National Parks Service soon to shoot branded cattle on Cape York Peninsula


The Queensland National Parks Service is about to aerial shoot cattle belonging to the few remaining graziers on Cape York Peninsula.

Affected landowners on Cape York were emailed a week ago by the parks office in Cairns advising feral cattle would be shot along river courses and park boundaries starting on March 8.

An experienced Cape York aerial shooter says it is impossible to tell if galloping cattle in thick vegetation are branded or not from the air

Over the past three years more than 5000 cattle worth more than $6m on today’s market have been wantonly killed on the orders of the Queensland Labor Party Minister Meaghan Scanlon a young Gold Coast lawyer who has not ever held a real job.

Last year Coen residents saw dead cattle along a bush track that had been shot from a helicopter chartered by the parks.

A local resident told Cairns News several cows, calves and bulls had been indiscriminately gut-shot, shot in the legs and elsewhere and there would have been no one shot kills.

The carcasses provide an easy food source for the thousands of feral pigs and wild dogs living unmolested on national parks.

The resident said some of the cattle were branded and were the property of local land owners. Local aborigines also complained they could have caught the cattle on national parks and along river courses giving them work in a jobless district and reuniting them with some self-respect rather than surviving on sit-down welfare money.

The shot carcasses of many hundreds of cattle on Cape York provide an easy food source for the tens of thousands of wild pigs and wild dogs living on Peninsula national parks.

Cairns News doubts the Minister has ever been to Cape York or witnessed the alcohol and drug abuse among some communities.

Attempts to bring the issue to the notice of State Parliament in this sittings have failed as graziers who received emails from parks officer Chris Kinnairv in Cairns have been reluctant to publicise them in fear of retribution from the Labor Party Government or the parks.

Such is the atmosphere that has existed on Cape York for decades. Pastoralists, except for an outspoken few who care about the proper management of country, live in fear of having their leases taken from them by a bully-boy Labor Party and an out-of-control national parks service.

In response to inquiries made last year made by state Member for Traeger Robbie Katter an Environment Department spokesman said only the best shooters were employed to cull cattle and that no branded cattle were being shot.

Veteran Cape York cattle producer John Witherspoon begged to differ saying he has had his cattle shot by helicopter in the past and fears for his branded cattle he knows have been running on an unfenced, nearby national park for the past 12 months or longer.

Labor Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon is way out of her depth trying to manage Queensland’s under-resourced, vast, national park estate

“The parks have us over a barrel. They won’t let us go onto the park to muster our branded and unbranded cattle unless we jump through a lot of hoops,” Mr Witherspoon said.

“We have to apply for a permit which takes a minimum of 40 days before we get an answer.

“By then the cattle could go anywhere or be shot by the parks.

“”Any vehicle going onto the park has to be registered and roadworthy, insured and we need public liability of $20m, but there are few registered property vehicles on Cape York, because it simply costs too much and is unnecessary for day to day running.

Mr Witherspoon disputed the Environment Dept claim that only feral or unbranded cattle are shot.

“Firstly the parks do not own any cattle. When they take over a grazing property they are destocked and most of the properties are unfenced.

“Any cattle straying onto a national park belong to somebody, usually the adjoining landowner or the former cattle producer who owned the property.

“In the late 80’s the entire Cape York Peninsula cattle herd was shot out because of the BTEC (brucellosis tuberculosis eradication campaign) and declared by the government at the time as officially destocked.

“I shot many thousands of cattle from the air as a part of this campaign and it is impossible to tell if cattle are branded or not especially when most shooting is in thick scrub.

“It is not easy to do and one shot kills are rare.”

As a consequence of the government’s declaration that the entire Cape York Peninsula landmass was stock free in the early 90’s after the BTEC shoot out, any cattle that exist there now are descendants of cattle introduced by re-stocking pastoralists.

The National Parks have been contacted for comment.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you for the very candid comments.What you have reported here I believe you have described a very Realistic Ruthless process.As an example in the early 1950 years the National Parks/Forestry had plans for Tuan Forestry Area that extends from Maryborough in the north to south of Tin Can Bay in the south.This is part of the Fraser Coast.A contract was implemented for the culling of the Wild Horse Herds that were over running the plantation area of Tuan.This contract required that the wild horses should be humanely shot- Their carcases to be boned out for both human & pet consumption.A close associated of mine Patrick Gillen of Maryborough had a series of Pet Shops.Pat was granted the contract and was required to pay $ per horse. We were able to yard quite a few but in the dense wallum country the majority were foragers & wandered the whole area depending on Seasonal & weather conditions.It was several years for us to reduce the wild horse numbers.The kill rate was in the order of 50 per week all that were shot in the bush had to be One Horse per shot.This standard was difficult to manage at 100%.Our shooters were given ten bullets for the 303 rifles we used.If they/ we shot ten we got Ten Dollars if we got only five we got no pay & if we got less than five we had to pay the Pet shop.This was a real incentive & we rarely had any less than One Shot per horse
    From the Dollars I received for assisting in the Wild Horse Kill / Brumbies I set myself up with a cattle raising enterprise I called it TUAN My Brand is Pinetree over Crescent Moon & Dot. It is very disheartening to read what is presently happening in the penincular. I appreciate that the terrain in those areas are somewhat more difficult compared to the Wallum Country of Tuan but surely in this Day & Age surely we can be less ruthless & more humane in the processes we use.From personal observations I would suggest that there are other ways to manage the overall culling process.Like most projects those involved from top down need to have sufficient knowledge & skill but most importantly Experience to manage the process .Without this balance we will continue to get what we are already getting.The cattle herds,local graziers & First Nation Communities need to be more respected & have a more constructive input into the overall process.One could be forgiven for making some comparisons here given the ruthless slaughter reports we receive from the Ucrane.Are there some comparisons here. RMAC


  2. Withbiosecertý.


  3. Yes so agree – but these communists have no respect for life = ours or those beautiful cattle..

    The french have shown the appropriate solution..


  4. Well done Jo we could have guessed. Ed


  5. I’m in her electorate and I’m yet to see any good that she does
    Just another politician sucking on the tax payer teat and doing sweet FA!
    You might find her on a dance floor in a Night Club on the Goldy but good luck picking out which one is her….
    As useless as tits on a bull, just like all our other politicians
    Thank you for posting and pointing out these useless bastards


  6. “The leadership shown on 13 February 2008 is one of the reasons I joined the Labor Party and one of the reasons I stand here today. Values of fairness, equality and justice are what I believe in and what I will fight for. Like many in this chamber I got involved in politics because I thought that I could change the world. Whilst I still think that, I acknowledge that reform is hard and it takes time. It is not easy to change people’s minds and it is not easy to change institutions or laws. We saw how long and hard reform can be in the most recent marriage equality debate. I am proud to have played a small part in achieving equal rights for our LGBTIQ community. It is a process that we should never have had to undertake; however, through doorknocking, phone calling and enrolment drives on university campuses, the Gold Coast voted 60 per cent yes to marriage equality.”

    Click to access Meaghan_Scanlon-Gaven-20180320-010302092257.pdf

    “Values of fairness, equality and justice are what I believe in and what I will fight for.”


  7. Joanne kellenbenz

    This is an outrageous way to manage stray cattle. Listen to the voices of the people who do not want this happening in their backyard. You were elected to represent the will of your people. Killing innocent animals does not make you a good leader. Find a different way that helps your county’s residents and animals! Being an example of compassion doesn’t make you look weak. Please reconsider this violent choice and find a safer and more humane solution.


  8. The QLD Service Corp on behalf on the UN is making it so hard for our farmers as they don’t want us to be able to feed ourselves.Agenda 2030.


  9. I witnessed the same in the Top End’s Kakadu. Run by people who had no idea of the issues involved, or the future source of an Aboriginal economic base. As the only researcher who was qualified to cover all aspects, I was ignored. Worse, my one year study, conducted at the direction of Cabinet, had the economic analysis expurgated by a corrupt Divisional Director.

    That airhead lawyer should be taken out the back and shot.


  10. The die a long agonising death as crows pick out their eyes while alive. Ed


  11. Maryrose & Hugh Crowther

    See attached:


  12. Absolute madness, bowing to green mentality 🤬


  13. Let the aborigines monitor cattle going into National Parks. We may be wishing we had them in a few months. What;s wrong with humanity, such wanton cruelty. They probably die in agony or are eaten alive by feral pigs and dogs. Makes you ashamed to be called a human being.


  14. time to bring those choppers down,


  15. Politicians are basically: “Dissemblers” They only destroy, check your dictionary please for more.


  16. Is there no lengths these bastards will go to? This really beggars belief.


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