Parental online survey of child vaxx recipients is anecdotal and unfit for detailed, clinical analysis

From SMH

July 2022

Parents yet to vaccinate their children against COVID-19 are being urged not to wait amid a rise in cases among school students as new data shows side effects to the vaccine are overwhelmingly mild, and occur at lower rates than were predicted in clinical trials.

Children aged five to 15 are reporting fewer common side effects – which include a sore arm, fatigue, headaches and muscle pain – after their mRNA COVID vaccinations than those reported in clinical trials, data from national vaccine safety surveillance system AusVaxSafety shows.

An analysis of 392,268 survey responses from parents of children vaccinated between July 2021 and May 2022 showed roughly a quarter of five- to 11-year-olds reported at least one side effect within three days of their Pfizer vaccines (25 per cent following their first dose, and 28 per cent following their second).

The AMA, the political party duopoly, most medical doctors and CHO’s have no qualms whatsoever about the potentially long term deadly effects on children jabbed with mRNA Covid gene-altering concoctions which have been described as “dangerous” by inventor Dr Robert Malone.

Among 12- to 15-year-olds who received Pfizer, one in three reported at least one side effect by following their first dose (32 per cent), and half reported side effects after their second (49 per cent). One in three children in that age group who had the Moderna vaccine reported side effects after their first dose (34 per cent), and two in three following their second (64 per cent).

The survey responses were provided by parents via SMS or email.

A sore or itchy arm, redness and swelling at the injection site, fatigue, headaches and joint or muscle pain were the most common side effects among both age groups and usually faded away within a day, the researchers from the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) reported.

Associate Professor Nick Wood, associate director of clinical services and vaccine safety at the NCIRS and lead author of the analysis, said the rate of side effects was “probably a third lower” than were observed during clinical trials.

“When you’re in a clinical trial, you’re more closely scrutinised … [but] this data shows how it is experienced in the real world,” Wood said.

Just 0.3 per cent of five- to 15-year-olds sought medical help for their side effects, and only 7 per cent reported that their routine activities were affected.

Side effects were slightly higher in children with chronic medical conditions, which might reflect closer observation by their parents. The researchers suggested the rate of side effects could be even lower, with parents more likely to complete the survey if they noticed side effects.

Wood said the reactions experienced by children were similar to those of adults, but incidences were fewer. For example, 53 per cent of adult Pfizer recipients reported an adverse event after dose two, and 21 per cent missed routine activities such as work or study.

About 2.2 million children aged five to 15 (53 per cent) have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine and 1.9 million (40 per cent) have received their second. Wood said he hoped parents yet to vaccinate their children would use the survey data to inform their decision.

“Forewarned is forearmed … [so] here is data to support their decision making about the vaccine,” Wood said.

Professor Robert Booy, an infectious diseases paediatrician at the University of Sydney, said the results confirmed what was being seen abroad: that younger children were experiencing fewer side effects from the vaccines.

There were no reported cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) or pericarditis (swelling of the tissue surrounding the heart) in the survey data, although the Therapeutic Goods Administration has received four reports of likely myocarditis and six of likely pericarditis in children aged five to 11 and about 700 likely myocarditis and 1050 likely pericarditis cases among the 12 to 17 age group, mostly in boys.

No child or adolescent has died from a COVID-19 vaccine in Australia, a statement that cannot be supported by this survey which flies in the face of contradictory VAERS  medical data in the United States. The long-term effects of the experimental mRNA inoculation is totally unknown. The inventor of mRNA technology Dr Robert Malone has warned against its use. Cairns News

“The concern we had with older children and teenagers was myocarditis, but the reports are reassuring that this is considerably rare,” Booy said. Cairns News received anecdotal reports from the Atherton Tablelands last year that three separate adolescents two living on the same road and another nearby were all diagnosed with myocarditis (and remain permanently disabled) within weeks of getting a second vaxx.

The survey findings, which have not been peer-reviewed, were published on Thursday on medRxiv.

With the start of the school term, coronavirus infections have increased in children and teenagers, data from NSW Health’s latest surveillance report shows.

There were more than 4100 cases in children aged five to nine, up from 2600 the previous week, and more than 8500 cases in those aged 10 to 19, up from 5200.

The report also included data showing about 3 per cent of people infected with COVID-19 in January have now been reinfected.

According to NSW Health’s records, of the 639,000 cases reported in January, more than 10,000 had been reinfected within 90 days of their first positive test, 16,000 had been reinfected by the 120-day mark and 20,000 people (or 3.2 per cent) registered a positive COVID-19 test for a second time within 150 days of their first.

Cairns News: It should be noted that any diagnosed infection in this survey was performed by a PCR test, a notoriously inaccurate method described by its inventor Dr Kary Mullis as being “unfit for purpose” as a diagnostic tool for viral infections such as Covid 19.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ed… congratulations. CN can take credit for much of this. Well done, Mate.


  2. Hi Tony FNQ has, by limited govt media releases and poolitical comments, the greatest resistance to the jab anecdotally
    about 40 per cent. Ed


  3. tonyryan43, thanks for your comments, cannot add much more, but only this video below. >>>Yes Keep the feeding the flame…<<<

    Vaccines are like a time bomb inside your body just waiting to go off.
    "Yup. Not just the latest ones and not just the so called "vaccines"…flu shot, tetanus shots, pneumonia shots, you name it. All of them are time deadly time bombs."

    By the way bitchute is still under attack and you could experience some difficulties.


  4. Just remember one thing -politicians and police have addresses


  5. AAP… If nothing else, we are keeping the flame alive. But I see indications that we are doing more than holding the line. One by one, the jabbees are waking up and they are not happy. Eventually, they will become an army of dangerously angry people looking for revenge and with nothing to lose. Now that makes them very dangerous.

    I don’t think the globalists took those jabbed seriously, just presuming they will quietly die out. Put it this way, had a doctor jabbed me, and I realised what the health implications are, that doctor would die long before me. And badly. Likewise, those who lost their careers, or saw their families torn apart, will target their employers and the politicians. This is all going to get very messy and we will be far from alone.

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  6. Yes indeed, “The Lingiari adage… Thanks.


  7. Ron and AAP… Just by having these conversations, Aussies stumble on CN, or a mate points them here, and they begin to learn. It takes time. I used to write into the Sunshine Coast Daily and warn people about vaccinations and autism.

    I got rubbished to hell and back, but gradually, others did their homework and became supportive. Doctors attacked us but these largely backfired because doctors are generally arrogant and stupid.

    After seven years, the Sunshine Coast had the largest opposition to vaccinations, 30%.

    Remember the Lingiari adage.. from little things, big things grow.

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  8. Yes indeed, “J O G…”


  9. Hello, periguinfalcon, Sad fact is that, “Anyone who doesn’t believe the conspirators are winning this war isn’t looking hard enough at what is happening.
    Right from the start of this war we should have been fighting the collaborators, as well as the conspirators.” – Dr. Vernon Coleman


  10. tonyryan43 – “Having said that, all these doctors and academics who talk, talk, talk, actually believe that psychopaths will eventually listen. Any shrink can tell you that is simply not possible”

    “While people like Monica Smit, ‘freedom’ politicians, and the various protest leaders keep talking, they suck the energy out of genuine Australian attempts to claw back actual freedom.”

    True, I have not known any of the psychopaths to be cured by the mental health systems. They only settle if well medicated.

    If those people like Monica Smit are not standing up and letting the people know what is going on, how do the people find out? Cairns News and other alternate news sites certainly help, but people have to be directed to those sites, many do not know they exist.

    Australian attempts to claw back our country.” I do not have much research experience and knowledge compared to you, so am not aware of any positive results to claw back our country, other that more people are getting info that is waking them up.

    You have previously indicated on CN, we will have to do more than just talk about it – I fully agree.

    Just my two cents worth. I always look forward to your words of wisdom, and examples from your personal experience.

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  11. Hi ron, Thank you for your astute, knowledgeable comment.
    Yes Liz Gunn is an inspiration. You really see her past lawyer skills come to the fore when she’s chasing something down or on the attack. What is most admirable, is that she has used her own money to fight the tyranny.
    As you so rightly say, the so-called health system which is irreparably broken – is a perfect haven for sociopaths and psychopaths alike. As is the aged care system. Preying on the weakened and vulnerable. So sickening.


  12. Jews depopulation vaccinations

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  13. D Johnston – “**This is a must watch, mind-blowing video by the force of nature, impassioned Liz Gunn. Exposing the heinous and criminal lengths that ALL Gov’t sanctioned minions are willing to go to.”

    Thanks for the Video.
    Liz Gunn what a woman, what a lovely human being.
    I really do appreciate the decent people who are making a difference.

    From working closely with clinicians (as a security officer) often enough in birthing, special care and kids wards. I can assure you that (as alleged) security intimidating a mother with a baby, especially an upset mother, well that would be wrong in so many ways. If the mother had been violent or threatened violence that would be a different matter.
    But (still then) security would remain at a distance whilst clinicians and other health “care” workers sorted the matter. If security intimidated the mother – sack the grubs.
    Security Officers “can” and should make correct / lawful choices, just like the rest of us.

    Nursing staff messing with the care of the baby, would any nurse do that, no, not any, just the ones who should never be near a patient for any reason. Yes, there are enough of those nurses in the health systems in Australia and NZ. Australia and NZ do have many clinicians who work both countries, I have worked with many NZ clinicians.

    The health systems are fully politicized and certainly work on cronyism and
    nepotism. Often the wrong people are in positions of power and/or authority, and owe allegiance to the rotten systems – owe favors.

    The health systems are in desperate need of a thorough clean out.
    Trouble now is, the (majority) of the staff are jabbed with poisons that may well shorten their lives – replacements will continue to be from countries other than Australia or NZ.

    We keep letting all this happen. Result, we now have the health systems that we deserve to have.

    No reason to worry about any of this, well not until it happens to you.

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  14. A 100 YO technology, look up Farrs Law- there IS NO VIRUS-IT IS FINISHED except for the financial benificiaries and politicians, CFOs etc that wont ever admit they were wrong, even if it kills us–it wont kill them because they are exempted or take placebo’s

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  15. Jews run Australia

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  16. There’s a lot I could say about these criminals, but as my Dad used to say some 50 years ago: How can you tell if a politician or public official is lying? His lips are moving.
    I read these for information only, honestly. CN is at the forefront. Honestly, hoping to elect better people (although we do have a few) won’t happen when a nation openly supports poofter marriage, LGBTQ+++, abortion till birthday, multiple genders, abo voice in parliament, organisations like the RSPCA etc etc. I thought the limit had been reached 10 years ago, but no, it keeps going. We do not control who gets elected, especially when the major parties and most independents support the above. The man in a city named in Rev 17-18 does.
    Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but a nation that has rejected Jesus Christ and the Bible can expect no mercy from God.


  17. Apologies for my re-post from another thread – but consider it to still be relevant here.
    **This is a must watch, mind-blowing video by the force of nature, impassioned Liz Gunn. Exposing the heinous and criminal lengths that ALL Gov’t sanctioned minions are willing to go to.
    This is a prescient message to us ALL – not only for NZ’ers.


  18. Jabs are jews depopulation vaccinations, same lot who own the media! Murdock is jewish

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  19. lol Great idea! Throw in a bit of compulsory 5G or 6G or other EMF activation to ensure the “protein” inspiring cocktail are well shaken rather than stirred. And make sure you don’t skip your regularly prescribed chemtrail doses for an even more comprehensive experience.

    God bless Mother Nature!

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  20. Phillip Osullivan… now there is a valuable piece of information. I suspected something like that, which is why I have refused to have my nose swabbed. But this cost intense pain from a cancer on my face when the doctor refused me painkillers unless I was first swabbed.

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  21. As long as American Rupert Murdoch controls all Australia’s media, all attempts to be guided by published survey results are futile because anything not favoured by Murdoch never sees the light of day.

    Murdoch is totally behind the mRNA jab and, indeed, all vaccinations, so either we destroy the Murdoch media or we plan to try and execute the child-murdering medicos when the current drive for totalitarianism is defeated.

    Having said that, all these doctors and academics who talk, talk, talk, actually believe that psychopaths will eventually listen. Any shrink can tell you that is simply not possible. The condition is incurable. So, our situation is that only the psychopaths have the public ear, which invites only one conclusion… this nightmare will end only when the media is forcibly closed down and replaced with Australian ownership and with the application of anti-monopoly laws.

    Then the public, finally able to hear the truth, can push for criminal trials of the dictators and murderers. While people like Monica Smit, ‘freedom’ politicians, and the various protest leaders keep talking, they suck the energy out of genuine Australian attempts to claw back actual freedom.

    When this is all over, guess who I will be turning my attention to.

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  22. Phillip Osullivan

    The PCR, is a DNA collection, and dangerous infection procedure! I can’t believe how stupid people really are. The swab tips are covered in Pfizer,s patented hydrogel. Which is synthetic venom peptides. A positive result is genuine. Except it is NOT a ‘virus’, but synthetic chemical poisoning!

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  23. I do no not believe one word of this crappy propaganda!
    It does not equate with numbers we see on independent news sources!
    Wasn’t it in Brisbane that a Children’s hospital was full .?
    My belief is that these children are suffering from being jabbed…spike proteins playing havoc with their little bodies…many more than the govt. are admitting as to being affected.
    A very worrying piece of news coming out of WA.
    Legislation has been passed saying that vaccinations are mandated in that state, to be applied with force if necessary!
    Is this what is going to happen to the rest of us?
    All this propaganda is a lead in to the Digital Id, which I’m guessing will be proposed next year.

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  24. The globalist are destroying reproductive system everything is to destroy the child bearing years, elderly as well.

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