New Zealand’s chief health bureaucrat Ashley Bloomfield is digging the nation deeper into the hole of compromised immunity.
Data showing South Africa’s Covid death rate well below the base line, unlike highly vaccinated nations such as Portugal and New Zealand.


THE mad, corrupt push for mass vaccination and mass masking is on again, as so-called health authorities ignore even more damning evidence against Covid vaccines. But a pushback is happening with French MPs voting down Macron’s plans for a vaccine passport.

The inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology Dr Robert Malone has also exposed the Ardern government’s spectacular failure to deal effectively with Covid-19 and its variants in New Zealand. He said the latest vaccine being pushed to fight the variants was “perfectly designed to drive immune imprinting and make people even more susceptible to infection”.

Dr Malone, speaking on Steve Bannon’s War Room program, said New Zealand was “being hammered” with the Covid19 variant BA.5, because of the country’s high rate of vaccination and lockdowns. He had previously warned against this strategy because it would open the door to rapid spread of variants.

 “The data from New Zealand us stunning. They managed to keep the earlier variants out, they jabbed everybody, and now omicron BA.5, which is the escape [variant], has learned how to avoid the vaccines,” said Dr Malone.

“Remember we talked about this so long ago Steve … but here we are, living it, just like we predicted and it is hammering New Zealand because they don’t have any natural immunity because they avoided the earlier circulations.

“But here’s the sick, sad thing: … the FDA and the CDC, have already approved and the HHS (Health and Human Services) has already purchased $3.2 billion worth of triple, trivalent vaccine that has never been manufactured before, will not be clinically tested, will be deployed right before the (US mid-term) elections and is probably going to have a higher dose, which means it’s going to have more adverse events.

“And it is perfectly designed to drive immune imprinting and make people even more susceptible to infection.”

 Dr Malone’s long-standing warnings have been also been confirmed in a report published by the UK government showing that Covid-related deaths have soared among the triple vaccinated in recent months but declined drastically among the unvaccinated.

“The problem is the data are coming in from all over the world, the people that are dying or ending up  hospitalized with omicron BA.5 are the highly jabbed,” he said.

Data showed that the vaccinated population in England made up a massive 94% of all Covid-related deaths in April and May this year. Ninety percent of those deaths were among the triple and quadruple-vaccinated population. The report was published just before British PM Boris Johnson announced his resignation.

Regardless of this data, New Zealand’s health authorities led by the Fauci-WHO-pharma puppet Dr Ashley Bloomfield, is on YouTube promotion pushing the “get your booster” narrative and lying that the Pfizer vaccine provides “very good protection” from Covid or “getting very unwell and dying from it”. Sorry Dr Bloomfield, but that is just not true and the data now proves it.

But even Bloomfield has had to admit the obvious that the vaccines are highly ineffective. “But what we know now is that after a few months (after vaccination for Delta) your protection against the Covid 19 virus starts to drop away, and it’s particularly important that you have that booster dose to protect you against that new omicron variant.”

But this lying, big-shot bureaucrat will avoid at all costs, advice from the likes of Dr Malone, who raised serious doubts about the vaccines very early in the so-called pandemic and whose warnings about “immune imprinting” are now coming true. “This is the first rule of holes: When you’re in one, stop digging. Somebody has got to hammer that into their heads,” Dr Malone told Bannon.

He went on to show global data showing omicron infections were rising but deaths were declining. But the greatest decline was in South Africa, a country with a low vaccination rate. “They were one of the first to get the BA.5 and now they’ve almost completely cleared it,” he said.

Dr Malone welcomed the decision of a majority of French MPs to reject Prime Minister Macron’s plan to reintroduce vaccine passports for people entering France. The vote was largely ignored by western media and is a major blow to the global drive by the WHO, Bill Gates and others to impose medical tyranny.

The symptoms for the BA.5 variant are a sore throat and cold. Dr Malone describes the reports that this so-called “Ninja” Covid variant is “the most dangerous one yet” as fear porn.