Letter to the Editor

I just watched Senator Malcolm Roberts questioning the Head of the “Federal” Police in the fake senate yesterday about the use of acoustic weapons against peaceful citizens protesting the unlawful mandates which have been rolled out against the people under the scamdemic.

This Reece Kershaw person failed to answer Roberts’ questions as to whether sound weapons were used against the people.

Kershaw answered that he wanted indemnity before answering, which is an admission of guilt.
What sane, moral person would resort to using such a thing against peaceful people who he is sworn to protect??

These goons would make Hitler and Stalin proud. They make me want to vomit.
The next question is, WHO ordered their use? Morrison?

Kershaw cannot be given any indemnity because firstly there is NO lawful Parliament under the Constitution, there is NO Governor General in residence possessing Letters Patent from The Monarch.
He is nothing more than a private citizen with a public service contract given out by a political party, but left Government House in January.

He isn’t under the Crown and the “federal” police aren’t under any Crown protection either. There is no Queen of Australia.

There can be no indemnity given for such crimes being carried out across the nation by police, health officials, politicians and heads of corporations that have destroyed millions of lives with the fake vaccine narrative.

Kershaw should realise that under The Nuremberg Provisions, just carrying out orders led many men to the gallows. It is not a lawful excuse.

J. Madison