Bombshell Report: Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca says people had to die by premeditated earthquakes triggered in Turkey

Senator blames Deep State for causing the devastating earthquake which so far has killed 33,000 people in Turkey

In a dramatic speech to Parliament on Friday Senator Sosoaca said President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, had upset World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab by leaving halfway through a press conference and blocking Sweden from joining NATO.

“We have lived to witness production of earthquakes on demand. NATO disliked being set up by President Erdogan,” a furious Sosoaca stated.

“Moreover his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukranian-Russian war deeply disturbed them. His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO and his speech in Davos as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of a press conference defying Schwab did not remain without an echo in the cold world leaders of the world.

“But no one thought that people would have to die so many in such a terrible way.

“But ten seconds before the occurrence of the so-called earthquakes the Turks closed these (oil and gas) pipelines

“In addition 24 hours before the earthquakes 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey.

“Five days before its occurrence the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey.”

These damning accusations are prima facie evidence of a deliberate attack on Turkey by Deep State using HAARP technology.

Senator Sosoaca’s speech will reverberate around the free press of the world but don’t expect to hear it on the ABC, News Ltd or Fairfax media in Australia.

The WEF tentacles stretch far and wide and now it seems no nation state is immune from retaliation or attack by the New World Order with help from the WEF if they step out of line.

Australian citizens have been killed in this earthquake, what will the Labor, Liberal duopoly do about this terrible advice from the Romanian Parliament?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Very interesting new update from Turkey.

    Three days prior to the earthquake, and in the same vicinity as ‘the cloud,’ the U.S.S. Nitze was moored in the bay.

    The Nitze is armed with HAARP technology.

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  2. Pat from Vic… Very well said indeed. So many are still asleep at the wheel – and they need to wake up, and soon !


  3. I don’t care if the accusation is true or false. It it gives the grotesque Klaus Schwab and the civilization wrecking WEF grief….GOOD.


  4. This is still nuttier than a bag of trail mix.


  5. The sooner Turkey aligns itself with Russia and China the sooner it will have the WEF 4IR Digital ID system. Actually, the WEF is just pumping for the the United [Communist] Nations in service to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals that everyone has ratified. They are trying hard to make the Global Control / Kill Grid (GCG) look like an evilwesternsatanic initiative when it fact it is a UN initiative. All the heavy lifters: the US, Russia, China, EUSSR all have a big slice of it.


  6. Lamont Cranston said – “The insane are among us. And the terminally mental promote their lunatic ravings.”

    After three years of Western governments walking in lockstep to force exceedingly sophisticated bioweapon injections on their own populations, and right now orchestrating the destruction of supply chains and food production and viable energy, and fomenting the current conflict in Ukraine starting all the way back in 2014 – all harmonising with the certified psychopathic Globalist agenda to kill off 90% of humanity and impose their Great Reset and New World Order – you label someone who speaks the bleedingly obvious as a lunatic?

    Klaus Schwab and his hordes of disciples infesting the institutions of governance all over Planet Earth would be well pleased with you – although they will still kill you without a shred of compunction when the time comes. In Klaus’ world, you get to either be a 1984-class slave, or dead – those are the options (not that you get to choose).

    On one hand, you probably should be thankful for being so fortunate as to be able to cognitively dismiss the capabilities already in the hands of the world’s militaries – albeit serving a global cabal of genocidal psychopaths. That at least suggests that you might still be enjoying some of the comforts of the civilisation that so many of us grew up with.

    On the other hand, not so fortunate because when reality eventually catches up with you and hits you in the face, the entire world will be turned on its head in an instant. That’s generally unavoidable when you’re personally directly impacted in some way, although many people have shown themselves to be capable of extraordinary dissonance when shown blatant evidence which challenges their preferred world view. Building 7 at the World Trade Centre comes to mind.

    You think talk of weather and earthquake weapons is the stuff of insanity? Stick around for the next few years, you ain’t seen nothing yet. But if you’re currently living in the Northern Hemisphere, you might consider moving south at some point – you’ll likely have more opportunity to write your memoirs that way.

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  7. Don’t focus on the reason for the earthquake. If the the actions of the Turks running the pipelines, and the actions of foreign governments are confirmed, and they are public information, then a question must be asked and answered. Why?


  8. This woman is such a hero! She called it and speaks the truth. This is not ‘conspiracy theory’, this is a fact. The CIA has had the power to make earthquakes for decades now…and now they use it to kill thousands of innocents. The globalist madness has to be stopped, the mass murder of the innocents has to be stopped. Hopefully, it is not too late. What a great speech!

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  9. *cue the music theme from The Twilight Zone*
    Sad to see other countries with nut jobs in government.


  10. The insane are among us. And the terminally mental promote their lunatic ravings. This is as nutty as it can get.


  11. 1. Interesting that a large proportion of powerful pro-humanity voices among the world political class are women – about a dozen or so immediately come to mind. I guess that helps to balance out the crazies among the female political fraternity.

    2. This lady speaks my language – it’s rare to hear a political figure with the sense and the backbone to speak the truth and threaten retribution to the psychopaths trying to destroy humanity and the world along with it, but that is emphatically where we’re at. Self-defence is a legitimate right of any living thing, not just humans – and if someone threatens me or my family or friends, then they better watch their back.

    3. Love him or hate him, she says true things about President Erdogan and Turkey’s place in the world.


  12. Turkey is leaving NATO and aligning itself with the real new world order which will have its centre in Eurasia. It has served its role in leveraging NATO into ME wars of Perestroika Deception. The goal of this Seven Nations in Five Years SIG warfare was to Regime Change Muslim governments that are not Crypto-Jew and overseen by the KGB/FSB for best bud : Israel.

    General Wesley Clark, a NATO whorejob, runs cover this infamy with the now famous phrase: it’s abut oil. No. It was about getting the Moscow / Tel-Aviv Axis of Eurasia sorted out. Don’t miss his Freemason’s Ring which he flashes at the end.

    General Wesley Clark “Seven Countries in Five Years’

    For those who are interested , here is the whole file on Operation SIG
    Caution – not after breakfast.

    The Muslim press also covered the 9 nations which pulled their embassies out of Turkey, foremost among them: the two ZOG heavy-lifters: the US and Germany. Of course, they knew. I think the effects of that thing are being felt all over the world – most notably with the cyclone in NZ. And a section of the Euphrates River that runs through Turkey is (wait for it) on fire.

    Under the Perestroika Deception these Marxist Leninist governments work together: the Western ZOGs and the Communists. That is because The Owners of all these governments have two branches of their Revolution: Zionism and Communism. This is the convergence. And Turkey is building the Caliphate that will slot nicely into the Eurasian project.

    The Rabbit Hole is not only deeper than we suppose, it is deeper than we can suppose. Good on Cairns News for publishing this in the interests of truth (Our Lord Jesus Christ is Truth) and Australia. So praise the Lord and get more buckets and spades down there.


  13. Meanwhile New Zealand has now declared a state of emergency due to cyclone Gabrielle.

    From article:

    “Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty signed the declaration at 8:43am on Tuesday
    This is only the third time in New Zealand’s history that a National State of Emergency has been declared
    Mr McAnulty considered the declaration beneficial after meeting with local emergency teams.”


  14. Evil cabal at work we have to stand up against these terrorists in suits


  15. High Altitude Aerial Resonance Project(ion) or something like that it’s been a while since I read Dr Nick Begich’s “Angels don’t play this HAARP” but you can search for earthpulse. com maybe. Weather weapons been around since before Vietnam war see Dr Ben Livingstone interviews.
    so earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes start em / stop em , they are not always natural. Also consider that oil is a lubricant for tech tonic plates on earth crust, also acts as shock absorber so keep removing it & earthquakes get really rough, like bone on bone.

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  16. I think the Senator was right about everything. More and more nations are waking up to what is really going on, and I hope Australia will do the same before we go down with the sinking ship.

    Great comments from tonyryan43 and David as per usual.

    See below link.. It is the best article I have read on what really happened with Ukraine and how Russia was goaded into its special military operation on purpose. I have to once again hand it to Putin who is a man of superior intelligence compared to these other twits.

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  17. Here you go Ed.

    I noticed these images some days back, but never took much notice of them.

    These truly unusual cloud formations were filmed over Turkey [See 17:00 mark]. Not sure where exactly?


  18. Blisskitt said – “Hey Pat from Vic, I am not that educated on all this stuff, but I took some really great photos out my backdoor, never have I seen the sky like it.”

    Funny you should mention that – I noticed just a couple days ago a peculiar little cloud all alone in an empty sky over Melbourne. Not peculiar in being all alone, but peculiar in being AN OPEN TRIANGLE.

    Can’t recall seeing that before.


  19. Hey Pat from Vic, I am not that educated on all this stuff, but I took some really great photos out my backdoor, never have I seen the sky like it. I will await what happens with the weather here in the next few days. I can’t upload or post won’t go through, but clouds looked like ribs.


  20. Peter said – “If HAARP can in reality do this to Turkey, then why in hells name haven’t they done it to Russia repeatedly.???????”

    1. HAARP can indeed do this to Turkey, and most anywhere else the American psychopaths have a hard-on for. Check out the symptoms experienced by Haiti, and compare closely with real-time Turkish observations.

    2. Russia is decades ahead of just about any other country on the planet wrt Tesla weapons. Just because they haven’t seen fit use of them, doesn’t mean that they can’t. What’s more, earthquakes are just one of MANY possible modes of weaponisation. Russian science is real science – they know the score. If even uneducated serfs can figure out whodunnit, then the Russians know.

    3. Start doing something existential to Russia, and Russia has already said it reserves the right to go postal against its adversaries. And going postal means wiping the adversary off the face of Planet Earth.

    BTW, the proverbial elephant in the room has already been inferred in the parent article – President Erdogan is no fool, so he doubtless knows what went down. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice… bye bye NATO.

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  21. I just read that one….also read yesterday that 5g has been used to generate this sort of geological disturbance… its madness


  22. I came across this article, it has quite a bit of footage Editor referring to. About ten different videos in the story.


  23. @okchuck

    What Is HAARP? What Is It Used For?


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  24. Forgive my ignorance, but what is HAARP Technology?


  25. @lindesymonds
    “ Name one independent reserve bank (BRICs or other) that is independent of the BIS cartel with ‘real money’ backed by assets.”
    And this why, once again, you’re the best and most knowledgeable person in the comments section.
    But then, like me, you read Fintzinfo…


  26. tonyryan43, Yes: “I smell blood in the air.” And this will come, BUT will the majority give the other side of the cheek? Most sheep are Bible/ZOG/authority – lovers and so much more and all are programmed to be forgiving. From the top all the way down the bottom, they have to face the killer hangman noose/music…

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  27. Tony B, Bombs should be IN-Active. = No risk, if they are still in Turkey. Have to snoop…


  28. Han Barkmeyer, Yes re your Quote: “Artificial earthquakes have been prompted before. For example, the 12 January 2010 earthquake off Port-au-Prince, capital city of Haiti, is suspected having been prompted by underwater / underground explosions, in order to bring huge oil reserves lodged largely around the shores of the Caribbean Sea, closer to the surface to be easier accessible and exploitable.” Let’s name them The Cabal, The Cabal will do anything whatever the Collateral damage to try and get what the Cabal wants. >Yes by mimicking the Old/New Testament, the plagues the upheavals you name it all of it<, yes the Bible is full of bloody disasters, Man-made triggered earthquakes/weather disasters on top of all the modern digital control mechanisms…

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  29. If true the San Andreas Fault needs to be given a nudge or 2


  30. Find the published photos of weird cloud formations over Turkey when the quakes started. The senator said there was no
    epicentre? How can this be an ordinary quake? Putin is well awake to this technology and the Deep State would not get away with it. Ed

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  31. Find the published photos of weird cloud formations over Turkey when the quakes started. The senator said there was no
    epicentre? How can this be an ordinary quake? Putin is well awake to this technology and the Deep State would not get away with it. Ed


  32. Well established now the yanks blew up the pipeline. Ed

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  33. So earth quake in Turkey, hmmm does any one know if the 50 nukes at Incirlic NATO air base are still there? hmmm if so have they been damaged, no one is reporting this, the earthquake was close to Incirlic what happens if these bombs have been damaged? this could be a nightmare in itself. I know the Turks dont have access to them only NATO in particular the US

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  34. Meanwhile Vanguard media is “reporting “ dissent in Turkey? It’s all the Governments fault for responding so slowly to the crisis.
    Asking the President “why did my family have to die in an earthquake ?” is a bit like asking Putin ‘why did you blow up your own pipeline?’
    But no doubt 95% of viewers will be shocked & horrified at the government malfeasance finding it not ‘safe & effective’

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  35. @David “Turkey is leaving NATO and joining the BRICs with real money backed by assets”

    That Turkey is leaving NATO is good news indeed (if they follow through).

    Nation states should have the right to align themselves with whoever they want – like Russia and China for example. I am sure no one disputes their right as nation states to

    Name one independent reserve bank (BRICs or other) that is independent of the BIS cartel with ‘real money’ backed by assets.

    A real independent bank is the bank chartered by a sovereign state. The independent bank issues a currency of real money and that is a currency backed by the GNP / GDP of the land, resources, labour, economy of a self-sufficient population that can invent, design and make things other people want to buy or make deals to acquire. It doesn’t matter what form the currency takes as long as it is issued by a sovereignty held by the people. If not it matters not a jot how much gold, rare earths etc you have in the ground if you can’t make anything of it – if humanitarian crisis is the basis of your economy.


  36. We need to look ahead to where this is going in terms of Australian national sovereignty. Meanwhile, there are some short memories here.

    A few years back, the US arranged the assassination of Erdogn along with a coup d e’Tat by paid-off Turkey military officers, but Putin warned him in time so that when Ergogan returned to Turkey it was to arrest the rebels. Thus the US shitted in its own NATO nest, and on the head of its second most important ally; an action which can be described in no other way than abjectly stupid.

    This threw Erdogen and Putin together and what flowed from there was eminently predictable. The Americans have always been as subtle as a train smash when it comes to diplomacy and if Biden was not going to commit political Hari kari in the near future, Semour Hersh has placed his head firmly on the block over Nordstream II. It does not matter that the Murdoch Media ignores the story, everybody in the NATO countries knows by now.

    Every freezing German and Frogee will be cursing his name and Turkey now knows NATO’s days are numbered. If Erdogen was a tentative candidate for BRICS before, he now knows there is no other direction to go. Other nations will be thinking similarly… why set one’s deck chair up on a sinking ship.

    As we speak, German corporations like Krupp, Meserschmitt-Blonkow-Bloom, and BASF will be on the phone to the Bundestag screaming “Enough is fucking enough”. With energy overheads now multiplied by five, they have no competitive future. Hersh previously destroyed Nixon/ Spiro Agnew Presidencies and the Vietnam War with the My Lai Massacre story. This time, In one fell swoop, he has killed Biden and his Ukraine war, plus NATO.

    Now add to that the US Federal Reserve-driven inflation, the 180 degree turn by the Saudis, the Great Gates Fallow Farm Project, and Bidens gas and fuel restrictions, and the American Empire pavilion now has no supports to prevent it from toppling over.

    If the US continues to push for war against Russia and China, this will delimit the value of the US military installations in Australia, which means Albo will suddenly find he no longer has an army of Marines to protect him. That will be the time to strike for national sovereignty and civil rights.

    I smell blood in the air.

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  37. I am not convinced – in fact far from it, although I must say that The Romanian Senator does a great job of persuading us to believe in her “facts”. If HAARP can in reality do this to Turkey, then why in hells name haven’t they done it to Russia repeatedly.???????


  38. Mavis Miller… I think you misinterpret. The WEF is the tool of the globalist investment bankers, not vice versa. Nevertheless, the bankers are unforgiving when crossed.

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  39. From: Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Is This An Act of Terror? No Evidence Sofar

    “Artificial earthquakes have been prompted before. For example, the 12 January 2010 earthquake off Port-au-Prince, capital city of Haiti, is suspected having been prompted by underwater / underground explosions, in order to bring huge oil reserves lodged largely around the shores of the Caribbean Sea, closer to the surface to be easier accessible and exploitable.”

    “If the timing of the earthquake was part of a plan, it would fit perfectly into the coming General Elections on 14 May 2023. President Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AK Party), are currently not doing well in popularity polls.

    “Replacing Erdogan with a US stooge, might bring Turkey back as the desired all obedient NATO country, no alliance with Russia, no more “sleeping with the enemy”.

    “A few recent initiatives by Turkey – a key member and heavy-weight of NATO for her strategic geographic location between east and west – may have provoked the wrath of her NATO allies.
    “Not necessarily in order of priority:

    “1. Turkey has entered an alliance with Russia – which for a NATO-member is like “sleeping with the enemy”. (Michel Chossudovsky) See this and this. Such a partnership with a NATO enemy is indeed an absolute no-go for the west.

    “2. Under this alliance, Turkey has decided to buy the Russian S-400 Air Defense system, instead of the US Patriot system, as it would behoove for a NATO member, especially one as crucial as is Turkey. Patriot (standing for Phased Array Tracking Radar for Intercept on Target) is a surface-to-air missile and anti-ballistic system. It is NATO’s air defense system. Instead, Turkey’s decision for the more sophisticated, more precise and effective Russian S-400 is a strong backbone for her alliance with Russia.

    “3. President Erdogan brokered in 2017 a US$ 2.5 billion deal with President Putin for the S-400. First deliveries of the S-400 missile batteries arrived in 2019.

    “4. The S-400 system is said to pose a risk to the NATO alliance as well as the F-35, America’s most expensive weapons platform. Turkey was severely sanctioned at the time by President Trump, notably by a foreign-manipulated currency devaluation of the Turkish Lira – which had a devastating impact on Turkey’s economy. It is unusual, almost unheard of, for Washington to “punish” a NATO member for misbehavior.

    “9. Turkish – Syrian rapprochement, is certainly not what Washington wants. It is the latest development in regional surprises, as reported by Arab Center Washington DC.”

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  40. Turkey is leaving NATO and joining the BRICS with real money backed by assets.

    Vlad is baiting NATO to enter Ukraine because he now knows ByeDen authorised the P8 Poseidon, based at Lossiemouth, to drop depth charges on the Nord Stream pipeline. The P8 was refueled by KC-135 tanker aircraft over Poland before it did the deed. I have it on Flight Radar and ADSBexchange.

    Now Vlad is mobilising 700,000 troops and with Turkey’s million-man army, soldiers from Xi in China plus merceneries, he will give the US and Europe a run for their money in armed conflict.

    Expect to see a few more Satanic sites receiving hypersonic gifts from the BRICS.

    The parasites don’t want to lose Turkey’s military in NATO, for obvious reasons.

    I expect to see the West mobilise all 16-65 year olds for military training. For each male in uniform, I would expect to see the equivalent in front line females!

    This war will be different, because there will be no baby-boom after, thanks to the boosters. Sounds like a plan to me?


  41. Wow. The evil in this world knows no bounds!


  42. The gas and oil pipelines that criss cross Turkey come from the Black Sea. It is a very seismic area. They are a NATO country and they get power from Russia and the Caucasus. For decades they sent human tsunamis out of the ME into the Western nations. Now they have decided to throw their weight around the European powers applying to join NATO.

    Who wanted to join NATO until Vlad invaded the Ukraine?

    As a NATO ally, Turkey has always played the game of the West against Russia and as a nation friendly to Russia, it has played the game of Russia against the West. Turkey is trying to build a Caliphate and it has its own Agenda.

    Both the NATO allies and the USSR / Russian Federation are into weatherworx and geo-engineering. You are never going to find out who Turkey (which is building a Caliphate) double crossed and who caused the earthquake – if indeed it was manmade.

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  43. klaus schwab is to be known as anal swab from now on please..

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  44. The senator made the accusations not us. We just reported it. Ed

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  45. Ths death and destruction are horrific. I am sorry for the nation.

    The thing I found most peculiar was the cloud formation over the land.Like nothing I have seen , ever.

    At a guess I believe Electro Magnetism had a lot to do with it., Just guessing, prove that idea wrong.

    What is abundantly clear is , very few of the globalists seem to give a damn about how many people are lost, Either in war earth-wakes,and the dreeded plandemic..Their words of consolation are. ” It will be worse next time.” to quote Dear old Bill. I do declare her gets creepier by the minute. The poor boy only made $55 million profit off some Covid shares. I believe he should be paying compo out of that, and more.

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  46. The Turkish quake was warned of on the Dutchsinse website several days before it happened. There are tectonic forces that indicate where quakes will happen and how large they’ll be. Some quakes are caused by human foolishness but most are natural. Don’t give the WEF, etc, more power than they actually have.

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