By Ron Chapman

Australia has been fraudulently governed by a covert criminal cabal since, at least, Australia became recognised by the UN as a sovereign nation. Those involved in that process have committed treason against the sovereign people of Australia.

Every human individual born here and anyone else that those born here accept as sovereign members of this nation IS an Australian. In those circumstances everyone accepted as having aboriginal ancestors or any other DNA inheritance, are Australians having the same rights and obligations in this nation as everyone else. No more and no less. Diversity of skin colour or origin gives no special privileges.

The criminal deception and treason visited upon sovereign Australians by those who have deceived Australians by pretending to govern the nation under the original British Imperial statute or any other legislative concoction(s) since we became a sovereign nation by becoming a member of the UN, or earlier if appropriate, need to be identified and, if still living, dealt with according to natural law.

Australia’s constitutional situation isn’t unique, it is similar to that occurring in many ex-British Commonwealth countries and the US. The egregious abuses of many, many millions of people in many nations over the last 150 years have to be addressed and are.

The crimes involved go well beyond stealing the national birthright of sovereign populations because they include the enslavement of entire populations and the barbaric sexual trafficking and torture of millions of people including huge numbers of children tortured for adrenochrome production by various illicit governments and their henchmen.

For some discussion of the unlawful enslavement mechanisms being used globally see eg: Jordan Maxwell on on the ‘Strawman’ mechanism:

Not satisfied with using the ‘Strawman’ mechanism to enslave us our greedy Khazarian Mafia controllers use fraudulent fiat fractional reserve banking and usury to further impoverish us:
They also impose income taxation which is contrary to natural law.

All of these enslavement mechanisms will be abolished as soon as Australian governments at all levels are removed and replaced. Similarly, Australia’s millions of administrative statutes, rules, regulations and licences masquerading as laws will be abolished. Natural law is clear and simple: Act in honour and do no harm to the planet or her inhabitants; and accept responsibility if you do harm another or the environment. See eg: Professor Cahill on natural law:

Those who don’t want to live under natural law will not be staying with the planet after the coming changes.

Our governance arrangements at all levels are totally criminal and divorced from the needs of most Australians. That’s why they will be removed.

Once our unlawful governments are removed Australians will need to get off their derrieres and create a Constitution and governance arrangements that serve them instead of private corporate shareholders and their police and bureaucratic enablers. A referendum is not enough. This nation must organise a comprehensive Australia-wide series of educational forums culminating in a properly convened National Convention and then a referendum ratifying the results.