey, found Yanner should actually serve time in jail – recommending an 18-month sentence suspended after six months, with an operational period of four years.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Murrandoo Yanner should be actually imprisoned,” Justice de Jersey said in his written judgment.

“His substantial episode of unprovoked vicious and brutal thuggery involved as many as four innocent victims, people who were thereby both physically injured and emotionally traumatised.”

Yanner and his young brother, Bruce Lee Yanner, 21, were involved in the fight outside the Burketown Hotel in May 1997. Yanner had pleaded guilty in the Mt Isa District Court to three charges of assault causing bodily harm and one of assault causing bodily harm in company, over attacks on a woman, a Telstra worker and a male nurse.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Labors rent a crowd

    • This is a truly funny piece of writing (and i use the term writing loosely ) as if a couple of LNP/One Nation hacks could seriously think they could determine who is or isn’t a disgrace to the Aboriginal race! Just too funny! You guys should get a job with The Chaser. How are sales going for your brilliant book on Campbell Newman? So much talent in one small online publication.

      • Thanks for the compliment Yalanji. No LNP/One Nation people at cairnsnews. Only loyal citizens who would like to remove the lethal stranglehold of the party duopoly.Ed

      • Jason Yanner is the head of one the biggest Syndicate coming out of the gulf I worked for carpenteria land council for about five years there I witnessed members of the Ranger program engaging in all sorts of illegal activities ranging from the smuggling of drugs to black market Gun’s I specifically remembers seeing weapons that were stamped property of the US Army I had reported it to members of the Mount ISA police he found out and came after me an my family he attacked me with a gang of thirty men I had to fight for my life the Justice system failed me for he got away with it now family fears for my safety but I have roots that runs deep within my land and I will keep fighting to rid my people of this menace that is the course of the (ICE) pandemic that Plagues our community’s.

        I am Gavin Hogan my Tribal name is Jugaridi

  2. Martin Josselyn

    I’m not sure that militant activisism such as the type consistently displayed by Mr Yanner enhances either the aboriginal people or any other Australians cause.
    I’d call on Mr Yanner to use his influence to unite relationships between all Australians for a better future and more thorough recognition of his people across this country. Regardless of your political or cultural beliefs or background I’m pretty sure there is no place for this type of behaviour and
    As some of his people have said, ‘disgraceful Mr Yanner ‘

  3. Respect to the Aboriginal elders refusing to accept his behaviour as indicative of the wider opinions of Aboriginal Australians.
    We’re in this one together.

  4. The thing about this, it is abhorrent to think blackfella’s are turning to a bloody cult! What is it about a lot of blackfella’s that make them want to live the WhiteFella’s life(not islam)? Whinge whinge whinge, that’s all I hear from a lot of blackfella’s that they don’t get this & they don’t get that! FFS, just live your life according to the old ways & see how you fare. Most blackfella’s don’t know this, but they protest about it without the real info. They want to be mentioned in the Australian Constitution & blackfella’s were, until the blackfella’s Act came into play. With their own Australian Act, their was no need to have blackfella’s in the Constitution anymore, they were protected. Be bloody happy FFS with what you have got because there are plenty of WhiteFella’s out their who have nothing through no fault of their own. Blackfella’s always have a backup from the Gov, ALWAYS!! Not ALL WhiteFella’s DO!! Actually, white Australia has been shunted to the bottom of the list of priorities of the gov. Not for bloody long though!! We have PAULINE!!!!!!

    • What are you talking about? Please elaborate on this black fellas act that you are relying on? You say black fellas were protected… was that during the legislation in place regarding the white Australia policy? All I can say is equal footing doesn’t mean you are getting something more than anyone else… just coming up to standard with everyone else. What are you relying on exactly?

    • You sound as though you have a few mental issues sally hardwick. Please seek help from a therapist … or two. While your receiving therapy and are hopefully overcoming your racist and delusional views, try educating yourself with facts instead of rants that sound like they have been passed down through your family for generations. Ignorance is not acceptable in this day and age with all the technology at your fingertips.

      As for p.h…. lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol! You sound as uneducated as her ;-p

    • Please stop spreading these blatantly hateful and false claims. Blackfella Act? REALLY?

  5. I’d just like to point out this article is full of lies and inaccuracies .. when Yanner said what he said, calling Pauline out for being a racist, telling her to go back to Ipswich and saying she was intellectually dishonest, the crowd was cheering as she walked away. Aboriginals aren’t going to throw their family under a bus, and especially not to soulless reporters like you.

    • Jackson, your the only one here that get it! This article is like something straight out of the Murdoch press. How collectively stupid can us Australians be to Argue about lies?

      • Hi there again donottryme. Did you notice a facebook link in this article about Murandoo? I suggest you open it if you know how and look at the disgraceful behavior of Yanner.Ed

  6. At least somebody is doing something our peoples need unity not white man telling us mobs we have criminal justice issues at least back in the day our old people died for a reason nowdays they only dying from white man sicknesses and issues I hate how weak our people are in a system that degrades us – yo wake up to yourselves in the name of Jesus I prayer

  7. Nasty piece of work altogether.

  8. What a disgrace this bloke is,,he has set the Aboriginal cause back a long way and would do well to keep his mouth shut and his fists in his pockets.

  9. This is Fiction. Who wrote this dribble? What is the name of the Traditional Owner and elder from Cairns who called Yanner a “…disgrace, and our community will not tolerate this attack on a woman.”? Yanner must have hit some home truths. But they weren’t published because this is a typical racist rant, causing division and fear mongrelling.

    • Gooday donotryme, perhaps the elder who asked not be named is a bit like your email address. We don’t know who you are either. In any case I respect the elder’s wishes who asked not to be named because he fears either another racist tirade from Yanner or even a bashing. Do you blame him?Ed

  10. That red headed bitch rocked up at an Indigenous arts fair knowing he was going to be there with a 60 min crew. She knew no one was gonna be happy with her presence there and knew someone was gonna crack up. I’ll tell you people one thing. Murrandoo has not turned to Islam and a lot of indigenous people are behind him 110%. This proud black man would never in his life swap his dreaming for some else’s religion. And that’s a fact.

  11. He is a feral pig.!!!

  12. Yep we have Pauline, I hope she doesn’t shut up.

  13. Well why isn’t he in prison. What’s wrong with our justice system. He does not speak for this indigenous person & never will. I’m fed up with these people giving the rest of us a bad name.

    • Well said Kate. You are dead right. Far North indigenous people have told Cairns News they are disgusted with his behavior. Murrandoo could be worried that the Liberal Government is about to embark on a complete audit of all land council financial accounts and this includes the Carpentaria Land Council.Ed

  14. Stanley Morley

    I am far from racist especially to the Australian Aboriginal. What i would like explained is,how can Jason Yanner be an Elder of an Aboriginal Community,teach the young culture traditions and the dream time after converting to Islam.It is my recollection on Islam that you denounce every other who is not Muslim,or preaches anything, but about Islam or to Allah.

  15. Stanley Morley

    This brings me to a question on Jason Yammer Aboriginal Elder.How can he tell others of the dream time/culture/tradition if he denounced all for islam and allah

  16. How sad that Pauline Hanson a caucasion loves Australia more than this indigenous man…who is now probably happy to hand over this country to Islam and Sharia law.

  17. Pauline Lampton

    And which elders exactly said that??? I see no names mentioned from these so-called Aboriginal sources. What a crock. This is propoganda rubbish.

    • Well said Kate. You are dead right. Far North indigenous people have told Cairns News they are disgusted with his behavior. Murrandoo could be worried that the Liberal Government is about to embark on a complete audit of all land council financial accounts and this includes the Carpentaria Land Council.Ed

  18. Interesting thought…how about we give back the entire nation to Aboriginal People and I mean true Aboriginal 100%…NOT 50/50, 60/40, or so called 90/10 Aboriginals (who don’t seem to have respect for their English, Irish or whatever heritage) so let the 90 per cent of the population step back and see what our Aboriginal People can do for the gov backing or support just see how they can improve what we have…ignore any past history…including the 1000’s of Australians INCLUDING Aboriginal men and women who gave their lives in past wars to have what we have today…


  20. scott wehlisch

    he is degrace to aboriginal people he is all ways be a degrace

  21. This bigoted imperialistic senator will turn this country into a land of bigots, create more terrorism because the terrorist will be glad that peaceful law abiding Muslim Australians will be branded as a terrorist and turning our peaceful tolerant multicultural society into an imperialistic racist country, in other words, a setback to the white Australia policy of the 1920’s. In the 21st century, this will have serious economic implications and the notion of a fair go Australia will be gone to the wind, instead, it will be a bigoted racist Australia who will not be welcome in many countries around the globe.

  22. Speak for yourself Tanner. You don’t represent our people. Pauline Hanson should get an apology.

  23. Your racist rag might want to consider some facts in your muck raking. from Rona Scherer

    “For the record. My name is Murrandoo Bulanyi Mungabayi Yanner. I am a senior lawman from the Gunnamulla Giwagarra clan of the Gangalidda nation. I am from the Bulanyi skin group of the Mambalia moiety. I am neither a Christian or a Muslim. I am a fully qualified practitioner of this countrys own ancient lore/religion. I have always lived on my own country residing in Mungabayi Burketown. Along with my wife i have raised 13 children in a rented 3 bedroom home. I own no house or car or any other assets for that matter. Most importantly though i have never physically assaulted an elder, child or woman in my life. I once plead to a charge of assaulting a woman to prevent a younger relative from going to prison and id do the same tomorrow even though i know the racist’s would use it against me as they are now. There is hardly any domestic violence in my community now though there has been in previous years. There has never been a womens shelter in my community during those times so women suffering domestic violence would come to the only place they knew they would be protected and feel safe. And that place is my house. Even women who didnt like me or i didnt particularly have time for. They would often be pursued by angry violent spouses who i would stand at the gate and prevent from entering my home in pursuit of their spouse. Many assaulted me to try and get to their partners. Not 1 of them ever made it past me. My community is a strong vibrant community with very little trouble. We own businesses and land and employ many white people as well as our own people. We have 100percent attendance at our school and do not require truancy officers to chase kids to school. It is a community that a person can leave their house doors unlocked or open and you their keys in the car with no fear of anything happening. Women and children can walk the street’s day or night without fear. If Pauline Hanson wants to meet me im more then willing to sit down with her and discuss matters. She can come to my community and i will show her what we are capable of achieving when we ourselves are in control and not government. Thank you”

  24. What a filthy piece of gutter journalism! Cairns news should apologise to Murandoo Yanner!!!

    • Hi Vickie Lee we might consider doing such a thing after Murandoo publicly apologises to Pauline for the vile, racist remarks he made to Pauline Hanson.Editor

      • He called her intellectually dishonest and not welcome at the event, which she wasn’t. She upset many people going to the event – it was disrespectful to say the least. Then she tried to pick up people’s children to pretend as if she has Aboriginal support, which she doesn’t. His comments were not vile nor racist. They were on point.

  25. Good on you Yanner- takes guts and courage to speak out and the crowd that heard him were inspired by his comments- this town is full of closet racists whom pretend to care about Aboriginal people as long as Aboriginal people don’t stray too far from the censors and modern day moderators over Aboriginal voices such as this so Cairnsnews page- so predictable and boring actually because you tout the same old phobias just re-framed cleverly to disguise the underlying suppression of voices that speak facts

    • Hi Eric we suggest you go back through Cairns News articles over the past three years or so to investigate how the Aboriginal industry leaders have gutted their people over decades. By abusing Pauline Hanson, Yanner has retrogressed the blackfella cause for many years. Our experience in North Qld reveals it is considered OK by blackfellas to racially vilify white people but if white people return fire then they are called “racist”. Sorry Eric you can’t have your cake and eat it too!Ed

  26. Are you ashamed weather your black or white are you frightened of a person that is true and belives in Australia and what it stands for, I’ve known the man called Jason since 1987 and the man and boy I know, doesn’t think about himself, he is thinking about the future of children our grandchildren and great grandchildren, and if you think that every person is ganna be earning 100,0000 or more your dreaming, people these days need to realise that instead of sitting on your arses waiting for things to be handed to ya ain’t ganna happen till you make it happen!!! And when you have people like Jason that want make a difference and do it the right way someone always has their 2cents worth weather he is BLACK, WHITE OR BRINDLE, I know that Jason yanna is real has a heart of gold and is as honest as any politician in Australia, give the man a go,

  27. What a disgrace! You have proved in 2 replays (10 August 9:38 and 9:47am) that you have written this piece with a vindictive and bigoted mindset! Shame on you! If you want to back Pauline Hanson, then do that! But to write a premeditated artical based on absolute lies is a disgrace! Ed you need to stop replying because your agend is showing more and more!

  28. Yes written with bigot and bias attitude and because of that typical white attitude you do nothing to solve the matter but add fuel. Your type is the worst and the reasons why we see “terrorism” rise up across the world. You know nothing but being a keyboard troll who would lie & sell your grandmother for the sake of a story, profits and a promotion. I work in mental health and you display narcissist behaviour. Murandoo is a Aboriginal Warrior to many across the nation and he is a proud Aboriginal Man, and people like you who do not contribute to society in a positive and equal manner, eventually fade away which is a good thing. .

    • Hi George you gave the game away when you nominated your work in ‘mental health’. The same people who drug Aborigines and school kids with all types of anti-depressants to ward off a dilemma that is actually caused by the poor diets of indigenous people living in third world conditions BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO, dysfunctional families, alcohol foetal syndrome, petrol sniffing and wide-spread alcohol and drug abuse. Really George, as one well-educated, retired health dept Aboriginal woman recently told me, “ can’t take a primitive man out of his grouping and expect him to conform to white man’s authority…”
      Murandoo Yanner has been in front of the courts innumerable times for his trait of thuggery. He is just a schoolyard bully who plays on the system. The system it should be added, costs the majority white taxpayers some $26 billion a year. Where would Murandoo and his ilk be without copping their fortnightly ‘sit down money’? Catching fish and goannas at Burketown? Give us a break mate.Ed

  29. Are you really sure this dude is a true Australian Aborigine?
    he looks more like a southeast asian muslim from Indonesia or Malaysia to me.
    Either way he isn’t true Australian and is a menace to the society.
    Who pays to hire this evil tool of an invader to the Western Values?

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