Update 9

Two diversionary teams comprising foreigners including Georgians, Polacks, Americans and Canadians were encircled in Belogorodskaya region, as of today they have been defeated 10 were captured.

Military Correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyski near the Ukranian front line

They were being watched for a significant period of time. There were 48 individuals, Georgians in the group renowned for their war crimes posting on social media where they were filmed cutting the throats of Russia PoWs. There will be no leniency for them.

Within the Azot industrial complex now under the control of the RF an interesting discovery has been made. We observed 2600 Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren enter the cauldron. Typically, the group was split into smaller groups and removed with the help of artillery and air power. Upon completing of the operation and the body count we could not account for 450 militants. It would appear that 450 bodies together with their western weapons have been incinerated in underground chambers. These bodies were placed on rows of steel shelving and set alight. Based on the observed remnants these bodies were former mercenaries most likely of American origin. A pile of partially burnt American issued identification documents confirm this. It appears that the Ukro-Nazis were covering their tracks or simply were not in a position to take the wounded with them. Some of the remnant militants have been taken captive in the Baxmyt region, it will be interesting to see what they have to say. As it turns out the Ukrofascists are supporting the RF.

The fighting along the southern front has been reduced allowing a greater focus on the northern line. Numerous cauldrons have developed in the north and we are currently being sedated. Numerous small towns and villages are being taken daily in the Lisichansk region. When the town of Borovoya is taken then the Ukrofascists will be trapped in a double cauldron. The Ukrainian forces are generally withdrawing along the front line. The cities of Kharkov, Odessa and Nikolaevka are taking a steady barrage of intense shelling.

When asked about G7’s proposed cap on the oil price, when someone’s hungry and the price of bread goes up 20% they’ll still buy it as they simply don’t have an alternative. The French have stepped away from the G7 stance that Russia be designated a terrorist organization. I’ve observed that anyone whom doesn’t bend the knee to NATO and friends they tend to be labelled terrorists. The Bulgarians and the Hungarians are also opposed to these sanctions as they are heavily dependent on Russian resources.

The Polish people are starting to panic, they are requesting the Polish government provide information about their missing relatives. There are at least 450 Pollacks that are unaccounted for and essentially missing in action. I believe that many of them may have been wounded and could not be moved with the retreating forces, hence they were silenced by the Ukrofascists.

When asked about NATOs proposed 300,000 plus military buildup on the eastern front, he said let them come, “we’ll chew through them.”

Putin’s phone is ringing hot, NATO keeps calling but the Russian Federation has had enough of their empty words, the interest has waned. As far as Moscow is concerned NATO and their friends have crossed the red line, now the cannons can do the talking. The west was warned in 1997 and subsequently thereafter.

All hydrocarbons transit to the pre-Baltic states has been ceased and rail road access closed. Previously a large percentage of hydrocarbon deliveries to the EU was by rail road thru these countries. That is no longer an option and as such the productivity of their ports has been heavily impacted. The hydrocarbon supplies to Poland have also been completely cut. Previously they were still burning Russian gas that was supplied thru one of the other EU countries thru reverse flow. The Russian government has cut the supply of both the Nord stream pipelines (North and South). The west has reached out to the Azerbaijanis for hydrocarbons, but at best they can only meet the needs of two EU countries. But to do this they need to tap into the Turkish pipeline as they do not have their own. Russian has indicated that anything over 20% would not be tolerated. The Azeris are aligned with the Turks as they have the same ancestral origins, currently they maintain neutrality. All parties are focused on the development in the Ukrainian conflict, their future actions will be based on this outcome.

I recently heard that an American hydrocarbons tanker has caught fire in the Atlantic Sea (UK side). Seeing as the majority of oil tankers (~80%) are either of Russian or Chinese ownership and to lesser extent south Korea. The west really does have a serious logistical problem to solve, perhaps they are planning to deliver hydrocarbons via planes, just a thought he says.

This week there have been 12 attempts to retake snake island, each time the Ukrofascists have been repelled.  As a thought Poland / Romania and others have surrendered a large portion of their sovereignty to NATO. These slave states can no longer act independently and in fact every arms delivery, military flight etc. must be authorized by NATO. These countries are effectively extensions of NATO doing their bidding. 

The Bulgarian pro-NATO government has lost the no-confidence vote, early elections are looming. Historically Bulgaria have always been with Russia. Ninety percent of Bulgaria uses Russian resources to manufacture goods for Russia. This has always been Bulgaria’s best customer. Bulgaria made efforts to develop the markets for the with the EU but the terms were so appalling, the margins so low that it made no commercial sense. They tried the same with the US and received the same result.

The Russian federation is now in the process of resurrecting the military industrial complex. This will ensure unlimited military supplies. It’s interesting how the Ukrainians have voiced 3 times via the media that the Russians have run out of ammunition. I think the dead Ukrofascists would argue differently. I cannot say how many personnel are in the Russian armed forces. But I do know that we do not have any shortage of military personnel. We do not need to conscript people as we have sufficient volunteers. Many are under contract and we take only experienced fighters, we have returned to the old ways, if a fighter does not have children to carry on his line then he will not be accepted into the RF. 

I watch various media outlets Russian, American and Ukrainian. The American media is generally aligned with that of the Russians (one needs to be selective here); however, the Ukrainian information is almost entirely falsified. Western supplied medical aid is being stolen and resold within the Ukraine as stated by the Telegraph

The Russian electronic warfare systems either listen or jam all Ukraine radio signals. As such the Ukrofascists are using foot soldiers to deliver messages between the fighting forces and often unable to call in support.  The Russian РАССУХА system kills all NATO signals, taking out radio communications, guided rockets, planes, in some cases the circuitry of the enemy’s equipment fails irreparably.

It is interesting to note that both Iran and Argentina have applied to join the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, S. Africa). Combined BRICS accounts for 3.21 billion people, this is larger than the combined G7. This group is expected to counterbalance the G7.