China sets up two Australian police stations to control dissidents

from SBS News

A new report claims at least two secret Chinese ‘police service stations’ have been set up within Australia.

Chinese flag raised at Box Hill police station on October 1 last year sparking local outrage Pic Herald Sun

Safeguard Defenders, an international non-governmental group that works to promote the rule of law and protect basic rights, reported earlier this year that Chinese police centres had been established across the globe.

It said while the stations are primarily set up to conduct a series of seemingly administrative tasks to aid Chinese people overseas, some of the centres collaborated with Chinese police in order “to harass, threaten, intimidate and force targets to return to China for persecution”.

A follow-up report, released on 5 December, includes Australia as one of the countries that Chinese police jurisdictions have set up in.

As uncovered by the ABC in October, one of those contact points was in Sydney.

The new report states the Wenzhou police jurisdiction in China had set up a police service station in Sydney but also that the Nantong police jurisdiction had set up somewhere within Australia, but the location had not been confirmed.

The Safeguard Defenders’ September report identified 30 countries where Chinese police service stations had been established.

The follow-up investigation in December has now identified further police service stations, listing 102 across 53 countries, including nations in Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Africa.

Chinese authorities have previously said there are centres outside China run by local volunteers, not Chinese police officers, that aim to help Chinese citizens renew documents and offer other services that were disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SBS News contacted the office of the China Ambassador in Australia on Sunday for comment but is yet to receive a response.

SBS News also put questions to the Australian Federal Police, who did not directly refer to the Safeguard Defenders reports but said the AFP was “aware of the media reports relating to these matters” though would not comment any further.

AFP Deputy Commissioner Investigations Reece Kershaw addressed the matter in a Senate Estimates hearing in November when he said he did not believe the Sydney “contact point” was active, without going into further detail on this or any other Chinese police presence within Australia.

What are the fears?

According to Safeguard Defenders, such stations are set up by police jurisdictions in areas where there are significant overseas Chinese communities.

The December report stated that while the centres are not directly run by central authorities, “some statements and policies are starting to show a clearer guidance from the central government in encouraging their establishment and policies”.

Safeguard Defenders has said while the stations are primarily set up to conduct a series of seemingly administrative tasks to aid overseas Chinese in their community of residence abroad, “they also serve a far more sinister and wholly illegal purpose”.

When releasing the September report, the organisation said the centres were “tracking and pursuing targets indicated by the local Public Security Bureau or Procuratorate in China”.

Safeguard Defenders also said Chinese police “persuaded” 230,000 claimed fugitives to return to China “voluntarily” between April 2021 and July 2022, while admitting not all the targets had committed any crime.

A new law recently adopted in China establishes full extra-territoriality over Chinese and foreigners globally for some specific crimes.

Researcher and journalist Vicky Xu, who has conducted extensive research on China’s “re-education” of its Uyghur minority, previously told SBS News the Chinese government and its supporters had harassed, targeted and intimidated her.

She said she’d been followed since moving to Australia and speaking out on human rights.

Ms Xu said supporters of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had attempted to silence criticism by scaring institutions from inviting journalists, researchers or analysts whose views of China did not align with its party line.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. tonyryan43, Hmm Hmm, “British colony”, nice one, here another one for our Indonesian readers. “The Dutch left Indonesia as a Colonial ruler in late 1949, Papua New Guinea later in the Sixties.” Today the New Colonial ruler of Indonesia is the Juwsa, and most Indonesians have not even realized this. By the way, the first building blocks have been laid by the Yanks, slowly after 1945, thanks to the F M of the Netherlands. Oh if most people would realize what a wicked world we have…


  2. China police stations in USA, Canada and Australia. What could possibly be going on?


  3. tonyryan43 said – “We need to go back a few years. Why was the American FBI allowed to install offices in Australia when it is an internal agency only? Answer: Australia has been the unrepresented 51st state since 11 November 1975.”

    Indeed, while the incursion of Chinese authority into Australian domestic jurisdictions is definitely cause for alarm, that’s really just a VERY belated “canary in the coal mine”.

    Australia’s alleged sovereignty has been a charade AT LEAST since the end of Exercise WWII, and probably before that too, ie, we’ve NEVER been a “sovereign nation”. Perhaps the greatest change since Exercise WWII has been the transfer of our colonial servility from the fading (collapsing) British Empire to the rising American Empire – which is now also in its terminal stages.

    It would be nice to see Australia finally grow some real balls – big HAIRY ones – but the track record suggests that we’re on the cusp of steeping yet again from one Empire to another – this time to the rising Chinese Empire.

    Hey, no judging here – some empires have actually been GOOD for the world. Better a mercantile Chinese world order than a New World Order ruled by f*cking genocidal Satanic psychopaths who butcher and eat babies for fun and where the surviving slaves all eat cockroaches and maggots and “own nothing, and are happy”.

    Just saying.

    So sue me.


  4. We need to go back a few years. Why was the American FBI allowed to install offices in Australia when it is an internal agency only? Answer: Australia has been the unrepresented 51st state since 11 November 1975.

    Why has the CIA been able to have offices in Australia, one of these almost next door to Bob Hawke’s ACTU office, which must have been convenient for his handlers.

    As US investment banker interests bought into the Big Five Chinese banks a decade ago, this entitled them to also have offices in Australia.

    I think it is time we Aussies got real about our country, especially as AAP has opened up this question (see above). Do we actually have a government? Is Australia a sovereign nation? My guess is that 99% of Aussies simply won’t believe me if I say we are actually a British colony.

    As I am saying that, I am sending two sets of irrefutable evidence to the Cairns News.

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  5. Debra Ratcliffe

    Black Rock bought out the company that has DNA stored. Larry King is jewish.

    Veterans Today have been telling us for ages that the controlling Jews have switched from U.S. to China to get more world control and profit. Netanyahu was caught on tape saying this. This concerns me.

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  6. What idiots allowed this to happen ?


  7. Glad you are across it, Editor. I think that is exactly where the Australian DNA samples that were swiped in the PCR test went.

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  8. Sodexo, Australasian Correctional Management, CoreCivic, Serco for starters. Ed


  9. Not only do they control dissidents they control every university in Oz where they have an office in every uni. They control
    students enmasse, chinese or otherwise. Have a bite on that. Ed


  10. Ole Henry Palaszczuk the Jewish father of Annastacia is head of the world’s genome sequencing groups, Gene Technology Alliance Foundation. Where did all 3 million of Queensland’s PCR samples and results turn up? Almost certainly for DNA recording in their huge data banks. Ed

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  11. Pat from Vic, you know we have no legit (sovereign) government(s)… We Are a ZOG society.


  12. donnahedley, I agree What are we going to do about it here in Australia 25 million people in Australia how many citizens will rebel to stop all this Crap? If all the Gene therapy killer jabbed people Revolt and say NO MORE… Then it will stop…
    Most people only know their favorite MSM TV Station. Would they want to know the truth? “No if it is not on MSM, I do not believe it.”

    And the Jews who control most MSM all know this, so nothing will happen, we have lost it…

    Maybe let’s try:


  13. Well all jokes aside. It’s very serious and it’s extremely worrying!!


  14. Another proof Australia is completely sold out…


  15. tonyryan43, They are not spying exactly like the Echelon satellite… Notice some Peking Duck flying bye bye bye, Oh yes 3 of them…


  16. This is absolutely outrageous!! Of course the Chinese are not here to ‘help’ their citizens. I can’t believe this has been accepted and right under our noses in clear daylight!! Totally shocking. They need to get back where they came from. Albanese is a communist!!


  17. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong – but aren’t these alleged “assistance” functions in a foreign country normally conducted by the local embassy staff?

    On that basis alone, in the absence of some explicit diplomatic agreement between Australia and China (which no-one dares to acknowledge judging by official responses), one would have to regard these Chinese police outposts as illegitimate.

    On the other hand, if such an agreement DOES exist but our own “government” refuses to admit it to the Australian public, then that would relegate our “government” to illegitimate status – which already goes without saying.


  18. Get these Chinese sneaky terrorist police ARSE-Holed BACK TO China any lawful or legal way you can. The bloody cheek of the bastards !


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  19. It kinda looks like Reece Kershaw is violating Section 40 of the Australian Constitution.

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  20. Something fishy here. Don’t see other countries doing the same. I say close them down, and that is it.


  21. It is not just in policing that an Australian agency (so called) is receiving ‘guidance’ from the Chinese Communist Party and its government the PRC. This is just a cryptic way of saying ‘working under direction’ of the CCP.

    They are not just spying on and harassing Chinese. They have an Australian Agenda.

    The innocuously named BGI in the QIMR, 300 Herston Rd, Herston QLD 4006 stands for Beijing Genomics Institute – as in the BGI Group of Shenzhen. Just the world’s largest genome research organisation providing genetic services such as genetic data, sequencing and gene technology applications.

    Remember all those PCR genetic swab ‘covid tests’ that could not diagnose any disease as the CDC later admitted. Where might all that data have wound up?
    This entity has an institute in every Australian capital city. Because of the Kai Feng [Chinese Jew] connection with the premier of the Big Pineapple, Briz gets to be the HQ of this operation. No wonder we get our own CoVID concentration camps and a new copper academy for CoVID policing.

    With a network like this, I think we can be certain that the genetic samples from the PCR tests are secure in the hands of the CCP which is at the forefront of the UN control grid of the social credit score, the complete medical health record, biometrics, vaccination certificate of identity etc. All this will be linked up with the Central Bank Deposit Certificates of the universal control grid currency. Round Eye Foreign Devil 10 here in the Big Pineapple definitely no likee.

    South Park – Chinese mock the Americans [ actually quite funny ]


  22. Only 2 foreign outposts here? They’ll need more than that if the UN green lights the CCP to mop-up all the recalcitrant neuro-toxin refusnics.


  23. Got an non-Western reporting. Got any evidence of chinese people in Australia being forced/convinced to go back to China? There is no “re-education” happening in Chinas Uyghur community. Show us video proof with comments from the Uyghur people – those currently residing in the Uyghur community. These guys are an NGO which is funded by EU and NED (Washington) – we all know that people who rely on funding do whatever the people with money want. So when you decide to tell the truth let us know.


  24. Your team should go one further and find out exactly who is going to manage the incarceration of Ozzies in the Gulags (I mean govt quarantine centres) built by our govts. They have gas pipes around the doors that don’t lead anywhere and the most hostile security us Ozzies have ever seen (videos from Ozzies on social media)


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