NATO enlists 14,000 mercenaries in Kharkov region trying to start  World War III

From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

The Ukrainian/NATO forces organized a counter attack in the Kharkov region in the north of Ukraine with the help of NATO ground forces. We estimate 14,000 mercenaries were involved in the assault of which 20% were Ukrainian. The remainder of the force was largely comprised of Pollacks and the residual comprising Americans, Canadians and Australians. These forces crossed over into Ukraine from Poland during the night, we found ourselves fighting 5 to 1. Following their counteroffensive, the RF air-force (helicopters) went in during the night and destroyed four Ukrainian/NATO military columns. Based on our drone intelligence the enemy lost at least 150 pieces of military armored equipment. We have managed to straightened out the frontline.

Major media publishing disinformation

The Russian defense has taken out about half of these mercenaries and continues to take down more, the NATO/Ukrainian forces are taking heavy causalities. Yes, we had to regroup and yes, they managed to cover some ground, but they did not manage to overrun any of our fortified areas and the RF has subsequently taken back at least 16 towns within 24 hours. Some of the towns claimed to have been taken by the Ukrainians were not, in other towns there is ongoing fighting. It’s important to note that the majority of the locals had vacated these areas. The Ukrainian/NATO force attempted to encircle our troops but failed exhausting themselves in the process. We believe that the Ukrainian/NATO forces intention was to invade Belgorod a city located within Russia. Our BUK-2M are taking out howitzer launched shells with relative ease, providing some protection for our forces.

There is much hype in western media about the Ukrainian forces taking a back a large chunk of Kharkov, if you can believe them either 3000 or 6000 klm’s square was acquired in 24 hours.  That’s like capturing a third of Australia overnight straight after sneaking across the border, doesn’t make a lot of sense. I estimate that they managed to puncture the front line by about 51klm with varying degrees of success.

The NATO forces no longer hide their military activities in the Ukraine and now wear their own colors. NATO westerners are generally operating the imported heavy artillery such as the howitzers which are being guided by American satellites. The Germans continue to pump lethal weapons into Ukraine we consider that the Germans have entered into the war on the 12.09.22 and fight for Ukraine. In response Russia has stopped supplying all hydrocarbons (gas) to the EU and bombed much of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Ukraine was plunged into darkness for at least 20 hours. I read an interesting article the other day where an American news outlet stated that the Russian/China combined force is taking out American satellites.

The supply routes to Odessa have been cut, Nikolaevka has been heavily shelled and Odessa has taken heavy fire and is now primed to be taken. We have terminated approximately 2500 Ukrainian militants in the region this week alone, this number does not allow for the wounded. All military targets within the Odessa ports have been eliminated, the ports have come to a standstill.

The message is don’t believe what the western media tells you. Much of it is based on lies and half-truths, they almost never give you the full story about anything.

The war has commenced in earnest.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It means Khazaria Inc wants Khazaria back. They’ve already bought 17 million hectares (size of Italy) from Zelensky and Co for the start up kibbutz. lol


  2. Ukraine may have to exist. The Israelis are talking about going home.
    I am not sure what all this means.
    Or if it is real news.


  3. “We are in a very special situation here, and I take this with all responsibility, Ukraine exists in unnatural borders. It should cede Transcarpathia to Hungary, Galicia to Poland, Bukovina to Romania, Donbass and Crimea to Russia. These are the territories of other countries.”

    Romanian FM offers a realistic solution to Ukraine, based on population and history facts. Except the Money Changers have a different plan… Drang Nach Osten again, let Europe and Russia knock each other off AGAIN and then pick up the change AGAIN. Works like a dream!


  4. Indeed, Alison…. for those who have any doubts, look at the main Soviet leaders and influencers:

    1. Lenin (real name Ulyanov) was Jewish Russian origin (Khazar?),
    2. Trotsky (real name Bronstein) was Jewish Ukrainian origin (Khazar?),
    3. Stalin (real name Dzugashvili) was Georgian origin (Khazar?),
    4. Kaganovich was Jewish Ukrainian origin (Khazar?),
    5. Khrushchev was Ukrainian origin (Khazar?),
    6. Mikoyan was Armenian origin (Khazar?),
    7. Brezhnev was Ukrainian origin (Khazar?),
    8. Gorbachev was Ukrainian origin (Khazar?).

    Not a real Russian in sight at the top of the Soviet tree! Any bets that Putin may be Georgian (Khazar?) rather than real Russian?


  5. Sorry a Correction – “A phrase that seems to join the dots – there’s no communism without Judaism and there’s no freemasonry without Judaism”


  6. “It certainly wasn’t the Russians who invented communism and founded the Soviet Union!” So true, daviddd2

    A phrase that seems to join the dots – there’s no communism with Judaism and there’s no freemasonry without Judaism


  7. Alison: ““Hours after the Germans had unconditionally surrendered (and were thus rendered voiceless) on May 8, 1945, the “paper of record” ran an uncritical account of a just-released Soviet report of the “horrors” which took place there.”

    Not to mention that the Soviets provided almost ALL the atrocity stories and witnesses at Nuremberg. Not really that surprising when we know who was behind, and running, the very top echelons of the Soviet Union.

    No matter what they tell you, It certainly wasn’t the Russians who invented communism and founded the Soviet Union! The Russians were and still remain the victims of Marx and Engels and their fraternal communist kabal which literally occupied and imprisoned the Russians and half of modern Europe.


  8. A critical analysis of the facts and an historic review of the June 7, 2021 NY Times article of a “soviet soldier who drove his tank through the electric fence surrounding the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz on Jan. 27, 1945” states:
    “Hours after the Germans had unconditionally surrendered (and were thus rendered voiceless) on May 8, 1945, the “paper of record” ran an uncritical account of a just-released Soviet report of the “horrors” which took place there. Incredibly, it is that specific atrocity propaganda report, “Extraordinary State Commission for the Establishment and Investigation of the Atrocities of the German Fascist Invaders and Their Accomplices and the Damage They Caused to Citizens, Collective Farms, Public Organizations, State Enterprises and Institutions of the USSR”, (we kid you not, that’s the actual official name of the commission) which remains the academic foundation of the Holohoax tale until this day.”
    More: The Jewish Rambo Who Liberated Auschwitz – The Real History Channel


  9. ewhenbb: “It’s refreshing to get some facts about the situation in Ukraine.”

    Indeed, ALWAYS counter any propaganda with the other side of the story. Try also…


  10. Germany and the rest of Europe, AGAIN, is obviously being prepared for YET another Drang nach Osten! First they sent Napoleon, then the Habsburgs, then Hitler and now the next sucker will be….? The next sucker will of course be the whole of Europe, with Germany paying for its sins of the past yet again.

    “Germany will have ‘best equipped’ army in Europe – Scholz”

    The German military should assume a leading role in beefing up European security, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said. He also pledged more funding for the country’s armed forces while naming Russia as the primary adversary for the foreseeable future.

    Speaking at a Bundeswehr conference in Berlin on Friday, Scholz said his government’s priority was to turn the country’s military into a “foundation pillar” of Europe’s defense. He cited Russia’s offensive against Ukraine as the turning point that prompted Berlin to reassess its role on the continent and within NATO.

    “Germany is ready to take on the responsibility in a leading position,” Scholz said, adding that the German military should become the “best equipped strike force in Europe” in the months and years ahead.

    The chancellor noted that the Bundeswehr is already playing a key role in providing security on NATO’s eastern flank. Another “Herculean task” awaits Berlin next year, when the country leads the military alliance’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, he said.

    Scholz went on to say that he expected Russia to remain the European Union’s main adversary for the foreseeable future. To effectively counter this perceived threat, the German military needs to address the existing “capability gaps,” the chancellor said.”



    It’s refreshing to get some facts about the situation in Ukraine. My family in the west of Ukraine are praying to rid of the mafia in power that runs this country. Keep the facts coming. ________________________________


  12. Hi David,

    Who mentored Putin?

    Anatoly Sobchak, the reformist mayor of St. Petersburg, who rose to prominence as a charismatic voice for perestroika and pushed for democratic reforms. Putin was his deputy.
    Sobchak died in a hotel room in Kaliningrad in February 2000, apparently of a heart attack, but media reports later suggested he had been poisoned.
    Suspicions were further raised when the two former KGB agents traveling with Sobchak were later shot dead in what appeared to be professional hits.

    Sobchak once praised Putin as “a man who really thinks about the state… not about his own interests and needs.”
    Sobchak’s widow, Lyudmila Narusova, has had plenty of time and cause to reflect on her husband’s upbeat assessment of Putin, who as president reversed democratic reforms in favor of sweeping autocracy.

    Narusova: “It’s definitely true that Putin believes he’s been given a special mission, that he’s a statesman. He really thinks that he understands the interests of the state and implements them accordingly.”
    She pauses, then adds: “But…power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Narusova is spot-on: Putin, 22 years later, is just another conniving, manipulative, greedy, demonic, billionaire, oligarch Jew, who is deceiving us.

    According to INSIDER, 16 July 2018:
    No one knows Putin’s exact net worth, but many speculate he’s the wealthiest person on the planet, his $1 billion palace and $500 million yacht explain why.

    The Oligarchs thought that Putin would be their man, just like Yeltsin, who was weak, corrupt, and a creature of the Jewish oligarchs. Under his ‘watch’ privatization gave Russian wealth to Jews for less than a cent on the dollar.
    The Putin – Oligarch deal was quite clear: The Kremlin for him, the economy for them.

    On July 28, 2000, Putin gathered the 18 most powerful businessmen in Russia for an unprecedented discussion. This was the beginning of Putin’s campaign to undermine and reduce the power of a group of men who had made titanic fortunes from reforms designed to pave the way for a transformation of the Soviet planned economy into a free market economy.

    Putin was rewriting the rules again. In no uncertain terms, Putin told Russia’s wealthiest that the jig was up, and he denounced them as creators of a corrupt state.

    From: RT, 21 December 2013

    “Khodorkovsky was not a prisoner of conscience – he was a criminal who would have been sentenced to life in other jurisdictions for the crimes he committed. Khodorkovsky can hardly have been called a businessman either – he, like other oligarchs during the 1990s, stole, extorted, and even possibly ordered murders when making empires from looted state property. He was also a political fraudster – buying political influence from virtually anyone who would take his dirty money. It was only in prison did Khodorkovsky “find religion” in an attempt to rebrand himself as a man of the people and supporter of democracy.

    “Khodorkovsky and his PR machine created myths too. Khodorkovsky was never a real threat to Putin’s political power and Putin never feared him (and probably never will). Before his arrest, trial, and imprisonment, Khodorkovsky expressed little interest in being elected to office.
    Though there is overwhelming evidence he did everything in his power to capture the state for personal gain. And this is what was at the heart of the “Yukos affair.”

    “Not only did Khodorkovsky become Russia’s richest man, but he also intended to cash-out and/or make himself even richer at the expense of the Russian state and people. No one can deny Khodorkovsky had ambitions. His ambitions became hubris. First, he wanted to sell Yukos to Texas oilmen. Second and against Russian law, he wanted to build a private pipeline to export energy. Under Russian law, the state has the monopoly right to export energy. Putin, as head of state and protector of the country’s sovereignty had no choice – Khodorkovsky and the other oligarchs had to be stopped.

    “After being elected to the presidency in 2000, Putin made it clear the oligarchs were to stay out of politics and pay their fair share of taxes. This was the background to what is called Putin’s “Oligarch Wars.””


  13. Han Barkmeyer: “Ukraine: New Jewish ‘Promised Land’ – New Khazaria”

    It beats eating dust and rocks in the Middle East. Especially after the “oil and gas” industry becomes extinct when global warming remediation and the new PERMANENT global energy monopoly are put in place.


  14. I would believe this guy over the mainstream media any time.Go Russia.

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  15. Those 17 million hectares of prime Ukrainian agricultural land the size of Italy which Zelensky sold off to the Money Changers will make a mighty fine kibbutz. But first the land has to be cleared of cattle and fertilised with the blood and bone of the profane.

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  16. Too right daviddd2. Doesn’t win us many popularity contests but so what?!


  17. The Ukrainian military launched a successful counter-offensive in the Kharkov region on 6 September 2022.

    In just 4 days the Russians lost a vast area—everything beyond the Oskil river gone. Just like that.
    Positions that took months for Russia to capture and expand were gone in an instant. The whole of March to take the city itself, followed by battles to expand the bridgehead over Seversky Donets to its south.
    Particularly around Izyum, the Russian military had fought bloody close-quarter battles to take and expand positions beyond the Oskil and Seversky Donetsk and was now giving it all back in a rout.

    Russia’s MOD explained that the retreating troops were being “regrouped” in order to “boost efforts in the Donetsk region”. More BS.

    That would never have happened if Russia was really serious about this “War”. It could have finished it in a couple of weeks, maybe a month and forced Zelensky to surrender and sign a peace treaty. Instead the “War” is now in its 7th month with no end in sight.

    Ukrainians in Kharkov who supported Russia are now fearing for their lives. Russia’s withdrawal means that scores of civilians—probably many of whom were completely neutral and just wanted to get on with their lives—are going to get their doors kicked in by the SBU, the Ukraine Security Service. Its director is Oleksandr Poklad, his nickname “The Strangler”.

    CIA Behind Secret Plots to Kidnap, Torture and Assassinate Ukrainian Dissidents for President Zelensky, according to Ukrainian Defector Vasily Prozorov, a former officer with the SBU. He stated soon after his defection to Russia in 2018 that the SBU had been advised by the CIA since 2014.

    The SBU is going to be sent in now to do what they do best – slit throats and then demand confessions. Yes, in that order. So many people have simply been disappeared in Ukraine, the SBU just do whatever they want with no restraint at all. Torture, mutilations and mass-killings are standard SBU operating procedure. The Ukrainians, ironically enough, are fighting like Bolsheviks – with no concern for any norms or conventions or anything resembling humanity.

    Sounds familiar? Fighting like Bolsheviks? I’m sure they have their Jewish Political Commissars like in the good old days of the Bolshevik Revolution and World War II. This is only stirring up the hatred between the Ukrainian and Russian Goyim while the Jews are laughing their heads off.

    Pro-Russia Ukrainians do not openly support Putin even in the territories controlled by the Russians. Because the officially declared goal of Russia is to achieve a number of demands from Kiev, after which the Russian army will leave all the territories occupied since February 24 (except Donbass).

    Naturally, as soon as the Ukrainian authorities return there, all those who collaborated with the Russians will simply be shot as traitors. In such conditions, there are very few who want to openly help the Russian army.

    After the events of the past week, could anyone blame them? And how does Russia intend to win over hearts and minds when it can’t even guarantee the safety and security of Ukrainians who welcomed Russian troops as liberators?

    What has actually been accomplished in six months? Is this how Russia “wins”?

    Of course, Putin and Zelensky, both Jewish, are the best of mates and don’t want their “War” to end. The past 6 months have proven that, while the Ukrainian and Russian Goyim are killing each other, Europe and the rest of the world going down the gurgler. That is their objective.

    Ukraine: New Jewish ‘Promised Land’ – New Khazaria



    The Federal Open Market Committee of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has a meeting scheduled for Sept. 20 – 21, minutes from the meeting are released three weeks after the date of their policy decision.

    Nothing to see in Australia, or is there?

    The last Saturday in September has always been Australian (rules) Football League, Grand Final Day, 2:00 pm kickoff, 0:00 am New York time.

    For the first time ever, the Grand Final is on a Friday night (Sept. 23)


  19. Han Barkmeyer: “Both Trump and Putin are surrounded by Chabad, the criminal Jewish doomsday cult.”

    Trump’s mentor was supposedly Roy Cohn, Epstein’s precursor. Who mentored Putin? Khodorkovsky was Rothschild’s mate but Putin had the knives out for him. Did Putin turn or is he still in charge of the laundromat and Khodorkovsky was meant to be scrubbed? Just curious as to your thoughts on the matter as some of the pieces don’t fit very well.


  20. Thanks, D Johnston, as you know, I calls it as I sees it. Rain, hail or shine. Cheers. 🙂


  21. Hi daviddd2, re: “Twould be good if you knew a little….etc” BOOM! Absolutely correct on all points.


  22. Putin was put into power by Abramovich, the Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Organizations in Russia under the leadership of Chabad Rabbi Berel Lazar, who would come to be known as “PUTIN’S RABBI”.
    Chabad-Lubavitch Crime Boss Roman Abramovich stated in a 2005 interview that Putin could obtain Israeli citizenship because his mother was Jewish.

    According to the Jerusalem Post, Putin employed Abramovich and Leviev “to serve as envoys to the global Jewish community, using the Chabad network as their base”, the Chabad House in Long Island in the State of New York.

    An April 2008 speech by Russia Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, indicates that Chabad is sponsored by the Rothschilds and likely counts Putin and Trump as members.

    “Tonight, we are also honoured to be hosting the Honourable Nathaniel Rothschild, who is here with us tonight as Guest of Honour.”

    Nathaniel Rothschild introduces Lazar:

    “My only qualification for speaking tonight is that I am very good friends with Rabbi Lazar. I have been going to Russia since 1992, when I was still a student in Oxford. When I began visiting Russia regularly around 2001, I didn’t have much idea about the resurgence of Jewish life.

    “However, I met Rabbi Lazar in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum in Davos and I was struck by watching this figure and we eventually connected and started talking, and from there began a friendship and I started visiting his centre in Russia, many times a year.
    I have only wonderful things to say and I am very honoured to introduce him here tonight.”

    Chief Rabbi of Russia, PUTIN’S RABBI Berel Lazar starts his speech by saying:
    “My call to fame is actually being Mr. Rothschild’s friend…”

    Both Trump and Putin are surrounded by Chabad, the criminal Jewish doomsday cult. Like Herzl, the founder of Zionism, said: “The anti-Semites are the Zionists best friends”. So, they have both been recruiting the far right to achieve their objective. Putin to undermine the influence of NATO in Europe, and Trump to get the White vote.

    It was the Russian mafia, closely connected to Chabad-Lubavitch, who engaged in fake news to rally the conspiracy community and the alt-right behind Trump. The only thing they care about is not White identity, or America or Russia, but Israel.
    Chabad are now hailing both Putin and Trump as the possible messiah.

    While RT and other alternative news outlets portray Putin as some sort of Savior, the reality is that he is just playing his role in the Jewish New World Order and the WEF.

    Instead of expelling Jewish influence in his country after the mass murder of 66 million Russians after the Jewish Bolshevik revolution, Putin is calling for harsher punishments for anti-Semitic expressions in Russia.

    He told the European Jewish Congress, that Jews facing a rising tide of anti-Semitism should move to Russia, where they would find a safe haven. Readers of the Jerusalem Post have chosen Putin as their person of the year.

    Putin is surrounded by Chabad, Zelensky is surrounded by Chabad, Biden and his cabinet are surrounded by Chabad. They all want the fake War in Ukraine to continue: To destroy the Slavs, Europe and the rest of the World.


  23. lindesymonds: “And who was it exactly who invaded Ukraine back in February? Why is it that Central European nations have no right to be sovereign independent nations or oppose the armed aggression of the Soviet Union and its ambitions to create one Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”

    Twould be good if you knew a little about the DELIBERATE de-Russification project in the Ukraine region by the Soviet “communists” and by the fascist streams sponsored by the clerico fascist brigade. Or that the Ukrainian region and parts of it have been alternately ruled by various states for quite some time.

    Not to mention your knowing a little about the various people who have lived in the Ukraine region for eons, including Russians, Poles, Lithuanians, Ruthenians, Turks, Hungarians, Romanians, Khazars, Vikings, Cossacks, etc.

    There is no Ukrainian “nation” per se! Soviet communist diktat and decree proclaiming a Ukrainian Republic does NOT a “nation” make.

    Nor does the self proclamation of the Bandera fascist accolytes as the guardians of the Ukrainian “nation” entitle them to extinguish the identity of the ethnic Russians living in the Ukraine region for centuries.

    As for the Soviet Union stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok… that’s a mere fantasy. Kindly provide some evidence of it so that the rest of us might also enjoy it.

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  24. For those who want to follow up the Sept 24 2022 drop, Hal Turner has done a show on it.


  25. Save the date – another glitch in the schmo-screen along the lines of the WTC7 Effect. Alert sheeple will not be just standing there chewing the cud and listening to the BBC.

    When Vlad invaded Ukraine Feb 24 2022 (officially) he quoted a speech made in the Russian Duma months before the Russian blitzkrieg to the effect the world would see Russia’s power on Feb 22 2022. The exact words and just two days out of the exact date. Nothing says power quite like artillery and missiles raining down on cities East and West of the Dnieper. I am sure everyone got the memo.

    And now on the floor of the German Bundestag another Zhironofsky moment has dropped. “Dear colleagues this 24 of Sept 2022 will be a day remaining in our memories as a day we will say: ‘I remember exactly where I was’.”

    Judging from the response, the dear colleagues are not pleased to reminded. They know. And what they know is for them to know and the German nation to find out – on Sept 24. The German legislator who has the lectern definitely has faux pas’d the dear colleagues – only in Deutsche.

    Acting Pope No. 2 Francis I has flown to Khazakstan subsequent to his orders at the end of August that all Vatican entities world-wide were to move all financial instruments and all assets to Vatican Bank by Sept 30 2022. Francis I has not just jetted over to Astana for his health or to make one of his ‘all religions show us the path to God’ kumbaya speeches at Nur Sultan or have an ecumenical kissy-kissy with KGB Agent Cyril. He is there on business regarding an event – which date or near date has now been dropped.

    Meanwhile in Australia, there will be nothing to see here. Look for the doubles of our leading politutes to present themselves around that time. I think the WEFies and BRICies will be extracting their political assets. Can hardly wait to see the Palchuck and D’ath and Albanese doubles. They might even be metaverse bots. The CHOs may even be pleading: ‘take us with you’ .


  26. On 11 August 1999 a rare solar eclipse took place which could be seen over much of Europe. A week later on 17/18 August there was an even rarer alignment of planets in a Great Cross shape, possibly the most unusual astrological alignment of the last 2000 years – a highly auspicious astrological event held to be the end of an epoch..

    Just before the eclipse on 11 August and on the eve of the Great Cross, Russian President Yeltsin resigned and appointed Vladamir Putin, a political unknown, as Prime Minister. Then Yeltsin stepped down on New Years Eve 1999 and announced Putin as President.

    Many say this is linked to prophecies by Nostradamus (Oracles, Century X, No.72) and others such as Vanga, Parvulesco, Gurdjieff… In 2001 it was predicted that Putin would build a multipolar world and is destined to do so.

    Maybe that is why the West wants to get rid of him.. he will be their downfall.

    Nostradamus – “In the year of 1999 the great King of terror will come from the sky. To bring back the great King of the Mongols. Before and after Mars to reign triumphantly”..

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  27. Viva Russia! This is not a war about Russia against Ukraine killers – it started that way but the West has taken control of it to try and take out Russia – and it will be to their detriment. Russia could just have decimated the whole country but they did not, however I think their patience is wearing thin. They should get the civilians out and just level it and be done with it and walk away.

    There will come the time when we will have to pick a side… Eurasia and a multipolar world – or slavery under the unipolar controlling West. I know which side I will be choosing.

    Eurasia is growing and the SCO already has 40% of of the world’s nations on board and BRICS is growing, all made up of countries that have been screwed over by the West and want a different world with mutual co-operation and peace.

    Australia has just cancelled the Russian embassy… so we know which side Australia is on.

    Might be time to investigate a new place to call home…

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  28. The Russian and Ukrainian Goyim are falling right in the Jewish trap. They will kill one another while the Jews are laughing their heads off. They want World War III to happen and are looking forward to it for their long-awaited Messiah will only come when the whole World lies in ruins.

    Israel Warns World War III May be Biblical War of Gog and Magog – Israel National News, Oct 18, 2007

    Is Ukraine war the onset of Gog and Magog? Explainer – Jerusalem Post, March 15, 2022

    It looks like the Chosen Ones have the power to turn Prophecies into Reality. Mr. Yahweh must be giving them a helping hand.
    According to my friend Moshe: “Our God is your God too, but HE has chosen us.”

    Chabad leader, Messiah Menachim Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia. DESTROYING THE SLAVS and the rest of the world.

    “This speech was uttered by Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1994. There is much debate about its authenticity, as once argued about the validity of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” but it is an indisputable fact that almost all the goals, laid out by Schneerson, have been achieved by now.

    “This speech is simply the application of Talmud to Ukraine and Russia. Talmud says: Jews should murder and enslave goyim worldwide. This speech says: Jews should murder and enslave goyim in Ukraine and Russia.

    “Yes, the speech by Menachem Mendel Schneerson is monstrous. For a normal person, it is hard to believe that a religious leader can be a MURDERER, and that the religion can be THE IDEOLOGY OF MURDER. That is why, the text of this essay has every criminal passage from the speech next to the criminal passage from Talmud. The face of the Zionist Messiah also speaks for itself: it is the face of a TERRORIST, full of hatred and menace.

    “Slavs, and among them Russians – are the most unbending people in the world. Slavs are unbending as a result of their psychological and intellectual abilities, created by many generations of ancestors. It is impossible to alter these genes. Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers.

    “First of all, we will divide the Slavic nations (of 300 million, half of them Russians) into the small countries with weak and severed connections. For this, we will use our old method: Divide and conquer. We will try to pit these countries against each other, and suck them into civil wars for the sake of mutual destruction.

    “The Ukrainians would think that they are fighting against the expansionist Russia and struggling for their independence. They will think that they have finally gained their freedom, while they become fully subdued by us.
    “The same will be thought by Russians, as though they defend their national interests to return their lands, “illegally” taken away from them, and so on.”

    Rabbi Schneerson a joke? Consider this:

    The Congress of the United States of America has declared that the seven universal laws commanded to Noah (THE NOAHIDE LAWS) are “the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization.” U.S. Congress, H.J. Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14, 1991.

    In 1991 a rather innocuous-sounding piece of legislation was passed surreptitiously through the US Congress under George Bush Sr.
    It was a House Joint Resolution (104) titled “Education Day, USA”. You might not look twice if you saw it. How clever. The document is available to read on the Library of Congress website, so you can check for yourselves.

    It is apparently to celebrate the birthday of Rabbi Schneerson, the head of an obscure Jewish movement calling itself Chabad Lubavitch, which undertakes outreach and education on Jewish matters.

    Oh really, a birthday treat for the rabbi? For converting Americans to Judaism?

    Australia is well on its way in recognizing the Noahide Laws.

    Australian Governor General Michael Jeffery praises Noahide Law.
    Other world leaders have joined the call for further observance and knowledge of these laws. For example, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Union wrote (in July, 2014) that he seeks greater “dissemination of the universal values known as the Noahide Laws,” and Major General Michael Jeffery, Governor General of Australia, lamenting family breakdowns and drug and alcohol abuse in modern society in a 2008 letter, wrote that he believed that observing the fundamental values of the Noahide Laws can be an antidote to such ills of society.

    The real goal of ALL (71) of the Noahide Laws is to have the non-Jewish population of the United States (and eventually the world) totally subject to and ruled by judicial enactments that are exclusively managed, interpreted and manipulated by ultra-orthodox Jewish rabbis, a new Sanhedrin.

    The penalty for violation is clearly spelled out on page 1192 of the Encyclopedia Judaica: “violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by DECAPITATION”


  29. And what if anything is dirtbag Volker Turk (OHCHR) going to do about this?…


  30. Hi paullpettitt, You’ll like this I’m sure. The pompier incendiare/arsonist firefighter aka NATO, has got nothin. And they know it.


  31. This relentless escalation toward all-out war meshes in quite well with the Globalist plan to destroy everything in order to “Build Back Better”. Remember the psycopaths pulling the strings all have well-stocked deep underground bunkers to retreat to when it all hits the fan.

    And let’s not forget, folks, our governments haven’t finished their democidal war on US – not by a long shot. If Russia and China don’t kill us all (and who could blame them) then our own elite class will do their best to starve and poison us to achieve the same end.

    Best to be stocking up on non-perishables and planning for hard times. Martin Armstrong says this won’t all finally be over until sometime around 2032.


  32. And who was it exactly who invaded Ukraine back in February? Why is it that Central European nations have no right to be sovereign independent nations or oppose the armed aggression of the Soviet Union and its ambitions to create one Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok. They will not stop with the Ukraine. The TEDS of the EUSSR want to force a merger of the entire Union with the Soviets. A Eurasian soviet is the goal of this exercise.


  33. Hi paullpettitt, Oh yeah! You’ve said it all. You know if Putin had lowered himself to the forever endemic Western ‘moral’ standards and mentality, and just gone all scorched earth rather than surgically precise and humane – it would’ve been all over in seconds flat.


  34. I never believe msm fear porn bs. God bless President Putin & applaud the continued & inevitable destruction of Azov & their NATO Comrads 💥💀

    Liked by 2 people

  35. If this story is correct and I am sure it is then Australia is effectively up against China. The very people they sold Darwin Port to. Go figure.
    Russia will possibly go for the whole of Ukraine.
    Like Hitler did not want WWII, Putin does not want WWIII.
    Putin shutting off all gas is worrying.


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