Part two: The Hidden

by Peter Campion

The cabal call themselves “the readers” or “the enlightened ones” (the illuminati) because they have access to all the information from our civilisation and its predecessors going back at least 12,000 years. They’ve read all the old and new books and research papers that are hidden from us. They may even have manuscripts from the advanced civilisation that was wiped out 12,000 years ago. They know that a natural periodic electromagnetic cycle will end the internet, grid-scale electricity, most electric and electronic devices (including cars), and create absolute havoc with destructive electromagnetic frequency pulses – starting in the 2030s.

A cataclysmic cyclic electromagnetic event sends prepared humans back to the Bronze Age. Unprepared humans will not survive, which is the way the cabal wants it.

This cataclysmic cyclic electromagnetic event regularly reduces the populations of all species by 95%. Previous civilisations have been told about it by their leaders and have prepared for it, but we have not. It sends prepared humans back to the Bronze Age. Unprepared humans will not survive, which is the way the cabal wants it.

We’re due to reach the major peak of this 12,000-year cycle between 2040 and 2050. There’s a slightly less-damaging 6,000-year half-cycle event, a more minor 3,000-year quarter-cycle event, and so on. The last full-cycle event likely left Adam and Eve as the sole survivors in their region. The last half-cycle event was Noah’s flood. This time, the cabal wants to be able to emerge from their Antarctic bunkers unscathed to assume unchallenged godlike power over the ruins.

The repeating cataclysm has nothing whatsoever to do with human activity – it is a natural phenomenon, a galactic-scale manifestation of the Parker instability in rotating electromagnetic fields. We entered the leading edge of it in 1859 – the year of the Carrington event. It is a periodic galactic electromagnetic sheet reversal, and it is an integral component of our rotating galaxy in our electromagnetic universe.

We can now be certain that the universe is electric as well as magnetic because the James Webb space telescope has imaged immense intertwined Birkeland currents in every direction it looks. These are usually dual electromagnetic streams entwined around each other in a manner similar to DNA, (as above, so below) but sometimes they are triples, and they stretch across vast reaches of interstellar space. Compression points within them spawn the creation of new stars, meaning it is highly unlikely there ever was a “Big Bang”.

The galactic electromagnetic sheet is a spiral density wave field. If you picture our disc-shaped galaxy in plan-view (looking down along the rotational axis) and superimpose an expanding spiral line over it, that will correspond to the crest of the sinusoidal Parker instability wave form that hugs the galactic equator. The sheet is not a single current sheet but a double layer of higher plasma density, like a ceiling and a floor, with the magnetic fields running between them. The plasma layers are coated with the dust of interplanetary space, accreted by static attraction and electromagnetism. Interstellar space is not as clean as the interplanetary space of our solar system, which is periodically swept by our sun’s reaction to its collision with the sheet. The Voyager spacecraft have encountered the pressure fronts of the sheet, and it’s been calculated that the wavelength at our distance from the galactic centre is about ten light years and that, in terms of the field, we’re about 200 crests out from the galactic centre.

While mainstream science remains uncertain about the wave before us, there is less uncertainty about the wave behind us. It’s known as the Radcliffe Wave, but mainstream scientists don’t know or won’t say why it’s a sine wave hugging the galactic equator. It is, of course, the predecessor to the one that has already peaked at our neighbouring stars nearer to the galactic centre, notably Barnard’s star (superflare) and Alpha Centauri C (superflare).

It’s making its presence known here on Earth (declining magnetic field, lightning changes, increasing rotation speed, auroral activity as far south as Florida), on our sun (coronal field changes, helium chemistry changes), on Mars (atmospheric warming, seismic surge), on Venus (rapid wind-speed increase), on Pluto (atmospheric collapse, ice age), on Jupiter (changing magnetic field radio emissions, red spot anomalies), on Saturn (cyclic storm anomalies), on Uranus (record aurora, record storms), on Neptune (storm reversal, ice age), and in heliospheric space (increasing dust).

It is the effects of the sheet reversal here on Earth that point the biggest gun at humanity. Our magnetic poles could currently be pictured as a bar magnet embedded within the planet; however, the south magnetic pole has left Antarctica and is accelerating towards Perth while the north magnetic pole has left Canada and is rushing towards Russia. The two are on track to meet, horseshoe magnet-style, in the northern Indian Ocean west of Indonesia as a preliminary step to the complete pole reversal. The decline of the magnetosphere will allow more of the full solar and galactic radiation spectrum to reach the surface and deep into the crust and mantle. This has dramatic implications for all life and most tectonic and volcanic processes.

Earth’s lithosphere, the thin, rocky crust we all live on, sits atop the electromagnetically coupled and highly viscous asthenosphere. It generally only slips relative to the asthenosphere by about 14 cm per year – which is why the volcanic hotspot under Hawaii seems to move relative to the island chain. However, as the magnetosphere declines in intensity due to the drop in the power that feeds it, the asthenosphere will lose its magnetic coupling and become increasingly fluid.

The dust layers accreted to the galactic sheet will impact Earth by nucleating more clouds and by blocking a portion of the sunlight which maintains Earth’s baseline temperature. They will also accumulate on the sun’s plasma corona, further blocking the total irradiance available to Earth. The added cold, clouds, rain, and snow will serve to massively increase the ice mass on the terrestrial poles, which are somewhat off-centre of the rotational axis. A point will be reached, likely by 2046, when the centrifugal force of the heavy poles wobbling precariously around the rotational axis on a lithosphere floating on an oily, magnetically-decoupled asthenosphere, will bring the polar ice masses to the equator.

Antarctica and Greenland will then enjoy the next 12,000 years in the balmy tropics. Australia will be in the northern hemisphere, with the section of coastline between Brisbane and the NSW-Victoria border nearest to and parallel with the equator. Exmouth in WA is likely to be our northernmost town. And so it will remain for 12,000 years when Antarctica will be returned to the southern rotational axis point.

The cabal have carefully primed the brainwashed masses that all changes in the weather are caused by using hydrocarbon fuels (oil and gas, by the way, were never “fossils” – they’re abiotic and continually created by nuclear decay within the mantle). The cabal knows that our passage through the galactic electromagnetic sheet will bring crippling cold spells from the reduction in total solar irradiance, unprecedented earthquakes, major volcanism, and that solar flares and coronal mass ejections will cause intense but short-lived heatwaves. They’ll shriek about “catastrophic man-made climate change” to convince the gullible that they were right all along – and that will be no coincidence because they’ve read it was coming.

There will also be enormous static discharges from the weakened magnetosphere’s L-rings down to the surface in the tropics as the solar plasma stream presses against them, which the cabal will probably attribute to an angry Earth punishing its inhabitants.

The crustal displacement from the electromagnetic decoupling of the asthenosphere will likely occur over about 36 hours. In ancient texts it was called “the day the sun stood still” or “the very long night” depending on the writer’s location on Earth. They record that “the ground staggered drunkenly”. It will cause truly Biblical floods of seawater over the land. While both the land and the seas are currently rotating together at about 1,600 km/h at the equator, the inertia of the seas means the land will slide beneath them until the water can drain off and adjust to the changed terrain. That flooding is what will most likely take out the 95% of members of all species.

Non-cabal survivors will mostly be found at high elevations on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in the US. Australian mountains will probably be too low given the depth of the north-western Pacific that will be flowing over us, although PNG’s higher mountains may act as a breakwater to some extent. Either way, the northern hemisphere’s Pacific will be flowing across Australia’s lowlands along both sides of the Great Dividing Range.

Then, to add final insult to unimaginable injury, the cycle will peak with the sun emitting a micronova. It will blow the accreted dust off its corona, sweep the accumulated matter out of the heliosphere, and bombard Earth with plasma and impactors ranging in size from dust to boulders. Its previous brilliance will be returned to Earth and begin melting the equatorial ice, which will finally raise sea-levels.

In the interim, one early consequence of the weakening magnetic field is the decline in the behavioural standards of humans. We, like all other lifeforms on this planet, are bioelectric. Our neural pathways and processes, our moods and mind-sets, are accustomed to the magnetic field intensity of the long, stable stages of the 12,000-year cycle. We already see increasingly antisocial and violent behaviour amongst our fellows. This phenomenon might also help explain the many impossible things that segments of our community presently believe so emphatically – such as “men can be women” and “paedophilia is normal”.

In 2023, if you’re not preparing for disaster yourself due to advanced age, you need to be teaching your younger family members about prepping, about living without electricity, and the importance of either an elevated location or a large, well-stocked wooden sailing boat and the skills to sail and navigate it without motorised or electronic assistance. Wooden because metals won’t fare well with the expected ground induction currents accompanying that final solar electrical insult to Earth.

This may be the most depressing essay you’ve ever read, but let’s finish on a positive note. The cabal are likely to remain sealed inside their bunkers by those ground induction currents. The intense electromagnetic activity will change our DNA, so we won’t be exactly the same as before, but members of our species have survived these cycles for hundreds of thousands of years and a modified version of us will go on.

Peter Campion

Multidisciplinary researcher