Police tell robbery victims not to touch violent juvenile offenders in Cairns – vigilante groups are the only hope

Juvenile crime is so out of hand in Cairns that a black, nine year old kid threatened shop owner Ezzy Wells of Adventure Cairns and Beyond after a robbery by other juveniles just hours after they were released from the watch house.

‘Í’m gonna f….n stab you for getting my mates locked up’ the kid criminal told Ms Wells whose home had also been robbed a few days before.

The kids broke into her shop and stole her cash register containing $600 and were later arrested. It is unknown if she recovered her money.

Adventure Cairns and Beyond $4000 shop windows continually smashed by juveniles who laugh all the way in and out of the revolving doors of court houses. Pic Cairns Post

Ms Wells has long battled crime and unruly behaviour outside her shop and now is in fear of being stabbed or worse.

“Ëvery day we are getting threatened and the copper said to me ‘don’t you touch (the offenders) Ezzy’ and I said ‘so what I’ve got to wait until he stabs me’?” she told the Cairns Post.

Police said three 14 year old boys had been charged with entering premises and committing an indictable offence. Investigations into two other boys, aged 10 and 11 are continuing.

The Queensland Labor Party is determined to allow this criminal behaviour to flourish across the state particularly in Cairns because blackfellas are the ‘sacred cows’ of the ongoing, communist Black Lives Matter campaign.

Last week after a terrible stabbing murder of a Brisbane mother allegedly by two black 17 year olds, in a predictable knee-jerk reaction the socialist Premier, who was hiding behind the door when brains were handed out, said she would stop the out-of-control crime waves by increasing jail sentences for offenders.

The kids are laughing all the way to court knowing they will be released almost immediately to go back onto the streets and commit another serious crime.

The public are furious. Cairns News has been told of vigilante groups operating behind the lines in Cairns and the nearby Atherton Tablelands while stressed out businesses and older home owners who have locked themselves in, can only hope these tough vigilantes can have an effect before more people are killed or injured.

Exacerbated police are unable to protect anyone. In the USA these kid criminals would immediately have been dealt with by victims in most cases and almost without recrimination.

Mt Isa MP Robbie Katter has long pushed his key policy of relocation sentencing which gives courts the option of sending these juveniles for rehabilitation on a remote cattle station where they would learn respect, how to work, do schoolwork and have a stable life.

The Labor Party will not have a bar of it. The Liberals are bereft of any remedy. -contributed

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Read it properly. Editor


  2. You need to get your facts correct before reporting
    The child has never been locked up and who says he is black


  3. It is said that the only defence against a ‘bad man’ with a gun is a ‘good man’ with a gun.

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  4. Guns also tend to be a great deterrent too. Ed


  5. Aboriginal Worship and the Flight from Whiteness in Australia

    Results from the 2021 Australian Census revealed an astonishing 25 per cent jump in the nation’s Aboriginal population over the preceding five years. This confirmed the trend of the 2016 census showing a 19 per cent surge in the Aboriginal population. Over the last decade the self-identifying “Aboriginal” percentage of the population of Australia has increased from 2.5 to 3.2 per cent. This massive increase in Aboriginal self-identification is not the result of a sudden surge in Aboriginal fertility, but is the culmination of the establishment of an intellectual, political and economic climate that encourages White Australians to shed their racial identity. Like other Western societies buffeted by waves of non-White immigration and anti-White intellectual and political activism, Australia is now a nation where White people are actively discriminated against, and where significant social and financial advantages accrue to non-White people……………………



  6. obviousbob.It would be risky to apprehend a violent offender without inflicting some physical constraint or threat against them which unfortunately can be used against you. Arguments about proportionality for example. As I mentioned below, I believe ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense laws would be a better deterrent as it places the risk and onus on the violent offender.


  7. In regard to vigilant groups: it is quite lawful to just apprehend and hold an offender until the cops arrive.
    Do no harm and they will not have an excuse to book you instead of the ratbag.


  8. Botswana & Co: I have heard, in recent days that the Victorian Police are not insured. This is a big deal, if true.
    I am told that in NSW a company called iCare insures the Police officers, and Allianz insures the vehicles.
    If VicPol is uninsured, then small wonder the police don’t stick their necks out.
    You have the right to self defense, and I do not believe for one minute that it is illegal to defend oneself, because we are all (supposedly) equal under the law, so that precludes young blackfellas from immunity.
    And one can always L:awfully notice the local cops and MPs, even verbally (wit a witness) of their liability.
    That might be a game-changer.
    I did it with the local station commander, a month and a half ago.


  9. One can only agree that parents are responsible for the feral child problem. The fact that must be reckoned with is that in a failing community, parents do not exercise that responsibility. So it falls to the society at large to exercise authority over feral children.

    The question of why the society at large is not doing that is at issue. Why are Australians prevented from protecting self, family and property from feral children as the police stand down from crime and focus on covid enforcement, political correctness and stitching up the ‘enemies’ needed by the communist state to run its stupid psy-ops and black-ops.


  10. Local vigilante groups should kidnap the ringleaders, drive em to the local Saltie neighbourhood and dump em in the water.

    Fishing accident. Job done.


  11. Botswana is right. The PARENTS are fully to blame. If kids are brought up to respect community, their elders, respeonsibility for their actions, etc then they become valuable contributing members of their community. If single parents can achieve this outcome – so can the indigenous. If parents refuse to take responsiblilty for the kids they have deliberately brought into this world – then there needs to be a penalty to pay whether monetary (most will say they can’t pay to get out of that penalty – and this has proven in the past to not work) or the kids are taken and brought up as decent and contributing community members elsewhere.


  12. On New Year’s Eve the German nation and those who are integrating themselves into German society, again experience the raw benefits of multi-culturalism and diversity. “70 Per Cent of Berlin New Year’s Eve Rioters Have a Migrant Background” – from some shithole or other. Wouldn’t you know it – they form gangs and do not assimilate.

    Check out the feral Blacks throwing bricks into the back of an ambulance. The Jihadis also out in force against the Infidel.
    Utter Mayhem Yet Again


  13. The CoVID Regime and its police have made the law abiding Australian people into the tethered goat. Feral gangs of ‘youths’ know that we are denied the right of self defense and the defense of family, home and property so they are free to raid and take. Their violence is OK. It can be sorted. Our violence against them is not OK and the Australian offender who exercises his or her natural rights of defense will be punished to the full extent of the due process.


  14. I don’t know why my last post on this article was not published, but the effect of it was that everyone affected should hold the Police, their local state Member to their commercial liability over all this mayhem. The applicable mandate (CONTRACT) of the cops is to protect life and property, and if they do not do this then, as a privatised contracted commercial trading entity they hold full commercial liability for their failures. No questions asked, no wriggle room-at all!!!
    This applies to the cops just as much as it does to your local council:

    Get with the program, FFS


  15. We need to introduce self-defense laws. Several US States have (1) Stand Your Ground: No duty to retreat from the situation before resorting to deadly force or (2) the Castle Doctrine: No duty to retreat before using deadly force if you are in your home or yard including, in some states, a place of work and an occupied vehicle. Police will not charge or prosecute in such cases. This should put fear into violent juveniles considering home/work invasions and burglary.


  16. Speaking of lambs being castrated reminds of the Arab and Chinese solution to these offenses. Perhaps that is a solution to the problem long term, as there would be no generation following. Parents would be motivated to take action, otherwise there would be no grand kids. A pilot program for 12 months should be long enough to determine if the punishments fits the crime?


  17. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Remember that the cops are liable to get hurt arresting them so why waste time and endanger yourself arresting them when they are back on the street in no time? I went to school in Mount Molloy along with a bunch of aboriginal kids and their parents made the kids attend school and were “real” parents so those kids grew up to be as ordinary as the rest of us and a credit to society so the problem lies with the parents be they black, white, brindle, or any colour in between. The parents must decide to be real and proper parents or the problem will remain and get worse if anything.


  18. Rehabilitation in the military could be the answer or boot camps. As the parents of these monsters do nothing to stop or educate their offspring, send the parents of these criminals to boot camp also.


  19. Every rehabilitation extravaganza I have examined proved to be a cherry-picked charade. There have been dozens of these, commencing with the farcical Wildman River Camp in the NT in 1990.

    The stone-cold fact is that anybody who calmly bashes innocent people is already sociopathic or psychopathic and cannot be rehabilitated. There may well be those who are more expert than me but I did this professionally for ten years. paid by the Commonwealth and NT Governments. I have no armchair.

    As to the hard-core element in Queensland and NSW, I do not need convincing. One of them bought a handgun with which to kill me. But, he is dead, killed by that same gun. Queensland created its own monster with corrupt police and politicians, and troglodyte bureaucrats. Bad as they were, none were as destructive as Mal Brough, whose fabricated report set the destruction of the Intervention in motion. As ye sow…

    All of which is a diversion. My point was ultra-simple: stop superimposing state chaos and ignorance on the NT. Stop ascribing the garbage spewed by state ideologues and activists on the innocent people of the NT. We had nothing to do with it.


  20. Neville Thompson

    Corporal punishment is the only way forward to cease juvenile crime by giving these kiddies a dose of real pain at the Police station when they arrive there to be put in stocks to have their buttocks flogged with canes about half a dozen times.
    It would be wise to issue sound deafening earmuffs to all Cops in a sound proof booth so as the high frequency screaming doesn’t pierce their ear drums as those kiddies will scream like a lamb being castrated .
    Once these kiddies are let loose to return to their mates ,word of mouth will soon cease their anti social activities and they will be reminded every time their mate tries to sit down when he cries in agony what’s in store for them if they offend .
    If any parent were to complain offer that they take the place of their child .


  21. Juliet Oldroyd

    Take them on country like Katter says, but let the First Nations people set up and run the programs for their Own, like they want to. Hasn’t the Government been promising the First Nations people self governance for how long now? They have in the NT. Raypirri camps they call them in Arnhem Land, and the Labor Govt in NT won’t allow it either, even though it’s proven in the past to work. They want to continue to lock them up in Don Dale, even though it’s been proven to be a torture chamber, and just traumatises these kids more, so by the time they get out again, they are more out of control. It’s like the Government want lawlessness…..


  22. I like your idea, Tony Ryan …..

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  23. well said tonyryan43 its called hard love, stuff up again harder love again next time

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  24. Hey Tony we dumb pricks probably know much more about rehabbing Qld blackfellas than you. We are not in placid Arnhem Land
    here they have real knives and bullets. Theres a 95 year old bloke in FNQ called Geoff Guest OAM who has successfully rehabbed some of the worst black criminals in Australia t his renowned Petford Farm. Between that early 80’s and late 90’s he rehabbed more than 4000 black and white kids and a few adults of all ages with an acknowledged non-recidivism rate of 70 per cent, the best in the world. Now that is something Ask any (real) elders across northern Australia. That is how it works. Editor


  25. Yep, off to boot camp for the feral kids.
    Exasperated* police, must be frustrating for them.

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  26. Do any of you dumb pricks bother to do your research?

    As was pointed out decades ago, terminate the children’s courts. Each kid has a welfare officer and legal aid advisor to support them, so they are not being abandoned. If the crime is adult, so too must be the penalty. The lesson for the kid is “Consequences”.

    Do-gooders, understand this, when the children’s courts were introduced, no kids behaved like this. Parents then were permitted to be parents. If we get back to commonsense, interfere at your peril.

    Secondly, any parent who does not know where his child is late in the evening should be arrested for failing to have ‘proper care and control of his/her children’. Three months’ hard labour will quickly make this a rare crime.

    Third change: terminate all prisons for non-remand prisoners. Send them out to work-camps digging up mimosa, prickly acacia, blackberry, lantana, hyacinth, and cactus. Use electronic security that causes unbearable pain to anyone who leaves the camp or work area. Shoot escapees. The cost of corrections will drop from $90,000 per year, per prisoner to a long-term profit. Very few offenders will offend again.

    Also, recognise Aboriginal Law. That will end the preponderance of indigenous kids going wild.

    I say this not as some theoretician, but as a welfare officer who never lost a kid, but who took no shit from bad kids, irresponsible parents, or those social maggots known as social workers and parole boards. We worked successfully to save kids, with cops and uncorrupted magistrates. We can bring this back, but we need to be merciless with anyone who gets in our way.

    Do-gooders, be warned.

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  27. It’s a never ending disaster!!


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