American and German ambassadors among seven other countries evacuate Turkey before earthquake

By Lyndesy Symonds

Turkey is leaving NATO and aligning itself with the real new world order which will have its centre in Eurasia. It has served its role in leveraging NATO into ME wars of Perestroika Deception. The goal of this Seven Nations in Five Years SIG warfare was to Regime Change Muslim governments that are not Crypto-Jew and overseen by the KGB/FSB for best bud : Israel.

General Wesley Clark, a NATO whorejob, runs cover this infamy with the now famous phrase: it’s abut oil. No. It was about getting the Moscow / Tel-Aviv Axis of Eurasia sorted out. Don’t miss his Freemason’s Ring which he flashes at the end.

General Wesley Clark “Seven Countries in Five Years’

For those who are interested , here is the whole file on Operation SIG
Caution – not after breakfast.

The Muslim press also covered the 9 nations which pulled their embassies out of Turkey 24 hours before the earthquake, foremost among them: the two ZOG heavy-lifters: the US and Germany. Of course, they knew. I think the effects of that thing are being felt all over the world – most notably with the cyclone in NZ. And a section of the Euphrates River that runs through Turkey is (wait for it) on fire. (Google blocked this site-only on Tor)

Under the Perestroika Deception these Marxist Leninist governments work together: the Western ZOGs and the Communists. That is because The Owners of all these governments have two branches of their Revolution: Zionism and Communism. This is the convergence. And Turkey is building the Caliphate that will slot nicely into the Eurasian project.

The Rabbit Hole is not only deeper than we suppose, it is deeper than we can suppose. Good on Cairns News for publishing this in the interests of truth (Our Lord Jesus Christ is Truth) and Australia. So praise the Lord and get more buckets and spades down there.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Stop this with blaming Freemasons
    Who have been infiltrated by the Illuminati.. just like many other organizations!
    The SHRINERS ( Shiners Children’s feee hospitals )
    Ie “ masons” and Eastern Star are caring and loving fraternal organizations steeped in history and symbolism ( not satanic)


  2. Ron Chandler, Your last line mentioned did it for me, then use the disaster any which way and people do not expect… Boris Johnson ex UK PM, knows all to well…


  3. tonyryan43, Yes you got it… “Stockholm Syndrome.” Mentioned that to some acquaintances during various phone discussions and few realise, and some admit it.
    How quickly this changes, at the moment I do not know. Many are afraid to voice anything that appears to be anti-establishment. Knowing damn well the ZOG’s rule…


  4. Romania is a NATO country that issued travel warnings to Romanians in Turkey before they were earthquaked. Australia is one of the ten nations that got their embassy staff out.

    Thanks to Vlad’s invasion of Ukraine, the line of European countries wanting to join NATO is now growing, whereas before it was flagging. Now they have to take a number.

    There is nothing in NATO for Turkey – a crypto Jewish government. They want another Turkish caliphate.

    What would be good to see an independent corridor of Visegrad nations form up in Central Europe. These nations have traditionally fought the Muslim invasions of Europe launched by the Turkish Ottoman Empire (for centuries). And they opposed Russian expansion and later Soviet expansion. Whenever the nation of Ukraine can declare its independence from Russia, it has gone with the Visegrad nations, as when it was under the Crown of Poland-Lithuania. These strong Christian nations have traditionally formed confederations or leagues or commonwealths of one sort or another with national self-rule and emphasis on national culture. They are the real-deal nationalists – not the Soviet Red Ashkehenazi ‘Russians’ which genocided the Russian people – that would be the White, European ethnically Russian people [upward of 65 million]. Greatest human slaughter of all time.

    In the inter world war years of the last century, Romania attempted to chart an independent course against both Hitler and the USSR. They had a strong nationalist, Romanian Orthodox Christian movement of political parties and military with a top priority of Jew removal from government, banking and institutions of social influence – especially media and universities. And the centre of all that was the Senator’s home turf Iasi. The leader of that movement Corneliu Zela Codreanu is one of the great anti-semites and anti-Communists of all time: “The socialist workers parties and organisations in this country [Romania] are led by people who are neither workers nor Romanians….” if you get his drift. All his works are essential reading for the Home Schools and the Western Counter Revolution.


  5. AAP… I regard that as pure Stockholm Syndrome. So many Germans cannot forget how many of their family were starved or frozen to death by the American occupiers, and how much admission of alleged war crimes merited their permission to live. Now it is like a religion, a national mea culpa meant to last forever. Personally, I think only the demise of a postwar generation will enable rational thinking.

    This is more common than people think. A lot of old Aborigines in NE Arnhem Land are still wary of the mass shootings that did not end until 1936. They learned there is a price for being obstructive.

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  6. A similar cloud formation has been seen over Argentina… lets see what happens there.. Watch the skies everyone..


  7. tonyryan43, Cracks are appearing in the EU-France-Germany following my contacts in Europe. However, Germany and some parts of Western Europe are still not fully awake yet and are not yet familiar with the real history, of how they have been fooled by the Jew media empire. Most people are still afraid to voice their opinion re the past…

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  8. Turkey will hang in NATO as long as is possible, and NATO won’t kick Erdogan out if it can help it (or if it can kill him)
    NATO still has nuclear weapons stored and in missile silos in Turkey. If Turkey leaves NATO the attitude of the Syrians whose lands Erdogan is invading, will change like lightning. Ditto, some Iraqis.
    Be careful about the quake theories: plenty quake predictors said this quake was about to happen; it was the ideological dogma of the US Geological Survey that kept them from wide attention. Canuck scholar Matthew Ehret shows here,
    and Mr Hoogevoort’s graphic shows how it works. Not to say scalar aka HAARP cannot be weaponised: it has been, in West Australia among other places. But the whole picture is not in. It could be that this quake is BOTH natural, AND augmented by Uncle Shitheel.

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  9. That cloud formation filmed over Turkey (twitter link)…
    I recall seeing similar in the sky over Sydney’s north a couple of months ago…
    I though it curious but i didnt link it to deliberate weather modification so didnt take notice if there was anything more than the usual unusualness of Sydneys weather…


  10. Turkey needs to be less ambivalent in its position. Either it supports NATO or it does not. If NATO has declared war on Russia, as Russia’s friend, Turkey must leave NATO.

    The US funded and planned a coup in Turkey, and for the assassination of Erdogan, but Putin phoned a timely warning that saved Erdogan’s life and prevented Turkey from becoming yet another servile US lapdog.

    Much as I support Muslim nations when they are in the right, I cannot but help notice a lack of gratitude and loyalty to their non-Islamic friends. Actually, they tend to stab each other in the back quite regularly based on which particular aspect of Islam they support: Wahabi, Sunni, or mainstream.

    But, in the long run, self-interest always trumps piety and Turkey will, without doubt, depart from NATO. We may then speculate who else leaves the sinking ship. As this decision will be incident-driven we can but speculate, but I would be very surprised if France and Germany are firmly allied to the US in one year’s time. If, and this is a very big ‘if’, the German people want to survive as anything but the ghetto of Europe, they need to change sides right now. Only detente with Russia can save Germany.

    Whatever happens, the US is finished. But in dying, we are going to witness violent death throes. Here’s hoping the gangrene commences in its Australian wing and we can restore national sovereignty and prosperity while enough of us are still alive.

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  11. Concentrated & focused energy, comes to mind.


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