WEF attendee, e-Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant reckons our freedoms need to be “recalibrated”.


MEET ACMA (the Australia Communications and Media Authority), who, in league with Australia’s eCommissioner Julie Inman-Grant, are all part of a global drive to control and censor media outlets like Cairns News, that dare to challenge official narratives around big issues like Covid-19 or the rigged 2020 US election.

ACMA chairwoman Nerida O’Loughlin

In February 2021 ACMA welcomed the new Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation released by the Digital Industry Group (DIGI). It was Australia’s nod to the dictatorial practices of big social media networks to censor and “correct” disinformation, i.e. stories from alternative media that challenged officially approved narratives.

Cairns News challenges Inman Grant and ACMA chairwoman Nerida O’Loughlin to deny that their primary, essential mission is censorship and control of information that challenges the official, manufactured narratives of global, entrenched networks of power.

Cairns News also awaits a response from O’Loughlin as to what exactly are the “incorrect views” about the US election and Covid 19 and to deny that her primary agenda now is censorship and control of information.

Grant spent nearly 20 years working for Microsoft, Adobe and Twitter. She also works with the current US administration’s Gender Policy Council and WEF’s Global Coalition for Digital Safety. No surprise then, that this bureaucrat should be talking at the recent WEF about “recalibrating human rights”. Grant’s office can already penalize internet service providers who fail to comply with its orders to remove content.

Of course the ACMA folk, like all federal bureaucrats, are “very smart” with all the right corporate qualifications from both public and private sectors – and that’s where their problem lies. They are corporate automatons, brainwashed into corporatist thinking taught by the likes of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

They don’t think too much about lofty concepts such as “life, liberty and the pursuit” of happiness, as contained in the US Declaration of Independence or similar principles as upheld in the Commonwealth Constitution. Their concept of “human rights” is narrowly confined to socialistic UN “principles” e.g. “gender and racial equity”. Some of them even talk about “climate justice” as if “the climate” is crying out for a fair go too.

On that 2020 US election issue we are repeatedly told by mainstream media that Trump’s accusation of vote fraud is “false”, “baseless”, “debunked” and even “the big lie”, even though no media or anyone for that matter, can say there was no organised fraud because investigations into that allegation are still ongoing. Recent vote fraud investigations and prosecutions in the US, as reported by Cairns News, also point to organised fraud on a large scale.

But somehow, Australian bureaucrats now feel it is their duty to enforce the mainstream media narrative because only mainstream media can be trusted to report the facts without fear or favour from entrenched government and corporate interests – if you can believe that.

In fact, it is the entrenched relationship between governments and big business corporations that prompts Cairns News to use the word “neo-fascism” to describe these bureaucracies. Historically, fascism is defined as: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” (Merriam Webster)

But, you might object, our Australian PM Albanese and most bureaucrats are neither racist, nor nationalists, nor dictators. True, but all certainly are captive to a system in which all industry and commerce is regimented into something like George Orwell’s “Groupthink”.

More accurately this is a “corporatist” system, which is closely related to fascism. In America this system is known as the military-industrial complex, warnings against which were made by presidents Eisenhower and JFK back in the 50s and early 60s.

The modern form of fascism (neo-fascism) has merged with global New Left anti-racism, feminism and environmentalism and in the present corporate world this is expressed in the coerced regimentation of business into the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) system.

“Groupthink” is what all the alphabet agencies of Australian government and industry practice on a daily basis. Those who don’t think like the group thinks are singled out for ridicule, discrimination and public shaming as was practiced in the past by totalitarian regimes.

Today we see examples in the corporate sports world. Naïve young sports stars who misbehave are singled out for public shaming and apologies. Apologies should only be made to people who may be injured by misbehavior, not the entire populace.

In one notable incident, the Wallabies rugby union star Israel Folau had his contract cancelled by the Australian Rugby Union for “homophobia” because he expressed a religious view on homosexuality. That was a brazen attack on Folau’s freedom of speech and religion, which are synonymous.

The LGBTIQ+ crowd tell us what brave, rugged individuals they are for “coming out” on one hand and then tell us on the other that religious views like Folau’s deeply offend them. Then they demand special legislation to protect them like they are some sort of endangered species.

Corporatist group think is also practiced by Aussie Rules football, whose teams and supporters were encouraged to give public support to the neo-Marxist radicals Black Lives Matter and the LGBTIQ crowd.

The AFL has since broadened its ‘Vilification Framework’ from racism to include sexual orientation, meaning teams are now co-opted into public shows of support for “pride days” and the like. The AFL has also produced an 11-page Gender Identity Policy which makes for entertaining reading.

What is hilarious is that while the AFL is crowing about “inclusivity” its gender identity policy makes it clear that trannies won’t make it into the AFLW or first grade because of rules against testosterone treatments. Trannies take testosterone if moving from female side to male but the policy sets testosterone levels at or below 5 nmol/L for at least two years prior.

There is a popular revolt against this nonsense, and sports administrators and their big corporate sponsors are feeling the heat from below to the point now where some opportunities for tranny intrusions into top-level competition are being cut off.

ACMA, the e-Commissioner and the Australian Human Rights Commission bureaucrats are squirming over such developments in their board room chairs. How dare the common folk revolt! Even worse, how dare they express their views on social media!