Info fascists: Butt out of our messages and web content!

WEF attendee, e-Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant reckons our freedoms need to be “recalibrated”.


MEET ACMA (the Australia Communications and Media Authority), who, in league with Australia’s eCommissioner Julie Inman-Grant, are all part of a global drive to control and censor media outlets like Cairns News, that dare to challenge official narratives around big issues like Covid-19 or the rigged 2020 US election.

ACMA chairwoman Nerida O’Loughlin

In February 2021 ACMA welcomed the new Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation released by the Digital Industry Group (DIGI). It was Australia’s nod to the dictatorial practices of big social media networks to censor and “correct” disinformation, i.e. stories from alternative media that challenged officially approved narratives.

Cairns News challenges Inman Grant and ACMA chairwoman Nerida O’Loughlin to deny that their primary, essential mission is censorship and control of information that challenges the official, manufactured narratives of global, entrenched networks of power.

Cairns News also awaits a response from O’Loughlin as to what exactly are the “incorrect views” about the US election and Covid 19 and to deny that her primary agenda now is censorship and control of information.

Grant spent nearly 20 years working for Microsoft, Adobe and Twitter. She also works with the current US administration’s Gender Policy Council and WEF’s Global Coalition for Digital Safety. No surprise then, that this bureaucrat should be talking at the recent WEF about “recalibrating human rights”. Grant’s office can already penalize internet service providers who fail to comply with its orders to remove content.

Of course the ACMA folk, like all federal bureaucrats, are “very smart” with all the right corporate qualifications from both public and private sectors – and that’s where their problem lies. They are corporate automatons, brainwashed into corporatist thinking taught by the likes of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

They don’t think too much about lofty concepts such as “life, liberty and the pursuit” of happiness, as contained in the US Declaration of Independence or similar principles as upheld in the Commonwealth Constitution. Their concept of “human rights” is narrowly confined to socialistic UN “principles” e.g. “gender and racial equity”. Some of them even talk about “climate justice” as if “the climate” is crying out for a fair go too.

On that 2020 US election issue we are repeatedly told by mainstream media that Trump’s accusation of vote fraud is “false”, “baseless”, “debunked” and even “the big lie”, even though no media or anyone for that matter, can say there was no organised fraud because investigations into that allegation are still ongoing. Recent vote fraud investigations and prosecutions in the US, as reported by Cairns News, also point to organised fraud on a large scale.

But somehow, Australian bureaucrats now feel it is their duty to enforce the mainstream media narrative because only mainstream media can be trusted to report the facts without fear or favour from entrenched government and corporate interests – if you can believe that.

In fact, it is the entrenched relationship between governments and big business corporations that prompts Cairns News to use the word “neo-fascism” to describe these bureaucracies. Historically, fascism is defined as: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” (Merriam Webster)

But, you might object, our Australian PM Albanese and most bureaucrats are neither racist, nor nationalists, nor dictators. True, but all certainly are captive to a system in which all industry and commerce is regimented into something like George Orwell’s “Groupthink”.

More accurately this is a “corporatist” system, which is closely related to fascism. In America this system is known as the military-industrial complex, warnings against which were made by presidents Eisenhower and JFK back in the 50s and early 60s.

The modern form of fascism (neo-fascism) has merged with global New Left anti-racism, feminism and environmentalism and in the present corporate world this is expressed in the coerced regimentation of business into the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) system.

“Groupthink” is what all the alphabet agencies of Australian government and industry practice on a daily basis. Those who don’t think like the group thinks are singled out for ridicule, discrimination and public shaming as was practiced in the past by totalitarian regimes.

Today we see examples in the corporate sports world. Naïve young sports stars who misbehave are singled out for public shaming and apologies. Apologies should only be made to people who may be injured by misbehavior, not the entire populace.

In one notable incident, the Wallabies rugby union star Israel Folau had his contract cancelled by the Australian Rugby Union for “homophobia” because he expressed a religious view on homosexuality. That was a brazen attack on Folau’s freedom of speech and religion, which are synonymous.

The LGBTIQ+ crowd tell us what brave, rugged individuals they are for “coming out” on one hand and then tell us on the other that religious views like Folau’s deeply offend them. Then they demand special legislation to protect them like they are some sort of endangered species.

Corporatist group think is also practiced by Aussie Rules football, whose teams and supporters were encouraged to give public support to the neo-Marxist radicals Black Lives Matter and the LGBTIQ crowd.

The AFL has since broadened its ‘Vilification Framework’ from racism to include sexual orientation, meaning teams are now co-opted into public shows of support for “pride days” and the like. The AFL has also produced an 11-page Gender Identity Policy which makes for entertaining reading.

What is hilarious is that while the AFL is crowing about “inclusivity” its gender identity policy makes it clear that trannies won’t make it into the AFLW or first grade because of rules against testosterone treatments. Trannies take testosterone if moving from female side to male but the policy sets testosterone levels at or below 5 nmol/L for at least two years prior.

There is a popular revolt against this nonsense, and sports administrators and their big corporate sponsors are feeling the heat from below to the point now where some opportunities for tranny intrusions into top-level competition are being cut off.

ACMA, the e-Commissioner and the Australian Human Rights Commission bureaucrats are squirming over such developments in their board room chairs. How dare the common folk revolt! Even worse, how dare they express their views on social media!

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. DrLatusDextro

    But somehow, Australian bureaucrats now feel it is their duty to enforce the mainstream media narrative<i/)
    Isn't this more commonly referred to as, 'value for money'?


  2. OP omitted that the original comment that mentions the term “military-industrial complex” also warns of the “academic/technocrat-industrial complex” which is what we are suffering under now.

    It seems the memory holing of the “academic/technocrat-industrial complex” was intentional.


  3. Warrior Nation

    This is why women were never supposed to be involved in the choosing of leaders, nor being one.
    Women grow up with neither propensity for détente nor the protection of perimeters.


  4. I’m gob smacked by the domineering so called jackass leadership of today’s society.How in hell did we get to this type of garbage type of individuals


  5. Cairns News, no report on the abortion verdict rom the US Supreme Court. This is where you need to continue with the conversation. Contentious maybe but a very important, landmark overturn. All of these things are interwtined. Just a sample of the reporting.


  6. Well done ,and well written, keep up the good work .we have to win this .


  7. Awake NOT WOKE

    We have been at war for 2 years now. Most people don’t realise it. It’s just that the borders and seas which used to separate factions have been exchanged for a vertical power war. Top-down management which means the top get all the say and the bottom (90% of us) get to suck it up and receive whatever abuse is thrown at us. This is how it is in the corporate world in any industry. This is now how it is the the corporatised English-speaking world, ‘Straya included. I had no idea how asleep I was before this rona pantomime awakened me.


  8. Hi Bisskett

    Thank you for the info, obviously these two didn’t get the memo!


  9. While these bitches sit around and do F/ALL we are all a slaves to their system. They truly wouldn’t know what a days work looked liked. We need to save our dear little children and save ourselves and stand up to this filth and their death cult.

    Thank you Cairns News for standing up to this. We need to all band together and support this platform

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  10. TonyRyan43 if Zionist ideologies have been calling the shots then it could be a difficult call for Victorian voters come their State elections in a few months.
    The State opposition Matthew Guy makes no secret of his leanings towards Zionism (as seen on video) as well.
    Pauline Hansen likes Avi (another proud Zionist) more than she likes China and Clive P has alleged links to the Club of Rome through the Club of Madrid (ASIO complaint in 2015 allegedly made).
    Source: AwareAustralia (@AwareAus) April 19

    The thing is, if that which is alleged in relation to Clive P has any truth to it, the Club of Madrid and the Club of Rome are UN affiliated and advocates for Agenda 2030 to deliver Global Government.

    So is there anyone else the people can vote for if they so choose?
    I suspect the players are all in place, whichever way it is played in this Country.
    Politics is pure theatre.

    Two things need to happen: All Politicians need to declare their allegiances to other Countries (such as the created State of Israel) and they also need to disclose if they are part of a Secret Society.
    There is no place in a Democracy for Secret Societies to be calling the shots.

    Vote 1 Cannabis Party
    The world has gone to pot anyway.


  11. Followed by a bit go “Q the bubbles” …reality!

    This is why most of us are here to fight the good fight on Cairns News comments

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  12. ….complimented by a lovely song and video by the beautiful Megan Rose to remind us all why we are here speaking out

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  13. Lets chuck a bit of woo woo in for the bitches in britches

    I so love Tarot by Janine

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  14. Mark Weber is a revisionist historian. The info fascists have been around for a long time. This 50-minute video received more than 220,000 “views” before it was “restricted” by YouTube in late 2017.
    Available at: it presents important evidence that shatters the familiar, endlessly repeated view that Hitler, bent on world conquest, launched a treacherous surprise attack against a peaceful Soviet Union.


  15. Now the shoe’s on another foot –

    News – The NSW Greens have urged the state’s police minister to pull officers into line, after more climate activists were arrested today, amid growing concern about “draconian” anti-protest laws.

    The MPs, Sue Higginson and Abigail Boyd, said climate campaigners and supporters of Blockade Australia continue to be arrested and questioned in alarming circumstances.
    Higginson said:

    The police operation that is under way throughout NSW today in response to peaceful protestors is a clear warning of how far down the road we are towards a police state.

    The NSW Police should immediately cease using the methods that are on display across NSW today and there needs to be a full review of the processes and procedures that have allowed these oppressive policing tactics to occur.

    Protest is fundamental to a democracy and plays a vital role in giving people a peaceful voice outside of law. Removing the right to peaceful protest is a dangerous and draconian step for NSW to take.

    Boyd, the Greens spokesperson for attorney general, said:

    This is yet more evidence of the chilling effect that these new anti-protest laws are having on our democratic right to protest in this state.

    I know the people on the coast who have been subjected to this police overreach. These are peaceful residents going about their lives, with their only apparent crime being their desire to see climate justice on our planet.

    That the police now feel emboldened to interrogate people on their doorsteps and pull them over on their way to work simply because of their political opinions should send a shockwave of alarm through our society. This is an assault on the basic principles of our democracy.

    The NSW upper house on Wednesday passed Boyd’s call for papers which will see the government forced to release all internal documents regarding the creation and operation of anti-protest laws.

    Higginson has called for an investigation into the police operation against Blockade Australia on a Colo property on 19 June.



  16. tonyryan43 and maggoo, thanks for your much appreciated comments, .

    My main point is – The main parties did get in again, and that has been accepted by the majority of voters.

    No real challenges about a corrupt election system, etc. So, it is now accepted as a legitimate result. The result? We now follow the dictates of the parties.

    It is highly likely the same will happen next election(s)

    The majority either accept the elections were / are fair and honest, or are complicit in supporting a corrupt system – by doing nothing to keep it all fair and honest.

    All of the bitching, threats of justice coming, etc, will not make much difference to those who were (now official) voted in by a majority of Australian voters.

    In the past many realistic ways and means to fix the problems we face have been put forward (as comments) in Cairns News. Few (going by Cairns News comments) are interested in doing anything lawful / legal, and realistic, to obtain fair and honest systems that are directly run / controlled by the majority of Australians.

    I am not looking for a violent clash with the powers that be (the ones recently voted in) I am looking for “a fair go” obtained by fair and honest means. I just have to wait until we can put in place enough community (peoples) groups to lawfully challenge the present systems.

    Looks like it will be a very long wait.

    .From tonyryan43: we cannot just whinge and whine. We must fight to save our children.
    Anyone who does not has surrendered his humanity.


  17. Ron, the majority did not vote for the party who has taken control of our “country”, Terra Australis. On the night of 21 May this year, I turned the tel lie vision on for the first time in well over two years to watch the events unfold. By 8:30pm, it was turned off. The ALP had a “decisive” win. I donot know of one man or woman who voted them in – they were all put LAST by everyone I know. Then you have to also remember all those who descended on Canberra. They were not a static bunch. Some would come for a few days and then had to leave, others for a few weeks. But all different peoples. Amounting to millions – and I would say at least 3 million travelled there. On the day that Albasneezy and his “chosen” stood for their cheery pics, 0 – zero – of the seats had been counted! Indeed, by 14 June, only 81 seats had been counted. They are now all counted – but none had been done and dusted for him to call leadership.

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  18. There is only one truth in the land of OZ, the truth of what the government is telling/ordering us to believe. “Melbourne has been named as one of the top 10 best cities to live in in the world.” – (In an event of a fake epidemic & quarantine?)
    Rupert knows how Aussies think. He thinks for all Australian subjects including those “fine” $pecies of Australian “women” that are chosen for the job to speak Australia’s truth.

    Won’t be long now before the next “honorable” PM will pick his/her/its gender from the LGBTWTF agenda and “Australian” cities have become smarter than the “subject rodents in the political correct maze” of a new world where truth has been abolished completely.

    BUT hey, Australia will be the best country in world AGAIN! Celebrations galore!

    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato
    Australia’s “inferiors” are quite good at what they are doing even if they have NOT got the slightest idea of what it is they are doing. That must be smart – surely.
    Watch out for the truth Sayers CN. You are an obstacle to Australian political correctness and THE one and only certified truth.

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  19. dianedraytonbuckland

    I am just testing with this comment as None of my posts appear to be getting through at all,no idea what the problem is.
    The Australian Arm of the monstrous Tyrants at the World Economic Forum must all be brought down and for real justice to start doing the job of cleaning out the political sewers.

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  20. Ron… I appreciate your frustration and disgust but, really, respect them?

    Contrary to what most people think, when all sources of information are rigidly controlled by one entity, there is no free thinking. There is only brainwashing. The majority were brainwashed into voting for the major parties.

    The small parties were betrayed by Bosi, who destroyed any possible small party unity by attacking Clive Palmer, who was by far the most resourced of them all.

    In Australia, our entire media, universities, think tanks, and science institutes are controlled by Rupert Murdoch, Frank Lowy, and Ross Garnaut, all of whom are Zionist members of the investment banker elite, which is pushing for the New World Order, WEF, and mRNA jab mandates.

    Half the voters cannot even think clearly anymore. They have been jabbed into comatose lethargy, which will only get worse until they die.

    You are right, we cannot just whinge and whine. We must fight to save our children. Anyone who does not has surrendered his humanity.

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  21. So, we complained about corrupt government and then voted them back in – the next election the majority will likely (again / still) vote for the parties, no matter what they do to us.

    I do not see how knocking bad government is justified if the majority voted for them.

    The majority wanted and got them, now the majority will suffer the consequences.

    If we do nothing other than mouth off about what should be done – nothing will be done.

    It is already too late for many thousands of adults and now the kids.
    Many more will now suffer the consequences of corrupt Governments.

    I am not knocking the Governments, after all, the Australian voters wanted and got them back again – I must respect the majority.

    Good luck.


  22. The Australian Arm of the World Economic Forum must be brought down.

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  23. Thank you Cairns News, they can bluff all they want but the shit show is over for them. They are just too dumb to realise. CEO’s and minions are jumping ship all over the world.
    It’s amazing what happens when the funds run dry.
    Thank you White Hats….God wins

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  24. What a great article. Just saying what so many of us are thinking!


  25. There has been a lot of historical revisionism since WWII and the definition of fascism seems to have not been excluded.

    Fascism is a marriage between corporations and government, no more no less. The primary problem is that “corporations have replaced the people as drivers of policy”. This is a definition that exactly reflects today’s reality, which is no doubt why this had to be revised.

    The more modern description is oligarchy, which includes the plutocrats.

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  26. Wont ever affect me, ill say what I want when I want , if they get offended its them with the problem not me,
    By the way Israel Folau didn’t single out homosexuality, he mentioned other sins, like alcoholism and so on . These minority homos and leso’s failed to address that didnt they.
    its not me to judge, but God, and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes if they haven’t repented.

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  27. I do not follow this corrupt narrative, I don’t listen to it,I don’t skim it, I totally ignore it and thanks to my refusal to take in this woke narrative my DNA is secure and unadulterated, unless of course they are aerial spraying us.

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  28. ACMA and the info fascists are idiots who do not understand the human condition. They can never shut up intelligent people who think for themselves. So stick it where the sun don’t shine fools. We’ll say whatever we damn well like!

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  29. Won themselves in raffles.

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  30. BarbieJean G.

    The scumbags took down Kimberley Ann Goguen’s truth about her refusing to bow to them and telling them they have lost and she is giving all their $ (being Trustee of all the Black dragon accounts) to humanity and sustainable enviro projects etc. When they do that, you know the TRUTH is being told. Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor e’mail:


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