Ugly, imposing and stupid. Another wind farm blights the landscape in Scotland, but keeps cash rolling in for investors whether it is running or not.

THE shocking truth about so-called clean energy, how it is funded and how its inherent inefficiencies are paid for, has finally emerged.

We knew that the rise of inefficient renewable energy correlated with rapidly rising electricity bills for consumers, but the details of how that was occurring were obscure. Now we know and it’s a massive scandal.

The reason wealthy investors worldwide are piling into “green energy” is because it’s a government-corporate funded win-win for them via a subsidy otherwise known as a “constraint payment”. This is a payment from national grids to wind farm operators to temporarily deactivate the turbines when supply exceeds demand.

Ironically, excessive supply during sunny, windy conditions which can occur during low-demand daytime or night-time hours is an issue with wind and solar farms, so the operators of national grids such as the Australian Energy Market Operator fork out tens of millions to the investors as compensation when supply exceeds demand. So when your turbine is sitting there doing nothing, you get paid regardless.

As admitted by Tim Benson, chairman of a “think-tank” of green energy zealots called Powerful Thinking, in the first 11 months of 2022, the National Grid paid out £122m (AUD $225m) to wind farm operators to temporarily deactivate their turbines, with £82m (AUD$151.4m) more spent for December alone.

“Referred to as ‘constraint payments’, these subsidies are designed to compensate wind farm operators for curtailing their generation at times when supply exceeds demand. This is part of the National Grid’s electricity system operator (NGESO’s) grid balancing strategy, designed to ensure that supply always meets demand,” Benson wrote.

“Where demand rises, power may be imported from overseas or power station generation ramped up. However, where supply exceeds demand, the current solution is to reduce the percentage contribution of renewables into the energy mix. In 2022 alone, the costs for implementing NGESO’s grid balancing strategy reached £4.2bn (AUD$7.7bil), a good portion of which is passed onto consumers. According to The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), last year this accounted for an additional spend of £150 (AUD$277) per UK household.”

So there we have it, right from the horse’s mouth – the chairman of a group of corporate-funded green energy zealots pushing “decarbonisation of industry” admitting that we the dumb consumers are paying for this inherently inefficient system of energy generation.

Energy bills are now so high in the UK and Australia that small businesses such as bakeries are becoming unviable. In South Australia in 2017, a plastics recycling firm went broke after that state blew up its coal-fired power stations and forged ahead into wind and solar farms. The cost of electricity for that factory soared by $100,000 dollars.

Australian geologist and noted climate change sceptic Professor Ian Plimer is well aware of the constraint payment scam which he spoke about in an interview by Wide Awake Media. “One of the best investments you could have would be to have a wind turbine, because when the wind doesn’t blow, you get paid, you get a subsidy. At times, when the wind is too strong you are asked to turn it off and you get paid to do that,” Plimer said.

“This is one of the biggest scams that ever existed. Now what that is it’s a transfer of money from we poor punters paying our electricity bills to people who are very wealthy. We’re not seeing any justice at all in this and we’re hearing the words ‘climate justice’. The only climate justice there is, is to stop subsidising inefficient and unreliable power and not have the little person pay for people to get wealthy.”

The Australian Energy Market Operator is well aware of this, yet has the gall to state on it’s opening web page: “At AEMO, we manage electricity and gas systems and markets across Australia, helping to ensure Australians have access to affordable, secure and reliable energy.” What a monstrous lie.

The key name behind this deception is a Jewish American corporate “super woman” named Audrey Zibelman, who was appointed CEO of AEMO in 2016. She chaired of the New York State Public Service Commission in 2016, ran an energy power grid and wholesale market for 14 states, and was CEO and president of a power company called Viridity, her official bio states.

More recently this New York bureaucrat “has been responsible for securing electricity supply to the NEM (Australia’s national electricity market) during this revolutionary energy transition as well as during the 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfire crisis.”

Audrey was just the girl for the Australian job because she was behind New York State’s “Reforming the Energy Vision”, which involved “working with partners in the finance community to invest $1 billion in clean energy technologies and projects”. Now that wouldn’t be the same “partners in the finance community” (ie bankers) who are raking in all of these so-called “constraint payments” in addition to the handsome investment returns on the privatised power supply companies they invest in, would it Ms Zibelman?

Interestingly this same New York state pushing Zibelman’s big green scheme is now proposing to reduce the food supply in order to reduce its carbon footprint. So it’s insect paste instead of dairy for the school kids of New York, while Audrey and her high falootin friends dine on “sustainable Japanese Wagyu” at all the best restaurants on their global escapades.

And of course, the so-called transition to renewables and net-zero, is not just a scam involving the UK, Australia and the US. This scam is global. In October 2020, Zibelman launched the Global Power System Transformation Consortium (G-PST), a “major global collaborative effort in overcoming technical barriers related to the integration of clean energy into power systems at an unprecedented scope and scale.”

This October, this same gaggle of bankers, greenies and energy hawkers will gather in the heights of luxury at London’s Intercontinental Hotel for one of the Bloomberg NEF Summits where, in between their busy schedules of WEF and climate summits, bureaucrats and CEOs can “make powerful connections” and spin BS about the renewable energy future to their heart’s content.

As we are becoming increasingly aware, the international renewable energy circuit is a massive slush fund, with banks and global corporations falling over themselves to gain ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) corporate brownie points or carbon credits from the multitude of hare-brained green schemes from tree planting along freeways to turning productive farmland into “bio-reserves”.

And to ensure that academic institutions keep them scary climate reports rolling in, Zibelman and her global green cohort are targeting the universities, one case in point being the Monash Energy Institute, where our girl Audrey’s job is to “advise Monash’s research and industry partnerships activities”. And who better to advise Australian academics than a young Jewish lady from New York? There’s also nothing like a few of those special “industry partnerships” to keep academic integrity on track, right Audrey?