Varroa mite killing bees a part of depopulation?

Letter to the Editor

The mite found in Bio-Security monitored hives & found in the next door property. Did Bio-Security actually introduce this? Bushfires down that way nearly devastated most of the hives. There’s a shortage of talented Queen bed breeders already, you need your Queen bee breeders, farmers with their crops need the bees, back yard vege/food growers…us, need bees, the food chain breaks down without bees, it’s all cactus without Queen bee & hives.

Varroa mites infecting bee hives near Newcastle. How did they get into Australia?

The mid coast (NSW) bee breeders are looking at their hives & breeding programs being eradicated. Anything registered to govt becomes theirs, livestock, your children, bees, all for your safety & the greater good. They tried it up this way with bananas, they succeeded with eggs, anything self producing is in their line of fire, we are the target.

Food for us humans is targeted, we are targeted, your children are targeted. When something is coming for you, a threat, in the good ol days you take the threat out before it takes you out. The blind morons of today just don’t grasp the evil coming for us. God help us.

from Ethel-May Milburn


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  2. the devil always waits for the right moment in time to show its true colors again! Timing here is war there and visa verse…..Signs are here for many many years….

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  3. Dandy: Thank you Handy Dandy, I know some that have read your post & looking into that advice

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  4. Some useful advice from a USA source in the interest of saving bees:

    “The following (non toxic) methods aren’t perfect and won’t rid hives entirely of Varroa mites but with a bit of due diligence, you can keep their populations at a level that a strong colony of honeybees can manage.

    Varroa Mite Treatment:

    Varroa mites are small, round, red-brown pests that can appear in your hive. They normally feed and reproduce on honeybee larvae and pupae, though they can also feed on adult bees. Their presence can weaken a hive.
    We prefer to use natural methods to treat for pests whenever possible.

    Powdered Sugar Dusting:
    Dust a half-cup or so of powdered sugar over the bees. A simple fine-mesh sieve is the only tool required. Powdered sugar contains a small amount of cornstarch, but it’s not enough to harm the bees. This dusting will address mites feeding on adult bees in two ways. First, it’ll encourage the bees to clean themselves, essentially grooming off the mites as they do (think lice comb). Second, the powdered sugar will coat the mites, and they won’t be able to hold on to the bees.

    Screen Bottom Board
    Replace the solid bottom board of the hive with a screened version. When mites are dislodged from the bees, they’ll fall through the floor of the hive. Varroa mites aren’t good climbers and will be unable to climb back up through the hive to find another host.

    Drone Comb
    “Drone comb” is exactly what it sounds like: honeycomb that’s sized for drones. When a queen approaches an empty cell, she first measures the cell with her front legs. The depth of the cell signals her to lay the type of egg needed. The deeper drone cells prompt her to lay an unfertilized egg. Varroa mites are attracted to drone cells, because their eggs take longer to incubate, so the mites can lay more eggs.
    Once the drone cells are capped, pull out the drone frames, freeze them for 24 hours to kill the larvae and mites, and then scratch open the cells. Replace the opened cells in the hives, where the bees will clean them out and start the cycle over again. Using the drone comb works with the natural cycles of both bees and mites, so it’ll interrupt the Varroa mite’s life cycle.Drone comb is typically green in color, so it’s easy to find in the hive. Most beekeepers who use this technique place a frame of drone comb in the outer positions in the brood boxes. This placement encourages the mites to gather away from the worker bee cells, in addition to providing a system to remove them”

    Reference: Julie Miller of Five Feline Farm (USA) as transcribed in Mother Earth News magazine

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  5. tonyryan43/aka “Freddie”
    Yep & right on que… There’s a program being run by the Agricultural Institute in Tocal, Lower Hunter Valley area near Maitland. They’ve been doing what apiarists/apiculturists/beekeepers have been doing for eons, studying bee genetics. Though in Tocal they’ve been studying Queen bee genetics AND Varroa Mite control. How does one study this Mite control without the mite? The set up there is worth a smidgen under $3million, not small Bickie’s in any imagination, makes me question wtf have they been doing there. Though the powers that be can argue it didn’t start there, no it started at a Bio-Security monitored place, same as a monitored Agricultural Institute

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  6. If a mite attacks a bee as claimed then obviously you destroy all of them.
    Or you could let the healthy bees deal with it and survive.
    Or you could quarantine just the sick bees.

    If it truly is a measly mite, based on real evidence one would expect, then let nature deal with it and get the men in poison suits out of the way.
    They have a tendency to screw everything up.
    They destroy the natural ecology and balance of things on a regular basis.

    Or are the bees dying just because that’s what some of them do?:

    “after mating with the queen, 490 drones remain – not for long. Sad days await the unfulfilled and unsuccessful drones back in the hive. There are too many of them. They will consume the precious reserves of winter honey if they are allowed to stay and live. The slaughter of the drones commences with hundreds strewn pitifully outside the hive. The workers cease to hand-feed their brother, starving them out. Helpless, the drones attempt to re-enter the hive. Again they are expelled and hauled away from the hive, their legs becoming dismembered and wings battered. They are left to die a grizzly death. There is no sentiment in the beehive; bees are judged on their function and any bee is dispensable if it does not perform. The slaughter of the drones…
    Source: “Honey, Nature’s Golden Healer” by Gloria Havenhand

    So is it a mite?
    If I was a beekeeper I would be wanting some hard evidence and some forward thinking organic ideas.
    Maybe the bees just have ‘covid’.


  7. BBC news stated Australia was the only continent free of the varroa mites, which are the biggest threat to bees worldwide. The varroa destructor was first found at a port near Sydney last week but has since been spotted in hives 100km away.

    Suggestions to control, and prevent varroa mite includes “purchasing mite-resistant honey bee stock”.

    Meanwhile in USA, Florida Keys, are set to release “weaponized” GMO Mosquitoes by Oxitec with the help of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    Source: “Bill Gates-Funded Biotech Firm Claims GMO Mosquito Project a ‘Success,’ But Critics Cite Lack of Proof • Children’s Health Defense (”

    However, British based biotechnology corporation Oxitec have failed in their experiment to release GMO male mosquitoes into the wild with the aim to control the mosquito population.
    The theory was that genetically-altered males (OX513A) would produce the protein tTA, which would negatively affect cell development and reduce the mosquito population.

    But unfortunately, not only did numbers bounce back up in the months after the tests in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, and Malaysia, but some of the native bugs, they found, had retained genes from the engineered mosquitoes.

    “The claim was that genes from the release strain would not get into the general population because offspring would die,’’ says Jeffrey Powell, senior author of a study describing the discovery. “That obviously was not what happened.” The bugs now carry three strains mixed together and this wider gene pool could make the mozzies more robust as a whole.

    Source: “GM experiment may have strengthened wild mosquitoes (”

    Bees have been under threat for some years now. Let’s keep planting lots of bee attracting plants.

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  8. Very strange,I have no idea, of how this critter got here . What did the Doherty Institute get from the bio-weapon lab in the Ukraine /


  9. With a dead cow from Brazil’s foot and mouth region found in a Sydney dump a decade ago, and fruit diseases appearing inexplicably in Queensland, it is beyond speculation that Quarantine Australia harbours espionage agents, probably from China.

    The tactic mirrors Chinese destruction of African Casava crops.

    When the mRNA criminals have been captured and executed, we need to turn our attention to these destroyers of Australian food security. But first, restore the death penalty.

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  10. Yes how did they get into Australia, part of the plan.


  11. “The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation is an Australian Government agency responsible for scientific research. CSIRO works with leading organisations around the world”.

    Working “with” organisations, it should be quite clear by now that bees having their immune system hammered by scientific research in the agriculture business. USA is successfully killing (and importing) bees on a massive scale since decades. Australia does what its told by CSIRO and CSIRO is told/bought by “leading organisations”.

    Eating “lab meat” and kosher cardboard nutrients while living in a smart hive, WHO needs bees?


  12. yep – it’s not looking good..


  13. streetrkf0b663c190

    If only more sheep could see what the grubetment are doing.😥😥


  14. Robyn Hefferan

    Ethel, you’re right, and they won’t listen. As in the days of Noah, so today. Time is short


  15. I believe they are out to cull us in every possible way…kill the bees leads to poor production= less food= starvation.
    Gates is behind this, pushing his un/non-nutritional fake food.
    Several African countries have refused to use it as is of such poor quality.He is also behind the withdrawal of natural meat from our diets.
    We planted bush marigolds amongst our veggies this year and the bees loved it!


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