A part of Putin’s address to the Russian people how Ukraine has been raped and pillaged by the west


February 21, 2022, 22:35

The Kremlin, Moscow

A stable statehood has never developed in Ukraine; its electoral and other political procedures just serve as a cover, a screen for the redistribution of power and property between various oligarchic clans.

Corruption, which is certainly a challenge and a problem for many countries, including Russia, has gone beyond the usual scope in Ukraine. It has literally permeated and corroded Ukrainian statehood, the entire system, and all branches of power.

It all came down to a Ukrainian economy in tatters and an outright pillage of the country’s citizens, while Ukraine itself was placed under external control, directed not only from the Western capitals, but also on the ground. In addition, the United States directly controls the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the High Anti-Corruption Court. All this is done under the noble pretext of invigorating efforts against corruption. All right, but where are the results? Corruption is flourishing like never before.

Radical nationalists took advantage of the justified public discontent and saddled the Maidan protest, escalating it to a coup d’état in 2014. They also had direct assistance from foreign states. According to reports, the US Embassy provided $1 million a day to support the so-called protest camp on Independence Square in Kiev. In addition, large amounts were impudently transferred directly to the opposition leaders’ bank accounts, tens of millions of dollars. But the people who actually suffered, the families of those who died in the clashes provoked in the streets and squares of Kiev and other cities, how much did they get in the end? Better not ask.

The nationalists who have seized power have unleashed a persecution, a real terror campaign against those who opposed their anti-constitutional actions. Politicians, journalists, and public activists were harassed and publicly humiliated. A wave of violence swept Ukrainian cities, including a series of high-profile and unpunished murders. One shudders at the memories of the terrible tragedy in Odessa, where peaceful protesters were brutally murdered, burned alive in the House of Trade Unions. The criminals who committed that atrocity have never been punished, and no one is even looking for them. But we know their names and we will do everything to punish them, find them and bring them to justice.

Maidan did not bring Ukraine any closer to democracy and progress. Having accomplished a coup d’état, the nationalists and those political forces that supported them eventually led Ukraine into an impasse, pushed the country into the abyss of civil war. Eight years later, the country is split. Ukraine is struggling with an acute socioeconomic crisis.

According to international organisations, in 2019, almost 6 million Ukrainians – I emphasise – about 15 percent, not of the wokrforce, but of the entire population of that country, had to go abroad to find work. Most of them do odd jobs. The following fact is also revealing: since 2020, over 60,000 doctors and other health workers have left the country amid the pandemic.

Since 2014, water bills increased by almost a third, and energy bills grew several times, while the price of gas for households surged several dozen times. Many people simply do not have the money to pay for utilities. They literally struggle to survive.

What happened? Why is this all happening? The answer is obvious. They spent and embezzled the legacy inherited not only from the Soviet era, but also from the Russian Empire. They lost tens, hundreds of thousands of jobs which enabled people to earn a reliable income and generate tax revenue, among other things thanks to close cooperation with Russia. Sectors including machine building, instrument engineering, electronics, ship and aircraft building have been undermined or destroyed altogether. There was a time, however, when not only Ukraine, but the entire Soviet Union took pride in these companies.

In 2021, the Black Sea Shipyard in Nikolayev went out of business. Its first docks date back to Catherine the Great. Antonov, the famous manufacturer, has not made a single commercial aircraft since 2016, while Yuzhmash, a factory specialising in missile and space equipment, is nearly bankrupt. The Kremenchug Steel Plant is in a similar situation. This sad list goes on and on.

As for the gas transportation system, it was built in its entirety by the Soviet Union, and it has now deteriorated to an extent that using it creates major risks and comes at a high cost for the environment.

This situation begs the question: poverty, lack of opportunity, and lost industrial and technological potential – is this the pro-Western civilisational choice they have been using for many years to fool millions of people with promises of heavenly pastures?

It all came down to a Ukrainian economy in tatters and an outright pillage of the country’s citizens, while Ukraine itself was placed under external control, directed not only from the Western capitals, but also on the ground, as the saying goes, through an entire network of foreign advisors, NGOs and other institutions present in Ukraine. They have a direct bearing on all the key appointments and dismissals and on all branches of power at all levels, from the central government down to municipalities, as well as on state-owned companies and corporations, including Naftogaz, Ukrenergo, Ukrainian Railways, Ukroboronprom, Ukrposhta, and the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

There is no independent judiciary in Ukraine. The Kiev authorities, at the West’s demand, delegated the priority right to select members of the supreme judicial bodies, the Council of Justice and the High Qualifications Commission of Judges, to international organisations.

In addition, the United States directly controls the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the High Anti-Corruption Court. All this is done under the noble pretext of invigorating efforts against corruption. All right, but where are the results? Corruption is flourishing like never before.

Are the Ukrainian people aware that this is how their country is managed? Do they realise that their country has turned not even into a political or economic protectorate but has been reduced to a colony with a puppet regime? The state was privatised. As a result, the government, which designates itself as the “power of patriots” no longer acts in a national capacity and consistently pushes Ukraine towards losing its sovereignty.

The policy to root out the Russian language and culture and promote assimilation carries on. The Verkhovna Rada has generated a steady flow of discriminatory bills, and the law on the so-called indigenous people has already come into force. People who identify as Russians and want to preserve their identity, language and culture are getting the signal that they are not wanted in Ukraine.

A few words about Crimea. The people of the peninsula freely made their choice to be with Russia. The Kiev authorities cannot challenge the clearly stated choice of the people, which is why they have opted for aggressive action, for activating extremist cells, including radical Islamist organisations, for sending subversives to stage terrorist attacks at critical infrastructure facilities, and for kidnapping Russian citizens. We have factual proof that such aggressive actions are being taken with support from Western security services.

In March 2021, a new Military Strategy was adopted in Ukraine. This document is almost entirely dedicated to confrontation with Russia and sets the goal of involving foreign states in a conflict with our country. The strategy stipulates the organisation of what can be described as a terrorist underground movement in Russia’s Crimea and in Donbass. It also sets out the contours of a potential war, which should end, according to the Kiev strategists, “with the assistance of the international community on favourable terms for Ukraine,” as well as – listen carefully, please – “with foreign military support in the geopolitical confrontation with the Russian Federation.” In fact, this is nothing other than preparation for hostilities against our country, Russia.

If Ukraine acquires weapons of mass destruction, the situation in the world and in Europe will drastically change, especially for us, for Russia. We cannot but react to this real danger, all the more so since, let me repeat, Ukraine’s Western patrons may help it acquire these weapons to create yet another threat to our country. We are seeing how persistently the Kiev regime is being pumped with arms. Since 2014, the United States alone has spent billions of dollars for this purpose, including supplies of arms and equipment and training of specialists. In the last few months, there has been a constant flow of Western weapons to Ukraine, ostentatiously, with the entire world watching. Foreign advisors supervise the activities of Ukraine’s armed forces and special services and we are well aware of this.

Over the past few years, military contingents of NATO countries have been almost constantly present on Ukrainian territory under the pretext of exercises. The Ukrainian troop control system has already been integrated into NATO. This means that NATO headquarters can issue direct commands to the Ukrainian armed forces, even to their separate units and squads…………..

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It’s bad news when “democratic” governments start cancelling information to suit their unpublished agendas. It’s the equivalent of putting your mind in a dark dungeon and drip feeding you through a hole in the wall.

    Dark days in dark places will inevitably follow.


  2. Hi obviousbob, The suspension of RT was ordered by another of Scummo’s corrupt hitmen; the Communications Minister Paul Flercher. Just like Alex Hawke was the hitman for Novak. See the pattern and heirachy? Scummo keeps his hands clean per usual and Foxtel just does what it’s told.
    Scummo was inspired by other fascist countries (eg the UK) in banning RT, as he’s never had an original thought in his life and because kissing ass is his only talent. Fletcher is said to be another happy-clapper.


  3. “So the totalitarian turds didn’t achieve much …we still have access to the Truth they so desperately want hidden.”

    Just invert whatever they say and you’ll be on the mark. lol So far the Ukrainian Govt claim 4000 Russians died and only 183 Ukranians are dead. From covid, no doubt.


  4. The number of people killed in the conflict in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo was around 1,300 when NATO intervened, bombed Yugoslavia and declared Kosovo an independent state..

    The number of people killed in the Ukranian region of Donbass and Lugansk was around 13,000 when Russia declared Donbass and Lugansk independent states, intervened and bombed Ukraine.

    On the basis of the precedent set by NATO in Yugoslavia, NATO should not have waited for Russia to stop the slaughter in Ukraine. NATO should have lived up to its humanitarianism and bombed Ukraine long before Russia intervened.

    And here I am still trying to figure out the reason why nobody gave a shit for the last 8 years as the dead bodies kept piling up in Donbass and Lugansk. .

    Moral of the story…. 1 Albanian in Kosovo is worth more to NATO than 10 Russians in Ukraine The perennial MSM humanitarian cheer squad agrees. But being a humanitarian myself, now I’m obliged to wonder why?

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  5. It is about time someone brought a case against Facebook, and now Foxtel, for political interference.
    I have heard that the Australian Government’s Future Fund has some $250 million invested in Facebook, and so is sanctioning FB’s political interference via censoring of people’s political posts on Facebook. This is in breach of the Law, i.e.: the Crimes Act 1914, Section 28, and the Criminal Code Act 1995 which both say:
    “28 Interfering with political liberty
    Any person who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty, shall be guilty of an offence.
    Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.”
    “Nuff said?


  6. what is the show with Mandela, Lindesymonds? I heard he was not so good, and have never forgotten the murder of Stompie Moketsi, by Winnie’s Mandela Football Club, or whatever they called themselves.


  7. Thanks, Lindsey. Just searched Plaasmorde. Never knew about it before. Ta. Mugabe was a majorly enabled rat!!! Mobutu follows closely behind.


  8. Hi Editor…I had already advised everyone here over the past 2 days that the President of Russian site and RT site had been removed. But I had also advised that TASS and Sputnik are still in operation and are excellent informative sites. RT’s removal is no real loss as it was being trolled something chronic in the comments section and was even more juvenile than a parliamentary question time.
    So the totalitarian turds didn’t achieve much …we still have access to the Truth they so desperately want hidden. Imbeciles.


  9. Thanks Hermann looks like Lindsey saved it too and he posted it. Ed


  10. Obviousbob. Definitely Mugabe. Did you see how the Marxist Western MSM (but I repeat myself) covered up his standard issue Communist genocide? This got a pass exactly as the Plaasmorde gets a pass today.


  11. It would be interesting to know what the Russian military, specifically their Office of the Gender Advisor or DEFGLIS counterparts, thinks about the war in the Ukraine. One would hope they are not too offended by so many of the Ukrainian communications I’ve read which are gender offensive.


  12. Here the article, just copy and pasted it.

    Australia suspends RT broadcast

    Australia’s satellite operator said the move has been made out of “concern about the situation in Ukraine”

    Australia suspends RT broadcast

    Australia’s satellite operator, Foxtel, has notified RT on Saturday that it is suspending the channel’s broadcast distribution in Australia as part of its services “in view of concern about the situation in Ukraine.” The operator will then further “consider” its rights under the channel license agreement, it added, without elaborating on any potential additional measures.

    Foxtel is a satellite operator covering all of Australia’s territory and has its own over-the-top (OTT) server allowing media services to be offered to the audience directly via the internet. It has around 3.8 million clients.

    On Thursday, Poland removed RT, along with some other Russian broadcasters, from its cable and satellite networks as well as internet platforms.

    Even before the start of the Russian military operation, London had asked the regulator Ofcom to reconsider RT’s license to operate in the UK, accusing the company of being part of a “global disinformation campaign.”

    In response, RT’s deputy editor-in-chief and head of communications, Anna Belkina, pointed out that “RT’s operational and editorial independence from all governments is legally protected and always has been.” Ofcom has for a long time endorsed the channel as a license holder, she added.

    RT has been facing pressure for quite some time. European satellite TV operator Eutelsat took RT’s German-language channel RT DE off the air shortly after it was launched in December last year under pressure from the German regional media regulator MABB.

    In early February, Germany’s top media regulator also sided with MABB and upheld a ban on RT DE’s broadcast in the country, citing an absence of a locally-issued license. The channel previously obtained a valid pan-European permit in Serbia but the German regulators declared it void. RT DE now plans to appeal the decision in court.

    In response to “unfriendly actions” against RT DE, Moscow announced it would halt operations of German state-owned broadcaster Deutsche Welle in Russia.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry has previously warned that bans on RT broadcasting in foreign nations would be met with reciprocal measures in Russia. The ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, specifically said on February 23 that “if the UK follows on its threats against the Russian media, a response will not be long in coming.”

    You can share this story on social media:


  13. Not sure if you can re-access RT-News?, but here is today’s article [26 Feb],

    ‘Australia Suspends RT Broadcasting.’

    It say’s, that ‘Australia’s satellite operator, Foxtel, informed RT on Saturday, that it is suspending the channel’s broadcast in Australia.’

    Other Western nations, Western influenced nations have done likewise, the UK is pondering it as well.

    Have saved article, if Ed want’s, I can email it over.


  14. Lavrov: West Turned Blind Eye to War Crimes by the Kiev Regime, ‘Genocide’ in Ukraine

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has condemned the West for their unwavering defence of the Ukrainian regime and turning a blind eye to its war crimes against civilians in the country’s east. He stressed that nations in the West covered Kiev’s back even as it decided to take the Donbass people’s republics by force, declared a resolve to join NATO, and threatened to build nuclear weapons.

    “They have been turning a blind eye to war crimes against the civilian population, to the murders of women, children, the elderly, to the destruction of civilian infrastructure and silently encouraging the rapid emergence of neo-Nazism and Russophobia [in Ukraine], which ultimately plunged the country into its current tragic state”, Lavrov said.

    The foreign minister went on to slam the West for “unanimously” denying the obvious fact that a “genocide” was taking place in Ukraine, where Kiev’s forces have been waging a war against and killing the residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR).

    He also announced that Russia will be organising a special photo gallery at the UN for the participants of a new session of the UN Human Rights Council. This gallery will be devoted to the situation in the Donbass region and the suffering of its residents, Lavrov said.

    Lavrov added that Russia could not remain indifferent to the DPR and LPR’s appeal for defence against the aggressor. He noted that the Russian special operation in Donbass is being carried out to allow Ukrainians to choose their own future once they are freed from the oppression of the current regime.



  15. Hi tonyryan43, BRAVO! Akin to trying to put square pegs into round holes. Some are still so entrenched in the past, adhering to outdated, obsolete and often false ideology and methodology, largely due to conveniently manipulated/re-written history. Probably a poor analogy, but we’re not still using the horse and cart because it ‘worked’ for our predecessors are we?!


  16. Hi daviddd2…HAH! No, they’re just adhering to their MO of perpetuating further MFP as they too are the enemy, and realise that the jig is nearly up.


  17. Hi Editor, Yeah… It’s taken Putin’s more than justified actions to finally reveal who the Black Hats have been all along… they’re all coming out from under their respective rocks.


  18. It is Saturday morning and I didn’t check for their YT channel but RT’s website is up at least:


  19. Well, well… The freedom loving Left is busy censoring and cancelling anything it can these days. That leaves us presently with the Right conserving anything that the Left hasn’t cancelled.

    Retarded progress by any other name..


  20. roland: sounds pretty much on the mark.


  21. Maybe we should look at Starmer? Ed


  22. Just as Putin outlined in his address. Ed


  23. Yes, David. My pet hate was Robert Mugabe, who got away with his vile abuse of his countrymen for 40 years.
    And he still got to go to all the CHOGM meetings. Unbelievable!!!

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  24. As Ukraine intelligence speaking at interfax spills the beans on Biden today (25th), the condemnations from the West and their Allies (including Australia) only get louder against Putin.
    But the truth is unravelling.

    According to the Press Conference, Ukraine intelligence has

    1. Evidence of withdrawal through financial holes of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered with the help of banks and Laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the Company belonging to the Biden family.
    2. New recordings of conversations between 5th President of Ukraine Poroshenko and former Vice President Joe Biden testifying to external governance.
    3. Collosal corruption schemes related to the procurement of coal and gas causing 30% higher utility tariffs to the Ukrainians. At the time, the highest Officials of Ukraine, and USA participated in these schemes.

    Bitchute “Ukraine Press Release about Joe Biden” 25th Feb

    While they were warned off the press conference, the sovereignty of Ukraine and the opportunity to return billions of dollars to Ukrainian citizens was more pressing.

    “Democorruptionists are very afraid because documents, numbers and shocking recordings support every word that we will voice today….Government officials, Oligarchs, schemers and many other Actors steal from the Ukrainian people..”

    It’s a small world.


  25. Over the last few years I have listened to Putin,s talk,s on politic,s and world affairs . to me he comes across as very measured and practical . but at the same time will not tolerate any interference in Russia,s interest,s . He is also very nervous about the Nato countries surrounding Russia with nukes all pointed at them . .The globalist war mongers are behind all this rubbish looking to profit from war AGAIN . the Ukraine is the line in the sand.


  26. Anybody remember the Cuban Missile Crisis when the US was “threatened” by the idea of Soviet missiles on its doorstep and was ready to launch a nuclear war over it? What? Russia is not entitled to feel the same?

    The hypocrisy and lies they try to brainwash us with is just phenomenal. There should be a law against the spin and bs we are fed. It’s akin to manipulation and abuse and shows complete disdain for the population.

    As for the Ukrainians, at this point they need to decide who they would prefer to be screwed by and for what reason… the US or Russia.


  27. Why the rapid onset of MSM and political outrage and hysteria over Ukraine?

    The MSM has had plenty of opportunity to practise its outrage and hysteria over the fate of the people in…


    and a couple of dozen other countries butchered and bombed in the name of democracy since WW2.

    Instead, the MSM clapped and cheered as the previous victims went into shock and awe. Has it finally found a conscience for some reason?


  28. According to the WEF, Russia is very much a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network. Now. Who knew? Vlad is totally onboard with his fellow Great Resetters as one would expect from someone who has been mentored by the pasty old ghoul himself: Super Jew Dr. K. They break matzoh , share the same beanie and the same nits.

    They have different scripts but Valdai and Davos schmooze together when it comes to the NET NET. Vlad has not denounced the Covid Hoax. He is running covid regime mandates in Russia.

    Under cover of the War with Russia, the WEF techies can execute Cyber Polygon – they workshopped this at Davos last year. The UN / NATO troops who are rounding up the Ukrainians trying to flee into Poland requiring them vaccinated – that is the Russian policy. Everybody has to be vaxxed.

    Poland – a nation that by order of their Parliament has crowned Christ as King of Poland doesn’t have any vaccination requirements. So why do Ukranians fleeing for their lives need to be vaxxed.

    Next crisis bigger than covid – power grid / finance down – WEF’s Cyber Polygon
    Nov 15 2020


  29. Just a comment from the sidelines…

    Contributors who use words like Communists, Jews, Christians, and Capitalism have their heads buried in the early 20th century. This is most unhelpful.

    Old-style Marxist communists were long ago overtaken by Trotskyists and Fabian Socialists, the latter sector now dominating and controlling the Tavistock Institute and all its London School of Economics. Oxford University, academia and science in general, and even the Rhodes Foundation. It is more accurate to label them Fabian Socialists, who aim to socialise the world from within, and then lock this in with force. The ALP is such a group.

    Then this ludicrous targeting of JEWS.

    Jews are an ethnic grouping within Semitic tribes which includes Palestinians, Sephardi, and Misrahim. By and large, they are treated badly by the people who, radical politico-historians refer to, as the Jewish Banker Elite, none of whom possess any Hebrew DNA. Ergo, the bankers are not Jews. They are Ashkenazim, which is the generic remnant of the Khazars who fled west in the 13th century to escape the Mongol Hordes. Some of these, and almost all Israelis, are Ashkenazim. They are, in my opinion, psychopathic elitists and racists typified by the West Bank occupiers of Palestinian land, and in-person by Ben Netanyahu, the late David Rockefeller, and Rupert Murdoch.

    CHRISTIANS are in fact several distinct political influences. Most are benign generics who go to church for births, marriages and funerals. Others are religious fanatics who are typified by their profound ignorance, compulsive insularity, and totalitarian demand that the whole world share their belief that Christianity commenced 20 centuries ago, rather than its actual New Testament genesis in Constantine Rome 365 years after the claimed beginning. These are numerically the largest population of Zionists, few of whom are ethnic Jews. Dozens of ancient historians in independent civilisations as far east as India, independently recorded this fact. A third grouping of Christians are the various orthodoxies, ranging from Russian, to Greek, and many in between. These latter are not a force in world politics.

    CAPITALISM is a useless word. It includes ruthless and rapacious exploiters of all markets, workers, and consumers, the very worst of whom are represented by Wall Street, the City of London, and the Ashkenazim investment banker alliance who own almost oil companies and global corporations, and all governments in the West. The term capitalist also includes adherents to the philosophy of democratic meritocracy, in which private enterprise is cherished and is only impeded when it is evident that workers and/or consumers are being exploited. Power is vested in the entire community through ongoing national referenda in which participants have access to all relevant information and can then, nationally, formulate all policy. This is also a form of democracy. No governments operate on this basis today. The most recent attempt was the American Populists who campaigned for three decades following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

    I suggest that contributors choose labels that more accurately identify who they are talking about. Failure to do so will one day contribute to many innocent deaths.


  30. In adding to your comments lindesymonds I would say it is the Ukranian Christians who need to flee. Perhaps they are already on their way to Poland.
    Poland has announced they can bring their pets.
    A generous gesture at a time like this.

    Can’t help but think a Talmudic Regime that Putin may intend to set up (as part of his Chabad faith) will not be for them.

    Gotta wonder why Trump is publicly cheering Putin on as if it is a stroke of genius.
    Trump pays homage to the Chabad.
    His son-in-law Jarred Kushner is a Chabadist.

    Many do not even know the difference between Jew and Jew.
    A bit like the difference between a Christian and a Christian.
    There are so many branches, sects, offshoots….and downright Cultish versions.
    It would be nice to have a proper conversation instead of being so precious about it.
    Until people understand the differences, they have no idea of the significance behind
    Religious ‘wars’ that the earth has endured throughout known history.

    If it is correct that Putin is a Chabad then what is going on right now will be of interest to some.

    Or, this Ukrainian/Russian conflict could just be about Economics.
    A show of prowess.
    The spoils of war.
    A new Financial system.
    A displaced people.
    The order out of chaos.

    Same old, same old.
    There will never be peace on earth.



  31. Lol this just keeps getting better…. here’s an illustration of how utterly petrified the globalists now are: UK Labour leader dirtbag Keir Starmer has called for a ban of RT News, accusing the channel of “pumping out pro- Putin anti-NATO propaganda”. They cannot out-run the smackdown heading their way however!


  32. Just tried it is off the air.Ed


  33. Hi Jen, further to my reply to you, there are reports emeging now that the Russian internet is down. ?? According to NZ Waikanae Watch another information source is the RT News channel; a 24/7 Russian news site. I have viewed this with no problem…so far!


  34. Well done, DJ. That read really warmed my heart.


  35. There is a link to Putin’s full speech in the story. Ed


  36. Write a story about it Peter. Ed

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  37. Seb read Putins remarks about the Ukrainian industrial decline. That is why Biden and his dodgy son are in there. Ed

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  38. Hi Jen, Yes you are right…”This site cannot be reached”. That speaks volumes. Once again; Cancel culture when threatened and/or exposed. But the horse has well and truly bolted with many of us already sharing our discovery and confirmation of Truth.


  39. Hi obviousbob, Yes I was ecstatic when I first stumbled across the site and immediately notified Editor and readers. A massive truth bomb from Putin; outing the globalists and exposing the lies of re-written history. They will all now rue their foolish ‘poking of the bear’.

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  40. They have just cut off the RT News site… no info available from Russia… It was there earlier this morning, gone now…


  41. I am so happy to have received this document.


  42. As markets take a hit (how convenient for the Controllers), fuel prices rise and inflation is a sure thing, one can only speculate what is truly going on geopolitically in the context of the last 2 years.

    One thing we do know is Putin’s scathing on the depravity of the West.
    The extent of that is far more obvious to all of us now.

    Reference: justice4poland ‘Putin delivers speech on moral crisis of Western States April 2017’

    Others note Putin’s connections to Chabad, an off shoot of Judaism, also known as Lubavitch which is an Orthodox Jewish, Talmudic Hasidic movement.
    Perhaps that why he appeared good friends with Trump.
    Some say they had a belief system that connected them.

    Chabad is looking for the coming of their Messiach and the word is they want Ukraine for that, not Israel.
    The true birthplace of the Kazarians, Eastern Europe.

    Meanwhile the ‘end times prophesies’ for the Christians flourish for those who follow the book of Revelation.
    The (((66th))) book of the Bible.
    To keep them subdued as they have done through history.

    So where does Putin stand right now with his poker face.
    Who is Putin?
    It depends who you ask.

    Having said that, Ukraine is not only beautiful but rich.

    It is the second largest Country in area size in Europe.
    It has recoverable reserves of uranium ores, titanium, manganese, iron ore, mercury ore, shale gas reserves, coal resources and is ranked 4th in the world by total value of natural resources.
    Agriculturally, it has black soil, exports sunflowers and sunflower oil, barley, corn, potatoes, rye, wheat, chicken eggs and even cheese.
    Ukraine is 5th place in the world for bee production.
    It is 1st in Europe for ammonia production.
    It has the world’s 4th largest natural gas pipeline system.
    It is an exporter of turbines for nuclear power plants, a manufacturer of rocket launches, and is the 10th largest steel producer in the world.

    Then there are the people.
    Caught in the crossfire.
    At a time like this.
    Why right now?

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  43. Peter from Brisbane

    The “peaceful” protesters in Odessa were communists demonstrating outside a football match in early May 2014. I had seen them demonstrating on Mad day a few days earlier. The Ukranian people remember communism only too well. They starved 14M Ukranian people to death after the war. The football fans chased them away. They fled into a building which was torched with them in it. No loss there. I know because I was there.

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  44. I watched this speech on video, and there is also a full transcript of it on line if one looks for it… and it explains everything in detail, not just twisted snippets as in mainstream media… It clearly shows that Russia is not the aggressor and has tried everything over the years to negotiate about NATO incursion and also the genocide of the provinces who did not want to accept western coup in 2014…

    I think once women, children and elderly started to arrive by the busload from the Donbass area into Russia he decided enough was enough and granted independence to those reigons and offered them protection…

    Well done to Russia and his taking out of Ukraine military positions will also de-escalate retaliations… a prudent move… Its up to Zelensky now to negotiate a peace with Russia, and many MPs in Ukraine are asking him to do this… Putin is open to negotiating if it is asked..

    Once again we can see the results of Western regime changes and coups… it always leads to tragedy for all concerned…

    God Bless Russia.

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  45. Reading
    Putins speech , it seemed he was talking about Australia some times..?we have Dictators running our states, a police force that fires rubber bullets on innocent protesters. every Goverment body is incorporated, including the judiciary system, our P.M. wont intervene over the States. ETC. He has the power to do so, if he wanted.?

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  46. Well, there you have it. While being very cautious not to whip up emotional and outright hysterical support for Putin, many of us following this over the past few months, and in particular the past 3 weeks, know that Putin is 100% correct in his assessment and his assertions. He’s also 100% validated in the actions he has taken and is taking in this part of the world. In essence, he’s protecting not only the people in Ukraine and Donetsk and two other areas loosely described as being an integral part of Ukraine.

    I see the war mongers and fear mongers bursting out on our mass media channels in Australia and being repeated like parrots from many of our politicians. One was from an unlikely source today – Sky News. They (ABC, 9, 7, 10, SBS + radio) are all spearheading a false and destructive narrative (a murderous narrative murderous in fact). The truth is not being told to Australian citizens. While checking the mass media news in other countries, they also are not being told the truth and are being deliberately fed lies.

    We are being hoodwinked not only by our war mongers in office and their supporters, we are being hoodwinked by the official narrative on the matter by global partners with skin (money and power in the corruption game. We may see Putin move in other directions and maybe in support of China in the future. That’s a connected but separate theatre to be dealt with separately.

    We must not abandon the US or its alliances. But, the leaders of that core US push and the leaders of other “Western” countries need to keep calm and eat some humble pie. Lest, they get too upset and turn into emotional “revenge men (and or revenge women)” with a score to settle. A score settled right now that may cost hundreds of thousands or millions upon millions of unnecessary and cruel deaths of both military personnel and civilians.

    Lets face it, if my next door neighbor, at the behest of a foreign power, decided to put missiles in his backyard, I’d be leaning over my fence and making my thoughts and feelings known to him or her – or them. If my neighbor ignored me, and my complaint about the danger he or she poses, and then increases that level of danger to me and my wife and my children, then I’m likely to make a plan to increase the size (area) of my safe zone. I’d do that for me and my family and other people and other families nearby.

    Putin made the right moves. He’s protecting not just himself but all Russians. The West made the wrong moves this time. Its time now to let things play out, stand back somewhat, regroup, eat some humble pie and negotiate for a longer term solution. The hysteria being whipped up by the “West” is dangerous and counter productive.

    And no, I didn’t get paid to write this. I dare anyone with an opposing view to take 2 hours out of their busy 2 minute to 2 minutes lives and do some rudimentary research on the history of Russia and Ukraine and Donetsk and … and Crimea and suck up some objective truth devoid of emotional rhetoric. Trust me, you’ll get internal clarity in your mind and you’ll feel better knowing the objective truths of the matter.

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  47. looks more like Briton………..NHS will be no more by next yr
    THOUSANDS of Brit are leaving OS..In Mexico


  48. In the above speech, Vlad has just given us an excellent example of the Marxist – Leninist Fourth Political ideology and agenda. This is the Valdai Party Line which has as its object: Eurasia – one soviet from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Of course to achieve this NATO must be eliminated from Europe.

    However, the national populations want this treaty. So, the EUSSR [a Communist entity] which has captured those nations has not been able to enforce its will in the matter of scrapping NATO.

    So the simplest way to go about this would be to have the Europeans fight another (world) war with the NATO nations being the losers. Then the EUSSR could merge the nations it has captured with the Soviet Union. Problem solved. In political wars that are stage-managed from a covert J-Pex, it takes one side to drive the punch, the other side to throw the fight and one to reap the benefits of the fight – that would be the stage managers.

    The Soviet Union with the highest abortion rate in the entire world, its gulags, its covid mandates, its refusal of any medical treatment to the non-covid ‘vaccinated’, its skylines of Big Jew Banks is hardly the shining light on a hill when it comes to social progress.

    In Communist terms ‘nationalist’ and ‘Nazi’ are synonymous. When Vlad talks about ‘de-Nazifying’ the Ukraine, he is not talking about a reality adjustment for people who are heiling Hitler, enacting race laws and putting Jews into box cars.

    He speaks of Ukrainian nationalism, or indeed the nationalism of any people with jacked up ideas about having the right to their nation, its history, culture, language and a nationalist unity government. This should not be taken to mean, that within such a state minority groups have no rights or recourse, but it does mean they do not own the political process and they do not rule. A government that reflects the national sovereignty makes decisions about alliances and foreign policy for example. Marxist Leninists can not have that – the Party must rule. And above the Party, of course, sits the international state of the Jewish Money Power.

    In the lexicon of the Marxist Leninists , ethnic Ukrainians who want a Ukrainian state governed by Ukrainians are the enemy. Even while Ukrainian cities are being shelled – not just in the disputed regions – cities across Ukraine – this explains why the president of Ukraine , Zelensky ( a Jew ) bangs on about ‘de’Nazification’ and anti-Semitism. It would explain why Vlad ( a Jew ) is determined to see Ukraine ‘de-Nazified’ and the Ukrainians as a nation prevented from exercising control in their own national affairs.

    Vlad is a big Lubavitcher. His rabbi is Berel Lazer of the Chabad Lubavitch – the messianic doomsday sect that also handles the US Dept of State for the J-Pex. Biden (who is probably some kind of a bot) also has a Handler from the Lubavitch for ‘the Biden executive’. Here is the Rebbe on the subject of the Ukraine and Poland (and other folks) who think that a national folk should form their own government and that government should reflect their nationhood and sovereignty.


    Here is the takeaway:

    …because of our triumphant march across the planet, we have made the UN a weapon for our goals of seizing power over all kingdoms and nations. We will not allow any nations to evolve. And we will destroy by fire and sword all those nationalist movements that seek to lead people out of our dictate, as it is done in Georgia, Armenia and Serbia.”
    ‘The Rebbe’, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Chabad Lubavitch


  1. Pingback: A part of Putin’s address to the Russian people how Ukraine has been raped and pillaged by the west – debtstop

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