Letter to the Editor

Come on don’t be so stingy with at will printed plastic/paper money. It’s just paper/plastic made from granulates/pulp in China. At least “Scomo the honorable” skimmed “some” into his own holy pockets while “scoring” some extra Convid shots from “local manufacturers” – just to put them in the bin again.

Lets print some more Aussie dollars as there will be some more (a lot) “defense spending” ahead of us!

Let’s be reminded that average Aussies are RICHER than RICH: According to Credit Suisse’s 2022 Global Wealth Report, which analyzed the household wealth of 5.3 billion people across the globe. It found that Aussies came out on top, with the median personal wealth per Australian adult a staggering $US273,900 ($A415,412). Aussies on top AGAIN! WOW! We surely can afford more “5 eyes tech” to defend assets in the super rich colony.

We are all “oligarchs” (on welfare) while our leaders guiding us into the total skimming of Australia and renaming it as New Oceania. We’ll get a new flag too and when we wake up there is no more useless paper money, no more elected honorable’s and a crooked coin based democratic system, no more private properties and bank accounts, no electricity and water BUT the grass will be a lot greener on the paddock of the big screen! The “world at peace day” has arrived to stay for good.

from Jo