Put the Greens, ALP and LNP last on your ballot paper

Letter to the Editor

Many awakened people know that it is the Liberal/National and Labor/Greens who have destroyed our civil rights medical rights human rights choices and freedoms and our democracy and our country – This is OUR Country !
The State and Federal Governments of Australia, All Premiers, Prime Minister and all the State Government Chief Health Officers and their Health Ministers and Federal Health Minister have destroyed our lives MEDICAL rights choices and freedoms and ALL freedoms choices and rights and they have been and are all absolute Tyrants who are laying low at the moment until after the Federal Election and the people of Australia must not vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens in this Election or ever again or you will doom us all to a continuing on and full throttle increase in absolutely brutal/tyrannical Australian State and Federal Governments Totalitarianism !
All our lives depend on the outcome of this Election and the annihilation of the same old same old Mouse Wheel Liberal National Labor and Greens who have us now on the precipice towards full throttle full blown Totalitarianism ! Please heed the warnings and do not vote Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER and I would urge Australians to consider voting for the following parties which is the only way to restore our Democracy, Rights, Choices and Freedoms and to save us all and our our country from Tyranny/Totalitarianism.
One Nation
United Australia Party
Informed Medical Options Party
Great Australia Party
Australian Federation Party
Democratic Labor Party
Liberal Democrats
Katter’s Australia Party
Citizens Party
Len Harris
Legalise Cannabis Party

from Diane Drayton Buckland


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you..have copied and will pass on.


  2. I wrote to AustraliaOne asking about that… its because each candidate is chosen by the people themselves, for the people.. If they do not perform, then the people can get rid of them.. unlike the politicians tied to a party. That is why they are independent but supporters of AustraliaOne principles and aims… they are not run by a party – as most other politicians are… and I think its a good way to do things… Riccardo is trying to put the power back into the people’s hands… the way it should be. The responsibility of doing the right thing lies with the Independent, and if not, he can be sacked by the people…. if only that worked for politicians the same way…! I think its brilliant and well done Riccardo..

    Vote 1 for Lindsay Temple below the line for the Senate, not anything on top. And vote majors last, including UAP Ric says. See his latest video on Rumble.

    Editor…. can’t seem to find the list of names that was posted on your site not long ago of the Independents that are allied to the Greens. We need that list – need to know to put them last on the Senate form… Please show again… I looked through and couldn’t find it..


  3. Why do you think it’s a shame? They can still win their seats and stick it to the bastards. Have you read what Australia One is about?


  4. Jen they’re not running as Australia 1 they are on the ballot paper as independent and I only found out about that and Lindsay Temple for Queensland after I did that post when I read about it on Cairns News.
    On the ballot paper they are not Australia 1 but shown as Independents which personally I think is a shame.


  5. daviddd2 : “grass roots campaign”… “Defang them in the Senate”. Might be our only hope mate & yes we gotta have a go. You’re also right when you say “If we don’t do it now we’re going to be well & truly fckd!”. Yep!. I find it hard to swallow the preferential choice, who or what party is more despicable, the majors must go last, but what above that?, it’s a minefield for me to look into one’s I’ve never heard of or what they represent, as they may say one thing but side on the sly with another that’s planning on shafting us under the same agendas. But a minefield some like me “have to do”, as it’s “the right thing to do”, we need to take care & vote wise, yep, might be our last chance… gotta at least have a go


  6. Preferential voting sucks more than that woman auntieet wouldn’t p#ss on. Whichever way I look at it I’m going to be obliged to cast a vote not just for those I choose to vote for but also for those I REFUSE to cast a vote for.

    Preferential voting got us here by giving the DUOPOLY a mortgage on election! It’s too late to stop at this election but it needs to be ELIMINATED quick smart with a grass roots campaign.

    Only THEN can we stop the “House of Reps” riff raff cashing in on “preferences” and so many of the candidates would have such ULTRA LOW numbers they would have no respectability.

    But in the Senate, it is possible to TRASH THE LNP-LABOUR/gREENS DUOPOLY.

    If we don’t do it now we’re going to be well and truly fkd! No ifs or buts about it so find out how to TRASH THE DUOPOLY BASTARDS into obscurity in your state. Defang them in the Senate.

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  7. Yes Yes Yes 🙌🏻🙌🏻


  8. You made a glaring omission… AustraliaOne Party… they have about 10 candidates running. In particular Lindsay Temple for Qld Senate… why is this party missing??? I think this party has a very large following and should be on that list.


  9. Lindsay Temple QLD senate
    Steve Crothers TAS senate
    Ashley Williams WA Canning
    Dominique Murphy VIC Chisholm
    Craig Cole VIC Casey
    Darren Bergwerf VIC Dunkley
    James Lawrie VIC Bendigo
    Vince Pannell SA Barker
    Paul Busuttil SA Boothby
    Madelline Fry SA Barker
    Riccado Bosi NSW Greenway


  10. To help us all get out of this mess there needs to be a clean slate, starting everything back to our Australian Constitution 1900 and the only party thay would follow our true Australian law is the Great Australia party.


  11. anthony donnellan


    You forgot to mention Australiaone candidates as people worth getting our votes first?

    Regards ANTHONY

    Sent from my iPhone



  12. Yes, we must absolutely vote the majors out. There are how to vote cards online showing how to do that if anyone is unsure at Reignite Australia. Let us pray we can turn this around.


  13. I don’t know anything about that party so I wouldn’t vote for them anyway… it’s damn annoying the way they’re all trying to stop us from doing things we have done all our lives and the ones before us.
    You’re correct… we’re going to have to be really sure of the independents we vote for, or we will be in for more of the same shite.


  14. Personally I wouldn’t p#iss on ‘Informed Medical Options Party’ if they were on fire. The candidate for them from Cairns tried to pull down our Eureka Flags in our local park. Not her jurisdiction, this was the Tablelands, (& couldn’t tell us what it stood for but she took offence to them), also tried to pull down my ‘Freedom’ banner, as she took offence to that as well. Her name was Sylvia, an immigrant. She’s the type that runs with the hounds & hunts with the wolves. She was head honcho from ‘Stand In The Park’ her and another wannabe called Pasha, a Pommie, here on the t/lands trying to run ‘A Stand In The Park’s t/lands, took offence to us being visual in their park. Not their park, a residential citizens park. We were peaceful & standing for freedom from tyranny & they both tried to remove our property. Ungrateful immigrants. Careful who you vote for when you’re putting the majors last, don’t accidentally vote for tyranny hiding behind fraud.


  15. We already ARE in deep shit…..


  16. Ah well, Freedom of Choice !
    Most people will be able to decide for themselves without unhinged renters attempting to influence voting.
    Hopefully, thinking people will be able to imagine just how much more of a circus there will be with more minorities and independents than there have been.

    It certainly would be much better if there was accountability for Laborrats in Queensland by having an upper house of parliament.


  17. Janice w37

    If you believe that we are in deep shit.


  18. A lineup would be really helpful.

    A voting analyst would have worked out the best voting pattern to disadvantage the biggies,

    That is not me. So I want to know who to put last: The ALP, LNP, or Greens. Then of the independents and small parties, who first and who last. There must be a pattern and this is the most important election in Australian history.


  19. Your forgot Riccardo Bosi in your list of candidates… he is a good strong leader who will definitely get the job done.
    I wouldn’t touch united australia party with a barge pole.. they’re only out for themselves like the idiots we have now.

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