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Police swarm Freedom Day protest, desecrating Melbourne’s historic monument to freedom


Police in riot gear marched at the double towards the protesters in a blatant act of intimidation. Nothing like this for Black Lives Matters protesters in Melbourne in June.
A wild scuffle broke out as police surrounded one of the protesters near the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance. Police systematically surrounded protesters, sending in riot squad members to arrest them one by one. Protesters offered no resistance.

VICTORIAN dictator Dan Andrews’ political police in full riot gear, on horses and on foot swarmed protesters at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, the site where the sacrifices for our nation’s sacred freedoms are remembered.

A few dozen of the several thousand protesters who made it to the Shrine were surrounded by police, driven back down the steps, encircled and arrested one by one while other protesters numbering about 2000 headed down to nearby St Kilda to avoid the melee. Media reported about 17 arrested.

Some division in the protest ranks arose late in the week when a number of protest leaders including James Bartolo, who was raided and arrested on Friday, backed off from the protest, saying it would be used by Andrews to extend his draconian shutdown of the state.

The police overkill was a stark picture of destructive forces unleashed against Australia by a hard-left Labor government, operating under the protection of, and likely backdoor funding from, globalist Davos-Gates-Rockefeller forces driving a global eugenics/population control program and attempt to derail the Trump presidential election.

In June the same Victoria Police openly expressed support for the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matters protest, some of them even “taking a knee” in public. One of the BLM speakers at that rally said “f… Australia. Burn it to the ground.” Not a peep from Victoria Police. That was “honourable”, but a protest defending historic rights and freedoms was worthy of suppression “for public safety”.

National media reports sided with Andrews as he continued with his deceitful “announce-the-daily-deaths-and-infections” game while destroying the state’s small business sector. Some radio reports made a point of accusing protesters of “hurling abuse at police” and “punching police”. An ABC TV reporter said media were on the receiving end of abuse as well. That’s no wonder, given the Melbourne media’s complicity in Andrews’ daily psyop of “sombre” death and infection announcements that fail to detail comorbidities, regular nursing home deaths or asymptomatic COVID cases.

Andrews, however, is under intense pressure, as even channel 7’s morning show crew expressed shock when it was revealed during the week that the dictator was fiddling the numbers for political purpose.

The Melbourne protest was given moral support at other marches across the nation in the state capitals. The protesters everywhere chanted a simple, poignant message: “Freedom! Freedom!” Never in this nation’s history has that underlying national value been under such diabolical attack. The Freedom Revolution continues.

Mounted police guard the Shrine of Remembrance (left) from protesters seeking a return of freedom and the rule of law to the state of Victoria.

7000 Syrian refugees will be resettled in NSW

Churches in Sydney’s Northern Beaches suburbs have been targeted in a poster campaign by the Party for Freedom which has garnered public support to keep refugees out of their iconic area.

St Stephens Belrose is one of 30 churches on the northern beaches working with the Settlement Services International (SSI) on a refugee support initiative.

The church asked those wanting to help, to offer low-cost self-contained accommodation for at least three months, help refugees find paid employment or help them become familiar with the Australian way of life.

With many thousands of Australians genuinely out of work in the Sydney district, housing refugees of doubtful origin has fired up Party for Freedom spokesman Nick Folkes.

Anglican Minister Michael Aitkin says the church would continue to help the Muslim refugees.

Many of the refugees are Christians seeking safety, Mr Aitkin said. “But we welcome Muslims too as Jesus taught us to love our neighbour.”

“If, despite all the government stringent screening, an extremist does come, the best remedy is to welcome them into an Australian home and to love them.”

This Minister epitomises the combined stupidity of the churches, thinking that Muslims with an inherent desire to kill all infidels, will somehow convert to Christianity.

This email (below) more than clarifies the treason practiced by many misguided churches on the northern beaches that have shamelessly committed to the invasion initiative by donating money and paying of rental properties in the area, Mr Folkes said.

Listed under the heading Accommodation:

We have had 2 Sundays since the ‘Call to Action’ video and there has been some encouraging response with regard to housing but we still need more.

So far we have –

5 granny flats – separate entrance, self-contained etc – provided by people from the community, St Stephens and Beacon Hill Anglican, Seaforth Baptist.

CLC Mona Vale has committed to renting a 2 bedroom apartment.

St Stephens Belrose has several families committed to renting a 3 bedroom house for 6-12 months.

Avalon Baptist has pledged $4000 to subsidise rental housing.

St Matthews, Manly has pledged $6000 to subsidise rental housing.

Balgowlah Uniting has committed to some financial/housing support.

Uniting Church has offered conference space in Lane Cove but negotiations continue with government bodies on whether this is suitable.

I have spoken to several people at Pittwater Uniting where I attended January 24, for them as a church to consider renting a 3 bedroom house.

C3 Oxford Falls is looking to support this initiative and will have a proposal ready soon.

Undefined financial support from Frenchs Forest Catholic
If there is more please contact us on this email or fb message us as a priority.

In deploring the offer from the churches, Mr Folkes said: “The financial backers working with Minister Michael Aitken and Premier Mike Baird have been exposed in this damning email highlighting the financial contributions and housing support supplied by church groups listed, so far. The misplaced and misguided compassion industry is alive and well within church hierarchy.

“The multicultural gravy train, refugee advocacy groups, church groups and political establishment are more than willing to fund and promote the genocide of the Australian people. Minister Michael Aitken, Premier Baird and the various church groups should hang their heads in shame and turn away from the wickedness.

“There are millions of Australians living in perpetual poverty struggling to make ends meet each week yet the demonic government and anti-Christ church groups continue to work behind the scenes in destabilising the once prosperous lucky country. Australia should close its doors on Muslim refugees and re-direct the money to help locals doing it tough,” Mr Folkes said.

Premier Mike Baird is making room for Syrian refugees to be dumped onto the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Nick Folkes, Party for Freedom Chairman, calls on Premier Baird to support the many thousands of unemployed and homeless Australians, not Syrians of doubtful origin.

The predicted cry-wolf propoganda to further tighten up internet spying laws

How is it this so-called ‘lone nut’ shooter had been previously incarcerated at a NSW jail under a different name? According to prison sources how is it the FBI had this ‘Iranian’ infiltrator tagged and not Australian police?

Lack of data records prevents serious crime investigations, AFP Commissioner tells parliamentary committee investigating new security laws

By political reporters Susan McDonald and Anna Henderson

Photo: The Chairman of the parliamentary committee investigating new counterterrorism laws is asking whether the Government needs further powers. (Audience submitted: Peter Morgan)

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Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin has warned of “grave implications” for terrorism investigations if telecommunications companies are not forced to keep phone and internet data.

Commissioner Andrew Colvin and other senior security officials were giving evidence to a parliamentary committee inquiring into proposed legislation making it mandatory for telcos to keep certain types of data for two years.

Mr Colvin told the hearing in Canberra agencies could not be left to “rely on luck” to deal with serious threats and serious crimes.

“I could not understate enough that it would have grave implications for law enforcement’s ability in this country to investigate, deter and disrupt potential terrorist acts,” Mr Colvin said.

He said that as more telcos were entering the market, less data was being kept and for shorter periods.

He emphasised that data had played a key role in terrorism, corruption and child exploitation investigations.

Mr Colvin gave the example of an online child exploitation case in 2013, where the lack of internet records retained by service providers prevented the investigation of 156 potential offenders.

“If those ISPs [internet service providers] face the consistent obligation to retain data for two years as proposed under this Bill, it’s quite possible additional persons of interest, some of whom appeared to be involved in serious offending, could have been identified and properly investigated,” he said.

New anti-terrorism laws explained

Find out more about the Government’s suite of proposed anti-terrorism laws targeting so-called foreign fighters and Australian terror threats.

Of the AFP investigations that started between July and September this year, telecommunications data has been used in 92 per cent of counterterrorism investigations, 100 per cent of cyber crime investigations, 87 per cent of child protection investigations and 79 per cent of serious organised crime investigations.

The Joint Intelligence and Security Committee was investigating the Government’s third wave of national security laws into phone and computer data retention.

Committee chairman Dan Tehan earlier asked whether the Government needed further powers in the wake of the Sydney siege.

Mr Tehan said he expected the Government to separately consider whether its new suite of measures would be enough to prevent lone wolf attacks.

“We’ve got to have a proper inquiry about that,” Mr Tehan said.

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and say, ‘OK, we need to do this, this and this’.

“Let’s examine the facts, let’s have a proper look at it and then work out, ‘OK, do we need to make some changes?'”

The committee observed a minute’s silence in recognition of the hostages killed in the Sydney siege yesterday.

Mr Tehan started today’s hearing by acknowledging the violence and describing it as “a despicable attack on Australians at home”.

“Tragically two innocent people have lost their lives, Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson,” he said.

“The impact on their family and their friends will be deep and everlasting.

“Threats of terrorism or terrorist acts will not change this nation, they will only strengthen our resolve.

“The values that we hold dear as Australians are the best way to defeat this evil.”

The committee was set to examine the next package of proposed counterterrorism laws.

Those listed to front the committee today include Australia’s top spy, ASIO Director General Duncan Lewis.

The committee was also expected to hear from the Australian Crime Commission and the Attorney-General’s department.