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Leaked database shows U.S. military disease skyrocketing after Covid-19 inoculations

Data leaked from the Defense Health Agencies Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) shows skyrocketing levels of disease among military personnel.

Percentage Increase Over The Last Five Years to 2021- imagine where that is today?

­čö╝Heart Attacks 269%
­čö╝Pericarditis 175%
­čö╝Myocarditis 285%
­čö╝Pulmonary Embolisms 467%
­čö╝Cerebral Infarction 393%
­čö╝Bell’s Palsy 319%
­čö╝Guillain-Barre 250%
­čö╝Immunodeficiencies 275%
­čö╝Menstrual Irregularity 476%
­čö╝Multiple Sclerosis 487%
­čö╝Miscarriage 306%
­čö╝HIV 590%
­čö╝Chest Pain 1,529%
­čö╝Labored Breathing 905%

US Navy doctor exposes death by vaccine exceeds Covid virus deaths by 95 per cent

Back in August 2021, this retired US Navy doctor warned of dangerous covid vaccine killing the military recipients. far greater than the virus.

Is Australian military training to forcibly inoculate those who elected to be unvaxxed

We have not confirmed this video’s authenticity, BUT? are Australian armed forces being trained to go door-to-door, and forcibly vaccinate every person in the country at gunpoint?

Is the military also being trained to chase anyone trying to escape into nearby woods or other areas, to grab them too — at gunpoint?

People of Australia are finally realising the duopoly governments, who would order such training and who apparently plan to engage in such action, are “evil to the core” and must be removed from power.

Will our soldiers turn their weapons on the Australian people under instructions from politicians?

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