Daniel Andrews’ political manoeuvres and ‘catch me if you can’ haughtiness may be coming to an end.
A motion to refer Victorian Labor’s 2014 red shirts scandal to the Ombudsman and potentially the state’s anti-corruption watchdog passed in Victoria’s Upper House – 19 votes to 17 – when Labor MP, Kaushaliya Vaghela, sensationally crossed the floor to vote against her own government on 9 February, 2022.

Former Labor minister Adem Somyurek put forward the motion into what he has described as a “gold-standard rort”.

Ms Vaghela was initially part of Mr Somyurek’s Moderate Labor faction before he was kicked out of the party for branch stacking in 2020. Following the vote, Ms Vaghela posted a statement on social media, telling her followers that branch stacking was “endemic” in the Australian Labor Party and that it has been for decades.
She told that she was a former staff member for the Socialist Left faction and knew all about their branch stacking activities and their electorate officers being used for factional purposes. She stated that if branch stacking and factional operatives working in electorate officers is corrupt, then the Socialist Left and all the other factions must be investigated.

Mr Somyurek claimed the red shirts scandal was designed by Mr Andrews ahead of the 2014 election. It centred around Labor’s misuse of $388,000 in taxpayer funds by paying casual electorate officers to don red shirts and campaign for the party in marginal seats. Daniel Andrews was desperate to win. (Daniel Andrews) did something well beyond what he should’ve – he crossed the line; he designed this system.
“He told me personally that you’ve got to take part in this process whether you want to win or not.”

The Premier was called corrupt and faced questions over the police investigation into the red shirts scandal, during Parliament question time.

Thankfully, on the 15 Feb 2022, the Victorian Ombudsman confirmed a review into red shirts investigation referral amid internal Labor turmoil.
Victorian Ombudsman confirms review into red shirts investigation referral amid internal Labor turmoil | Sky News Australia

Let’s keep high hopes for the demise of political corruption in Victoria.