What to expect when the ALP/LNP duopoly imports Syrians and black Africans

Letter to the Editor

My Swedish contacts have just confirmed, that although the Government still refuses to release IKEA’s security camera footage [say’s it all really], the limited evidence strongly suggests that the incident was a beheading [or partial attempted beheading?].


Not sure how, or why?, but the beheading of the seventeen year old Swedish girl, Wilma Anderson, did manage to slip through the Government censoring.

What people fail, or refuse to acknowledge, is that many of these migrant/refugees are ‘fleeing’ to Europe to escape persecution in their own countries. The reason they were persecuted, and ‘fled’ here, is because they are ‘wanted’ by their own countries law enforcement agencies for crimes against humanity. Crimes against their own people.

Why do we have a beheading problem in Europe? [90% female by the way], which did not exist a mere twenty years ago. It’s because of the white liberals gross and unforgivable naivety, thinking that everyone is ‘nice’ and ‘harmless’ just like them, and their irresponsible behaviour in regards to unrestricted and unvetted migration

There’s a reason why Germany’s most violent criminals are Syrian. Here’s what some of these Syrian migrant/refugees were doing before they were ‘invited’ to live in Germany by the moronic liberals. They didn’t learn this stuff in Germany or Sweden you know, – it’s part of their culture.

Hopefully this will lead to a less naive, less liberal, and more adult understanding of what comes with immigration from Africa and the Middle East

As you originally stated: many people have no concept of what is ‘really’ going on in Europe.

Now they know.

from De Ruiter


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. In this very funny video, Pol Pot learns that genocide is about brand awareness. If the Australians and the Ukrainian nations want to flip and subvert genocidal scripts against us better sit down with Pol Pot and learn about brand awareness.

    Teaching Pol Pot Holocaust Promotion

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  2. “The Swedish retailer announced it will, for the time being, no longer sell kitchen knives in the store”. Jeez thanks that helps! (lindesymonds link below)

    European journalism has a lot in common – it is neither European nor sane. It is a farce!

    Here is an article of a local German “newspaper” relating to a darker “skin migrant” with a knife, the Police attending through a emergency response and shooting the suspect and the for German justice relevant matters that are now important: (automated Translation from link below)

    New details keep coming to light! The Dortmund police shot and killed a 16-year-old during an operation on August 8 after he failed to react to pepper spray that had been used previously. It is now clear: the irritant had expired in April. The Ministry of the Interior has now commissioned a so-called “effectiveness report”.

    Dortmund: fatal shots! Used pepper spray had expired and the case of the 16-year-old refugee Mouhamed D., who was shot by police during an operation, is still making waves. Now there are new findings: According to a report for the legal committee of the state parliament, the pepper spray used had expired since April.
    After the police were called on August 8 because of the youth armed with a knife, the officers initially used the said pepper spray and two tasers. Mouhamed D. is said not to have reacted to either. In the end, a police officer shot him several times with a submachine gun, fatally injuring him. The police man is currently being investigated for bodily harm resulting in death.
    As the “German Press Agency” (dpa) reports, the Ministry of the Interior has commissioned an “efficacy report” in view of the new findings. This is to clarify whether the spray was still fully effective. According to the report, the investigators now have an eyewitness video, which, however, only begins after the shots were fired. Dortmund: disturbing new details after deadly police shots This once again confirms the statement made by NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) last week that his impression was “that some things could not have gone smoothly during this mission”. What remains unclear – but relevant – according to the report is exactly where Mouhamed D. aquired the knife.
    “Always new information, always new questions – this has been the case with every report by the justice and interior ministers for weeks now. For us, this underscores all the more clearly that it is right to also deal with this case politically. We must draw conclusions for future policing. We expect the justice and interior ministers to support this,” said Sonja Bongers, spokeswoman for the SPD in the legal committee. The legal committee should be informed on Wednesday afternoon about the current status of the investigation.

    “ We must draw conclusions for future policing. We expect the justice and interior ministers to support this,” said Sonja Bongers

    We must get rid of politicians, says jo

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  3. Except in a limited instance, national identity is being destroyed across the entire world. It equals the destruction of common interest and purpose and the social fabric component of any society and nation. Destroy national identity and you destroy the nation state concept. Promote conflict in every nation state and they will be ripe for picking. Divide and conquer works.

    That will be handy for those who are pushing an ancient Mammon prophesy about a global plutocracy with a central global government in Jerusalem presided by the King of the World already chosen by Mammon.

    And it doesn’t really matter whether it’s achieved through propaganda or some other strategy of the “divide and conquer” principle.

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  4. I think crime is the highest earning In the world. Is it that albo wanna impiet them ?


  5. Here more UTTER JEWISH BS. Their Chutzpah is just unbelievable.

    IsraAID sends team to help refugees in Europe

    Streams of desperate refugees flooding Europe from the Middle East, Asia and Africa are getting a helping hand from IsraAID, a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in Israel in 2001 to bring lifesaving disaster relief and long-term support wherever needed.

    “We are running a campaign with the goal of inspiring the Jewish people and Israel to help the hundreds of thousands of refugees washed up on the shores of Europe,” says IsraAID Director Shachar Zahavi.

    As of Tuesday evening, the NGO had raised enough money to send three professionals, who will land early Wednesday in Athens and then later proceed to Lesbos.

    Zahavi tells ISRAEL21c that he hopes to send additional volunteers to help manage the European migrant crisis currently overwhelming several countries.

    ‘After what we suffered in the Holocaust 70 years ago, how can we not help tens of thousands seeking refuge from wars in the Middle East and Africa?’

    From the UK EXPRESS, Nov 3, 2015:
    Billionaire EU supporter tells Europe to take in ‘at least a MILLION’ refugees every year

    EUROPEAN Union supporter George Soros has claimed Europe should take “at least a million” refugees every year and let them choose where they want to live.

    The human rights activist, who is a notable backer of the European Union, called on the EU to accept more refugees and cover the cost of housing, health care and education for each refugee for the first two years.

    The billionaire businessman was last week accused by Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban of deliberately encouraging the migration crisis.

    From The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 20, 2016:
    George Soros: Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants

    I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives and businesses founded by migrants and refugees.

    The world has been unsettled by a surge in forced migration. Tens of millions of people are on the move, fleeing their home countries in search of a better life abroad. Some are escaping civil war or an oppressive regime; others are forced out by extreme poverty, lured by the possibility of economic advancement for themselves and their families.


  6. Its mostly smoke and mirrors. Ed


  7. There are no Ukrainian refugees. There were no Syrian refugees. I not smart but that part I picked up. Merkel yes let in what 800,000 of them didn’t she? So humanitarian of her, while she let her own people foot the bill. Same in every country. We are the best in the world at multi culture, been on repeat for 30 years. Yep bonza if you were born here, you have no say. If you weren’t Australia is yours.


  8. Hi Blisskitt, WTF quadrupled! That’s got red flags all over it. And yeah, “what is his agenda?” But oh! apparently the ‘infiltration’ by Syrians and black Africans are the big problem. Hah!


  9. The Muslim activists (no shortage of them) are organising riot and mayhem in Sweden. The Western media is censoring this and the Asian media is covering it.

    They burn churches and public facilities. A ‘far right politician’ inflames the situation by burning a copy of the Quran which mandates Islamic acts of jihad against ‘Dar Al Harb’ – the non-Islamic society and they riot again. This is a conflict of laws for which there is no resolution. This is the reason why Spain and Portugal fought a 700 year war of Reconquista to throw the Arab Islamic invasion and Sharia Law out of the Iberian Peninsula. Sweden – a European nation is going through hell with these people and their Communist EUSSR gov’t decrees they have to pay a religious food tax as well.

    The Australians who think that our own UN Communist government does not want these scenes on Australian streets and cities have not been paying attention.

    Gravitas : Riots in Sweden Over 40 Arrested.

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  10. And not a single Muslim, Syrian, African or Eritrean here either…
    And there’s much more where this comes from…


  11. Many of these young Arab men immigrating to the Western nations are either US or Russian Gook assets who were trained for the ZOG Regime Change Wars in the ME – managed by Israel on both the Tel Aviv / DC axis and the Tel Aviv / Moscow axis. Al Qaeda were CIA assets. ISIS/Daesh were FSB/KGB assets.


    The ZOG wars are now falling back to the US border and they are in the migrant stream of illegal traffic coming across the Southern border in droves.
    Texas and Arizona have declared this open Southern border [ for which the federal gov’t is responsible ] to be an invasion.


    We are refugees if you please. Walt Bismarck
    [video src="https://seed171.bitchute.com/0OmAfK0AmC4l/a7WONCowVLmz.mp4" /]


  12. Here’s something for nothing. My partner has been out to sea for five weeks off WA. There was a Ukranian on board, yes WTF and WTF more. He told my partner he has 3 cafe’s in Odessa all fully open. Why is he working in Australian waters question 1? Question 2 How are his 3 cafes still open if you listen to the news? Question 3. What is his agenda?

    We find out stuff when people talk. Hence they don’t want people to talk.


  13. Hi Han, re: “NO, THEY DON’T. THERE IS CAUSE AND EFFECT”. Thank You! And De Ruiter DEFINITELY does not know. Simply more warped, hateful, fear mongering, propagandist, nationalistic fanaticism. “We must resist calls from shills and right-wing Jewish organizations that try to use the natural resentment of Islam created by the migrant crisis to whip up support for Zionist aggression against the Syrian, Iranian and Palestinian people.” YES and AMEN.


  14. “As you originally stated: many people have no concept of what is ‘really’ going on in Europe. Now they know.”

    from De Ruiter




    ISRAEL’S WARS and interventions in the Middle-East, working through its US proxy, were the direct catalyst for the European refugee crisis which boiled over in 2015 and has led to violence, terrorism, rape and political repression against native Europeans. The two major points of entry for refugees and migrants to Europe are Greece and Italy.

    The US/Israeli orchestrated fall of Qaddafi in 2011 opened up a major route for refugees from the Middle-East and Africa to flow into Europe. According to the Washington Post 400,000 migrants from the Middle-East and Africa flowed into Italy from Libya between 2014 and 2017 due to the overthrow of Qaddafi.

    This was a reversal of what had been a successful joint effort between Qaddafi and Europe to block migrants from reaching European shores. In 2004, Qaddafi began offering to control refugee flows as an incentive for normalization agreements with European states. In 2010 he prophetically stated that Europe would turn black without his assistance.

    These deals were a success. With the help of Qaddafi, the flow of migrants and refugees into Italy was drastically cut in 2009.
    This mutually beneficial arrangement between Italy and Libya was DESTROYED BY ISRAEL AND THE US, resulting in Quadafi’s morbid prediction coming true in 2015.

    The Italian government has attempted to revive agreements with Libya in recent years to stem the tide of migrants. These attempts have been met with legal challenges. The British NGO Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) filed a suit against Italy in the European Court in 2017, alleging human rights abuses. GLAN’s legal adviser is Itammar Mann, a Jewish Israeli legal professor that teaches “refugee law” in Haifa, Israel.

    There are about 6.6 million refugees from the Syrian civil war worldwide, one million of which are in Europe. The peak years for refugee arrival in Europe were 2015-2017 when about 900,000 Syrians entered, mainly through Greece. The displacement of the Syrian people serves a strategic goal for Israel by denying the Assad government of both human capital and potential recruits for its military.

    According to Pew Research, a disproportionate number of refugees in Europe are military aged men.
    Israel and Jewish-run NGOs in the West are the main facilitators of the movement and resettlement of Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi and Afghani refugees in Europe.

    All four countries have been destabilized through war and sanctions by Israel and the US. IsraAID, the Israeli refugee agency, has operated the refugee centers on the Greek Island of Lesbos since 2015.
    Israeli reporter Liad Osmo quoted a Syrian refugee identified as “H., aged 20, from Aleppo” arriving on Lesbos in 2019.
    Osmo goes on to say that the program to resettle refugees in Western countries will reach all over the world and involve several other Jewish agencies. This is made possible by a $66 million dollar investment from the State of Israel.

    There is much more to this crisis than can be covered here, but everywhere you look, you can see the footprint of ISRAEL, Jewish organizations and Jewish activists. Whether on the foreign policy front in urging the United States to engage in more war, or on the “humanitarian” front in using NGOs to facilitate refugee movement and permanently resettle Arabs, Africans and Iranians in Europe.

    Nationalist activists in America and Europe must confront this reality head on. We must resist calls from shills and right-wing Jewish organizations that try to use the natural resentment of Islam created by the migrant crisis to whip up support for Zionist aggression against the Syrian, Iranian and Palestinian people.

    Such conflicts will only result in more misery and more refugees flowing into Europe, where Israeli and Jewish NGOs will be waiting to welcome them, using the language of humanitarianism to turn the West into a dumping ground for people displaced by Jewish wars.

    Staying silent on matters relating to the Middle-East conflict is not an option. The conflict in the Middle-East is directly related to the future of Europe and America. Silence is equivalent to support for the status quo, which only favors Israel.

    Both the right and left heads of the Zionist serpent must be severed. Arab and Muslim migrants in Europe and America must be returned to their homelands where they can live in peace and security, free from Zionist aggression.

    European and American nationalists must work together to dismantle Zionist power structures in our native countries and to build a just and peaceful world, free of Jewish wars and population displacements.


  15. Was an old saying De, lock up your daughter’s, trouble coming down the street


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