Ukraine update: war crimes, weapons trade, hypersonic missiles, BRICS

From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent
YOU may have heard of Russia’s Wagner fighting force, an elite Russian fighting force equipped with Russia’s top of the line space age technologies, much of which is still experimental. This elite force is used in difficult combatant environments to take down enemy forces, they have been extremely effective in all combat scenarios. They generally apply the tri-combatant technique.

While on a mission we were briefly based in the village of Malo Belagoria. There I came across two children an 11-year-old boy called Dima and his 13-year-old sister Lena. Both of their parents had been murdered by the Ukrofascists. Lena with the help of her little brother hand dug the graves for their parents, then dragging their bodies into the hole burying them. I never could have imagined such a thing, they have no one now. I asked a local woman whose husband had died in the fighting if she knew them, she said she did and that they would not leave the graves of their parents. I asked her if she would take care of the children, she said she would.

Prior to our departure we gave the woman all the spare food we had and cut a mountain of firewood for her. My soul cries out at this injustice it was heart rendering. The hate in the Ukrainians runs so deep it needs to be experienced to be believed, I struggle to accept this phenomenon.

Some of the villagers greet the Russian forces with open smiles and sometimes share their meals. On some occasions thru their gifts of food they poison our soldiers, some of ours have died in this way. In one such town the senior figure that inspired such treachery was of a Polish heritage. Such two-faced acts of vengeance do not go unpunished and in this instance the village was wiped off the face of the map.

The Ukrainian school children are being taught perversion, demented concepts about reality. The indoctrination of Ukrainian children based on fascist ideology promote Hitler, Bandera and Shuhevich as leaders of distinction worthy of respect. They ignore the small ahistorical fact of the number of Jews and others they murdered. For instance, they are taught that the Black Sea was dug out by hand by their Ukrainian predecessors using shovels. They are conditioned to believe that the world is centred around Ukraine and that everything sprouted from there.

At grade 4 the children are told in schools that democracy is defined as a stable economic model living, where in which the Russians cannot exist and that their lands must be taken from them and used more effectively than the Russians ever could. Since 2005 they are indoctrinated with thoughts of removing the Slavic peoples from the world, odd considering the Ukrainians originated from Slavs.

The Ukrainians conscripted into the Ukrofascist army by in large have no interest in fighting. They are being forced by the fascist Zelensky to commit heinous acts of violence for no good reason. In one instance we took many Ukrainian fighters that surrendered, however some of the fools dropped their weapons and ran back towards the Ukrainian lines. The Ukrainian right sector opened fire on these men killing them all.

The Ukrofascists have so many drones they could almost block out the sun with them, they are armed with explosives and used like kamikaze drones to conduct direct strikes on ground-based targets. They target Russian issued phone sims or the Russian dialect spoken over the phone. I had made a brief call and moved position 10 minutes later a missile exploded at that location. Hence, we started using Ukrainian sims. We get a little more time out of them before bombs start dropping.

The stats suggest that 350,000 Ukrainians are dead. These numbers do not account for those MIA, border guards or the territorial defenders. I expect the actual numbers are double this. I now think that when the US says we intend to fight to the last Ukrainian they really mean it. In October the first frosts will appear, the trees will start to lose their leaves and the Ukrainian forces will be completely exposed, then the start of open season.

While on the front line we came across a trench dug by the Ukrofascists. I estimate it was 150-200 meters long, 1-1.5 m deep and about 2-2.5 meters wide. It was brimming with Ukrainian corpses, those killed in the fighting. The Ukrofascist must have collected them and piled them in before retreating.

I have to admit we love the US weaponry; their bullet proof vests are much lighter than ours so when we catch the Ukrofascists we strip them bare. The NATO uniforms don’t show up on thermal imagery scopes and we all have them now. Some of the gear is fetching top dollar on the dark web –howitzer M777 targeting equipment fetches 2 million rubles cash on arrival. Some of the US night vision scopes can target objects 2km away and lock on to them, guaranteeing a kill shot every time.

Some of the best buyers are the FSB. This fight has deteriorated into some kind of a market where everything is bought and sold, I find it rather disgusting if truth be told. In my opinion there seems to be three types of personality in this war: the idealist fighting for a cause, the bloodthirsty who just want to kill and those that have seen enough and just want to get out.

The frigate Admiral Gorshkov will be the first vessel to be equipped with the 3M22 Circon as well as Russian submarines. Reportedly, they can be used in standard tube launchers, such as cruise Kalibr or anti-ship Oniks missile tubes. The Circon remains shrouded in secrecy and “no obstacle” can stop this sea-launched anti-ship hypersonic missile, according to Putin.

The Circon travels at hypersonic speeds reaching at least Mach-9, just over 11,000kph, while retaining its ability to manoeuvre, which makes the missile effectively impossible to intercept and difficult to detect by existing anti-aircraft defences. The operational range has not been disclosed, however it is assumed it can cover at least 1500km. The Circon has been used twice in the Ukraine its effectiveness is devastating; in one instance we hit a warehouse storing munitions and equipment (MLRS) in this strike we estimate 800 militants were sent to join Bandera along with their foreigner mercenaries.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has reportedly said that his country is interested in joining the BRICS group. Algeria largely meets the conditions for joining BRICS. The group is named for its member states – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – and it plans to consider adding Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt at its summit next year. BRICS nations account for more than 40% of the world’s population and are growing. The bloc’s stated goals are to promote peace, security, global cooperation, development and development of humanity. Iran and Argentina formally applied to join the group in June 2022. Russia, China and other BRICS members are reportedly developing a new global reserve currency, potentially undermining the dominance of the US dollar.

In July 2022 Turkey announced its intent to exit NATO and the EU, this is following discussions with Putin.  Turkey and Russian intend to swell their trade up to $100 billion per year. Russian gas will now flow unhindered through the Turkish stream pipelines. For this they will receive huge transit fees and they will also control the flow of Russian grain. Erdogan has turned his attention to the BRICS and the Eurasian block.

Finland allowed its foreign policy to be dictated to them by the US and the EU. In doing so they become hostile to Russia and violated a 100-year-old contract that allowed them to use the inland channel to move goods between neighbouring countries. The fools acted before engaging the brain. The old contract had a clause that should Finland start to show hostilities to Russia the contract is null and void. Polish schools have introduced mandatory shooting lessons.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s Skibitsky says the US is directly involved in hostilities in Ukraine. US weapons sent to the Ukraine are accompanied with instructors that act as gunners. We estimate there are at least 2000 NATO/US instructors operating in the Ukraine partaking in the battle.

Apparently, China’s CATL the world’s largest manufacturer of fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries postponed the construction of a huge factory in the US. The reason, Nazi Pelosi’s misadventure to Taiwan. The company was going to start building a giant battery factory for Tesla and Ford electric vehicles. The $5 billion enterprise would have employed 10,000 workers while reducing costs.

Amnesty International accuses Ukraine of stationing troops in civilian facilities. Ukrainian forces are endangering civilians by establishing bases and using weapon systems in populated residential areas, including schools and hospitals. Zelensky has labelled them as Russian supporters.

A US mercenary Benjamin Velcro spoke about the atrocities against a Russian PoW. “He was about 18 years old, we cut off his heels and forced him to swim across the river.” An American who fought for Kiev resigned from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, got drunk and began confessing to war crimes online. “We were given an order not to take the enemy prisoner. Therefore, we cut off his tendons and forced him to swim to see how you can swim without tendons.” As the soldier was swimming away, Velcro and the other Georgian mercenaries of the Legion used the young man as target practice. What I can say is that we are now actively hunting this filthy US merc and that we will catch him. We currently have one of his accomplices. Guys like Bennie tend to go missing very quickly.

Recently some Ukrainian media outlets asserted that Russia intended to reappoint a former Ukrainian president Yanukovich as Ukraine’s president, so the EU targeted Yanukovich and his son with sanctions. Brussels creatively accused the former Ukrainian leader, ousted during the 2014 coup (sponsored by the US), of playing a role in “undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine” as well as its “stability and security”. Yanukovich was granted asylum in Russia after he was forced to flee Ukraine following the February 2014 Maidan coup where the intension was to assassinate Yanukovich. In my opinion Yanukovich won’t be reinstalled as president unless he is democratically elected and only after the special operation has been completed. Following the 2014 coup Poroshenko was elected in violation of all norms. The voting rights of the eastern portion of Ukraine, which comprises 60% of the population, were cancelled.

The RF has essentially taken three regions, Kherson, Donetsk and Lugansk. The regions are now entering the Russian jurisdiction, returning to the motherland and will never be gifted to Ukraine again. This in part is being done to send a message to the west: we will keep what we take.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation announced the possible involvement of USAID in the emergence of Covid-19. According to the agency, the development of the COVID-19 pandemic suggests its deliberate nature and the involvement of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in its occurrence. It is highly likely that the coronavirus is artificial and created using US biotechnology. The coronavirus pandemic may be fuelled by the “stuffing” of new variants of the virus. In 2019, prior to the appearance of COVID-19, the US military was simulating pandemic operational conditions for previously unknown coronavirus.

As part of the Pentagon’s biological program, Labyrinth Global Health studied coronaviruses and monkey pox. Two infectious agents that just happened to fall into the Pentagon’s area of interest and which caused the pandemic. It is worth taking a fresh look at the causes of the pandemic and assessing the role of US military biologists in the spread of the COVID-19 pathogen.

Last night (6/7/22) the RF entered the city of Nikolaevka while cutting off the Ukrainian counter offence using artillery and air defence.  We have entered the edge of the city; street fighting is ongoing. I expect we’ll have the city within the week. We are holding the road linking Mariupol to Nikolaevka we liquidated the group of Ukrainians that were heading to Mariupol. The EU promised the Ukrofascists 40 planes but they only received eight Mig-29s, manufactured in 2004 – a case of too little too late. It seems Zelensky’s bedfellows have lost interest.

North Korea would like to send 100,000 soldiers to fight with the RF. They are crazy. I’ve had personal experience with them and I believe Putin will let them in as a test case. It will be good practice for them and perhaps, they’ll be able to use their newly acquired skills to unite North and South Korea once and for all. This is the Korean dream as they many have family on both sides of the US created fence. To this day the Americans continue to interfere in the sovereignty of the Korean people. For a time, Vietnam was divided by the US into North and South until Russia helped them restore their sovereignty. Ossetia and North Korea acknowledge Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson to be independent states.

On the 6/7/22 the Ukrofascists destroyed and damaged all the offshore oil platforms based near Crimea. They used roughly six English-supplied harpoon missiles to strike these civilian targets and civilians were killed. Russia has been forced to shut them down. We destroyed four MLRS near south Donetsk region and two MLRS units were destroyed near Kharkov. Under Kharkov the Ukrofascist counterattack lost 80 people and 20 pieces of equipment. The Polish are now fighting the RF directly without hiding badges or dressing as Ukrainians. In western Kharkov the RF cut down at least 200 Polish combatants using choppers. The RF forces are now within 20km of Kiev, having entered through Belarus. Following the Ukraine strike on Belarus, Lukashenko gave the RF unrestricted use of its airspace.

The RF has captured a witness that states Zelensky personally instructed his people to kill PoWs held at Yelenovka detention centre. This is because the PoWs started to cooperate with the RF. This war crime is linked to the “Blood Pastor” Turchinov, known for his connection with US intel agencies. Russia is launching an international investigation to find those responsible for the shelling of Yelenovka and punish them.

Russia has enacted a full war economy, all factories are producing around the clock tanks, ships, planes and munitions etc. It appears that the RF is preparing for an extended conflict after all. If one factors in that NATO and the EU are on the ground fighting the RF directly and thru its proxy then we are in for quite the ride.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Let’s look at the simple principle of money changing without any own funds involved. “High tech weapons” that have proven technical failures or are too difficult to repair were sold at a high price to democracy and are “good investments” for keeping democratic peace and as donations to the kosher political correct (or other democratic knock offs) who are well known of thieving anything that can be sold. So called donations are now going cheap to the highest bidder – any bidder, as long it is payed for in coin or “human services”.

    In the good ole days of democracy (Syrian invasion) “Muslim” terrorists were being supplied with brand new Landcruisers and expansive “high tech” weapons. These days now seem to be over as Commissions in money changing for second hand military equipment have outrun the efforts of stealing and this is where democracy steps in as the rightful donor of coin.

    Global economics and sustainable democracy for all citizens – though the spin of the magic coin has gone up due to increased commission by spinning agents. “Inflation” it is called.


  2. lol Old Khazar proverb?


  3. Funny fact: Russia has found a new way of eliminating Western supplied military hardware, – by purchasing it from the Ukies on the black market!.

    As they say: shake hands with a Ukrainian, then count your fingers afterwards.


  4. 17 million ha? Mmmm… nice slice of European democracy! lol Worth a few Ukrainians I reckon.


  5. “Three large AMERICAN MULTINATIONAL Companies bought 17 million ha of prime agricultural land in Ukraine – just before the Russian INVASION. These are Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto (which is officially German-Australian but with American capital).

    Five percent of Ukrainian agricultural land was subsequently purchased by the Chinese state. For comparison, the whole of Italy has 16.7 million hectares of agricultural land. Among the main shareholders of these three companies are Vanguard, Blackrock, Blackstone.”

    The “German/Australian” connection did it again without AGAIN benefiting anyone of “THEIR own citizens”. How good is that? “Aussies” and “Germans” have bought agricultural land in the wheat chamber of the world. No starving and food shortages for Aussies and Krauts! Ha, ain’t Aussies and Germans smart for having such great REPRESENTATIVES that pull all those strings in their very owned Parliaments?


  6. It is interesting to note, that Russia only has 15% of its military on active service in Ukraine: a task force essentially.

    This isn’t a fixed group suffering continual losses, and thus, slowly rendering the Divisions ineffective. But like good fighting machines, the divisions are being regularly rotated, which not only maintains their full combat capacity, but provides front line experience to the whole Russian armed forces.

    The airforce also has a new ‘next generation’ bomber on the way.


  7. crisscross: “Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001”

    I wonder on what basis Peres would claim something like that? At first glance it would appear to be a bit of grandstanding. But one look at the top 10 officials in the Biden administration would suggest there may be some truth in his claim.

    Given that Biden himself is a self declared Zionist certainly does nothing to dispel the claim.

    Looking back a little further into the Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump administrations one would be justified in making a few further inquiries. If there is truth in the claim, then what says that Russian and Chinese oligarchs may not be under similar control.

    If the Americans know who the power behind the throne is, why wouldn’t the rest of the world?

    Are George Bush Sr’s 1000 points of light of the New World Oder so well hidden as to be invisible to all but the Illumined ones? Or is the rest of the world also too busy trying to live the American Dream. Time will tell.


  8. Roughly speaking, around 50% of the Ukrainian population are ethnic Russians. Unsurprisingly ,we don’t hear about that in the MSM.

    If there is any unification to be done it’s likely to be with Russia where their language and culture are not illegal as they have been in Ukraine since the 2014 Nudelman inspired putsch.

    Victoria Nudelman: aka Victoria Nuland… “Nudelman was born in 1961 to Sherwin B. Nudelman, a surgeon born to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants.”

    Given that Ukraine was supposedly very anti semitic particularly in the western parts in the last century and was busy exterminating the Ukrainian Jewish population during WW2, Nuland’s origins probably explain the surprising takeover of Ukrainian leadership by Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs.

    Let us also not forget that West Ukraine under the nazi, fascist Bandera was also at war with the Russian population of East Ukraine during WW2.

    Given the background, it appears surprising that the EU and the Jewish oligarchs seem more sympathetic to the more Banderite Western Ukrainians who were allegedly and historically their mortal enemies.

    Now that appears to be a unification which would not have been easily expected.


  9. Was Hiroshima Necessary?
    Mark Weber

    America’s leaders understood Japan’s desperate position: the Japanese were willing to end the war on any terms, as long as the Emperor was not molested. If the US leadership had not insisted on unconditional surrender — that is, if they had made clear a willingness to permit the Emperor to remain in place — the Japanese very likely would have surrendered immediately, thus saving many thousands of lives … General Curtis LeMay, who had pioneered precision bombing of Germany and Japan (and who later headed the Strategic Air Command and served as Air Force chief of staff), put it most succinctly: “The atomic bomb had nothing to do with the end of the war.”

    Liked by 2 people

  10. US Interests and Pretenses in a Changing Middle East
    Chas E. Freeman, Jr.

    … Washington has set aside reliance on diplomatic persuasion in favor of coercive policies based on dollar sovereignty. The United States now imposes sanctions on any and all countries that defy its policies. This practice and the lawless confiscation of a growing number of countries’ dollar reserves have put America at odds with much of the world … The United States no longer teaches geography or foreign history in its schools, has ever fewer foreign correspondents, glorifies war, and seems to view diplomacy as nothing more than foreplay before a military assault. Our habit of plotting foreign policies as vectors of ill-informed popular perceptions and passions belies reality … Americans now feel free to indulge solipsistic fantasies that justify foreign policies so out of line with trends and events abroad that they gain more blowback than traction.

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  11. “………..they’ll be able to use their newly acquired skills to unite North and South Korea once and for all. This is the Korean dream as they many have family on both sides of the US created fence”.

    Paul Potts & ALi – Nostalgic Geumgangsan – a mountain in North Korea


  12. Who controls the USA?

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here) –

    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. (Certainly the FBI’s cover-up of the Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal suggests that Mr. Sharon may not have been joking.) –

    Netanyahu caught on tape in 2001: ‘Don’t worry about the Americans, we easily manoeuvre them’ – ‘This is how I deliberately sabotaged the Oslo Accords’ – ‘We plan to strike Palestinians several times, so hard the pain will be unbearable’


  13. Hi David,.Talking about weapons being manourered ,I wrote about ten days ago, of a plane crash in Greece. About 10.5 tonnes of munitions from a Serbian factory, plus nine Ukraine personnel, naturally dead. It was on it’s way to Sri Lanka.

    Sounds like a lovely communal effort to control starving people.


  14. US Congress members claim that of the BILLIONS of dollars in military aid only around 30% of US military aid is getting to the Ukrainians .

    Any guesses where the rest is going? Are other sycophant countries being fast tracked into entering the conflict?


  15. “… Hudson noted, however, that “the biggest beneficiary” of Russia having been laden with sanctions is Washington. This is because Europe, which is heavily reliant on Russian energy, is faced with simultaneous energy and food crises, thus leaving it with little ability to pay attention to other matters.

    “Basically, Washington doesn’t care if Russia wins the war [in Ukraine], because the US has succeeded in eliminating its competition in Europe, especially Germany.”

    Despite WW1 and WW2 the dingbats in Europe just don’t get it! Now they’re being suckered into WW3. Born to be ^kd. Amen.


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