Russian update: US, UK, Aussie mercenaries trapped, killed in eastern Ukraine

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Update 20.6.22

The Chechens have commandeered an Australian bushmaster and now use it to fight Ukrofascists.

In the southern Donetsk region, there is ongoing intense fighting. A sufficiently large group of foreign mercenaries mostly comprising Americans and some British were liquidated by RF and LPR forces. Almost all were killed a few managed to cross back over into the south west where the Ukrofascists control the territory. This is supported by a video message posted on social media by the American mercs, stating that the situation was critical. The RF estimates that there are 20,000 mercs and associated volunteers in the Ukraine, this number is shrinking.

Another large group comprising 3000 foreign mercenaries (we believe largely NATO) has been completely encircled in the southern Donetsk region, AZOT chemical plant. This group has been reduced to 800 mercenaries; some mercenaries were taken captive. The situation at the site is similar to that of Azovstal. 700 are believed to be of American origins the other 100 are Polish. The mercenaries are trapped and they have indicated a willingness to trade. I don’t know where they were taught to fight but I get the feeling they think they are in a market place, as they seem to believe they can trade their way out of this situation. The mercenaries’ released approximately half of the civilians (500), mostly the males but retained the women and children to use as a human shield and bargaining chip. I don’t see how they are able to visualize any alternative other than surrender or die. Mind you we get the sense that they are surrendering at a faster rate.  

In another cauldron in the Donetsk region the RF encircled an 8000-man contingent. It has now been reduced to 2600 Ukrofascists and their foreign mercenary brethren. Those that weren’t killed or captured are now scattered throughout the local forests. We aren’t particularly interested in chasing them down, eventually they’ll have to surface. All the roads are blocked and our border posts are numerous. The thing is, the Ukrofascists destroyed most of the bridges and roads themselves, they have nowhere to retreat, no boats, flotilla anyway out. They might be able to find a shallow crossing here and there but with the rain season setting in its just a matter of time. Some of the rivers do not lend themselves to being crossed easily.

Similarly, a large Azot fighting force comprising roughly 2000+ are trapped in another part of the southern Donetsk region. Of these it is assumed that approximately 25% are foreign mercenaries. These men made the right choice by surrendering, the RF will not be freely releasing information pertaining to the individuals and their current situation in order to protect their families from Ukrofascists vendettas.

A caliber missile launched from the sea struck a Ukrofascists’ command post in the Dnepropetrovsk Region killing 50 high ranking officers and approximately 16 generals. Panic is setting in for the Ukrainian forces, they are critically low on human resources. Poland has started deporting Ukrainian men of fighting age back to the Ukraine. For these men it will be straight to the front line. Currently we are fighting on two fronts the Ukrainian’s are incurring losses of at least 1000 men per day, the loss of men on the other front is higher. The Donetsk Republic was taken by the RF yesterday 19.6.22.

The RF has superior fire power and are better equipment. In fact, we have so much captured NATO / western armaments we are experiencing logistical issues with their transport and storage. But in reality, we now use their own weapons against them. The Chechens have commandeered an Australian bushmaster and now use it to fight Ukrofascists.

Biden has indicated his intent to supply the Ukraine with half of Americas MLRS’s (vehicle mounted multiple rocket launches) approximately 300 units. Perhaps it’s a good time for China to make its move.

The Chechen forces are becoming renowned in the battle field. If the Ukrofascists get wind that the Chechens are on their way, they tend to drop their weapons and run. The Chechens reputation precedes them. The RF forces are giving the Ukrofascists a little reprieve while they regroup and swap out their fighting forces. The Ukrofascists are pulling back to reform a new front on the western flank of the Dnieper River and have moved the line roughly 5klm west.  The RF has encircled the Ukrainian stronghold in Lysychansk and the surrounding area. The Ukrofascists are currently retreating to the fortified stronghold there. Kiev also received a work over as reminder that we have not forgotten it. The fighting in the Nikolaevka area is intensifying. One hundred and eighty Australian mercenaries’ have fled the battle field and the Ukraine, this occurred two days ago (18.6.22), the RF considered these men to be cowards.

Today the Ukrainians started firing at an oil platform within Russian held territory. In response Odessa received a barrage of artillery and other shelling. A section of the sea has been cleared of mines; the RF now has access to the inland water ways. There is a significant battle at Snake Island, it is being shelled. This is a strategic point that boasts a military advantage and it has been officially declared as part of the Russian federation.

The EU and the US are talking about a protracted war, I believe we can accommodate them for any amount of time that suits them, we are in no rush. The Moldavian cabal appear to want to join NATO but today there were 40,000 people protesting this, if anything it would appear that the people’s preference would be to join the RF. The fuel price in Europe is becoming critical people now need to decide whether to spend their pitiful wages on food or fuel. It appears that China managed to buy all the gas and oil surplus from the Arabs. The Arabs will have no surplus for the next five years, seems the EU has missed out. In a recent MSM publication I noticed China stating that the unipolar world order is finished. It was stated very pointedly and seemed to imply don’t push us.

During Macron’s recent visit to the Ukraine, he gave Zelensky an extremely warm welcome, the best of friends. But upon return to France, he stated that Zelensky is a wonderful chap, but there is nothing more we can do to help him.  The Ukraine is pulling the entire EU top to the bottom, commenting that it’s not up to him alone. Further adding that the EU needs to meet, discuss, agree, consider, draw up contracts, acquire signatures etc., in other words Macron seems to have dumped Zelensky.

It is my opinion that the American aircraft carriers are compromised, they have no defense against our squall torpedoes which have the ability to travel 340 klm/hr under water.  Essentially, they are unstoppable and the west has no defense against them. Personally, I believe the RF is completely justified in taking all of Ukraine, time will tell.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross – you are right.. Asia follows traditional family and cultural values, unlike the West


  2. H.. good advice re the gold coins… I think I am too old to emigrate anywhere and perhaps would not quality, . but I would want my daughter and partner to pick the right side of the world to live a better life should it come to that.


  3. D Johnston… I disagree with you, and certain censored scientists and expert doctors disagree – there are many protocols that one can follow to reverse some of the damage and stop things getting worse – which is better than doing nothing at all ! The supplements will most probably have to be taken for life because the immune system has been damaged. I have family members who took the jab so I have to, and want to, believe they can do something to help themselves.

    Unfortunately some people sound like they have given up and its a done deal. It doesn’t hurt to remind those that all is not lost. There are plenty of good signs out there, just not on MSM.


  4. Babylonian values rejected in Asia

    Babylon’s new culture of (biblical) immorality has been spawned in the West. The West has attached this culture to Democracy itself and has taken upon itself the task of spreading such Democratic principles and culture to the rest of the world. With the help of mainstream media—the false prophets of the modern era—we in America have been led to believe that the rest of the world is in automatic agreement with this new culture of immorality. But that is not true.

    As America’s power wanes, more and more countries are rejecting the Babylonian “values” masquerading as Democracy. The West hates Russia for rejecting same-sex marriage, as evidenced in the controversies in the months leading up to the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

    Read on –


  5. Hi Jen, re: “One can take steps to mitigate the damage done.”
    Sorry Jen – and please take it from someone who is suitably qualified…there are NO steps to mitigate damage once the mRNA molecules enter the cells throughout the body. Damage may not always be initially evidential in the short term, but definitely will be in the mid to long term. Irreversible.
    Re: “Please try do try and be optimistic… do not give up…”
    Again Jen, sorry, but having a keen sense of perspective and reality is not “giving up” and/or being unoptimistic or pessimistic. None of us here are “giving up” – we wouldn’t be participating on this forum had we done so.
    Becoming hyper-aware is the key component to progression, ascension and interim survival.


  6. aapkoning – Not everyone chose the jab over their job.. and those that did so learned afterwards that it was not worth it and will not have any more. One can take steps to mitigate the damage done.

    I don’t necessarily think that the NWO will win. There are many countries in the world that do not want a unipolar world, namely those that attended the recent St Petersburg Economic Forum. These are the freedom countries, and there are many, some very powerful. What is happening in Ukraine is putting a huge spanner in the works of the NWO plans.. and this is good news for us all.

    And I have no intention of putting anything in a vault that can be confiscated.

    Please try do try and be optimistic… do not give up, one must have hope in something.. its the only way to keep going.. If you throw in the towel, there is nothing left.. So do stay strong…


  7. Hi H, Excellent comment and sound advice. Re: “The pandemic and the war are merely diverting the ignorant herd away from the real problem”. No doubt more piteous wailing after the event. Oh well. Empathy? NOT.


  8. One final note for Jen: if you do decide to emigrate? Something else to bear in mind with regards to gold legal tender coins: which is a currency and commodity.

    A gold coin weighing 1oz has two prices based upon its ‘legal tender value’ and ‘gold commodity value.’

    As such, when going through customs, one could ‘legally’ carry ninety-nine AUS$100, 1oz gold coins with a legal currency value of AUS$9.900 [i.e., the currency value]. But in actuality, one would be carrying gold bullion worth AUS$264.400 [i.e, the commodity value].

    This is useful to know when moving one’s wealth abroad.

    Obviously, one would need to determine precisely how this ‘currently stands’ as governments are using all means to steal one’s wealth.

    If this is no longer safe to do so, there are still other ways.

    Over and out.


  9. .Yes aapkoning, another good KWN article.

    The pandemic, the war, and whatever next?, etc, are all ultimate effects of an economic causation. They are all just geopolitical smokescreens attempting to conceal the collapse of the Western economies, which have now reached the end of their natural long term cycle.

    The pandemic and the war are merely diverting the ignorant herd away from the real problem. When the Westerners wealth has been utterly destroyed, their governments will just shrug, and say, well its Putin’s fault, thus, saving their own heads once again. Same old story.

    After the controlled demolition, a new Western financial system will be established [as always], and those who’ve cunningly preserved their wealth can convert their resources accordingly, those who’ve stupidly lost everything, – well serves em right, they had more than enough time to learn and act. Ignorance is bliss and what not.

    The West has recently shown its hand by confiscating private Russian assets, this is a precedent which can now be applied to any nation or individuals it doesn’t like, including its own people. Therefore, important assets should be concealed where governments can’t find them.

    Health and wealth are two sides of the same coin: maintain both.

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  10. Hi aapkoning, re: “Sorry so many words that start with the letter J, will try not to use words with the letter J”. Very witty – love it!

    *This comment comes with frequent usage of the ‘J’ word – so a “WooWoo alert” as Fed Up! would say.*

    It’s not for an instant that some of us disagree that the ‘J’ have now a stranglehold on the world which has been tightening insidiously for eons. We like-minded are well aware of this and all equally concerned.
    But the great news is…they are currently falling like dominoes and everything is playing out in our favour and ultimate salvation.

    Just in the past two weeks we’ve seen the demise of not only the wholly ‘J’ company Revlon (which I’ve already posted on here about), but now the scurrilous Ponzi scheme wholly ‘J’ investment company Remi Capital.
    The founder & CEO is of course none other than the ‘J’ Oscar Adelman…ta da! A graduate of the wholly ‘J’ NYU Stern School Of Business who before founding Remi, cut his teeth as an Associate Investor with wholly ‘J’ Sinai Ventures.
    These companies’ demises (through decades of greed, control and arrogantly perceived impunity) are only a couple that have made it on to the radar. There are many more. And the flow on effect to their numerous affiliates – not to mention what is happening geopolitically, I consider immensely heartening.
    So we actually don’t need to waste our energy or give them oxygen. We can just kick back and cheer resoundingly as they fall.
    All the ‘J’ days are well and truly numbered. And as the Donald so rightly said and prophecised “We got em all!”
    Speaking of DJT…rumoured “major announcement” incoming around Independence Day (July 4). Let’s see.


  11. How can the premier of the Victorian, government ban nazi-hate-symbols? While Daniel Andrews as a W E F programmed stooge has been mandating killer Jabs so Victorian people die or end up living in a body that is slowly rotting alternatively destroyed by the Jab? And we will also make your life miserable unless you take the killer Jab. Sorry so many words that start with the letter J, will try not to use words with the letter J — Alison

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  12. Hello H, you might know this however I will place the link in here anyway.
    Putin — The financial war— the endgame.
    This article commenced with the assertion that the real war between Russia and the West is financial in nature, and it has attempted to explain why. Nevertheless, there are many loose ends to consider.

    Perhaps the greatest hurdle Putin must overcome (and for that matter Xi in China) is the intellectual corruption of his advisers*, <(Indeed Jew* infiltrators – added by me) who have adopted many of the West’s economic and monetary fallacies. Glazyev’s poor comprehension of catallactics has been pointed out. And in his speech in St Petersburg, Putin referred to economic growth. This is not the same as what users of the term growth think it means, which is economic progress, and is a common error.
    If you like to educate yourselves, this article is lengthy but shows promise, "that Putin is well on the right track, – and peace could/might well come from the East, <(my opinion)… Link below. "Russia, The Financial War And The War In The Gold Market."


  13. Talking about the J word, Any time you use your Fiat money, who allows you to use it?
    Please Remember the Federal Reserve 1913! “Who controls fiat money in 194 countries?”
    Who are Blackrock and Vanguard? If we are not able to see who is trying to destroy the Goyim, well indeed we are already lost.


  14. I often say time will tell. Have followed Gesara for YEARS, still remember the talks Clinton used to do…


  15. Like the Covid virus, nobody can find, we all have experienced, the experimental killer jab that you must have if you want to keep your jobs.
    The Current so-called governments can confiscate anything! They have the military and the police behind them! The freedom days of the past are gone.
    Land/Property/houses/cars, you name it. “Remember, You will own nothing and you be happy.” Even the safety deposit boxes or any bullion vaults, can be blocked. Just take care of what you do…


  16. 21 June 2022

    Victoria has become the first Australian state or territory to ban the public display of the Nazi symbol in recognition of its role in inciting antisemitism and hate.

    The Summary Offences Amendment (Nazi Symbol Prohibition) Bill 2022 was passed todaywhich makes it a criminal offence for a person to intentionally display the Nazi symbol (the Hakenkreuz, often referred to as the Nazi swastika) in public.

    Anyone who intentionally displays the Nazi symbol in public will face penalties of up to almost $22,000, 12 months imprisonment or both.

    This landmark passing sends a clear message that the dissemination of Nazi and Neo-nazi ideology through the public display of the Nazi symbol has no place in Victoria.

    The Bill recognises the cultural and historical significance of the swastika for the Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and other faith communities as an ancient and sacred symbol of peace and good fortune. The Bill does not prohibit the display of the swastika in such religious and cultural contexts.

    The legislation will come into effect in six months to allow for time to implement this campaign. This has been brought forward after consultation with affected groups and their feedback.

    The Government will continue to monitor the use of hate symbols and may consider the inclusion of additional symbols at a later stage.

    Quotes attributable to Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes

    “The Nazi symbol glorifies one of the most hateful ideologies in history – its public display does nothing but cause further pain and division.”

    “It’s a proud moment to see these important laws pass with bipartisan support – I’m glad to see that no matter what side of politics, we can agree that this vile behaviour will not be tolerated in Victoria.”

    Quote attributable to Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ros Spence

    “These laws are part of our unwavering commitment to challenge antisemitism, hatred and racism wherever and whenever they occur.”

    From Premier of Victoria website –

    The Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag are represented on the Daniel Andrews website, but where is the Victorian flag shown on the Premier’s website? There is only the freemason symbol of the upside down triangle with the initials ‘VIC’ enscribed on it, which perverts our State and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.

    Hate is a poor word. It is a word that divides people and those that use it condemn themselves. Clearly our Victorian government is hell-bent on creating division and is devoid of truth and judgment. The world rolls on until iniquity has filled its cup up, but the days of the great wrath of God are coming. This will be God’s vengance against a wicked world. A sober thought – we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Freemasonry is a religion. It honors the god of this world. It’s benefits are foolsgold and temporary. It will not pass Christ’s judgment. That said, there is no Freemasonry without Judasim and there is no Communism without Judaism. Best news for everyone – Judasim, Communism, Freemasonry, whatever – is from Jesus, who said, “him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out” – John 6:37.


  17. Ted Galen Carpenter has confirmed Washington has failed in its push for anti-Russian global consensus.
    He writes:
    The Biden administration clearly overestimated the extent of international outrage at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Biden administration officials treat Russia as an international pariah and push the global community to unite behind Washington’s leadership to compel the Kremlin to withdraw its forces from Ukraine. The administration’s strategy has been just partially successful. Criticisms of Russia’s actions are relatively easy to find among foreign leaders, but when it comes to outright condemnations—much less endorsements of NATO’s position that the war was unprovoked and entirely Moscow’s fault—governments around the world demur.

    They are even less inclined to sign on to the U.S.-led campaign to impose extraordinarily severe sanctions on Russia. Indeed, outside of NATO and the string-of-pearls U.S. bilateral security alliances in East Asia, the support for sanctions is notable for its absence. That was true even during the first month of the war, and it has become even more pronounced since then.

    Hudson Institute scholar Walter Russell Mead provides an apt summary of Washington’s lack of success in broadening the anti-Russia coalition beyond the network of traditional U.S. allies. “The West has never been more closely aligned. It has also rarely been more alone. Allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization plus Australia and Japan are united in revulsion against Vladimir Putin’s war and are cooperating with the most sweeping sanctions since World War II. The rest of the world, not so much.”

    Signs of trouble surfaced almost immediately. On March 2, 2022, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calling for the immediate withdrawal of Russian military forces: 141 countries voted for the resolution, and as U.S. officials were fond of emphasizing, only five voted against.

    However, a surprising 35 countries—including 17 African nations—opted to abstain, even though a favorable vote to placate the United States would have been the easy choice. The resolution was purely symbolic, since it did not obligate U.N. members to take any substantive action, yet a significant number of countries in Asia, the greater Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa, opted to snub Washington. More than 20 percent of the General Assembly’s membership refused to embrace a purely feel-good measure the Biden administration emphatically wanted passed. From the outset, the U.S.-sponsored global coalition against Russia looked fragile and unenthusiastic. It has become more so with the passage of time.

    African countries especially fail to see any advantage for themselves in supporting the West’s policy. Although Washington insists that repelling Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is essential to preserve the “rules based, liberal international order,” governments and populations in Africa see matters differently. To them, the war looks more like a mundane power struggle between Russia and a Western client state. As one African scholar put it: “many in Africa and the rest of the Global South do not regard—and never have regarded—the liberal international order as particularly liberal or international. Nor do they consider it to be particularly orderly, considering how much their countries were turned into spheres of influence and arenas for geostrategic competition.”

    More tangible economic interests also push Africa toward neutrality. A June 3 New York Times analysis concluded succinctly: “A meeting on Friday between the head of the African Union and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia highlighted the acute needs each one hopes the other can fill: Africa needs food, and the Kremlin needs allies.” Indeed, the head of the African Union, President Macky Sall of Senegal, has explicitly called for the lifting of sanctions on Russia.

    Even portions of Latin America have balked at waging economic war against Russia. Most troubling for the U.S.-led anti-Russia strategy, both Brazil and Mexico—the region’s two most important political and economic players—continue to dissent. Indeed, the tensions have broadened to negatively impact Washington’s overall relations with those two governments. Mexico’s president even refused to attend the Biden administration’s much ballyhooed “Summit of the Americas” in June. It was an ostentatious snub.

    It is especially ominous for U.S. objectives that both China and India have stayed on the sidelines with respect to the West’s showdown with Russia. True, Xi Jinping’s government has also resisted Moscow’s calls for greater solidarity and tangible support. PRC leaders have instead sought to remain on the tightrope of trying to pursue a generally neutral course with a slight tilt toward Russia’s position. But most important, both Beijing and New Delhi have remained firm in their refusal to impose economic sanctions on Russia.

    The Biden administration has not reacted well to any country’s attempt to maintain a neutral posture. That annoyance even has been directed at major powers such as China and India. U.S. officials have exerted increasingly insistent pressure on both governments to embrace the West’s sanctions strategy. Some of Washington’s statements have amounted to outright threats. On multipleoccasions, the administration warned India that there would be “consequences” for failing to impose sanctions on Russia. The unsubtle message was that India itself could become a target for sanctions from the United States and its allies, if New Delhi failed to cooperate.

    Despite the much more extensive bilateral economic links to the PRC, Washington has even threatened Beijing with sanctions if it supported Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. Moreover, “supporting” increasingly became an implicit synonym for “failing to oppose.” Beijing did not respond passively to such pressure. Instead, the PRC warned that it would impose retaliatory sanctions against the United States and its allies.

    Washington’s bullying behavior is not playing well internationally. For example, the Biden administration’s threats to sanction China over Beijing’s relations with Moscow immediately spooked Thailand, Indonesia, and other smaller powers in East Asia. However, the reaction was not one of capitulating to Washington’s demands. Instead, the abrasive U.S. approach seemed to harden the resolve of those nations to remain neutral with respect to the Russia-Ukraine war. South Africa and other countries in the Global South also complained loudly about heavy-handed U.S. pressure, and refused to alter their positions.

    The Biden administration clearly overestimated the extent of international outrage at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Given the track record of multiple Western military actions against sovereign countries, including Serbia, Iraq, and Libya, it is hardly surprising that other governments might view the West’s stance regarding Moscow’s behavior as the epitome of self-serving hypocrisy. U.S. leaders also overestimated the extent of U.S. leverage to compel nations not in Washington’s geopolitical orbit to participate in a punitive policy toward Russia. It should be a sobering experience, but the administration and the members of the U.S. foreign policy blob that populates it show no signs of learning anything worthwhile. Instead, U.S. arrogance and the inflated sense of Washington’s power continues undiminished.

    Source: Washington’s Failed Push for Anti-Russian Global Consensus – The American Conservative


  18. Iranian IRGC Foil an Oil Tanker Piracy by US Navy Pirates

    The IRGC humiliated the Biden regime forces when they attempted to pirate another Iranian oil tanker, this time in the Gulf of Oman.

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  19. Especially listen to the extraordinary info from 19:50 minutes on.

    ACH (1826) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of How Conspirators Coerce Countries Into Catastrophic Conflicts

    [audio src="" /]


  20. A well detailed summary and update, complete with howitzer strike video – which some may find disturbing.


  21. Yes Jen: real money! – a currency and a commodity.


  22. H – Yes – good thinking. you are right re jewellery. I am considering special edition coins that are also legal tender..


  23. Hi Fed Up! re: “thought I would but up this information because you won’t see it on MSM.”
    Thanks so much for posting this. God, talk about two BRICS voices in the wilderness here! Lol.


  24. PS.: I personally wouldn’t waste my time with gold jewellery as it’s bought according to its scrap value, ie., unworked bullion value.

    If you buy jewellery you will be paying for workmanship on top of the bullion value, but when you sell, you will only get the spot bullion price. So your already selling at a loss, – avoid.

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  25. Thanks H… I read that physical gold is best. Nothing on paper. I have been meaning to do something for awhile now and will look into those you mentioned.

    Putin’s speech has caused me to finally do something..


  26. Yes Fed Up! Go the mighty AC!! Would love to be able to be there in person. Weaving potent spells for his victory and vindication.


  27. Indeed Jen, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not about being rich, it’s about not having one’s wealth stolen [via currency devaluation, ie., inflation].

    And by the way, we are already in a financial bust and have been for quite a while actually, – we are simply in the final phase, = the destruction of the remaining 2% of currency value.

    I personally convert all ‘uninvested cash’ into real money: gold. But this is only a temporary holding, until the impending crash of asset values [2023-2030], when a proportion of the gold [gains] will be sold and converted back into assets. It’s just a means of maintaining currency value as the paper currency returns to zero
    For long term savings, it’s better to hold Australian gold currency (eg. Perth Mint, Lunar Series, Gold Nuggets, etc) as opposed to the rapidly devaluing Australian paper currency. [N.B.: Always do your own research].

    Anyone who hangs onto cash in this environment is either financially illiterate or insane.

    PS.: Ignore all banking institutions and become your own Sovereign Bank as all sovereign individuals do.

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  28. Bullion can be confiscated.. I read that good hallmarked jewellery cannot.- it is classed as a personal item – and it can be bought in smaller pieces. During the war people sewed their valuables in the lining of their clothes.

    Read an interesting story about Elizabeth Taylor… when you travel overseas you are only allowed to take a certain money in or out of a country…. Liz travelled the world wearing millions of dollars in jewels and no one every said anything. There would have been nothing to stop her selling those jewels anywhere she chose to.

    Just sayin…


  29. And Thank You Fed Up! Yes it’s definitely becoming rather toxic as well. And akin to “Me doth thinks you protest too much”. I too try to ignore and generally now just skip altogether at the first mention of the “J” word. Beginning to wonder if we haven’t inadvertently been caught up in some kind of social experiment!?
    Hah! Yeah I’ve often been told I missed my vocation as a detective.
    If I could have a re-do, I’d definitely choose a forensics related field.


  30. Hi Fed Up! re: “This is the new Gesara Quantum gold backed banking system…” YES PRECISELY.
    Some still don’t seem to be following Gesara updates and/or have even viewed the video that you so kindly shared last week. Pretty much all in there!
    The same with the BRICS Summit that they should also be paying close attention to – as I said to ‘H’ yesterday, and who agreed.
    Multi-tasking peoples! And this ‘elevator’ doesn’t terminate at only the 3rd floor.


  31. Stand Up for our Aussie Cossack

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  32. Thank you DJ, what is with the obsession with this J mob on this site. I have mostly ignored it.
    Good bit of detective work on your behalf tho.

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  33. Hi aapkoning

    This is the new Gesara Quantum gold backed banking system not the Central Bank Cabal owned fiat banking system.

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  34. Hi crisscross, Yes. And I for one am so sick and tired of all the obsessive “J” word rhetoric. Monotonous and tedious.
    As was Janicew37 who unfortunately seems to have left this forum in disgust after stating likewise and being ‘attacked’ for it by an obsessive who was using 2 different pseudonyms…which I had long suspected anyway. Go figure.
    It’s worse than being bashed over the head by MSM.
    So busy looking under every rock and pebble… whilst ignoring the bigger picture. We already KNOW the “J” word is hugely instrumental – but they are NOT the only problem and/or protagonists!
    It’s become no better than the past indoctrinated generations who were constantly looking under the bed for Russians. And look how that worked out for them.
    How very little we have progressed or evolved.


  35. ALL – Banks are Jew owned and controlled… And pedophilia is allowed, (Read the Talmud) mind you the child must be older than 3 Years and 3 days…


  36. WhipLash347
    Forwarded from
    WestPac & NAB in Australia also involved with Epstein Child Trafficking.

    WestPac got done with Money Laundering with Drug & Child Traffickers. They mentioned Drug Traffickers but failed to mention Child Traffickers. I did hear Epstein & Biden.

    NAB got put up on 10,000 Federal Charges without any mention of the charges. Most of the banks are child traffickers, the truth of the planet.
    8 million children per year, worldwide go missing. Wonder where too🤔


    Oh! I thought I would just slip this in

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  37. If you still can see it on JUWtube (Jew Run and owned!) it might be to good to be true!


  38. …and this regarding the NAB

    Taken form Whiplash 347 on Telegram

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  39. I thought I would but up this information because you won’t see it on MSM. It is information about our new gold backed banking system, but when I heard the music I got a bit side tracked and couldn’t stop thinking of our brave Aussie Cossack locked away for standing up for our children of Australia

    This bloke is going to be running our Australian Police Forces when the good guys take control because he knows the law better than most and has the morals and values that are needed when doing ‘the job’

    Back to the banking system, I will post the NAB QFS information that was published on Whiplash 347 on telegram as follows…

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Hi Editor, ANYTHING related to The Guardian is simply overblown MSM… always have been notorious lefty lying press.


  41. What would you rather carry around? Fiat 100$ plastic fake bits, OR 1 Kilo of Gold?
    1 KG of Gold at the moment = in AUD $86,795.20 – Spot AUD $2671


  42. Yes 100% Putin is a Jew, but is the smartest ONE – of all W E F… Also another Jew is: Dmitry Medvedev, (His mother, Yulia Veniyaminovna Shaposhnikova is JEWISH, which makes him, like PUTIN, JEWISH) Yes you do have some good Jews, but which way the world is going depends on the Citizen of the world. The Goyim… If they wake up in time…


  43. H – Yes I think there will be an economic bust – not if, but when… there has to be with all the money being printed out of thin air… Australia has a Bail In Law, passed late one night several years ago..

    So what are the choices, physical gold in the form of jewellery – cannot be confiscated as its a personal item – or some Russian stocks.. I am not rich by any means, but I value what I have… Will need to do some research..

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Is Putin a Jew?

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”

    “By their fruits you shall know them” Matthew 7:15-20

    “Putin is a Christian leader who does not allow in Russia the anti-Christian garbage being rammed our throats everyday. Russia has no gay marriages, no gay propaganda and no children being given in public schools, Gay books. Russia does not allow insults to OR in the Orthodox and Catholic churches”.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Does Campbell* protects the Australian citizen from our criminal government?
    History has showed: “HE* DOES NOT.”
    Like always in the past: Goyim against Goyim and the Jews will and up with the “Promised land.” For all the wars in the past, all the same…
    The bloody stupid Goyim always falls in the same trap.”
    Just Study the Torah & the Talmud… You will find out what will happen next…
    Just be careful, you will find out also that when you live by the Talmud, You are alloyed if you are a Jew, to screw children as long as they are older than 3 years and 3 days… “Pedophiles”
    Please do not attack me I did not write the Talmud & and the Torah. I’m not Vaxxud – poisoned and mentally screwed up…


  46. The only content we copy from the Guardian is a photo and hope it hasn’t been photoshopped. Ed


  47. Hi Editor, Maybe got derailed on their way to Off-Guardian, who are direct opposition and an excellent independent source.


  48. The communist Guardian? Inspector you should not read it. Ed

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  49. Unfortunately, your summation fits in extremely well with the Hegelian Dialectic triad which is so functionally described by the strategies outlined in the Protocols. The prima facie evidence and observations do not bode well, but time will tell. Even more unfortunately the sense of urgency and the scale of strategic developments we are witnessing is even more of a harbinger of global misfortune. But let’s hope we are both drama queens. LOL

    Liked by 2 people

  50. After the SPIEF 2022, Vladimir Putin met his Master, Boss, etc., the JEW Klaus Schwab at that meeting.
    A lot of people have no time for the BILLIONAIRE HYPOCRITE JEW Putin, and his Comrade in Arms the JEW Zelensky. Both are working together with their Boss Klaus Schwab and JEW controlled USA and NATO and are quite happy to sacrifice the Russian and Ukrainian Goyim lives in their so-called “WAR”.

    Right now the American Jewish Arms manufacturers are quite happy as Biden approved $40 Billion of arms to Ukraine and Putin so happy with the high oil and gas prices HE gets. So, they are not in a hurry to end this “WAR” in Ukraine.

    Looks like the troubles with Kaliningrad Oblast might “force” JEW Putin to take action against Lithuania, which might lead to World War 3, exactly the JEWISH objective.

    As always: They want War and JEW Putin as Klaus Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leader is quite happy to oblige as he couldn’t care less about the Goyim in the World and also wants JEWISH WORLD DOMINATION. This could well be his master end game, so the Jew will rule the world… “Hope I’m 100% wrong”… At this moment I cannot see this…?


  51. Yes Sound good, Tony, BUT: I know that the JEW Vladimir Putin met his Master, Boss, etc.,
    the JEW Klaus Schwab. Putin gives key address at SPIEF 2022 plenary session | FULL SPEECH… meeting.


  52. “The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organised violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”
    – Samuel P. Huntington

    ‘Go Forth and Lie’: Israel Rolls Out Mandatory Course for Students Travelling Abroad

    Liked by 1 person

  53. Makow – “You Knew I was a Snake”

    We allowed a satanic cult, Freemasonry, affiliated with the banking cartel to infiltrate every social institution. “We corrupt in order to control (and destroy)” is their motto.

    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in…”

    We allowed this corruption to spread to all the institutions necessary for the preservation and healthy development of society: government, the mass media, education, church, justice system, military, police.


  54. Modern Day Babylon

    Jeremiah 51:7 “Babylon was a golden cup in the Lord’s hand,
    That made all the earth drunk.
    The nations drank her wine;
    Therefore the nations are deranged”.

    E. Michael Jones: “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”
    FFWN Published June 18, 2022 1,391 Views


  55. P.S.: What I found really useful, was President Putin’s confirmation that Western currencies [primarily the dollar and euro] were losing 8% of their value per year.

    It doesn’t take much too work out when these currencies will return to zero.

    He was warning the audience to acknowledge this reality and dump their foreign currency reserves.

    Western holders of these currencies would be wise to reassess their bank accounts and ponder this sage advice.

    Liked by 1 person

  56. Thank you Jen: appreciated.


  57. H and anyone else interested – this is a transcript and far more detailed of Putin’s speech than by the translators during the oral speech…


  58. So much for Zelensky claiming the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth will be flying its flag over Crimea by the end of the year..

    Liked by 1 person

  59. Hi H, Very allegorical and exact.


  60. Indeed D. Johnston, the emerging nations are like the little mammals during the dinosaur age: biding their time for the right opportunity.


  61. Hi H, Wonder why it is that no one here is paying any attention to the impending BRICS Summit.
    It’s not as if they’re only meeting up for tea and scones. People need to spread their focus a lot wider in order to see the big picture.


  62. Do keep us posted on the attendant nations, Jen.

    I think most are within the EAEU and ASEAN nations: this is where the World’s leading emerging economies are located.

    Compare the nations to the chart in the following article [N.B.: Somehow, I don’t think Indonesia desires to invade Australia any time soon!].

    Bali might be a civilised retirement destination?


  63. H – yes great speech that said it like it really is..a true picture of what is going on in the world today especially from a economic point of view – the rot had set in long before Putin went into Ukraine.. Russia is just being used as a scapegoat for their gross mismanagement of economic affairs.

    Must have a look to see the list of countries that did attend because those are the ones that want a better world – and one of those might be a good place to move to if it became necessary. The Forum was sanctioned by US, so they and UK, most of Europe and no doubt Australia etc did not attend. However I hope they all listened to the speech..

    I hope Australia starts to see the writing on the wall soon… and changes sides.


  64. But… But… The Guardian , The Independent & Yahoo were just informing us that the Russian Army is close to capitulate unconditionally to Zelensky Ukrainian Army ?? The above article is unbelievable ?? Heard just from ‘respected” unnamed sources that Putin is vacating his Kremlin office for Zelensky occupation of it ….


  65. Thanks for the video Jen: And yes, their dystopian unipolar ambitions are over, – although not quite finalised.

    When comparing the human future as forwarded by the SPIEF, to that of Schwab’s WEF, and his vision of humanity’s forced conversion into some slavish Hollywood cyborg, I think the World is coming together, – saying on yer bike Shekelstein, keep your neo-liberal mental illness to your self.

    SPEIF is an authentic international Gentile gathering, where World leaders view each other as equals, unlike WEF, which is a Jewish led gathering, supported by a motley assortment of neo-liberal European runts.


  66. Sorry….Link incomplete…. Putin’s speech

    Unipolar world is over, West just won’t admit it…

    Liked by 1 person

  67. Putin’s opening speech St Petersburg Economic Forum.. full speech



  68. This takes hypocrisy and ‘climate change’ bs to a whole new level…


  69. Hi H, re: “Very informative interview with President Putin…”
    Thank you. Totally riveting. Putin’s superior intellect never ceases to impress. And the takeaway (in just 3 words) as he says: “Everything is interconnected”.


  70. The supercavitating torpedo travels about 370 kms per hour, not 980 kms.


  71. H… great video… Really exposes the lies of the media and the West..


  72. It just came back to me…..Communism is gone in Russia! The west is moving towards the [COMMUNIST] ‘one world government’.
    Please look up ‘you tube’ DEAR IVAN, by Jimmy Dean!
    Remembering my Father [WW2 Vet. and anti commo], this he played regularly.
    The message has [after replaying, brought tears to my eyes]. Please look it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  73. H – Thank you for all that… I have been meaning to look up the St Petersburg conference to see what happened… I have saved the link and video also and will be watching with interest. Putin is such a forward thinking man, and he obviously cares about his people which is really nice to see – he is trying to bring back the tradition and importance of the family unit. I think it would be nice to live there (wish I was younger).

    AlsoJinping, whom people demonise, has made many changes for Chinese people to improve their lives and prosperity moving forward – capping rents, stopping RE speculation – he said houses are for living in not for getting rich off… He is also making the multi billion corporations give back to the community, and they are. And children are being looked after also, with free tutoring or reduced fees, extra sports programs a certain restrictions on video games and western rubbish.. In recent years he has just about abolished poverty in China, with most people now living in a middle or upper class lifestyle. Bet there are no homeless sleeping on streets or in tents or cars as they do here.

    Really, if every country made some small changes, earth would be a paradise. If the world does split in the West’s idea of a unipolar world, I will be looking at moving elsewhere or insisting my family does who are still young enough to have a better future.

    Its uplifting and gives one hope.. Edgar Cayce was 100% right about Russia.


  74. P.S.: Very informative interview with President Putin, explaining the real cause of the global food shortages, inflation, the green agenda, etc. He provides an extremely insightful analysis of the global grain production of which Ukraine supplies a measly 2.5%, – or 0.5% of global food supply, so much for Russia’s [alleged] blockade of Ukraine’s ‘World saving’ grain exports [more lies]. It’s the West’s sanctioning of Russia’s fertiliser exports that are causing a reduction of grain and food harvests.


  75. Indeed Jen, the good people of the World want to move on: simply living peacefully together and trading for each other’s mutual benefit.

    Not sure if people were following this year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) [15-18 June 2022)?, but it’s been interesting listening to President Putin’s introductory talks, and especially reading their downloadable events programme and it’s discussion of the post-Covid’ recovery of the global economic system.

    Click to access 9212c8b7359f746063adb80a9528d722.pdf

    The programme clearly implies, that in the Eurasian bloc, they regard the Covid nonsense as a past event [as smart folks should].

    Also of interest, concerns their obvious challenge to the mono-polar globalist agenda, consisting of the introduction of new brands of ‘ethnic-specific products’ to replace the globally unified (ie., multi-cultural) products of the globalists. These are designed to respect the different ethnic groups inhabiting our World.

    Other subjects of this year’s forum, included discussions on the replacement of the existing media with a more socially responsible media, – meaning goodbye to the Hollywood octopus and the Western filth machine [much needed].

    In contrast to the West’s currently unsuccessful depopulation agenda, Russia’s new demographic development program intends to achieve a ‘sustainable population growth’ by 2030, hence, intending to increase its population over the next few years. They are actually addressing the current high mortality rates of the Eurasian people, – through the creation of ‘health-preserving’ environments, whilst simultaneously working at reversing the current downward trend of the birth rate.
    N.B.: Their discussion on locally produced domestic vaccines supports this view, as well as their innovative development of Russia’s anti-epidemic ‘Sanitary Shield.’

    So presumably, any projected depopulation program will be reserved for the stupid neo-liberal inhabitants within the Western nations.

    Reading the SPIEC programme confirmed my suspicions, insofar as offering a healthy multipolar alternative to Schwab’s diseased vision of the future World.

    Schwab’s dystopian vision has already failed, it’s over, but they are incapable of realising it.

    Indeed during his opening speech, Putin highlighted the Western leaders ‘outdated geopolitical illusions,’ stating how the World is undergoing – ‘revolutionary changes in geopolitics, the global economy, the technological sphere and the entire sphere of international relations, but some Western countries are trying to counteract this inexorable course of history.’

    All in all, a very informative event.


  76. Look up EO 13818 , 13848 ,13959 The C in C , POTUS I mean 45 not the clown 46 is in charge , we are a territory of the US . He took us Canada, Mexico ,NZ through these EO’s . No need to worry about China , The Alliance in control . Trump ,Putin ,Modi ,Xi , Saudi prince .
    Putin is taking the head off the cabal snake . Soon the honest people of Ukraine will be free at long last and prosper . Thanks to cairns news and the colonel for some truth .

    Liked by 1 person

  77. All great news… thank you.

    I think this has seriously turned into a big egg splat on face for the West .. lol . Viva Putin and Russia – a big thanks from all those of us who believe the world should be trading in mutual friendship, respect and co-operation with each other. Bring on the multipolar world !


  78. Thank you, Si.

    Back to the report…

    I don’t like the sound of “Time for China to make a move”. That sounds like a prompt to strike US missile silos everywhere.

    Hey fellas, in China and in Russia, if you have to hit yank installations, please, no radioactivity splurging nukes in Australia, please. Nobody ever asked our permission to install these and most locals have no idea what is going on.

    By all means. knock out PIne Gap, Gulkula, and the spy satellite relay stations, because this saves us doing so in the future when we regain national sovereignty, but please limit the collateral damage.

    Liked by 1 person

  79. It’s not “The Ukraine “
    Just Ukraine!
    You’re welcome


  80. UK’s new Army Chief asks soldiers to prepare for potential World War III
    Edited By: C Krishnasai
    London Updated: Jun 19, 2022, 03:32 PM(IST)

    UK’s new top Army general General Sir Patrick Sanders has asked every soldier to prepare to fight against the Russian army in a potential World War III.

    General Sanders, who took over from General Sir Mark Carleton Smith on Monday, told the British soldiers that they must prepare “to fight in Europe once again” as the conflict in Ukraine continues.

    Read on –

    General Angus Campbell on War in 2025
    22,151 views Jun 18, 2019 General Angus Campbell, AO, DSC, Chief of Defence Force, delivered the keynote address at the ASPI War in 2025 conference dinner.


  81. Meanwhile things are heating up in the M.E.

    Russia & Iran Respond to Israeli Attack on Damascus Airport
    51,145 views Jun 19, 2022


  1. Pingback: Russian update: US, UK, Aussie mercenaries on trapped, killed in eastern Ukraine – debtstop

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