Trump supporters outside Mar a Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. Below: Secret Service agents at the gate.

On MONDAY night (US time) FBI agents raided the Mar a Lago, Trump’s Miami residence, seizing boxes of documents that supposedly contain classified material, and even breaking into Trump’s safe there. Trump was in New York at the time.

The Democrats and their globalist comrades in Soros, Schwab, Gates, mainstream media and many others are terrified of Trump’s openly nationalist, pro-Christian, anti-globalist stance. Trump threatens to end the decades-long campaign by western elites to destroy nation states and impose a new world order, otherwise known as Schwab’s “great reset”.

Trump also threatens to destroy the global central banking system, the major tool of the elites. Steve Bannon, one of Trump’s key political allies who was recently railroaded into a conviction by the January 6 Committee, a is calling for an end to the Federal Reserve.

NewYork Times in-house Democrat shill Maggie Haberman and news site Axios have colluded with the Democrat establishment to try to make Trump look like some sort of criminal for having classified government documents in his possession at Mar a Lago. But the raid has only spurred on Trump supporters who came out in their hundreds to the location.

Haberman, a journalist who specializes in posting bland comments on Twitter, is also releasing a book called “Confidence Man: The making of Donald Trump and the breaking of America”. Haberman has also released photos alleged to be Trump’s torn-up notes (written in marker pen) in a White House toilet. Such is the desperation of Democrats to fire anything at Trump.

The US Justice Department, which has been involved in a campaign of legal harassment against former Trump associates, declined to say if Attorney General Merrick Garland had authorized the Monday raid, which he most likely did in cahoots with a judge who signed the search warrant.

There were no announcements of charges against Trump, although media noted that the Justice Department has been investigating the discovery of classified information in boxes of records that were taken to Trump’s Florida residence after he left the White House.

The New York Times has tried to push the line that Trump is on the run from righteous legal actions, but it is little more than lawfare and harassment, something which the Democrats specialize in. They have prosecuted 11 former and present Trump associates.

Trump’s big sins, according to the New York Times are (1) being “under federal scrutiny for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, in addition to various criminal and civil investigations at the state level” (2) being investigated by Federal prosecutors in May into the alleged mishandling of classified documents that wound up at Mar-a-Lago and (3) being the subject of a Department of Justice probe of the January 6 Capitol riot “schemes to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the run-up to the attack”.

The fact of the matter is that Trump sought constitutional law advice on how disputed results in various states could be stopped by the Vice President in his official role in declaring the results on January 6, 2021. It was believed at the time (although disputed) that he had the power to send disputed results back to the states, but Pence ignored this and made the declarations regardless.

Meanwhile Antifa, BLM and FBI agent provocateurs sent to disrupt the massive rally to support Trump on the day managed to create havoc at the Capitol building, pushing over barriers and urging the crowd to surge into the building. Most people simply walked in when the doors were opened by the overwhelmed Capitol Police.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Washington mayor, also a Democrat, had earlier ignored warnings of possible trouble and refused to act upon Trump administration calls for the National Guard to be brought in. None of this, of course, has been raised by Democrats January 6 witch hunt committee featuring the angry, embittered Liz Cheny, a neocon Republican Trump hater and daughter of the notorious Dick Cheney from the Bush presidency. She is calling on Democrats to help her get re-elected in Wyoming.

All this was conflated by Democrats and their media into an alleged attempted coup by Trump, who was fighting tooth and nail to get election fraud dealt with. The Demediaocrats, of course, would entertain no talk about election fraud, which they immediately branded a lie and a hoax, regardless of massive statistical voting anomalies.

According to the Associated Press, Federal law bars the removal of classified documents to unauthorized locations, though it is possible that Trump could try to argue that, as president, he was the ultimate declassification authority.

There are multiple statutes governing classified information, including a law punishable by up to five years in prison that makes it a crime to remove such records and retain them at an unauthorized location. Another statute makes it a crime to mishandle classified records either intentionally or in a grossly negligent manner, the AP reported.