Natural Asset Companies commoditising the very ground you walk on

from Alison Ryan

“If you do an online search for Natural Asset Companies”, writes Sandra Myers, “there isn’t a lot of available information beyond what is shown in the graphic on this page [on link below] and only just a couple of other articles, one being by the Children’s Health Defense (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.).”

Natural Asset Companies convert natural assets into financial capital.

“The statement by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) introduces you (or, rather their investors) to a new kind of asset investment: Natural Asset Companies (NACs).

“The Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) reveals that in 2021 regulatory approval was being sought to convert natural assets into financial capital. Let me point out the obvious: Although this brainstorm has been in the works for a decade, the conceptualizers didn’t start pressuring for approval until Joe Biden’s presidency and under the hot new campaign for the Green New Deal.

“This program isn’t just about buying up physical farms, ranches and grazing lands like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, John Malone and other elite have done who now own more land than would cover the entire state of Florida. This is about commoditizing the very ground you walk on, the ocean or lake you swim in, and even the very air that you breathe. This is about making financial assets of the portions of nature you wouldn’t think could be valued in a monetary sense: perhaps a coral reef off the coast of Florida or an uninhabitable mountain top in Alaska. Where there’s a will to make money and exert control over the people, a way will always be found.

“To give you a clear picture as to why this is happening, the current economic asset value is estimated at $512 Trillion dollars. The projected asset value of these NACs is in excess of $4,000 Trillion (4 Quadrillion) dollars. You can see why the eyes of the elite are glazed over with the possiblities of even more wealth, power and control.

“On the surface we are told these NACs are about “investment philanthropy” and are better than traditional philanthropy which they have deemed a failure. I’m sure that traditional philanthropy isn’t reaping enough financial return nor control and social direction of humans. One of the key early investors is the Rockefeller Foundation, but the line of investors is just starting.

“According to the IEG’s website there are three areas which the NACs are divided into: Natural, Working and Hybrid. From the IEG website we read:
• Natural NACs focus on protecting, expanding and restoring natural terrestrial and marine ecosystems—for example, forests, grasslands, wetlands, coral reefs. (How do you assign a dollar value to the asset of a coral reef?)
• Working NACs revolve around agriculture as it sits at the intersection of critical environmental and social issues—water, energy, climate, human health, the economy, and biodiversity.
• Hybrid NACs A hybrid area project could connect conservation areas with wildland corridors to facilitate biodiversity and healthy wildlife populations as well as for recreation. Agricultural lands within the perimeter of the protected areas could be included so that production practices could be converted to regenerative methods or facilitate the conversion to alternate crops that better serve the region’s ecosystem and local farm economy. (Meaning: If your farm is within a perimeter of an NAC’s control, you can be forced into changing what you grow, how you grow or even if you can grow your crops.)

“Of course, the World Economic Forum (WEF), in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is in on the act with its Nature Risk Rising: Why the Crisis Engulfing Nature Matters for Business and the Economy report in 2020. I encourage you to research the following:
The WEF’s 36 page report at WEF_New_Nature_Economy_Report_2020.pdf; also from the IEG: IEG ( ; and from the NYSE Natural Asset Companies (NACs) | NYSE. If you couple these reports to the elite’s intent to control and depopulate the earth you will be horrified. These NACs will exercise control over any pre-existing ownership of private and federal lands and other locations (like coral reefs or the ocean)… The elite will use their monetized, commoditized natural assets to oppress the lives of you, me and our generations and force control over all creation for their benefit.”
Source: Turning God’s Creation Into a New York Stock Exchange Commodity (

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. This is so true…I have personally witnessed French, Italian, Argentinian and Israeli backpackers putting Aussie workers down and forcing employers to pay them peace work, therefore three times that of the Aussies, and especially in Ginger farms around Gympie region. The same backpackers have coupled up with a local farmer who has given them land to grow organic vegies for themselves, and given them a house to live in for allegedly $15pd. I am an Australian Grandmother and live in my van and cannot get a place to live! Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor e’mail:

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  2. The ‘Education State’ aka the People’s Republic of Victoria is right on message and mantra with the WEFie Report – for which thank you for reference.

    Danger Dan continues apace with the full Yuval. I confidently predict he will get another shofar award for his protection of PRV’s natural assets and conservation for the Party Members and Communist Elites.

    Your XYZ is covering Danger Dan’s latest WEFie sheeple restrictions over the Victorians with regard to the beautiful natural environment of their state.

    Protections, covenants, fines and bye-laws (More Rulz) now extended over many natural features – rocks, plants, waterways, trails. Better not get any seeds from that indigenous plant on your nature walk – huge fine. Along the coast the LGA (working directly under the UN) will fine you if you gather seaweed lying on the foreshore for your garden.



    Yahweh, is that pronounced Yuvalnoahharari or Yohdhehvavheh?



    We will have to take wee little steps and hold our breath David, so just the right amount of CO2 is expended to retain our maximum allowed freedom credit.

    Being good communal slaves we must dob in any fine young university endoctrinated greenies athletes who overstep the limits of tolerance to Heir Slob.

    Takes a breath. 😵


  5. Let’s get something understood from the get-go… The stock market is a gambling den in which the only winners are insider traders. Since the removal of the Glass-Steagall Act and its transnational equivalents, not even your savings are sacrosanct. Yet millions of fools are conned into putting their money where the House then scoops it up. Suckers.

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  6. Natural Asset Companies commoditising the very ground you walk on

    One of the key early investors is the Rockefeller Foundation, but the line of investors is just starting.

    Of course, the World Economic Forum (WEF), in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is in on the act with its Nature Risk Rising: Why the Crisis Engulfing Nature Matters for Business and the Economy report in 2020.

    Source: Turning God’s Creation Into a New York Stock Exchange Commodity (

    The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Klaus Schwab (WEF) are Jewish.
    Mr. Yahweh, the Supreme Psychopath and the national god of the Israelites, promised his people domination over the nations.

    Moshe boasting: “Our God is Your God Too, But He Has Chosen Us”

    “For you are a holy people to the Lord your God; the Lord your God has chosen you for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 7:6)

    “David Ben-Gurion once declared that, “there can be no worthwhile political or military education about Israel without profound knowledge of the Bible.” If that statement is true for the Israeli leadership—and Benjamin Netanyahu would certainly not contradict it—, then it is also true for any serious analyst: there can be no real understanding of Israel, its history and its geopolitical agenda without profound knowledge of the Bible.

    “The Hebrew Tanakh is not just the inspiration for Zionism. It is the single root connecting all expressions of Jewishness. Its core ideology is encapsulated in Yahweh, the national god of the Israelites, who by the Mosaic Covenant promised his people domination over the nations on the condition of separateness. It was not before the Babylonian Exile that Yahweh was promoted as the Supreme God of humankind—who happens to have chosen one nation.

    “Christianity and Islam’s submission to that preposterous claim has become the source of enormous symbolic power—despite the equally nonsensical counterclaim that the Jews have lost the election.

    “Yahweh’s impersonation of God is perhaps the most devastating deception ever played on the human race. The sociopathic personality of the Old Testament divinity has ultimately ruined God’s reputation and led to Western godlessness.”

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  7. “In a world with finite resources, there’s unavoidable competition for these resources, and if you’re in a competition with something capable of outfoxing you at every turn, then you shouldn’t expect to win”

    “a competition with something capable of outfoxing you at every turn” sounds very familiar! So, does humanity really need some more beguilement like fiction, ai and any other political fairy tales for distraction/entertainment or does mankind smarten up eventually (after many millennia)?


  8. jo: “take a coin to pay the ferryman to row you over into the afterlife”

    Hehe, jo… Someone will have to pay when they want me on the other side. I won’t be paying for somebody else’s trip. lol


  9. Go easy on Charlie, he’s a self made, frustrated old tampon wannabee. He’s getting tired of looking to find a place of security and comfort for himself.


  10. “Soon enough we’ll be paying for every step we take and every breath we make.”
    Soon has long past David and in the now we are already paying for every breath we take after being born. Nothing is free while living under “chosen Authority”. And yes, it business as usual for the chosen people – “to manage and entertain the animals”.

    Remember to prepare for when the moment of death arrives that you make sure to take a coin to pay the ferryman to row you over into the afterlife. Thereafter ALL will be free again. Even God and his once very confused runaway son.


  11. Soon enough we’ll be paying for every step we take and every breath we make. We’ll be paying for wherever we go and whatever we do anywhere on Earth because our mere existence will be using up God’s capital!

    You see, God has chosen certain people to look after and take care of the Earth. It’s what the Money Changers mean by “the chosen people”?

    If it all proves too expensive for us and we can’t pay the bill then we can go straight to heaven.


  12. So how does this go with the duty of the Crown to protect the Right of the people ” to Private Property,Free speech, To a Jury trial, To keep and Bare Arms and to Petition and expect The King to overturn proported Laws of Parliament that infringes upon these Rights?

    Elizabeth in 1973 refused to sign Paedophile/ Marxist Whitlams Royal Styles and Titles legislation and put Her signature across the top of the front page, thereby voiding the document.

    Whitlam lied to the people that she had signed, but she failed to respond by calling the Army out that day and having him and his cronies arrested and dissolving Parliament, which was Her Duty.After that she did nothing more.

    Charlie and his noxious lot should be given 24 hours to vacate all public owned residences and a totally new monarch be selected to perform the duties required by The Act of Settlement of 1700.

    He would then be free to move in with Klaus Slob, salute the picture of Adolph and kiss the Pope’s hand without having to spend the days pretending to do the things required under the Laws of the Nation. He can be happy and own nothing.
    After all who are we to stand in the way of happiness?


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