Torres Strait Islanders need to take a reality check – their islands are sinking

by staff writers

The inhabitants of Boigu, Poruma, Warraber and Masig Islands in the Torres Strait should take a reality check.

The “Torres Strait Eight”, from left: Yessie Mosby, Kabay Tamu, Keith Pabai, Nazareth Warria, Stanley Marama, Ted Billy, Daniel Billy and Nazareth Fauid, All have been duped by lying Labor and Greens. Their islands are sinking. The simple solution is to relocate the islanders to a more stable land form. Pic ABC

These poor people have been duped by the climate change cult, the ABC and the communists of the United Nations into believing their islands are being submerged by rising sea levels.

Geologists have long warned that some islands in the Torres Strait are actually sinking because of poor sub-strata and in some cases they are just sandy or coral cays which come and go over years.

There is no evidence anywhere in the world of significant, rising sea levels.

The Marxists of the UN have found that the Islanders are being denied their Human Rights because the Commonwealth Government of Australia has done nothing to prevent the islands from ‘rising sea levels.’

The Human Rights committee said Australia had violated two of their three human rights set out in a UN treaty, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966) — the right to enjoy their culture and be free from arbitrary interferences with their private life, family and home — but not their right to life.

Some 173 of the 193 UN member states have ratified the covenant, including Australia. Naturally the island inhabitants want compensation.

There is no enforcement mechanism but there are follow-up steps, and states generally comply with the committee’s findings.

The UN Human Rights Committee called for the Australian government to provide the islanders with an effective remedy to stop their islands from being submerged.

When the UN and Australian governments do not believe in God it is hard to fathom how they can stop the land form from sinking.

Multi-million dollar sea walls recently constructed on Sabai Island will not prevent the islands from sinking

Already the State Labor Party and the Federal Liberal Party have wasted many tens of millions of dollars shipping several million tonnes of large rocks 1400 klms from Cairns to the Torres Strait to form sea walls, all to no avail.

Dumping massive amounts of rock on the beaches has exacerbated the problem by adding more weight to the land causing it to sink even more quickly.

Labor Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said the Albanese government was committed to working with Torres Strait Islanders on climate change.

“Soon after the change of government, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and the Minister for Climate Change and Energy traveled to the Torres Strait to talk with elders and owners about the impacts of climate change on them,” Mr Dreyfus said.

The Indian Ocean to the north west of the Australian continent merges with the Timor Sea then further east with the Arafura Sea then Torres Strait waters. The Indian Ocean has recorded a 0.00mm sea level rise in the past 100 years.

Doesn’t water find its own level?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi all
    This is something we all should be doing. In Ireland, bloody brilliant, spreading the word.
    Short video (2 mins or so).


  2. What is not true D Johnson? Editor


  3. Storm in a teacup.

    But Australia and its people are the people that will not be blamed for nothing. We Australians are ALL sinking in a pool of treacherous shit manufactured by our totally unrepresentative swill.

    Our Australian governments and politicians, behind our backs, have sold us off to the international cattle barons on the international stock market . They are responsible and liable for our predicament. They must answer for their treachery and treason.

    Australia needs its own home grown Reset, never mind about Schwab and the WEF and UN cockroaches.

    “Good country, Australia”? No more! Going, going… almost gone!

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  4. Hi Blisskitt, Thank you for saying how it freakin is! ‘the right to enjoy their culture and be free from arbitrary interferences with their private life, family and home’. This is yet ANOTHER load of hypocritical wokeist/greenie BS. As you astutely point out, that sentence “applies to every measure of the COVID crap.” I (and countless others) couldn’t even go to my dying mother, or attend her funeral, or even work through the natural grieving process, all because of ‘arbitrary interferences’ that were illegally inflicted upon my ‘private life, family and home.’ Yeah, Where? were all our ‘rights to enjoy our culture and be free’ ?! Utterly enraging and sickening.


  5. This is how I figure it. I was born here I am Australian, I am also of the first nations (being my first and only nation). As far as I m concerned if they wish to call Australia home that’s fine, but if Torres Strait is their home, then it Torres Strait. Australians owe them nothing. Meanwhile if the Australian government abides by this absolute crap, it is a major precedent. Remember that sentence ‘the right to enjoy their culture and be free from arbitrary interferences with their private life, family and home’. Applies to every measure of the COVID crap. From masks to QR codes to can’t go 5 km from your house (cause COVID will get you if you drive 6). Yep COVID understands kilometres!!! Be home by 9 (COVID will get you at, COVID understands the time!! Faarking honestly. I know more sick people now than I know healthy. I say this ruling is great. ANZAC day was cancelled remember, very much an important part of Australian culture (they managed to make the AFL continue though). No money in ANZAC parades but culture. I wasn’t allowed to visit my mother (yep whatever) isn’t that family? How many people died alone? How many people weren’t allowed to leave their home? How many people weren’t allowed to open their business? How many people weren’t allowed to go about their business? How many people couldn’t go to church? How many parents couldn’t go to school events? (and this shit continues) they segregate, yes segregate (but hey inclusive) kinder- to grade 2 from the grade 3-6 exers still. If the government stands by this then I cannot see how any judge/jury can throw any case out of court, no matter how bought off they are. BTW your local MP is not surrounded by protection. First port of call.

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  6. Ang a bout, when do we get to enjoy our culture free from arbitrary interference with our private lives, family and home.
    We are just a small island of the coast of New Zealand sinking in bullshit.
    Oh sorry, the UN and Australian company are already in a covenant to help sink us.


  7. Oh for goddsakes! Even if this was true (which it isn’t!) – then it’s not sinking fast enough. The inundation of hate filled, chip-on-their-shoulders Torres Strait people’s into FNQ is the root cause of our ever escalating violent youth crime – for which our TRUE Aboriginal Indigenous are often falsely and unjustly blamed for – simply because they are also brown skinned. As one who has been beset by a group of pack mentality Torres Strait youths (ranging from 7-16yrs of age) – I can attest to this. I have a number of good copper mates and taxi driver acquaintances who can also attest to this. The most ludicrous thing about my own personal experience, was these rabid juveniles accused Me of being racist. When I am of Māori descent and wear a greenstone pounamu displaying this. Imbeciles. Brainwashed and sent out on ‘attack missions’ by their hateful elders – who mistakenly think youth equals impunity. Well it doesn’t and they all went down in record time – and I refused to engage with the bleeding heart Youth Justice morons. Long story short – ship all of the Torres Strait offenders back to their allegedly “sinking” islands. Problem solved.


  8. Great idea, Pat. Dictator Dan would make a great ritual sacrifice to appease the Climate gods. If the Victorians would only cooperate.



    It should be relatively easy, with the technology available today, to show whether sea levels have risen or the island is sinking. These people can’t expect compensation for the fact that the island is sinking.


  10. Excuse me, but how does an eroding and sinking land mass relate to global warming? It’s melting into the sea from a 1 degree temperature increase? WTF!!! Are these global warming people insane?

    And as for the Australian population violating the Islanders’ right to enjoy their culture and be free from arbitrary interferences with their private life, family and home… What exactly is the Australian population doing that constitutes interferences?

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  11. WRT the clueless stooges serving the Globalist agenda, what else can one say… idiots.

    All the time, money and resources pissed down the toilet chasing the UN’s “climate change” narrative could have been used to set the Torres Strait people up like kings somewhere else.

    The same BS “climate change” narrative that’s now being leveraged to kill off Australian agriculture, energy, industry and ultimately each and every “useless eater” on the Australian continent.

    ABout the only silver lining is that the idiot Europeans are setting the example by killing themselves off even as we speak. In a perfect world (which it’s most emphatically NOT) we might learn from their example and step back from the brink, before we follow them like the mythical lemmings into the abyss.

    We desperately need a mass extinction event right about now – focusing on the Satanic Globalist species. Dictator Dan would be a REALLY good place to start, and work out from there in an ever-expanding circle.

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