Public Health worldwide has been militarized, creating “Kill Zones” for Global Depopulation and Control.

From Global Research

A deviation game for mind-controlling people by BS, à la Tavistock, while in the deep dark back the real diabolical Reset / Agenda 2030 is being advanced without being noticed?

For example, based on a Press Conference journalist Katherine Watt attended on 24 January 2023, she reveals how the US military has subcontracted to the banksters to carry out a ‘global genocide” (see video below)

She sets out how long this has been going on, and all the steps involved up to the present moment.

She says this is not over – this is only the beginning.  But she concludes they will not achieve their criminal objectives as western people and state and country legislators are waking up.

The press conference discussed the ongoing emergency use rollout of bioweapons being marketed as Covid vaccines.

Katherine discussed the legal framework for which this is happening.

She describes the unholy alliance between WHO, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basle, also called the Central Bank of all Central Banks, and the US Department of Defense (DOD); their intent on undermining nations and people’s sovereignty.

See full video (16 min).

The January 24, 2023 Press Conference seems to indicate that given the ever faster evolving people’s alertness, the Reset and Agenda 2030 plans are being accelerated.

The bulldozer rolls on despite all the awakening. Depopulation must advance. At the same time, new western legislation in the US and European countries are introduced, pressing their sovereignty as nations and for the people.

The race between the tyranny of globalists and the newly perceived and implemented national autonomies and people’s sovereignties, will be won by the People for the People.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The Noahide Laws Part 2 – The New World Order


  2. Katherine Watt based her report on the Callender/Lee interview (see below). To read the Watt report – Legal Walls of the COVID-19 Kill Box, 26 Feb 2022, downloadable PDF:

    The interview recorded by attorney Todd Callender and Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet
    – Compulsory Vaccination and Forced Quarantine Camps in Arizona? – 30 Jan 2022, podcast:


  3. There is no compulsory vaccination program in Russia, in fact there is an entitlement for compensation for anyone who got an adverse reaction from earlier jabs. Ed


  4. @Pat from Vic. CoVID is a United [Communist] Nations Operation. Yes there are ‘multi-lateral’ partners to which a covert Joint Operations Command outsourced various tasks – WEF, Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, Foundations of manufactured billionaires and national Defense Depts.

    The Owners of the UN ran this Operation on the populations of both the Western and Eastern Blocs.
    Russia begins vaccinating 300,000 mobilized citizens with ‘Sputnik’ – aka
    AstraZeneca a gift on the QT from the EvilSatanicWestern Globalists. The A-Z is the one with the de-myelinating diseases of the nerves (like MS). Evading mobilization and mandatory vaxx could lead to 10 years in prison.

    We have now been informed that these CoVID Regimes both East and West are no long mandating the vaxx. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. I know a lot of people here who say they will be dismissed from their job if they don’t have the required number of vaxxes. So who then is mandating this? The gov’t says: ‘ Well it Falafel Well Is them ‘, I say.


  5. RJW, “everything we say, or write, is being transcribed by the enemies’ cohorts.” True. But without knowing each person’s individual strategy and latent powers of intuition they are adrift at sea in one sense. They cannot comprehend the “Just do it” ethos. They calculate everything down to the smallest detail and will never understand self-sacrifice. They rely on clunky algorithms & slick AI to herd the masses and have done a remarkable job to date. But when a threshold quantum awake, the criminals in govt, media, medicine & judiciary are going to be well and truly F-ed.
    lyndesymonds, good discovery, that line of reasoning will end up in the Courts and underpin the prosecution of the POS who have planned and executed this crime against humanity. Pat “We can’t have an unwitting citizenry reading all the fine details of their EXECUTION ORDER” true that.


  6. I can’t find any link to this article on the Global Research web site. Please provide the link.


  7. If the Australian MSM is silent about this.

    If the Government in this Country is silent about this.
    If the Politicians are silent about this.
    If the Senate are silent are this.

    Then they are too are complicit in this and somehow we already
    knew that.


  8. lindesymonds said – “The Rabbit Hole is not only deeper than we supposed, it is deeper than we can suppose at this stage of the dig.”

    Some good sleuthing there – well done.

    Perhaps this will help to prise open some sleeping eyes. The rather extreme-sounding allegatons of people like Riccardo Bosi start to sound a little bit more plausible in this light.

    The revelation that the alleged Corona Chan “pandemic” and the global rollout of the fake “vaccine” bioweapons has in fact been a MILITARY EXERCISE undetaken COVERTLY under the control of Western “defence” agencies AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE – should be a HUGE wakeup call as to just how COMPLETELY our fake “governments” have been UTTERLY SUBVERTED and HIJACKED by the Satanic Globalists. We have LITERALLY become livestock being herded into the abbatoir.

    It’s a little bit like walking around in broad daylight with your body completely engorged and being consumed by some horrible parasitic fungus, and having absolutely no clue about it until you happened to walk past a window and noticed your parlous condition in your reflection.

    LITTLE WONDER that the Smirk conducted all of his scheming with creepy Bill’s favourite treasonous whore Jane Halton and all the Globalist State Premiers in his fake made-up plucked-out-of-his-arse “Cabinet” in complete and utter SECRECY from the Australian public.

    LITTLE WONDER that the contracts signed by the fake “governments” all around the world have been COMPLETELY HIDDEN from and DENIED ANY ACCESS to their clueless publics. We can’t have an unwitting citizenry reading all the fine details of their EXECUTION ORDER, after all.


  9. A judgement of ‘no case to answer’ for the FDA was one of the most important details to emerge from the disclosure of evidence from the:

    United States District Court Northern District of Texas
    Case 4:21-cv-01058-P
    Document 1 Filed: Sept 16 2021
    Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, Plaintiff
    Food and Drug Administration, Defendant.

    In the United States, the FDA, the CDC and the health agencies ran cover for the Federal: Operation Warp Speed. And OWS was the vector for the US Dept of Defense. The DOD.

    In that case, Pfizer’s CoVID-19 ‘vaccine biological product file’ was the information that the FDA would not release to the PHMPT under FOIA. So they were sued.

    So why did the FDA have ‘no case’ to answer when the document tranche released from that case clearly shows that Pfizer absolutely, positively knew about an entire raft of adversities which are now appearing on gov’t websites all over the world? Pfizer and the FDA knew about those adversities before the bio-tech, spike protein toxins of the CoVID injection was rolled out under Operation Warp Speed: December 2020.

    PFIZER’S CONTRACT WAS WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. And it would make perfect sense for Pfizer to be supplying a bio-weapon to the DOD.

    Now on this information, the Australians must seriously look into the Australian cover stories within cover stories and who is covering for whom. The contracts. My hypothesis is that Pfizer’s contract here was with the Australian Department of Defense. And it was exactly the same set-up. Behind the National Cabinet of the Australian CoVID Regime and Operation CoVID Shield will be the Australian Dept of Defense.

    22 September 2021. This is why in Western Australia when the Minister for Health, Amber-Jade Sanderson, declared a further public health state of emergency in respect of ‘CoVID 19’ under section 167 of the Public Health Act, the Australian Defense Force sought authorisation to supply or administer a poison from the WA Health Service.

    Click to access Authorisation-to-supply-or-administer-a-poison-SARS-COV-2-COVID-19-Vaccine-COVID-19-Vaccinators-WA-Country-Health-Service-No6-2021.pdf

    The Rabbit Hole is not only deeper than we supposed, it is deeper than we can suppose at this stage of the dig.


  10. these globalists and bankers are the Nazi Party


  11. The home of the Semashko is now a world pioneer in Biometric surveillance. Vlad is securing the borders with state of the art biometrics. This will come in really handy when they integrate that tech with the CBDC.

    Even the MT admits there are a lot of Russian guys who do not want to squash Ukraine (again).


  12. Han, I totally agree with you, whom the true culprits, and their modus operandi is. I’ve studied enough history to understand the truth!
    As for James O’keefe; I believe he found out that pfizer got word to him, that a hit was in-place!
    We need to do something quicker than what we are presently, if ‘they’ have ‘quick-marched’ their criminal plans!
    You can bet your cricket balls that everything we say, or write, is being transcribed by the enemies’ cohorts. ‘They’ control the intel; except for the ‘white hats’…if you believe that. So communication is OUR problem!


  13. The communist state is very strong in the West right now under the United [Communist] Nations. Our CoVID Regime is more the Maoist variety as one might expect. Anyone to the right of Chairman Mao is an extremist. If that person is White Anglo-Celtic (the majority Australian demographic) he or she is a ‘white supremacist’ / Nazi.

    Under our communist state it is perfectly legal to kill anyone from the unborn to the elderly. A CoVID copper can pull over a elderly driver with no probable cause and put him or her on the ground in a stress position in the heat until they cark it. The multi-cultural, vibrant and inclusive Gook who jacks his car however – now that’s a different story. The CoVID coppers will take a knee to that.

    The communist state can compel employers to demand injection with a biotech, spike protein toxin (a bioweapon) as a condition of employment. The entire Semashko health system is on board with that.,

    The communist state can castrate your son or daughter in the Marxist school and you don’t even have the right to know. At least they will feel better about their evil white priviledge and systemic racism.

    I could go on…This will end when the Australians say it ends. But at this time I know too many people who are you know, like, getting back to ‘the new normal’. This would be Yuri Bezmenov’s stage four of Communist Subversion and state capture.


  14. Han Barkmeyer, Sorry Han that is an understatement!
    Your Quote: “Jewish* Kangaroo Court.” The whole Nuremberg Trials had all the Hallmarks of being orchestrated by Hollywood Cronies, at least 98% Of the Crap prosecutors all being Jewish… Of course They* did not prosecute all the Jews behind the scenes during WWII including the ones that penetrated the Hitler regime…

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  15. Han Barkmeyer said – “Project Veritas Directors Bought off by Big Pharma Remove Founder James O’Keefe for Telling the Truth… Another victory for the controlled narrative. Henceforth Project Veritas is just another part of the whore media.
    O’Keefe is the person who got all of Pfizer’s admissions to its crimes, so he has to go.”

    A similar thing happened with Dr. Reiner Fuelmich being demonised by the original Corona Virus Investigative Committee which he founded.

    Dr. Fuellmich was undaunted and simply moved on to found a new investigative framework with his International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC), and so his work continues along with the assistance of all the allies he has accumulated around the world along the way.

    One might hope that Mr. O’Keefe might similarly shrug off the treachery of the Project Veritas board and continue with his work of bringing the truth to the masses.

    The parent article finished on an optimistic note – “The race between the tyranny of globalists and the newly perceived and implemented national autonomies and people’s sovereignties, will be won by the People for the People.”

    I prefer to temper that optimism with a dose of REALITY – this is an existential war against humanity, and the battle is FAR from being won. Our adversaries have been planning this genocide for DECADES, perhaps for CENTURIES, they have STUPENDOUS resources at their disposal, they have TRAITORS entrenched at every level of governance and throughout industry in just about every Western nation around the world, and they are DIABOLICALLY SATANICALLY EVIL – there is NOTHING that they will not attempt in order to wipe us out.

    Corona Chan was just the first camapign – MANY MORE assaults are coming, from MULTIPLE DIRECTIONS, which we can see taking form all around us on a daily basis.

    The message is – don’t relax or get comfortable or imagine that everything is going back to “normal”, because in this WAR to the DEATH (which is exactly what it is), that will likely get you and your friends and relatives and associates killed.

    Just in the last month, we’ve seen Mr. Genocide himself, creepy Bill, fly his creepy Satanic paedophile billionaire arse on his private jet into Australia to scheme up the next series of attacks on the Australian people with none other than the fake “Prime Minister” AnAL himself. And THEN the NEW fake Kiwi “Prime Minister” King of the Arseholes jetted in to Australia get HIS personalised Globalist instructions from AnAL, so he can go back to NZ to terrorize the Kiwis some more IN LOCKSTEP with Australia.

    This is REAL, folks. It’s nowhere NEAR being over.

    Martin Armstrong says that we WILL win this war (or at least, that the Globalists will ultimately fail). Congratulations – so far you’ve managed to survive the first THREE years of the Globalists’ attempted genocide of humanity – but we’ve got another 10 years of this insanity to survive before it’s all finally done and dusted. Until then, ALL our lives are under threat and we’ve got a continuous BATTLE on our hands.


  16. All one needs to do is go to biblehub and search “utterly destroy”, and see who’s book comes up, and what kind of behavior their imposter god sanctions.
    (they’re utterly insane)

    Thanks to Douglas Reed(The Controversey of Zion) for that tip…


  17. Antony, forget about the Nuremberg Trials, they were a Jewish Kangaroo Court.
    The Jews wanted World War Two to happen and finish off Germany. Like they did in World War One.

    “The trial of the vanquished by the victors cannot be impartial no matter how it is hedged …About this whole judgement there is the spirit of vengeance, and vengeance is seldom justice.” – US Senator Robert Taft (R-OH)

    In the book, “Profiles in Courage,” Taft’s brave stand against Nuremberg was praised by John F Kennedy

    The Jews are driving ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘The New World Order’.
    They own Big Pharma, now killing millions of people all over the world with their “vaccines”. They own governments forcing their peoples to take the “vaccines”.

    Project Veritas Directors Bought off by Big Pharma Remove Founder James O’Keefe for Telling the Truth
    Another victory for the controlled narrative. Henceforth Project Veritas is just another part of the whore media.
    O’Keefe is the person who got all of Pfizer’s admissions to its crimes, so he has to go.

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  18. And how many in the class of our Overseers: political, media, entertainment, influencer are clones with human Handlers and enablers. Kind of like Biden – as in ‘biden our time’ (for now). The Clones are now being phased in and taking the place of the Mind Controlled.

    Clones – Learn How You Can Tell the Difference Between Them and Us


  19. The crimes they are committing carries death penalty when they are tried Nuremberg code was created to prevent the Nazis from doing this again now the ones pushing agenda 2030 are facing same convictions as the Nazi regime after WW2


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