Letter to the Editor

The crime wave is a part of the plan to fragment our communities, families, religions, our Aussie character, etc. The plan was implemented decades ago. .

From about 40 years ago, I have read many books and articles that warned of what was going to happen to our Aussie way of life.
Most of what I read has already happened and will no doubt keep happening. I also spent 35 years in jobs that gave me front row seats to watch the plans being slowly implemented.

The plan(s) included wrecking the family units/ties, fragment communities, remove the community spirit. Crime out of control so we would accept (demand) militant police to control the crime. Slap on the wrist courts, The word discipline to have little meaning in schools. The plan was to wreck our Aussie way of life, to divide and conquer – to control us.

Kids stealing cars, doing home invasions and openly operating as crime gangs, indicates to me that the plan has been a big success.
I am not letting the kids off for their crimes and anti-social behavior, they know what they are doing is wrong, and should be dealt with an an appropriate manner.

To reverse the plan we do not start at the bottom of the pyramid, we have to have a (pretty serious) talk about it with those grubs at the top. A top down problem for sure.

I do not mean complain to a political party, they are not part of a solution, they are a big part of the problem, who implemented the plan?

From Ron