From Senator Jacinta Price, NT

You’ve heard it again and again from Labor and Voice activists.

They wrongly claim that Indigenous Australians have asked for the divisive Voice.

They wrongly claim that it’s a modest proposal that Indigenous Australians want.

You’ve heard me say time and again that this is a lie.

Great Australians, Senator Jacinta Price and her mother Bess. Taking the Aboriginal elites head on!

The Voice is not an invitation from all Indigenous Australians.

The Voice is not a modest request from all Indigenous Australians.

The Voice is not a modest proposal that Indigenous Australians say will help.

The Voice does not have overwhelming Indigenous support.

And now we have proof of their lie.

Polling done by GetUp’s Voice advocacy group ‘Passing the Message Stick’ proves it.

Their own polling shows almost half of all Indigenous Australia know “little or nothing” about the Voice.

Their own polling shows a full 25 per cent of Indigenous Australians DO NOT WANT the Voice.

Their own polling proves just how out of touch they are with the Indigenous Australia.

It’s also shown how desperate they are getting.

As the polls show the Yes vote drop below 50 per cent, Yes groups are resorting to nasty and divisive tactics.

One plan involves alienating, ostracising and dividing Indigenous Australians to the point that they feel so isolated that they begin to lash out and say “racist” things.

That’s the Yes camp’s plan to win over undecided voters.

It’s disgusting.

If you need to resort to tactics as gross as this, it’s just proof you have no faith in your own proposal.

It’s proof they don’t believe their own arguments for the Voice.

More than that, it’s proof of how this Voice is already dividing us.

It’s doing nothing for the REAL problems, it’s offering no REAL solutions, and it is doing REAL damage to our country.

It’s dangerous, it’s divisive, it’s a mistake, and Australians are saying NO.