Print a few more dollars

Letter to the Editor

Come on don’t be so stingy with at will printed plastic/paper money. It’s just paper/plastic made from granulates/pulp in China. At least “Scomo the honorable” skimmed “some” into his own holy pockets while “scoring” some extra Convid shots from “local manufacturers” – just to put them in the bin again.

Lets print some more Aussie dollars as there will be some more (a lot) “defense spending” ahead of us!

Let’s be reminded that average Aussies are RICHER than RICH: According to Credit Suisse’s 2022 Global Wealth Report, which analyzed the household wealth of 5.3 billion people across the globe. It found that Aussies came out on top, with the median personal wealth per Australian adult a staggering $US273,900 ($A415,412). Aussies on top AGAIN! WOW! We surely can afford more “5 eyes tech” to defend assets in the super rich colony.

We are all “oligarchs” (on welfare) while our leaders guiding us into the total skimming of Australia and renaming it as New Oceania. We’ll get a new flag too and when we wake up there is no more useless paper money, no more elected honorable’s and a crooked coin based democratic system, no more private properties and bank accounts, no electricity and water BUT the grass will be a lot greener on the paddock of the big screen! The “world at peace day” has arrived to stay for good.

from Jo


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. 20% inflation means we’re 20% poorer, not richer! lol Just wait till we need a garbage truck full of AU$ to buy a loaf of bread and you’ll see what I mean.


  2. Kaiwanshou, right as usual! Looking at the big picture including the handful of “Aussie” oligarchs, divided by Australian battlers, welfarers and pensioners evens out the massive amount that should not be in their pockets in the first place but…. as usual makes average Aussies that are scraping along below the poverty line very rich in thought, especially for those living elsewhere in the mental asylum earth.

    Bettymac, due to inflation “your, kaiwanshou’s and mine $A415,412” have already grown at least 20% and we are “getting richer every day now”, but might starve in the near future because one can not eat worthless money that was never our own – but it looks better for those who never starve anyway – on the other side of the fence.


  3. Liars figure and figures lie


  4. I am asking these very’ intelligent ‘people who claim Aussies are the richest in the world…”Who got my $273,000 because I certainly didn’t, nor did millions of others like me….solely on the pension or welfare…or in an ordinary hard working job.
    No, we haven’t wasted any money we earnt over the years…didn’t gamble…didn’t smoke or drink…just saved to buy an ordinary little home and car.
    “The difference between animals and humans is that animals don’t allow a dumb animal to lead the herd!”


  5. tonyryan43: “I would rather sew up the politicians’ lips and then tell them they can say no to remdesivir”

    Oh you’re a hard man, tony, I’d give them a truckload of it each. In lieu of yellow cake.


  6. Tony, don’t know if you remember Monty Pythons “Holy Grail”. There was a nice truth/question and answer test that could be used. Anyone who had to cross a tiny bridge over a abyss had to answer three questions and if they failed/lied a button was pushed by the gatekeeper and off they went. Same could be done to our “faking it leaders” and no one would even have to attach a lie detector.
    Ask any politician if he/she ever lied (took baksheesh, cheated, etc,etc) … and swooosh they are gone after the first question and a lot of compost will be coming up soon – political correct compost I mean.


  7. AAP & Davidddd

    Is that all we have to look forward to? Feverish knitting as the blade falls.

    If we have to develop stitch skills, I would rather sew up the politicians’ lips and then tell them they can say no to remdesivir if they wish. Now there is justice.


  8. tonyryan43: “The WEF will create paradise for us, three square insect meals a day”

    What!!! No cake? Tsk, tsk… I’m polishing up my knitting skills at Madame Defarge’s Knitting School, can’t wait to hear the thump of the guillotines.


  9. karen elliot: “It’s been asked if there is a plot to put the country into heavy debt to justify privitizing everything to pay off that debt…”

    What else could it be? It certainly ain’t love! lol


  10. Karen… in answer to your query, ten years ago there were no branches of the Bank for International Settlements in Australia. Just their RBA and Treasury. Today there are several. Their prime role is to assess reparations as punishment for accruing vast debt, otherwise known as “debt forgiveness”, which means confiscating all natural resources and human labour. In case this precipitates global rock band concert memories, the answer is, yes, Bono of UB40 is a WEF Young Leader.

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  11. Well said Jo.

    The WEF will create paradise for us, three square insect meals a day, a bask in the eternally grey sky, the freedom to play snow angels any time we feel like luxuriating in the grey snow, and free helmets that play reality TV day and night.

    But there is always a rotten apple in every barrel. As the local self-appointed rotten apple, I will be selling meat and fish and diesel, and amusing myself by presiding over pseudo courts as I deliver just deserts to captured tyrants.

    At least until they catch me. Then they will find I am not me, but many. There are few experiences more satisfying than a well-executed ambush.


  12. What’s the government up to ? The biggest pension increase in decades followed by increased government subsidies for medications ! Who is going to pay for its spree ? It’s been asked if there is a plot to put the country into heavy debt to justify privitizing everything to pay off that debt…


  13. Hi Editor I wrote this letter many years ago.

    Australian Money Printing Cost

    Dear Mr Yardley,

    Note Printing Australia forwarded your enquiry of 18 November 2011 to the Reserve Bank of Australia as we are responsible for designing, producing and issuing Australia’s banknotes.

    We are unable to provide you with specific details regarding the cost of banknotes, as this is commercially sensitive information. The international banknote printing market is highly competitive and production costs will vary according to the security features incorporated into banknotes, amongst other things. As an indication, though, most countries are able to produce a reasonable quality polymer banknote for between 10 and 20 cents.

    Just think If you had a $100 bill made and it cost 20 cents who makes the other $99-80 cents. Dick


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