Aborigines from across the Atherton Tablelands have sent smoke signals trying to entice the indigenous member for their electorate of Cook to referee a smouldering feud with police after a Mareeba man was shot by specialist officers during a domestic dispute three weeks ago.

Tablelands Aborigines march on Mareeba police station after specialist officers shot a man during a domestic dispute.

Labor’s elusive Cynthia Lui MP has not been seen or heard of since the man was killed allegedly for coming at officers with a knife.

Labor Member for Cook Cynthia Lui of Yam Island, Torres Strait gets all of her instructions from Premier Annastacia Pałaszczuk. Where has she been hiding?

The death of the man saw 500 local indigenous people march on the Mareeba police station next day, hurling abuse, kicking police cars and throwing bottles at police along the way.

Police stated after the shooting there was no body camera footage of the incident, but this was soon retracted after a hostile street march when a Cairns inspector subsequently found a camera and showed footage of the shooting to family members who initially claimed the dead man had only a phone in his hand.

As reported in Cairns News on March 29, a police SERT was deployed to a suburban street to diffuse what was termed a “hostage situation” when a 27 year old indigenous man allegedly held a woman in a house against her will.

The woman, when released from the house was immediately taken to another town for her safety.

Police expect trouble at the wake to be held in the town after the funeral. Local hotels will shut at 9 pm.

All available local accommodation has been booked out by police reinforcements who have come from as far away as Rockhampton.

Today Mareeba Shire Council held a meeting with police to plan for the expected large crowd at tomorrow’s funeral.

-contributed by our Tablelands correspondent