LNP and ALP want you to forget the Covid warfare they waged against Aussies

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Snake venom, parasites… not surprised at all and it may not just be in the jabs. Dr Ardis was right. Protect yourselves.


  2. Hi daviddd2, O. M. G!
    Frankly at this point, no measure of evil is off the table.


  3. “Hydra Vulgaris, COVID Vaxx parasite?”

    If there’s any validity in the below story, it could explain why they prohibited anti-parasitic drugs such as HCQ and Ivermectin.

    “Indestructible parasite that just clone themselves. What could be more basic than wanting to know what you’re injecting into your bodies? Now the company responsible for these strange creatures is Germany’s Biopharmaceutical New Technologies [BioNTech} which is ostensibly a research company producing drugs for cancer. Always keep in mind Pfizer’s vaccine was never approved by the FDA, what was approved was BioNTech’s Comirnaty vaccine which is still not marketed in the United States. ”

    Full story and video at:



  4. steve ferguson

    Australians will never forget the crimes against humanity the war on the people, the restrictions, masks, and of course bio weapon [vaccine] mandates, ALP< LIB/Nat, you are always going to be remembered, for being on the wrong side of history. Now you filthy disgusting pondscum need to be tried and hung for treason and the crime of the century, the great deception of covid. Which was never isolated. Unlike you rats, you all need to be isolated while awaiting trial. All Australian Premiers they're little medical minions and the rest of the corrupt circus players, like the Mainstream media for starters. Rot in hell the lot of you.

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  5. Hi daviddd2, Yep spot on. Especially loved this: “the fact that it has been known for months that it is the covid-19 shots that cause brain damage.” Suspected that all along. Hence the even further increased MFP. Zombified.


  6. Rally speaker Aussie Cossack is arrested. He says, for naming a paedophile. The undemocratic use of police to curtail freedom of speech has not gone away.

    Since 2014 Sydney is one of the 100 Resilient Cities of the Rockefeller Foundation NGO.
    This group had impact during 2022 when a city-wide resilience strategy was put in place in all 33 metropolitan councils of Greater Sydney.
    This is how the global coordination/collaboration is rolled out in the metropolitian councils.


    Video of Aussie Cossack arrest.


  7. Riccardo Bosi gives the latest update: 13 May 2022
    on rumble

    1. What do you think about the ALP helping you purchase your property?
    2. What’s this about taxing driving?
    3. Why are Blacktown city up in arms?
    4. How is the election going?
    5. How should volunteers behavior at the booths?
    6. What is the AEC’s vote save?
    7. Is there going to be vote fraud?

    Published May 14, 2022


  8. Too much inbreeding maybe?

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  9. I agree Jo.


  10. H. – to grasp the reverse principles of biological regeneration also means an end to “money spinning” aka the official “health” system.
    It will never happen until the “herd conscience” ascends a “little”. So far human conscience and the spiritual concept in man is reversing and degrading by design.

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  11. I think the whole current scenario can be summed up in two words – ‘human degeneration.’

    This is clearly a top down degeneration, where the degenerative symptoms are simply more advanced in the establishment elite than those following. It is a singular and collective organism nonetheless.

    Until man grasps the reverse principles of biological regeneration, and learns how to apply it collectively, the degenerative societal symptoms will remain.

    When you look at Schwab, Gates, Soros, QE II, Merkel, – you name it, they are not even a hundred, and with all their money and the best science available, their cells [and therefore behaviour] are visibly decayed and prematurely old, as are those of their people.

    Even though they exhibit forms of higher intelligence, if this cannot extend their healthy survival to a mere century, than maybe, such intelligence needs to be re-assessed? Maybe a truly higher intelligence bares little resemblance to what such a society understands as such?

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  12. Everyone should also watch the video by Odysee supplied by aapkoning as well… regarding the scare campaign to get people triple jabbed… They even have people online saying they nearly died after having 2 jabs and saying if they had their 3rd it wouldn’t have happened ??? WTF… 40 ambulance calls per hour to covid jabbed patients..! Please watch this.


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  13. Thanks aapkoning.. The last Vernon Coleman link is very good, to the point, and says it like it is. I have saved some of the others to watch and pass on as well. Everyone should share information as much as possible to inform others.

    I have already voted, put all the criminals last as I hope many many others will. All you say is true. This is our one big chance to try and turn things around. Let’s all give it our best shot.

    Thank you for fighting the good fight… Resistance is NOT futile.

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  14. A great article from across the ditch in Jumpin’-Jack-Flash-Ardern land.


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  15. Queensland Premier’s what could be described as a ‘Big Pharma Advertisement’ Christmas message to your children

    ELECTION 2022 – DO NOT vote for Liberal/National, Labor or Greens

    LNP and ALP want you to forget the Covid warfare they waged against Aussies – Watch Video – Government police brutality


    Australian Government Police Thugs brutalising Australians protesting against Tyranny – this will be what we have to endure permanently and escalate to full throttle Totalitarianism if you vote back in Liberal/National, Labor & Greens



    Download Here >


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  16. This article extract is worth its own post. BEFORE YOU VOTE … A wake up call! . Be sure to engage a brain as you read.

    Full article : https://greatreject.org/vernon-coleman-the-final-phase-of-the-movement/

    We are in the final phase of the movement to ‘The Great Reset’; We must win now or lose forever

    by GreatReject · 12/03/2022

    The Covid fraud has frightened, demoralized and trained the naive and the ignorant, in addition to triggering a mass of jab-induced illnesses and deaths. The climate change fraud has created a population full of unfounded fear. And now the deliberately created hysteria over the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to massive fuel and food shortages that will result in hundreds of millions of deaths.

    By Dr. Vernon Coleman – The hysteria was composed, orchestrated and led by the usual suspects in the media, with the BBC and The Guardian at the forefront. The BBC has long ceased to be a news provider, but a propaganda unit – denying, suppressing or distorting the truth with pride rather than regret or shame. (When the BBC proudly announced that it had not conducted interviews with doctors questioning vaccination, it abandoned all claims to be a news organization.)

    The story being told by the media is that Putin is a threat to democracy. If anyone can find evidence of any democracy in the West, I would be grateful if they could point it out to me. Where is the democracy in Canada? In Australia? In New Zealand? In the United Kingdom? In the USA? Anywhere else?
    Freedom of speech died in February 2020 and has not been seen since.

    You have to be as naive as a five-year-old not to realize that the West planned this war; manipulating Putin into position like a chess piece.

    There have been dozens of wars, invasions and massacres in recent years, but never before has there been such mass hysteria. Never before have politicians with colored favors supported their favorite side in the conflict. I don’t recall the establishment being much concerned when the Americans and British killed a million babies in Iraq. I don’t recall the media complaining about our attack on Libya.

    Sainsbury’s, a British grocer, says it stands by the people of Ukraine. I don’t recall them uniting with the people who are dying in numerous other conflicts.

    Sanctions won’t do much damage to the Russians, but the sanctions are not directed against Russia – they are directed against us. They are part of the route to the New World Order.

    You have to be blind, stupid, or bought to not see that the conspiracy is unfolding and the end game is fast approaching.
    And yet blindness, stupidity and corruption are the order of the day.

    For example, the authorities now claim that covid can shrink the brain. The paid media commentators ignore the fact that it has been known for months that it is the covid-19 shots that cause brain damage.

    The official line is that the only real sign of Long Covid is a loss of smell. And that is almost certainly a result of olfactory nerve damage due to the lousy PCR tests.

    The official position is that cricketer Shane Warne died of a congenital heart problem. No officially acceptable commentator has even suggested that there might be a connection with his covid-19 injection. And no one in the mainstream media has questioned the conclusion that yet another super fit professional sportsman has suddenly developed a fatal, previously unsuspected congenital heart problem. Even Shane Warne never managed to turn that much.

    Any rabid pro-vaxxer who does not wonder for at least a moment whether Mr. Warne might have been killed by the covid shot is an idiot. Any doctor who doesn’t wonder how many people are killed by the syringes should be struck off the doctors’ register for stupidity.

    MORE AT: https://greatreject.org/vernon-coleman-the-final-phase-of-the-movement/


  17. Thanks aapkoning, anybody who misses looking at the links will be shortchanging themselves. The governors are selling us fear and the sheeple are buying in massive numbers. It seems it’s easier to do than start a cattle stampede.

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  18. Please read, study, watch at least of 1 of the video’s below, Before you VOTE… Thank You…
    Docu ‘Planet Lockdown’: Angst used as fuel to tyrannise | blckbx
    Docu ‘Planet Lockdown’: Angst als brandstof voor de tirannie | blckbx
    Yes not only here in Australia as a test case, but worldwide.
    Please watch before placing your VOTE…? Unless you agree with the “Satanists”…
    Yes, this video presentation is in English and takes about 1 hour and 52 minutes.

    If you want to need to know more keep watching and reading the articles below.

    The Bullshit of the World Economic Forum. If this will not shake you to the core, nothing will. REMEMBER when you VOTE, voting for the same criminals you will get what you are asking for. Have you been happy for the last TWO Years? You will be A SLAVE…
    “Are humans assemblers or dissemblers? We are destroying ourselves following the narrative of W E F The W H O, and all the usual Satanist corporations.”

    Do you want to know what comes Next? 2 Large informative movies.
    ‘Headwind 21’, By, Marijn Poels, 1 Hour and 32 minutes.
    ‘Pandamned’, By, Marijn Poels, 2 Hours and 10 minutes.
    REMEMBER the Last 2 Years!!!
    Guest feature: Beware of the grey industrial wolf in ‘green’ fleece.
    Note: Some of the discussions are in German, Dutch, or French, but mostly in English. However, most people who have been around for the last 2 years, will understand what the compiler is trying to explain.

    If you agree with the W E F instigated narrative and control over our politicians in Australia and you followed the rules verbatim, “Please do not, watch, listen, or read the articles below.” Most people who know everything, just keep on walking with their face nappy on and feel superior above everybody else, you don’t need to take the time. Further don’t forget to place the nappy on your face in the car…

    For the minority including myself, the more I understand and know, the less I really know because there is so much more down that rabbit hole. I have watched all articles presented here and found them informative, realising that I’m lucky because I can follow various other web articles in different languages and compare them with the original releases.

    For the readers who follow, “Max Igan”
    Watch his latest very good video:
    He admitted that he was down when recording his last video and he got so many emails from people telling him not to stop doing his videos.

    Below please take the time before voting Please…
    Good Article by Doctor, Vernon Coleman.

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  19. I really hope so !!! Please take the time to read at least 1 of the my links below. Thank you.


  20. Great compilation of all those who should be hung in public just to show as an example to the world that we Aussies don’t tolerate tyranny.

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  21. These tyrannical political vermin must not be allowed to continue and get away with the destruction of our lives and everything that entails. The rest of the population who have been asleep at the wheel wake up now as it’s almost too late. We together must stop these pack of political Tyrannical Psychopaths and remember DO NOT vote Liberal National Labor or Greens or you have doomed us to permanent State and Federal Governments Tyranny/Totalitarianism and the deaths and injuries from the Fxxxing Covid Clot Shot/jab/injections would have been for nothing because we’re all doomed as per the Architects of this Monstrous Great Reset Insane Dictators/Globalists/ Treasonous Vermin Politicians All Under the control of the World Economic Forum and it’s Head Tyrant Klaus Schwab.

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  22. Undoubtedly the jab.Ed

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  23. I have not drunk the kool-aid, I have denounced Government corruption and over-reach, I have stood up for our rights and freedom of choice. I have tried to remain positive. Yet, I know these last 2 plus years have changed me and the people I know, from carefree to cautious, from happy to worried, from belief in the law to suspicion of it’s motives. I will NEVER forget!

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  24. Well Lab and liberal the damage has been done, you show us where your true allegiances lie and as far as we are concerned your time us up!

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  25. The LNP-Labour Greens duopoly has poisoned the Australian landscape.

    It has inspired our lying, treacherous, slime politicians into thinking they’re gods.

    It has turned our public servants into bureaucrats manipulating and terrorising the Australian people into long term debt slavery and blind obedience!

    Do you really believe that you’re still an Australian if owning nothing is going to make you “happy”? If the exploding house prices during c-vid haven’t given you a clue you are deaf (and dumb as sht) !

    And when you vote for more of the same you just prove how stupid you are for not noticing when you’re being done over.

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    Wish that were true. Most (of the jabbed) are either unaware or in denial. As evidence, watch the election results next week as again most vote for the criminal mafia duo.

    The only hope is that the last 2 years have woken enough people from their slumber to throw a substantial spanner in the works by voting for the Freedom Parties.

    Could be our last chance before the tyrannical political steamroller tries to crush us utterly.

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  27. They lied about EVERYTHING… We will never forget, so Australia has to make sure we vote these criminals and murderers out. This is our chance, make it count!! Put them last and only vote for freedom parties.

    If we allow them back in, it will be more of the same… so do your part for yourself and family – DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. We CAN do this.

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  28. News today – 14 May 2022

    The medical community is rallying around South Australia’s Australian Medical Association President Michelle Atchison after her 26-year-old daughter died suddenly in her sleep on Wednesday.

    The light in our life has gone out. My beautiful and only daughter died yesterday. She never woke up. It was so utterly unexpected and my husband and my hearts are shattered. I really don’t know what to do.
    6:20 pm · 12 May 2022

    “You are so missed gorgeous girl. That pain is gone, may you finally rest in peace,” her friend Jess said.

    Her cause of death is not known.


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  29. For as long as I live, the mRNA mandate will be regarded as the greatest crime in Australian history; one deserving of the death penalty.

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