by Brian Johnson

Wind turbines are useless and solar has limitations. We are faced with a very serious situation.

Wind turbines cannot produce the essential and legally required 50 hertz energy. The very energy required for our homes and factories. A wind turbine, a wind farm, cannot boil a jug, besides wind turbines are Asynchronous. Wind turbines do produce useless and dangerous harmonics which through smart meters are fraudulently added to consumers power accounts hence the reason consumers complained of rising energy costs after the smart meter was installed. The old black analogue meter could not register unwanted harmonics.

These towers cannot boil a jug

Wind turbines do not produce more energy the faster they spin, that is not how electricity is generated. For example a hydro or coal fired power station generator is required by law to operate at a fixed speed and to produce an exact 50 hertz.
All generators on a grid must produce the exact same 50 hertz at the exact same time as required by law thus we refer to a Synchronous grid.

The ‘dangerous’ component is the rising earth voltages which has led to loss of life in humans and livestock.
I am aware of a plumber who was electrocuted years ago as the result of Asynchronous generation.
There is a report of livestock dying in France.
There is a report of broken ankles at the Antarctic when the earthing system acted as an element and melted snow.

PV solar does produce 50 hertz energy and is ideal for rooftop use to provide energy for oneself as in supplying energy to heat a water cylinder. Rooftop PV solar does not have the capacity, the oomph to enter the grid. Think of it as a person leaving their property in a car, a mini car, at the same time a truck, a Kenworth truck is entering the property. The car goes nowhere.
I recently asked an electrician who installs PV solar how the energy enters the grid, his reply was, he hadn’t thought about it. Bizarre.

It would appear that when a consumer receives a fed in tariff they are merely feeding their own energy through the meter and paying to receive their own energy at a discounted price which of course suggests fraud? Trickery involved? Further explanation may be required.

Is there a reader out there who has gone on holiday for an extended period and who upon their return received a credit for all the energy they ‘supplied into the grid’ while they were away?

I am expecting the Australian grid to catch up with South Africa, that is, to experience rolling outages. You have been warned.

I believe South Australia dynamiting their coal fired plants committed an illegal act which will become obvious in the not to distant future.

The reason why much of this has gone undetected is that an electricity grid has connected, surplus generation, termed spinning reserve, so if there is a fault there is no outage, it is business as usual. The reserve must be at least equal to the largest generator or more. Wind turbine output is not calculated using a meter, there is nothing to measure. Wind turbine and solar farm output is calculated using the name plate data. As wind turbines and solar farms are connected to the grid spinning reserve is shut down thus when a fault occurs with no reserve the outcome can only result is an outage which is set to get worse and become more frequent.

Darkness ahead.