World still suffering in the aftermath of the 9/11 scam

by John Kamiski

So there I was, gingerly tasting about my third sip of morning coffee, when through grainy sleepy bugs my eyes trailed off toward the TV. Not too fast, not too slow, but methodically, the silhouette of the plane silently dove into the skyscraper. I gagged as I swallowed, the building erupted in flame and the world changed forever.

Something about that snapshot of memory, now etched like a bronze plaque in my mind, didn’t wash then and still doesn’t wash now, even though I’ve relived that moment thousands of times on video from every angle — the sudden flash just before impact that some thought was a last minute missile, the missing piece of the wing as the plane approached the building, the nose of the plane poking out the other side of the skyscraper before the screen suddenly went black.

Such a perfect gash. Not a trace of flame, for one perfectly pregnant moment. That intervening millisecond has been stuck in the throat of my mind ever since.

Through hundreds of other crash videos, rocket sledges slamming into concrete barriers and all sorts of test collisions, not once have I ever seen another crash like that one, where not a speck of debris catapulted backwards in the direction of the projectile that hit the solid target before smoke and flame engulfed the scene.

Through all the video angles I have since witnessed, only a silent, pristine entry in the supremely solid steel cladding is all I’ve ever seen, testifying to the astonishing fakery that has deceived the world all this time.

I tried to write this on last year’s anniversary of this corporate carnage, this Communist circumcision of American freedom, but was instantly assailed by those who claimed to know about Dov Zakheim’s special plane that could fly 500 mph under 1000 feet up and was muscled up to penetrate the steel side of the south tower.

What remains glaringly inconsistent about this assertion is that any plane fortified in this manner would suffer the same fatal cramp as astronauts would have encountered on their way to the moon.

No plane of any type could fly that fast at that altitude, never mind one strong enough able to penetrate the side of a building and disappear into it without leaving a mess outside the point where it hit, just as no space vehicle could transport Buzz Aldrin through the Van Allen Belt without broiling him on one side and freezing him on the other.

So there is your authentic history, and there is your totally fabricated, stricken by lies reality today, as you choke on your poison mask, condemned by your poison PCR tests, terminated by your poison Remdesivir, and still denying it all through your media poisoned mind.

Though it is unnecessary to provide more evidence, have a little more to erase any possibility that I have not just told you the truth.

The logic I used many years ago to reach this same conclusion is already firmly implanted in your thoroughly deformed mind. If the other three “hijacked” planes were fabrications, where does that leave the phantom monster that struck the south tower? Statistically speaking, that would place them irrefutably out to lunch.

How about that plane in Pennsylvania that government operative Donn deGrande Pre said was shot down by an F-16 pilot he knew personally? Did you happen to catch that crash scene in Shanksville? Debris barely enough to fill a suitcase.

Damn, what does that do to the Todd Beamer story? (The phone call: “Mom? This is your son, Todd Beamer.”) Oh those poor passengers who tried to wrestle those boxcutters away from the hijackers!

And the tiny hole in the Pentagon, clearly made by a missile, that just happened to wipe out the Navy auditors investigating Donald Rumsfeld’s missing trillions he had announced just the day before.

And that third plane, not so clearly a drone in Naudets’ snapshot which supposedly hit the North Tower, and stewardess Betty Ong’s famous phone call (“I see buildings!”). Also going 600 mph, according to news reports.

Pile on top of that Building 7 and Larry Silverstein’s tearful explanation (“There was such a loss of life we just had to ‘pull it’.”) before he later collected his $7.4 billion from his $400,000 investment.

Or Christie Todd Whitman’s statement there was no radiation problem long before we learned 350,000 had died from cancer due to the bombs that were used.

Or the five Israelis shipped in from Israel “to document the event.”

I could go on, but let’s switch to a short form description of how you should regard the event after all this time.

Disregard anything about the hijackers or the planes. They are both ruses meant to distract you from the real issue, which were the bombs that vaporized the structures.

Reexamine the decision to get rid of the debris as fast as possible so people would not notice how thoroughly every shard of those towers was so thoroughly demolished that they couldn’t possibly have been destroyed by an ordinary fire of office furniture.

The operant phrase that applies to all the leaders, journalists and celebrities of the time as well as all the flunkies who followed them right up to this very day is “guilty of treason, mass murder, and especially obstruction of justice.”

But most of all, discern the ethnic identity and duplicitous character of all the explainers of this dire event. Too many websites today that explained that 9/11 was a Jew job from start to finish have been murdered as well. The utter demolition of the towers has continued right up until today with the utter demolition of the country and perhaps even the world with the same cast of characters whose evil ancestors track back even to the Kennedy assassinations.

And perhaps those missing shards of debris that would have fluttered to the ground had an actual jetliner crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 were replaced in a real sense by all those bodies — 1200, they say — who dove to their deaths in desperation — gesticulating wildly like paper airplanes in the wind — with a government that sacrificed them to that totalitarian monster now in the process of doing the same thing to us today.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. D Johnston: “we should be addressing and judging our own actions”
    Absolutely agree. But not much wrong in walking and chewing gum at the same time.


  2. Daviddd2, Yeah only “a few anti war and political activists.” As at 2018 “the largest protests ever recorded.” The simple fact still remains; instead of pointing fingers, criticising and denigrating peoples of other nations, we should be addressing and judging our own actions – both past and present,and/or just as importantly, our consistent inaction – also past and present. Sadly, they too go “unnoticed” by the Australian public.


  3. Yes, a few anti war and political activists but the push back disappeared pretty much when Bush left and Obama came in. That suggests the pushback was likely more anti Bush organised than anti Iraq war. (See for instance organised demos against anything Trump.)

    Contrast those sorts of protests compared with the anti Vietnam protests which were REAL mass protests but mostly because of conscription and because the American boys were getting their arses shot off in Vietnam. Not because the American public en masse protested the US strategy of mass murder and destruction to protect “American” interests in places most Americans had never heard of and have difficulty finding on a map.

    Then, we also have all the rest of the countless “military interventions” which get a free ride pretty much every time. Sadly, many go “unnoticed” by the American public whilst many even enjoy public support in the form of “patriotic duty”.


  4. Ok then, as an example, why don’t we just have a brief look back at the American peoples’ push back against their government’s invasion of Iraq.


  5. aapkoning: ““The US Launched 251 Military Interventions Since 1991, And 469 Since 1798.”

    Wait another 24 hours and it’ll be 470+. Nothing to see there, moving right along…. lol

    You’ve got to wonder how the American people think that’s all OK and feel compelled to say and DO NOTHING about it !? If they think they’re a democracy then the responsibility for the carnage inflicted on other peoples obviously rests with them. Yet they remain silent and OSTENSIBLY supportive of mass murder in the name of American “patriotism”.

    You think the people of Iraq for one might score some reparation payments for the massive destruction of their lives over the last 20 years? Not to mention the rest of the victims of American “patriotism”. Pffft!


  6. Hi aapkoning, Appreciate your reply – however you seem to be misinterpreting my comment. Which was basically: That the “average American” is NOT behind, responsible for, complicit in and/or perpetuating any of this it’s Governements’ past and present evil doings. And the same applies to the average Australian for example. Except for the fact, that generally speaking, the “average American” has always done more to fight back.


  7. D Johnston, I understand your comments. Do you see me disagreeing! If the average American knows what their so-called “Deep State” has been doing for years — Is it not about time to Name and Shame the Devils that are responsible for also, and even making the American citizen suffer? Or is it easier to point the fingers at other countries, and bring them back into the Stone age! And go back home to find out, “Which country I have just been to”?
    Hmm, some backward place called — Libya or maybe “Iraq”… Oh yes WMD. I got this vial, full of WMD. Lovely Colin Powell, well done. He man, — You got WMD credibility!
    My last comment for what it is worth today is here. “How long do we have to wait for the Insouciant citizens to wake up?” Maybe after booster number 5.
    No doubt you must have studied:
    “The US Launched 251 Military Interventions Since 1991, And 469 Since 1798.”
    To have Credibility as a nation again, many, many wrongs will have to be rectified!
    Credibility and respect have to be earned! You will not get that behind the barrel of your guns.


  8. The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Explained in Under 5 Minutes (video)

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers and the military combat-trained pilots on 4 commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor…

    … If you have any questions about this story…you are a batshit, paranoid, tinfoil, dog-abusing baby-hater and will be reviled by everyone. If you love your country and/or freedom, happiness, rainbows, rock and roll, puppy dogs, apple pie and your grandma, you will never ever express doubts about any part of this story to anyone. Ever.

    This has been a public service announcement by: the Friends of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, SEC, MSM, White House, NIST, and the 9/11 Commission.

    Because Ignorance is Strength.

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  9. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 on the Telstra Mobile Network


  10. “War Games, Simulated radar tracks, aircraft exceeding their max operating limits by more than 130-150 knots, inaccurate aircraft position reports, false aircraft target reports, aircraft converging — flying virtually in formation with — and then diverging from reported 9/11 aircraft, fighters launched in the wrong direction, aircraft seemingly still airborne after the alleged attack, poor communications, phones not working….”

    What are the chances the 19 “Arab goatherders” with box cutters picked just the right day and time to coincide with the NORAD exercises and the stand down orders issued by Cheney. Or former Israeli PM Ehud Barak identifying the culprits within minutes of the event as his countrymen danced in celebration on top of a pickup truck in NY whilst “documenting” the event?


  11. Where are the planes? They all disappeared, vanished as if they never existed. Nobody ever saw them expect the crisis actors interviewed. That video of a plane progressively “sliding” into the 2nd tower at constant speed without even slowing down is a nice video production. But Hollywood productions aren’t reality.

    The tell tale sign of course is that half the building was destroyed and disappeared and never hit the ground. in the end, there was simply not enough rubble on the ground. That’s why they never allowed a proper forensic criminal investigation.

    Besides, tall steel and concrete buildings don’t just melt straight down into their own footprint, no matter how hot they get from a fire. What fool would ever believe that?

    21 YEARS LATER AND THE AMERICAN people still think they were attacked by 19 Arab goatherds with box cutters. Everything else is a perfect coincidence. Go figure.

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  12. 9/11 – INTERCEPTED (Truth according to the Pilots)
    by Pilots for 911 Truth

    What happened on the morning of September 11 2001 Why couldn’t US defense prevent the tragedy This film features Pilots For 911 Truth analysing NORAD response Audio recordings as well as Radar data provided by government agencies. Pilots for 911 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals and pilots throughout the globe who have gathered together for one purpose. They’re are committed to seeking the truth surrounding the events of the 11th of September 2001.

    War Games, Simulated radar tracks, aircraft exceeding their max operating limits by more than 130-150 knots, inaccurate aircraft position reports, false aircraft target reports, aircraft converging — flying virtually in formation with — and then diverging from reported 9/11 aircraft, fighters launched in the wrong direction, aircraft seemingly still airborne after the alleged attack, poor communications, phones not working…. What happened in the skies on the morning of September 11, 2001?

    Why were our defense ineffective? Pilots For 9/11 Truth analyse NORAD response, audio recordings as well as radar data provided by government agencies.


  13. Christopher Bollyn the author of ‘Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World’ has a degree in history from the University of California, Santa Cruz. His emphasis was on Palestine/Israel.

    Here one of the reviews of his book on Amazon:

    Christopher Bollyn delivers the goods. In two volumes, the book and its supporting articles — tell all.

    Bollyn names names and exposes the men behind curtains. He answers the questions of “who, where, when, what and how.” Bollyn embodies the hypothetical journalist from our college texts. The beau ideal. The one we are all supposed to write like but better not if we value our jobs, unbroken arms and professional reputations.

    In the oceans of text about 9/11 that we have read since 2002, I posit that 80% of it has been culprit-funded disinformation. Bollyn’s adroitly written work lifts the veil of criminal perjury.

    Bravely exposing the heinous hag of false flag terrorism, Bollyn’s book contains not one wasted word. I could not put it down until my eyes burned. With each morning’s coffee, eagerly did I grasp his body of work, anxious for more of his knowledge squarely owned. Knowledge squarely earned. This is the best journalist of my life.

    We often hear the adage “when men were men” alluding to what manhood should mean in a day of cowards, sycophants and purchased politicians. After turning the last page of this book, I knew that I was holding the work of a man. A real man who had the guts to stand at the podium.


  14. Hi Editor,

    “Having seen just about every film of the planes (sic) hotting the towers from the day it happened we will never be convinced any planes hit the building…”

    Christopher Bollyn, the author of ‘Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World’ comes up with convincing evidence that real planes struck the Twin Towers.

    From: The 9-11 Cover-up: An Ongoing Crime in Real Time
    12th from the list on his Home page:

    It is very clear from the evidence that Boeing airplanes hit the Twin Towers, the only question is exactly which planes they were. Photographs reveal that more durable parts, such as landing gear and engines from the aircraft, landed on the streets of Manhattan.

    Photo of aircraft engine:
    This engine from the aircraft that struck the South Tower landed on Murray Street. The parts of this engine are all marked with specific numbers that would identify precisely which aircraft they belonged to. Why haven’t they been shown to the public? Why the secrecy about exactly which jet engine this is?

    Photo of aircraft piece: BOEING CSTG 250T1115-2
    Every time-tracked part of the aircraft is numbered, such as this piece.

    Photo of landing gear on the footpath:
    This landing gear would also contain time-tracked parts with specific serial numbers which would precisely identify the aircraft that struck the tower.

    Photo of dumpster, written on the side of it: AIRCRAFT PARTS FBI
    All of these aircraft parts were collected by the F.B.I., which was under the command of Michael Chertoff, the Assistant Attorney General…

    Photo of truck, written on the back: AIRCRAFT PARTS
    …who authorized for the aircraft evidence to be taken to the dump at Fresh Kills…

    Photo of aircraft engine:
    …where they were treated like garbage – not as crucial primary evidence from the scene of a mass murder.

    Why would Michael Chertoff, an Israeli national and the son of an Israeli Mossad agent, allow such critical criminal evidence to be treated like garbage?

    Why wasn’t this engine taken to a high-tech FBI crime scene lab (like we see on television) and its time-tracked parts compared with the maintenance records for the planes said to have been involved?

    There is only one logical answer to these questions: the aircraft parts were not examined and shown to the public because they are not from the planes that are said to have hit the Twin Towers. The FBI and U.S. military only solve such crimes on TV shows, not in real life. That’s part of the deception.


  15. Hi Editor, Precisely.


  16. Having seen just about every film of the planes (sic) hotting the towers from the day it happened we will never be convinced any
    planes hit the building and we have published many stories by aeronautical engineers saying just that. Ed

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  17. Hi aapkoning, We must remember that the US people/citizens are NOT the enemy or the perpetrators. They are more than aware of what their Deep State has been doing for many years – they have also suffered immensely. Case in point: 9/11 which people are still re-living. The American people want an end to the perpetual tyranny maybe more than anyone. Those that I know, even feel a deep sense of misplaced shame. My parents had some great American nextdoor neighbours (who had immigrated to NZ) and were totally amazed how welcomed they felt there. The husband saying to my Mum “We thought everyone hated us Yanks!” My Mum, in her usual forthright manner said “Nup – only the ignorant, but then who bloody cares?”


  18. Jen, Yes you right, Your Quote: ” There are no terrorists except for the US and the ones they have themselves created.” And some people still call the US, the — Almighty Great US. Do the citizen of the US know WHO rules them? Are they still so Insouciant?

    “US Launched 251 Military Interventions Since 1991, And 469 Since 1798.”

    Do we still have to call THE US, — The Almighty Great US… They have been stealing, warmongering, murdering, plundering, people since day one, and many lackey countries suck up to them…
    Hopefully the citizens of the world wake-up, and Sanction anything from the US.

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  19. For anyone still needing to explore this – here is probably one of the most thoroughly in depth comphrensive doco’s. Although 5hrs duration – you can skip around without losing continuity. Part 6 is especially illuminating – re the ‘squibs’ (puffs of smoke) being emitted from the buildings sides.


  20. If you look at WTC7 roofline you will see the plant room drop first. That was the stairway and elevators being taken out first.
    The building fell faster than free fall, that is, fell faster than a falling brick.
    Thus controlled demolition.


  21. What ever happened to that 911 Grand Jury being convened in NY a couple of years ago?


  22. maggoo: “Therein lies the truth”.

    Yes, but NOBODY in the MSM and Government seems to care. Their message is: “Not interested, sorry! Go fk yourselves.”


  23. I can’t believe John Kaminski wrote that article.

    “… the nose of the plane poking out the other side of the skyscraper before the screen suddenly went black.”
    “…pristine entry in the supremely solid steel cladding is all I’ve ever seen, testifying to the astonishing fakery that has deceived the world all this time.
    “…and was muscled up to penetrate the steel side of the south tower.
    “No plane of any type could fly that fast at that altitude, never mind one strong enough able to penetrate the side of a building and disappear into it without leaving a mess outside the point where it hit

    “So there is your authentic history, and there is your totally fabricated, stricken by lies reality today…”

    I wonder who is doing the fabricating here if not John Kaminski himself?

    There were no holograms at the Twin Towers. Real planes, military and not passenger planes, were smashing into the Twin Towers. There is so much dis and misinformation about 9/11.

    Kaminski: “…pristine entry in the supremely solid steel cladding…”
    It was ALUMINUM CLADDING covering the Twin Towers, connected to the steel perimeter columns.
    The thickness of the steel perimeter columns, as well as the 47 inner core steel columns, were tapering off towards the top of the buildings.

    The Twin Towers were designed to take the impact of several planes.
    A USAF bomber in 1945 flew into the Empire State building and it did not collapse.

    John Kaminsky obviously never heard of the incident on 3 February 1998 in the Dolomites resort of Cavalese in Italy.

    A US four-man surveillance aircraft, an EA-6B Grumman Prowler, struck the steel cables supporting the aerial lift from Cavalese.

    The aircraft’s right wing struck the cables from underneath, causing the cabin with twenty people on board to plunge over 80 metres, leaving no survivors. The plane had wing and tail damage, but was able to return to Aviano Air Base.

    “The Marine aircrew was not injured and the aircraft sustained only minor damage,” the statement from Aviano base said.

    That is what damage an aluminum aircraft wing of a small aircraft can do to steel cables.
    It is obvious that the planes on 9/11 smashed through the perimeter steel columns with the kerosene exploding in a huge fire ball OUTSIDE the Twin Towers.

    The fires didn’t bring the Twin Towers down, they were wired for controlled demolition over several months. Just like Building 7 was. It was not hit by a plane, but was brought down by controlled demolition.

    “…before he later collected his $7.4 billion from his $400,000 investment.”
    That is another piece of disinfo by John Kaminski.

    The WTC complex was insured via multiple insurance policies with 23 different companies for a total of $3.55 billion for a single event. Larry Silverstein, asked that it be considered two events, so the limit be raised to $7.1 billion. The insurance companies disputed this, and there was a court case, and the resultant total limit was much less the $7.1 billion ($4.577 billion).

    Anyone wanting to find out what really happened on 9/11 see Christopher Bollyn: THE authority on 9/11 on


  24. I watched the 2nd tower being hit. I fully believed it. I had just been awoken by my partner who was up and watching the TV. I had never felt so insecure and unsure of a future as I did then. But believe it – I did! I was terrified. If that could happen to the Almighty Great US – what will happen to tiny us? It was many years before I started getting info about what really happened. And I have seen so much footage – taken from many different angles of the building and from many different and unknown to each other, people. And, most of the films show, when the film is slowed right down, that the plane “appears” to go right into the building without making a mark on it and come out the other side where THEN and only THEN, was a massive explosion from the entry. Not a possibility. How can a plane be inside a building and not have exploded upon impact? people really need to see the footage and slow it down. Therein lies the Truth.



    Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a Jew himself and former Director of Studies at the US Army College is “100% Certain That 9/11 Was a Mossad Operation”.

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  26. The author overlooked that indestructible terrorist passport that became a trademark of just about every other “terrorist attack” from that day forward.

    “If only we had some passports to identify the terrorists on those utterly pulverised passenger aircraft after they hit the World Trade Centre… ah, here’s one!”

    Aside from that, he’s done a pretty good job of summing up the situation – and not one of the actual perpetrators of that massive orchestrated atrocity (and all the worldwide mayhem and slaughter that followed) have ever been held to account. Let’s be honest – they never will.


  27. Hi Leonard R. Schmidt, Very astute assessment. Re: “COVID is simply an extension, our submissiveness having already been established.” Exactly. Following the false flag of 9/11 there has been a continuous, systematic and escalated erosion of freedom and rights which have all gone unopposed and weakly complied to. Therefore unfortunately, we have assisted in digging the hole we now find ourselves in.


  28. Great article, and spot on. There are no terrorists except for the US and the ones they have themselves created. And it still continues today, though I must say that many more people are aware of it now. The extent of the evil is diabolical.

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  29. Leonard R. Schmidt

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Keep publishing what you can about the hoax of 9/11

      In my 78 years on this Earth, I’ve lived through nothing more destructive to Freedom and Liberty, than what has been done to us as a result of the 9/11 False Flag. COVID is simply an extension, our submissiveness having already been established. 
     Yes, those espousing and forcing implementation of their New World Order (NWO) upon us are evil. But then, we allow them to have sway. 
     Should those NWO cretins succeed in disarming American citizens, nothing will save this Earth except the second coming of Christ Jesus. 


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  30. The plane in the article flying into the tower is a hologram.
    It disappears into the building across multiple floors.
    Were we had or what.

    in another video one can see the left wing disappear behind a building in the background. Crazy stuff.


  31. The unsung heroes of the 9/11 ‘Boatlift’ operation…


  32. You only need to scratch the surface and check out the key players in 911 and in its subsequent bs “investigation” to realise they’re part of the same crew and we’re being played for suckers, big time!

    They are methodically putting into place the apparatus and mechanisms to ensure that you will own nothing and will be “happy” to simply survive if you’re lucky.


  33. I too was watching that sheemozzle happen. I too wondered that something was off. I started to investigate with the limited resources I had available, and was shocked at what I was seeing. Invisible planes, and other planes that could fly 5-10 metres above the ground without breaking apart at 500+ klms per hour. Zero plane wreckage, zero anything. ALL stationary cameras within a 2 kilometere range removed by a government agency. Then vids like ZEITGIEST? came out. It showed inconsistencies in the timings of events by a major TV channel followed by the disappearing ghost plane with half a wing missing? as it the 2nd tower. Worse was yet to come when building 7 pancaked without being touched. The whole thing was starting to smell like a rancid fart. Just like covid 19 that is now back on the idiot box with head of WHO telling that us plebs that covid is nearly over. I agree with him because it never was here in the 1st place. I WONDER WHAT THE TURDS HAVE PLANNED? It won’t be nice I’m sure of that!

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  34. “(The phone call: “Mom? This is your son, Todd Beamer.”)”

    Mom Beamer replied… “Oh, hello, Tod Beamer, this is your Mom, Lisa Beamer.”

    And I’m Santa Claus. Nuff said.

    Joe Biden has just extended the 20 year 911 state of emergency by executive order while the US is deliberating whether to declare Russia a “terrorist state” for it’s military action in Ukraine.

    Had Russia chosen to bomb or destroy Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya or Yemen there would be no question of “state terrorism” and no need for the extension of the 911 state of emergency, would there?

    20 years later and it looks like the Bushes, Obama’s, Trumps and Bidens and our stooge Australian governments are still not tired of treating us as simple fwits.


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