Optus leaves internet window open for hackers

Following a Cyberattack, Optus is investigating the possible unauthorised access of 2 million current and former customers’ information.

Hackers download personal details of 2 million Optus customers. Why did the federal government legislate that Telcos mandate this personal information to get a phone activated? Big Brother’s fascist state has sold out Australian citizens.

Optus is working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre to mitigate any risks to customers. Optus has also notified the Australian Federal Police, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and key regulators.

Information which may have been exposed includes customers’ names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, and, for a subset of customers, addresses, ID document numbers such as driver’s licence or passport numbers. Payment detail and account passwords have not been compromised.

Optus services, including mobile and home internet, are not affected, and messages and voice calls have not been compromised. Optus services remain safe to use and operate as per normal.

“Optus has also notified key financial institutions about this matter. While we are not aware of customers having suffered any harm, we encourage customers to have heightened awareness across their accounts, including looking out for unusual or fraudulent activity and any notifications which seem odd or suspicious.”

We have been advised that our announcement of the attack is likely to trigger a number of claims and scams from criminals seeking to benefit financially, including through:
• Phishing scams via calls, emails and SMS.
• Offering illegitimate customer details for sale.

To find a comprehensive list of customers’ FAQs regarding the Cyberattack, go to: http://www.optus.com.au/about/media-centre/media-releases/2022/09/optus-notifies-customers-of-cyberattack

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Open House at Optus!


  2. Alison: You Nailed It!


  3. Many understand that Google is filtering and massively censoring information through its search engine, but it also has the power to censor in other areas, including your personal email if you’re using Gmail

    The technocratic cabal is pushing the world toward global tyranny, and Google is one of the primary supporters, aiders and abettors, of this scheme

    Google catches every single move you make online if you’re using a Google-based product. All Google products are interconnected, and the data from all their different products and services are collected to build your personality profile, which is both used to manipulate you, and sold to third parties to be used in whatever way they like

    Google poses several unique threats to society. It’s a surveillance agency with military connections and covert surveillance powers, it’s a censoring agency with the ability to restrict or block access to websites across the internet, and it has the power to manipulate public opinion

    Without Google, the technocrats’ dream of a One World Government would likely never happen, as it relies on social engineering and artificial intelligence. Google is a frontrunner and expert in both, and has the ability to control entire populations

    Dr Joseph Mercola – takecontrol.substack.com/p/how-to-ditch-google-completely

    Google is a drug company and censors health news, by Dr Mercola – http://www.bitchute.com/video/J4nfVZAEL5IP/


  4. I have already received an email asking me to click a link to confirm my Microsoft account urgently or your account will be closed. The email address was a giveaway though. I didn’t record it but marked it as phishing.


  5. This has been happening for decades. When I worked for Morgan’s Market Research in 1990’s and early 2000’s they used to have both Telstra and Optus accounts open to get whatever info they required and alleged ‘silent'[ numbers were freely used. I constantly have Optus hack my phone and if I am away from it for any more than an hour, you can guarantee several missed calls from them.

    Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor http://www.online-ganoderma.com/gibbsbj http://online-ganoderma.com/gibbsbj e’mail: positive7yes@gmail.com


  6. 100% false flag physop to scare people into CBDC & DIDGID . Guarentee they will push it any day now . Stand your ground & say NO.


  7. Joey said – “It’s likely that these attacks are well organized/ planned in advance, to further their own agendas.”


    Whatever “happened” feeds nicely into the fake Australian government’s plan to have us all strapped to a personal Globalist “digital identity” (for our “safety and convenience”, of course). Makes it so very much simpler to trap us in our cubicles and feed us bugs & maggots as we get used to owning nothing and “being happy”.

    Remember the coming pre-planned bank bail-ins where the banks take ALL your money? They’ve been quietly working for years on that one – getting close to springing it now.


  8. Planned attack so they can justify bringing in digital id.


  9. Joey: On the money there mate


  10. Wake the fck up Optus & others. It’s not so much to do with sending phishing emails, the big real risk is Identity Fraud, that’s where the big dollars lie for fraudsters. They get a skerrick of info, they can get loans out in your name, change your address details, you’d never know, they commit crimes (including international) in your name, try proving it wasn’t you, got enough money to fight it? Can take years & plenty of money to prove it wasn’t you, lucky if successful. If you have unencumbered property you are a huge target, you run the risk of losing everything you own. Funny, Optus doesn’t let you know. People with Optus, need to report to “police link”, in Australia, you get a reporting number, keep it on hand, you have 5 to 7 years to look out if you’ve been had & then you have proof of reporting the crime, because it all starts with a number, police link will give you a number, keep it forever, it’ll be your only proof. That’s what the CIB told me when my husband was mugged in Bulgaria maybe over 10yrs ago, his passport was the only thing they didn’t get, I was very concerned about Identity Fraud. Do you think for one second that Optus would fess up & back you up?. Nah, you’re on your own. Try proving it wasn’t you.


  11. “Optus is working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre to mitigate any risks to customers”. What risk to customers? The biggest risk to customers is the “foreign owned” AUSTRALIAN CYBER SECURITY CENTER and the stunned (bought) mullets in Parliament!
    Australia needs more apps from the google store and Go-vermin. Telstra is Australia’s first choice after all (cough, cough) and surely benefits nicely from the charade.

    From Truthseeker p=259072 and the political correct reality in Holland: Same would happen in Canberra too, but unfortunately there aren’t any who will offend political correctness and bribery. Below is a link to a great scene from “liberated Dutch female politicians” and truth, or reality from a lonely honest member of the Dutch parliament. Allergies against truth hurts that much these days that the MP’s (male & female) storm out of parliament like vampires sprayed with garlic juice.
    [video src="https://seed132.bitchute.com/OU2BzQszsN15/SLAltEiYuIGR.mp4" /]


  12. This worries me less than the bill I got from Telstra today, for a service I cancelled a week ago.

    Bring on the long-awaited civil war, wherein we consumers can protest against the thieves by tossing them off the tops of their buildings. But not before expressing our resentment in the most articulate manner possible.


  13. In light of the recent Optus data breach, the (colonial) government has decided how to keep your data safe by giving it to banking and financial services institutions to allegedly help combat identity theft.

    What they’re planning to do is very concerning.

    – Your data will be given to multinationals, to multinationals that you may not have wanted to have your private and confidential data.

    – The government has also expanded that attack surface on your private and confidential data, by giving it to others, INSTEAD of containing that data.

    It’s akin to an action of giving up your guns to criminals, so that they can keep you safe, which is also what happened in Victoria after an ‘incident’ in Tasmania, but that’s another story.


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  14. These corporations should be held accountable for their customers loss,
    I problem is that their is not privacy on the internet as there is always someone somewhere who wants you private information.


  15. It’s likely that these attacks are well organized/ planned in advance, to further their own agendas.


  16. Time to give them the flick


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