Russia Report

by Kuman

For those that are unaware there are two Nord stream pipelines (one and two) entering the EU from Russia. Until recently Nord Stream 1 was shut down for maintenance, this pipeline involved the turbine which was held hostage by Schwab’s puppet Trudeau. The other Nord Stream 2 pipeline runs thru the Baltic Sea. It has the capacity to transport 55 billion m3 of gas annually, its construction was completed September 2021, Gazprom has indicated the pipeline is ready for use. Germany’s masters have not allowed Germany to accept the completions certification, as a result the project was halted indefinitely. I believe the German’s are considering repurposing parts of the pipeline for an LNG terminal. Most probably they are acting under instruction and the best interests of the US in detriment to their own people’s needs and those of Europe.

Canada might supply the EU with gas as Russian supplies are cut off

Putin believes that Canada stalled the return of the turbine to Russia, because of its self-interest. Canada is the world 4th largest producer of natural gas, selling its surplus to the US in March, indicating it had the capacity to increase its hydrocarbons exports. The RF believes Canada is eyeing the EU market.

Gazprom resumed the delivery of gas from Russia to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline on Thursday at 40% capacity as per the existing agreement. The pipeline is not fully charged because the turbine has not been returned, presumably it’s in transit. The quality of the repairs to the turbine may be called into question following inspection and installation as such there could be an unexpected impact on gas flow.

The German regulator expects that in 2023 the cost of gas for Germany is likely to increase threefold. In certain instances, gas prices on the stock exchange are incurring a 7-fold increase for which the everyday Germans will eventually pay for. The daily power consumption bills have doubled and continue to grow in parallel with the delivery of sanctioned packages. With further political impacts on the Nord Stream, Germany may face a shortage of “blue fuel” in autumn and winter.

It is my understanding that the first 2 EU dominos have fallen, among the EU block Lithuania and Estonia have entered into recession. The GDP of these countries will continue to fall in the second half of 2022. According to Eurostat, Estonia’s inflation has reached 22%, this is the highest rate in the EU. Second and third place among the neighbours are Lithuania (20.5%) and Latvia (19.2). The overall inflation in the Eurozone attained a historic high of 8.6% in June. The primary cause is oil and gas prices, having increased to 42% due to sanctions of their own making. Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and Portugal are facing continued production cuts. The European Commission predicted record inflation and a slowdown in GDP growth for the entire EU and all this self-inflicted. One must wonder whether the EU politicians are complete imbeciles or they are deliberately leading Europe’s people into the dark ages, or both.

The Baltic EU members Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania ceased importing Russian gas in compliance with western sanctions. They have also rejected Russia’s request for natural gas payment in rubles. Despite 90% of the Latvia’s gas being sourced from Russia the country does not intend to resume Russian gas imports. Meanwhile, gas prices in Latvia are soaring. Some households are now paying between 66% and 90% more or gas in July 2022. This week the Estonian cost of electricity exceeded its record high. The average exchange price for Estonian electricity was €300 per megawatt-hour. The price of electricity in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania is in the same price range.

Recently the former Lithuanian Foreign Minister acknowledged the EU measures against Russia are counter-productive. The EU exchanged significantly more money with Russia when buying hydrocarbons and coal than it sent aid to Ukraine. As a result, the price of hydrocarbons continues to grow while the ruble strengthens. I wonder if they realise that they are inadvertently helping Russia.

Russia’s Trade Ministry, will focus on economic policy prioritizing domestic needs and our technological sovereignty by re-establishing the Russian military-industrial complex. Russia will increase its export potential with countries like the Middle East, SE Asia, Africa and S. America. Technological sovereignty will be ensured thru sustainable independence in all consumer sectors. Additional funding will accelerate the production of Russian analogues hence replacing imported components while implementing alternative logistical pathways to new markets for Russian products. Russia shall enhance national security and defence thru the prioritisation of Russian-made high-tech weaponry; self-reliance in the manufacture of equipment for the Russian energy sector, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacture and the enhancement of our chemical industries while reviving the electronic engineering sector.

Ukrainian entities continue to resell weaponry supplied by the western alliance. NATO supplied kamikaze drones, UAV Switchblade-300’s which are now available on the dark web, not forgetting the American “Javelins”. I believe at least one PRK has arrived in Turkey. The Pentagon has indicated that it cannot find evidence of this. I wonder what they’ll say when the EU criminal elements start applying this tech on the streets of Europe. A novel concept in democracy, in the Ukrainian-controlled portion of Zaporozhye, motorists are being stopped and issued on the spot military summonses. Apparently, the AFU is conducting mass raids in all districts, rounding up volunteers for the frontline.

In 2014 the US-backed coup overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian government. It was then that Ukraine, incorporated Nazi militias like the Azov Battalion, into its National Guard. Western media outlets have amplified Azov propaganda. fakebook Facebook control of free speech side stepped allowing its users to praise Neo-Nazis. News outlets like “Newsweek” and the “Associated Press” inflate Zelensky to “hero” status. But they choose to ignore Zelensky’s version of democracy, which incorporates the arrest of the main opposition party’s leader, shutting down all other opposition parties while banning critical TV and online media outlets. He has gone so far as to take full control of all the major media outlets in the Ukraine. Perhaps it’s a case of finding democracy on the other side of Zelensky’s war.

In 2018 Reuters acknowledged that numerous Ukrainian militias use Nazi symbolism and continue to actively recruit the NAZI acolyte. In 2019 roughly 40 US senators signed a document demanding many of these militias, primarily Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, be designated as terrorist organizations. Again, I would say that we continue to crush the Azov NAZI’s, their tattoos simplify their identification and they are looking like becoming an endangered species at least in the new-Ukraine. It won’t be long before many will flee into the EU, good luck to the EU.

Biden’s recent visit to Riyadh was met with impotent success. The Saudis agreed to increase oil production by roughly 15 % an achievement to be met by 2027, too little too late. In March of 2022, Boris Johnson failed to convince Riyadh to jack up production, Biden in lockstep with Johnson, failed in the same manner. It may be an opportune time to mention that Saudi Arabia sells 20% of all exported oil to China and is negotiating to switch to payments in yuan.

Russia and Iran have agreed to advance mutual trade in national currencies. The Tehran Currency Exchange has launched trading in Russian rubles. They will be traded in pairs with the Iranian rial. Moscow and Tehran have signed agreements on the development of interbank and currency cooperation, another step closer to de-dollarisation. Following the weaponization of the SWIFT System all currency settlements between Kyrgyzstan and Russia are now transacted in rubles. Kyrgyzstan has switched to payment in rubles for fuel supplies from Russia. Syria is severing diplomatic relations with Ukraine. Earlier, the Syrian Foreign Ministry announced the recognition of the independence of the DPR and LPR. The Supreme leader of Iran Khamenei stated NATO would have started a war with Russia under the pretext of Crimea if the alliance had not acted to defend its sovereignty, NATO knows no boundaries.

Iran intends to transfer drones to Russia; in response the US intends to sanction Iran further. Iran is currently fully sanctioned by the US and their cohorts; I didn’t think there was anything else left to sanction. According to the Iranian Army Commander Heydari, Tehran is ready to export military equipment and weapons to the RF.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is a Eurasian economic and security alliance and the world’s largest regional organisation covering 60% of Eurasia, 40% of the world’s population and greater than 30% of the worlds GDP. The organization currently includes India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. The SCO confirmed Belarus has officially applied to join and that Iran has indicated its intention to do likewise.

It was announced that the “House of Military Officers” in Vinnitsa was destroyed following a sea-launched Kalibr cruise missile strike. The strike was timed to occur when senior Ukrainian military were holding secret talks with foreign arms suppliers. They were discussing the transfer of warplanes, weapons systems and repair of the air force fleet. All participants were liquidated.

America’s House of Representatives has authorized a defence expenditure (tax payers money) of $840 billion for 2023, exceeding Biden’s proposed record military budget by $37 billion. The annual National Defence Authorization Act (which sets military expenditure), was passed on Thursday by a vote of 329-101. I wonder if they know something that we don’t. Until recently, America was secretly using private companies to buy essential goods such as fertilizers, food, seed, medicines and medical equipment from Russia.

Zelensky would like the world to believe that all of Ukraine is against Russia, but in reality, the RF receive constant and accurate intel from the general population of Ukraine. The intel provided often defines the positions of the Ukrainian forces. They are helping the RF liberate their cities from Ukrofascists occupation. This is typical of Nikolaev, Odessa and many other cities, messages continue to be received regularly from multiple sources.

The Pentagon has weaponised Microsoft Corporation; it has taken control of the entire Ukrainian information network. Zelensky has given them unrestricted access to all communication devices in the country for surveillance, provocations, computer attacks under a false flag, this was indicated by Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister.#

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Russian Jews told Get Out while you can

    Russian Jews should move to Israel as soon as possible, former Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky urged on Friday, less than a day after Moscow called for the aliyah organization’s liquidation in Russia.

    In a Facebook post, Sharansky, a former ‘refusenik’ who was imprisoned by the Soviet authorities for nearly a decade during the late 1970s and early 80s due to his subversive activities, framed the move as part of the ongoing Russian invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, which has seen a surge in immigration to Israel from both countries.



    Habeck’s hunger crisis was created by Zelenskyy mining the Black Sea off Odessa to keep the Ruskies from taking Odessa and US sanctions on Russian Agricultural Products and much needed fertilisers.

    The globalist toads continue lying even when the world knows the truth.

    Ukraine, the UN & Turkey have signed a 120 days deal to give safe passage to Ukrainian merchant vessels delivering AP’s from Odessa through mine swept safe corridors, with Turkey escorting and checking the vessels are not carrying weapons in or out of port.

    Russia has agreed not to strike the Ukrainian ports’ non military infrastructures, but this is not a ceasefire agreement.

    Russia, the UN & Turkey signed a 3 years deal for Russia to supply AP’s & fertilisers via the Black Sea.

    Globalisation is the reason supply chains are breaking.

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  3. Maybe we need to know more about the W E F People? “Why haven’t we all come out of the couch with our ass yet and stand up against the people who make our lives unpleasant on all levels, against work up to murder! Website available in 7 Languages…

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  4. Yes you are right, and So much more to come. World Wide. –|– “In line with its Great Reset” agenda goal of ensuring ordinary people “own nothing,” the World Economic Forum is now advocating for the abolition of private vehicle ownership.

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  5. Simson is the ENERGY commissioner from the EU born in Estonia. Habeck is the Energy ‘Efficiency’ Minister of Germany and member of the GREENS as is “the German foreign Minister who despises Russia” Annalena Baerbock.

    Habeck said at the WEF in May22: “At the beginning of 2020 for example, the focus was on the climate crisis – coupled with the realisation that global warming poses major risks for financial markets, the economy and security. Since then, the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine have shaken the world. World trade has come to a standstill, supply chains are breaking, and a hunger crisis is looming because Russia is blocking wheat deliveries from Ukraine. These shocks needs to give rise to a new way of thinking. It’s time to develop a clear plan on how to make globalisation better, fairer and more sustainable.”

    The new way of German thinking seems to be cutting off all natural gas imports from the evil Russians and make Germans freeze to death in winter because that will hurt Russia more than anything. These guys at WEF are 100% made for WEF.

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    This video from Amit Sengupta, “Geopolitics of Russia Nord Stream gas pipelines | Europe energy crisis | Winter is coming”, with illustrations is accurate easy viewing.


  7. Russian sources that were verified. Ed


  8. Yeah Peter it does look that way. Ed


  9. Peter from Bne has described the reason for another “cut to the German gas flow” correctly. No certification (from the Canadian maintenance company) no flow from Russia! The bad, bad Russians that “hate Germany soooo so much” have nothing to do with it. WEF politics! As easy as that.

    As long as the responsible German minister Simson says: “For households, it is important to know that they are protected consumers,” Simson said. “So, even under the worst case scenario, when we will lose some LNG shipments because of global competition and if there will be an extremely cold winter with long cold spells, we will take care of our households.”

    One can only hope that some “ordinary” Germans that are freezing their arses off in winter go and visit Simson in her heated home to discuss why some Canadian queers in politics are involved as Siemens Deutschland obviously has contracted out their maintenance of the turbines to a rainbow colored Canada.

    Once upon a time as a young engineer my first job was the service maintenance of a nearly a century old turbine in an producing coal mine in West Germany. After replacing a few bits and pieces it was as good as gold again and running like a dream – without politics and other bribed BS but with a long history of reliable production.

    Germany, Australia, Canada the US and all the other corrupted political correct puppet regimes need an urgent make over by their hidden dissidents or the reality of idiocracy will come crushing down on ALL world citizens including the empty human shells posing as absolute idiots in politics.

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  10. And just to remind the Euro-idiots not to get overly uppity.

    Presumably, Vlad’s little joke: . . . another way to give them cold feet in summer!


  11. Good Question!!!



    * million not billion 😡


  13. Here’s what the puppet Von der Leyen said, typically, – blaming Russia for their perennial incompetence.

    Here’s what the EU website tells its citizens to do.

    Many Euro countries such as Netherlands, Germany, are warming up their old nuclear reactors.


  14. Germany is still dependent on the US with decision making. Unfortunately it is the people like everywhere who are paying the price….as we know now what is going on behind…



    “Biden’s recent visit to Riyadh was met with impotent success. The Saudis agreed to increase oil production by roughly 15 % an achievement to be met by 2027, too little too late.”

    The Saudis had previously stated in May, they intend to increasing output from 12 billion to 13.3-13.4 billion barrels per day if needed, with no capacity for more.

    Sweet fa to do with Ice Cream Man, he’s too busy tugging on Rothschild’s coat tails and dreaming of a green circular economy, a daisy chain of WEF plants and battery powered armies.

    From – Alex Lawson Energy correspondent, The Guardian
    Mon 18 Jul 2022 19.18 AEST

    “The price of oil rose on Monday after the US president, Joe Biden, came away from talks in the Middle East without an agreement on raising supply.

    Biden had hoped to secure a promise from Saudi Arabia to increase its output of oil, which could lead to an easing of global supply pressures.

    But Brent crude rose 2.6% to $103.88 (£86.91) on Monday after Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, quelled speculation over an output increase.

    He said that officials at a US-Arab summit on Saturday did not discuss oil and that the Opec+ oil cartel nations would continue to assess market conditions.

    Naeem Aslam, the chief market analyst at Avatrade, said: “The message is that it is Opec+ that makes the oil supply decision, and the cartel isn’t remotely interested in what Biden is trying to achieve.

    “Opec+ will continue to control oil supply, and one country alone cannot determine the oil supply – at least that is the message that traders have taken from Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia.”


  16. Peter from Brisbane

    The Canadians that were repairing the turbine for the Nordstream pipeline refused to give the maintenance report (and thus a warranty) on the work carried out on the turbine. Thus, the Russians will not use the turbine. That is why the Russians have reduced the gas supplies to Germany (on top of the reductions due to the shutdown). If the Canadians want to play silly-buggers, the Russians will just squeeze the Germans until they beg for mercy – and rightly so. The Germans are total idiots.

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  17. Hey Kuman, what’s your source/s for your rant, as above?


  18. great article. Thank you.


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