Ukraine shopping centre hit by missile been closed for months actually military storage site

by Kev Moore

The Ukraine “shopping centre” was a warehouse.

Fake: Shopping Center “Amstor” Was a Target of the Armed Forces of Russia
The Russian Federation Ministry of Defense 28.06.2022 10:52

Russian military shelled the shopping center “Amstor” in Kremenchug. It was announced by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

What is really going on:

The shopping center is located in the vicinity of the Kremenchug Road-Building Machinery Plant and the railway station of Kremenchug. At one of the videos it seems to people that the missile hit right at the plant (the words “Dormash, Dormash” [road-building machinery]). Besides, according to the sources being in the picture of the special operation, the shopping center “Amstor” was used as a storage site for military equipment as well as the shopping center Retroville in Kiev.

The station of Kremenchug is one of the most important railway hubs of Ukraine connecting central and western parts of the country. Besides, a locomotive depot is located (TCh-6) in Kremenchug and Kremenchug power supply division (ECh-8). The station is actively used to supply fuel from Kremenchug Refinery for the AFU purposes.

At the distance of 90 meters from the shopping center there is Kremenchug Road-Building Machinery Plant. Since 2014, the equipment for the AFU purposes has been being repaired there. A railway spur from Kremenchug station comes to the plant.

President Zelensky declared that about one thousand civilians were in the shopping center, but the parking in front of the shopping center is almost empty, there are few cars there. Moreover, among people walking on the parking, there are many soldiers in “pixel” uniform (standard T-shirts of the AFU, camouflage bags), some of them are armed with automatic weapons. At the same time, at the video published by Zelensky as well as at the videos in social networks, there are almost no women.

In general, it does not seem that the shopping center has been open. In Instagram (the social network recognized to be extremist in Russia), there are no photos of visitors since March from a geotag Shopping Center “Amstor”. Feedback at the websites and Google maps have not been left since March as well. Apparently, the equipment repaired at the Road-Building Machinery Plant was stored in the Shopping Center.

Despite of the unconfirmed nature of Zelensky’s declaration about one thousand visitors being in the Shopping Center and the official information on two dead persons, the international mass media have quickly caught up the information right in the context of “Russian missile which hit the Shopping Center with 1000 visitors”.

In the coming days, the NATO Summit will take place in the course of which President Zelensky intends to demand military assistance. Now the Ukrainian authorities prepare the ground for turning “Amstor” into a new Bucha.#

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  1. And so it continues…lies!lies and more lies from Soros and his minions! Do they really think we can’t see through them?
    I hope Putin gets rid of Soros and Zelensky but then, these two, , like the cowards they are, will make sure they are in no dangerous area!


  2. If we took notice of BBC propaganda we would have no readers in a week. Ditto ABC. In case you hadn’t noticed
    we also have senior people on the ground in Ukraine. Editor


  3. For what it’s worth, don’t hold your breath figuring out how truth dies a quick death in war, but…

    Jun 28…. “As of this writing, we don’t know who is responsible for the Kremenchuk mall attack. The corporate media unquestioningly absorbs all the lies and fabrications the government (including the corrupt government of the Ukraine) puts out as gospel truth.”

    “Recall the obvious false flag event in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. The supposed “massacre” of Ukrainians in Bucha by Russians was not confirmed, certainly not by independent investigators, and even the Pentagon (including the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency) found no evidence of a massive war crime, as the war narrative corporate media reported.

    Ditto the maternity hospital in Mariupol. “There was no Russian bombing attack on any maternity hospital,” writes Robert Lindsay.

    We have testimony from multiple residents that all staff and patients of all three maternity hospitals in the city were ordered out of the hospitals on February 25. There are newspaper articles from that date saying this. The testimony said that the Nazi Azov Battalion took over the hospitals and turned them into bases. So there have not been women or babies or staff in any of those hospitals for 12 days. Russia says it never bombed the hospital. The damage is consistent with the Nazis setting off explosives outside the hospital. No one was in the hospital at the time.

    Indeed, there are multiple reports of the Azov and associated neo-Nazis using their fellow citizens as human shields.”


  4. The only thing reliable about the BBC and the British media is that it will push whatever it’s told to push, and that’s usually the official government propaganda lines. We’ve seen it all before, in so many countries and in so many conflicts. Yet too many people keep buying the sell. Go figure.


  5. denitomkinson

    Oh come on, do a bit of fact checking on reliable sites!!


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