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Cocky candidate for Georgia Governor flips focus on CNN cover-up agenda

“Now look at the camera and tell me are you going to investigate that,” Jones firmly tells the taken-aback CNN reporter at the media briefing.


VERNON Jones, the Republican Party candidate for Governor of Georgia, hung a hapless CNN reporter out to dry while exposing the channel’s cover-up of illegal election practices in the state where chain of custody documents for some 350,000 absentee ballots are still missing.

At a press conference last week Jones took a CNN reporter under his arm, and asked him if the drop-off boxes and electronic signature system used in the 2020 election and 2021 run-off (for two senators) were written into the state’s statutes. The reporter responded that he didn’t know.

Jones then asked if he was open to finding out – a fair enough question. But the CNN reporter deflected, two or three times saying “may I ask you a question”. The reporter could have easily answered in the affirmative, because it was obviously something he should know.

Jones had earlier asked the group of reporters if they would ask the same question of Federal Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has been threatening Georgia legislators with legal action over new voting laws that the lying Democrats call “restrictive voting practices” because they clamp down on the Democrats favorite election fraud tools like drop-off boxes, mail-in voting, bus-in voting and non-citizen voting.

Biden’s dirty Democrats have opened the US southern border to allow tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, more than 180,000 since his inauguration. Democrats are experts at signing up these illegals to government and other aid and then registering them to vote as Democrats.
In Arizona, for instance, the votes of an estimated 36,400 illegal immigrants were recorded. The numbers will be confirmed with the coming release of the Arizona Senate’s forensic audit of the election.

Jones meanwhile, accused the stunned reporter’s employer’s logo of standing for “controlling Negoes”. “They don’t want people of colour to have conservative thoughts. He’s here to keep me running and to keep me from being the governor of the state. Why? Because liberals, they do not want blacks to think for themselves. They’re here for Stacey Abrams (the Democratic Party operative who ran the Senate run-off in Georgia).

Pointing to the reporter, Jones went on: “You know and I know the drop-off boxes were not in the state statute. You know and I know that the e-net signature verification was not in the state statute. We both know that.” Then pointing to one of the cameras, Jones asked the reporter “Are you going to investigate that?” – not an unfair question, even if Jones was politically incorrect and overbearing. But again, the CNN guy deflected, trying to inject his own question.

Georgia has been a hotbed of illegal election practices, such as the triple counting of Biden votes as confessed to by election worker Ruby Freeman after vote-count observers were sent home. Mainstream media “fact checkers” have invented numerous stories to “explain” the incident.
The illegality of the voting dropboxes was confirmed by editor in chief of Star News Digital Media, Michael Patrick Leahy, talking on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic daily broadcast.

“Drop boxes were used in Georgia in the 2020 election. They were not statutorily authorised. That’s problem number one. Problem No. 2 the State Election Board passed an emergency code rule that required every county to have chain of custody documents … eight months from election day and still today chain of custoday documents for 350,000 absentee ballots in Georgia are missing. The margin of victory for Joe Biden is less than 12,000 votes.”

A few days ago on Twitter, Jones posted: “If the liberal media thinks they can bully me, intimidate me, or silence me, they have another thing coming. I’m not a resident on their plantation. — Vernon Jones For Governor (@RepVernonJones) July 1, 2021

Bannon warns against ‘crazy talk’ and sounds battle call to US Christians

Bannon laid down his battle strategy in a Zoom call with thousands of US and other Christians worldwide. Click on picture to view video

By EDITOR, Cairns News

2016 Trump election strategist Steve Bannon has strongly rejected suggestions that Trump should invoke emergency powers to beat the election theft as “crazy talk”. But speaking on a national Christian prayer network Zoom meeting hosted by Eric Metaxas on December 22nd, Bannon sounded a battle cry and said the fight against the election theft was “a fight that we can’t lose”.

“If we lose this fight to secure and close on this massive landslide victory that President Trump won on November 3rd we’re going to cease to be a republic… and on our shoulders this rests,” said Bannon, recalling the warning of Benjamin Franklin to a woman on the day of the Declaration of Independence that new republic would remain “a republic if we can keep it”.

Bannon told the thousands of Christians on the call that the 2016 that victory was providential. “We were just a ragtag group down 14 points. But Trump stood up to the managed decline of our country by the elites of this country and the elites around the world – what I call the Party of Davos.”

Bannon was scheduled to speak for 15 minutes on the call but spoke for 50 minutes. Metaxas said “every syllable was gloriously important”. He rebroadcast it on his national radio program.

Bannon went on to explain the global economic war being waged by China and its national and corporate allies. “His (Trump’s) fight over the past four years has I really think, been in the face of the Chinese Communist Party and their allies around the world, on Wall St and corporate America and the City of London, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia – all their junior partners and North Korea – they’re trying to control the Eurasian landmass and really drive us into this unrestricted warfare that they’re currently fighting us on – information war, cyber war, economic war.

“We’re very far down the road in that and one of the reasons that we’re winning and one of the reasons all these forces are aligned against President Trump is that he was turning this country around. He was returning us to our original greatness.”

See video for the remaining 45 minute message and please share.

Trump wins but must fight to expose massive Democrat vote fraud

MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff (left) demands voting fraud evidence from former Director of National Iintelligence Richard Grenell who suggested Soboroff go look for himself.


Top investigative reporter John Solomon who will run forensic examinations of polling booths in key US states.




FORMER Trump strategist Steve Bannon says Donald J. Trump has actually won the election and the only thing between now and his inauguration is the fight in the courts to expose and prosecute the overt fraud that the Biden crime family and their media and globalist allies hope will get them over the line.

“They will not allow us within 30-100 feet to supervise the ballots being counted,” a registered Democrat poll observer and whistleblower working in a counting location in Philadelphia told investigative reporter Milly Weaver. “This is a coup against the United States of America…This has nothing to do with Joe Biden or Donald Trump this has to do with our Democracy.”

Even after a judge overturned the polling count rule keeping observers 20 feet away from ballot counters, officials still barred the observers. Later they made them stand six feet from the ballot reader – again, almost impossible to properly monitor.

Pennsylvania state officials also changed polling rules an hour before the election on November 3 to allow “certain voters to cure their defects” i.e. fix defective ballots and resubmit them.

The massive numbers of late mail-in ballots, such as the reported 120-135,000 all-Biden votes received early in the morning at a Wisconsin counting centre, were clearly aimed at stealing the strong leads gained by Trump candidates on voting day.

In Nevada, another “close state”, the former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell reported finding 10,000 fake ballots. But mainstream media outlets including Australia showed their clear bias by uniformly described this and other allegations of fraud “unfounded”. How would they know before a proper investigation?

But not all mainstream media is part of the Democrat election theft, and renowned investigative reporter John Solomon (The Hill, Just the News) announced he had a team of 10 reporters going in to the counting rooms of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to do “full forensic examinations … precinct by precinct”.

Solomon, speaking on Bannon’s online show, said he had heard of vote counts in precincts being higher than registered numbers of voters or 80-100% voter turnouts which is possible “but almost unheard of” in US political history.

To date, in the third day after poll night, all the talk was of Biden winning because of his apparent unassailable lead of 264 Electoral College votes requiring only one state to give him the required 270 to win. Trump meanwhile, was saddled with “only 214” Electoral College votes because at least three states that he said he clearly won were labelled by the media as “uncertain”.

The highly respected Rich Baris, of Big Data Polling, told Bannon’s online show that in Pennsylvania, “voting deadlines and accountability were removed” because of COVID. Bannon noted that state’s Attorney General Shapiro said Biden would overtake Trump even before the 750,000 votes “that came out of nowhere” were still uncounted.

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York prosecutor Rudi Giuliani said corruption among state officials Pennsylvania was well known and had been going on for generations, and their primary tool to maintain power was vote fraud.

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