Who told AFP to deploy sonic blasters at Canberra rally?

Letter to the Editor

I just watched Senator Malcolm Roberts questioning the Head of the “Federal” Police in the fake senate yesterday about the use of acoustic weapons against peaceful citizens protesting the unlawful mandates which have been rolled out against the people under the scamdemic.

This Reece Kershaw person failed to answer Roberts’ questions as to whether sound weapons were used against the people.

Kershaw answered that he wanted indemnity before answering, which is an admission of guilt.
What sane, moral person would resort to using such a thing against peaceful people who he is sworn to protect??

These goons would make Hitler and Stalin proud. They make me want to vomit.
The next question is, WHO ordered their use? Morrison?

Kershaw cannot be given any indemnity because firstly there is NO lawful Parliament under the Constitution, there is NO Governor General in residence possessing Letters Patent from The Monarch.
He is nothing more than a private citizen with a public service contract given out by a political party, but left Government House in January.

He isn’t under the Crown and the “federal” police aren’t under any Crown protection either. There is no Queen of Australia.

There can be no indemnity given for such crimes being carried out across the nation by police, health officials, politicians and heads of corporations that have destroyed millions of lives with the fake vaccine narrative.

Kershaw should realise that under The Nuremberg Provisions, just carrying out orders led many men to the gallows. It is not a lawful excuse.

J. Madison


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi daviddd2…Yes I agree, but indigenous cultures/First Nation peoples (like myself) the world over, have always known the ‘secrets’ of the Universe. It’s good that everyone else is now catching up because they apply to all humankind. I’ve mentiooned before in one of my posts to readers, to read ‘Infinite Threads’ by Mariko B. Ryan. It’s all in there.


  2. daviddd2… lmao


  3. Hi daviddd2…tis only ‘PR Guy’ in very bad drag lol.


  4. “Incredible life story huh.”

    Yes, Tesla was inexplicably cancelled for many many years. Even today his name is rarely brought up, and it is clearly because his work is problematic for the official lines.

    If you like incredible life stories see the Royal Rife story below. Another genius cancelled. His story might kick start you on a life changing investigation that ultimately leads back to Tesla’s discovery: ““If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

    Beware though, you probably might not see the world in the same way again. lol


  5. Exactly, infra sound and ultra sound frequencies are not detected by our ears (hearing range 20-20K Hz) but some of them can have most unpleasant and even deadly consequences nevertheless. Think brain wave frequencies and induced epilepsy just for a start.


  6. “Could Reality Check be ‘PR Guy’ ?”

    No, ‘PNut Guy’.


  7. Then read the reports, and have another reality check. 🙂


  8. Hi Editor….Reckon the monotonous ‘PR Guy’ type imposter who keeps carping on about the absence of sonic blasters should just crawl back under their rock. On the totally wrong site here. Just sayin’…….


  9. Hi Editor. Re your reply to Reality Check… EXACTLY! I have viewed photos of the injured on…yeah you guessed it…XYZ News.


  10. Yes if everyone watches the researcher on the LRAD video all is explained. Ed


  11. Yes and others had good quality ear plugs, probably so the goons couldn’t hear protesters swearing at them Ed


  12. It was used and now we discover something worse. We spoke to actual people on site who were affected by
    some bad medicine. Who did you speak to? Ed


  13. All MSM was there, saw it on the nightly news and online.

    They had lots of footage of being insulted by protestors which didn’t help the cause.

    To his credit Graham Hood in one of his addreses to the crowd told protestors to stop harrassing MSM as it was sending the wrong message. Chris Ulman from 9 had an extended interview with him.

    If a ‘sonic weapon’ was used it would have been reported.


  14. Malcolm Roberts has to get some answers on this.
    Imagine if civilians were to do this againt the govt.


  15. Hi Editor… viewing the pics of the AFP goon squad posted on XYZ News, most were wearing Sensear type PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) earmuffs. How could they possibly even attempt to explain that away?!


  16. Hi Editor…lol. Yeah they must’ve all come down with Sheeple Neurosis. Could Reality Check be ‘PR Guy’ ?


  17. daviddd2, yes exactly. LRAD is a frequency weapon, deceptively described as simply an “acoustic” device. Radio-freq microwave weapons expert Mark Steele notes MHz & sub-GHz are most damaging. 1MHz penetrates the body to a depth of about 25mm undeterred by foam ear plugs. Police officers should lodge an OH&S claim if they get sick.


  18. Hi Editor…great retort!


  19. Daviddd2… Excellent examples. I actually researched Tesla during Novak’s ‘torture’. Incredible life story huh.


  20. Thanks Fed Up! Well put. Yeah the noose is tightening around Crooked Hillary’s neck right now.


  21. Ed: There’s no mystery to it. Check out the following and all will be clear.

    “A young Palestinian covers his ears from a sound, launched by a new weapon of the Israeli army, during a demonstration against the construction of Israel’s separation barrier at the West Bank village of Bil’in Friday, June 3, 2005. Israel is considering using an unusual new weapon against Jewish settlers who resist this summer’s Gaza Strip evacuation, a device that emits penetrating bursts of sound that send targets reeling with dizziness and nausea.” (Teibel, 2005).

    However, when discussing the LRAD device we must also consider it’s use of ULTRASOUND, as this device also applies ULTRASOUND within it’s mechanism — this will be discussed in section 4.3.1. It is clear to see that the effect of sonic weapons used in order to impact the human body physiologically and alter the subjects mental state, is of large importance when researching acoustic warfare weapons.”


  22. Wait a minute the closest outfit resembling MSM was Cossack, and thats only because he had a mike. Ed


  23. “The MSM reported constantly from there…”

    lol Run along before I wet my pants laughing. rotflmao


  24. seb: “In response to Reality Check, what do conservatives and far right have to do with your assumptions?”

    Conservatives and far right? rotflmao Sounds like a far leftist reprimand … “if you don’t think what I think, you stink”. I think I might go and eat some worms. lol


  25. Yeah well I spoke to a reliable ex-RAAF officer at the rally who had to go back to camp with a friend because they
    were affected by “sonar activity”, buzzing in their heads, nausea and other complaints and they reported quite a few others as well. Now the 1.3 million canberra protesters as you claim have no influence, then add another 1 million in Melbourne and half a mil in Sydney ad infinitum, using the multiplier effect of a conservative 5, equates to nearly half the country’s voting base. But they wouldn’t be influential at all and even the dodgy AEC, MSM and unions can’t beat that number. And the cops wore earplugs so they couldn’t hear protesters swearing at them. Yeah well that seems like a reality check to me. Ed


  26. Reality Check: “Truth is more powerful.”


    Truth may be powerful but not as powerful as REALITY.

    PS Also, computers spit out whatever they’re programed to spit out. And that includes Dominion computers. Cheers.


  27. In response to Reality Check, what do conservatives and far right have to do with your assumptions?
    On the video in Canberra, people were complaining of headaches and dizziness and were symptomatic.
    Questions were asked, possible explanations were given, more questions were asked.

    Your problem?

    Maybe just stick to MSM.
    They have all the answers.

    By the way, what did they need the loud PA system for?
    It wasn’t their party and they weren’t invited.


  28. “Looks like there were hundreds of hypochondriacs at the Canberra rally. Ed”

    Correct. Ringing ears from the noise of the protestors, feeling bad from heat, dehydration and of course the power of suggestion.

    Also false posts. The MSM reported constantly from there and would not be happy if attacked.

    Use of force requirements are strict for the AFP so legal action could be taken if claims were true. All police services pay millions per year compensation for excessive force.

    This from the Guardian and for NSW but accurate, Australia wide as well, all are confidential settlements.



  29. There has been reports of adults and children being adversely affected by these sonic blasters devices weapons.
    See :- https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/symptoms-from-saturdays-protest/


  30. lindesymonds: “Here is Kyle-Siddel as relevant Feb 2022 as he was April 2020. This is what real medicine looks like.”

    Spot on! Lots of doctors know the truth, but either they can’t summon the courage of Kyle Siddell or they’ve sold out to preserve or even better their lifestyles.


  31. Looks like there were hundreds of hypochondriacs at the Canberra rally. Ed


  32. We have published quite a bit about this will try to dig it up. Ed


  33. Hi Seb
    Thank you for your message
    The 5G towers seemed to have appeared “OVERNIGHT” on the Goldy
    They are very close to each other as well.
    I am not trying to be an alarmist but everyone has a right to know what is going on in their townships.
    Deep State has a “deep interest” in Australia because it is not just beautiful but has a lot of rich minerals and vast landscapes
    They seem to be honing in on our Aboriginal community with the toxic jab as well, especially those on rich minerals landscapes
    Everyone wants to be in South East Qld at the moment so what more for this mob to add the their property portfolio
    Kill the bastards off and take their land is their mentality
    Our politicians are in deep with Hillary and it goes back to Keating etc, according from intel from Whiplash 347 who is a white hat, one of Hillary’s biggest donors is Australia
    Whiplash is on telegram but you don’t have to be on telegram to witness his reports
    Most of it his jargon I don’t understand but he has a lot of info on Australia!
    It will all come out in the Durham report


  34. This why conservatives and far right have no credibility with fake news and false information.

    You can find the specifications of the LRAD used and it only does audible tones. It was used as a PA system with loud warning tones not used. It is not capable of inaudible damage to people.


    The same with Dominion voting machines, as they print a ballot that is counted and the electronic count used until a ballot count is confirmed. No good for voter fraud.

    Everyone just agrees and forwards false information without checking.

    Truth is more powerful.


  35. Exactly daviddd2 – when they turned on the 5G in NY (picture the towers on top of the nursing homes) the first ‘covid’ patients were elderly. The EMTs were told the diagnosis – covid (acute resp disease). But they figured it out and zoomed coast to coast on the first cases. Like Dr Cameron Kyle Siddel they were saying no. It’s not ARDs. It’s more like altitude sickness where the heme and and the O2 are just not getting together. They wouldn’t ventilate and got themselves in a whole heap of trouble with hospital admin that was pushing : covid, pandemic stats and ventilators. Death.

    Here is Kyle-Siddel as relevant Feb 2022 as he was April 2020. This is what real medicine looks like.


  36. Fascinating, write an article about it please if you have any spare time. Ed


  37. Covid and 5G poisoning have the same symptoms? 60 GHz restructures Oxygen molecules and destroys the lungs according to autopsy reports that were sneaked in, akin to death from Oxygen deprivation at too high altitude? It’s worth looking into, but don’t hold your breath.

    Any victims will be Covid victims, no matter what.



  38. That’s what we get for allowing our cops to be trained by foreign instructors. Somebody needs to tell them we’re not in the Middle East.


  39. Hi lindesymonds….Yes you’re right! I forgot about his ameobic existence and omitted him from the equation. I believe we just have to employ an Occam’s Razor approach to this. It’s not at all convoluted like they would have us believe.


  40. If you get the power right, and you get the frequency right, you can destroy pretty much anything. Ask Nikola Tesla who occasioned an earthquake by attaching a gadget to one of the steel posts in his laboratory.

    We all resonate at certain frequencies. Everything has a Mortal Oscillatory Rate – MOR.

    Think ultrasound, breaking up kidney stones by way of example! Or the Soviets destroying their sunken subs in the 1960s with ultra powerful frequency generators based on Tesla’s technology.. Yes, in the 1960s!!! you read it right.


  41. Reality Check….LOL it’s apparent that your ‘Reality’ is of a completely altered nature. It’s beneficial and revealing though that you voiced it. Thank you.


  42. Hi aapkoning. Totally. And because everyone was so naive and gullible and rolled over to having their guns removed, via false flags mind you, both here and in NZ….. HERE WE NOW ARE.


  43. Making sure that the entire World knows what’s happening in A U S T R A L I A.


  44. Seems close to the money for us. Ed


  45. Now you might be onto something, ha ha. Ed


  46. Fortunately we spoke to people near the front line who were affected by the LRAD shown in many photos and
    thousands of feet of footage strewn across the internet. Did the AFP wear earplugs so they couldn’t hear protesters swearing at them? Of course Kershaw knew what was going on otherwise he would not be in command. Ed


  47. The Out Laws now have the weapons.


  48. Slow Culling…


  49. I think the chain of command goes back to Lt General John Frewen , Operation CoVID Shield. Strategic Response comes under this operation. It’s all about keeping you safe and healthy don’t you know.


  50. He asked for ‘immunity’ from answering the question because he doesn’t have the details. He doesn’t get involved in all operational details.

    The ‘sonic blaster’ was not used or there would be footage of very loud audio and people running. It is a better option than the force required for police to defend parliament house against protestors if they tried to get inside, which would have been spray, battons and bitey dogs.

    It was used as a back up for if the protestors breached lines due to the large numbers of them.

    The AFP did really well with street closures and only a small area cordoned off, and protestors behaved well apart from a few idiots. The truck driver ran a road block, drove through the crowd and refused to follow police direction requiring the window to be smashed and some spray for compliance.

    Hopefully he gets some jail time.


  51. In response to Fed Up, obviously that handheld radio frequency meter is showing extreme levels (red flashing) light.
    The red flashing light means “move away from this exposure”
    Fast flashing can indicate it is more than 100x extreme.

    Imagine being the shopkeeper there all day.

    He didn’t however indicate how close he was to a mobile tower.
    I’m assuming there is a mobile tower in the shopping vicinity.

    The issue is in relation to Standards, and Australia’s is abysmally low.

    ARPANSA allows 9 million microwatts/square metre.
    Yes, 9 million.

    The German standard is 10 microwatts/square metre outside and 1 microwatt/square metre inside.
    Nature is best at <0.000001 microwatts/square metre.

    Even 4G wifi exposure was too high but allowable with our Australian standards.
    5G exposure (in our homes) is inconceivably worse.

    You will feel unwell.
    You may activate latent viruses (as per research studies).
    You may not know why.

    Before they stopped the "covid" mapping, there were those who were doing "covid hotspot" + "mobile tower" overlapping mapping particularly in the USA where they now have over 34,000 x 5G towers.
    The mapping appeared very similar.

    Australia now has close to 4000 x 5G towers

    The outcomes in relation to health however will take years to prove.
    Like DDT, like lead fuel, like thalidomide, like smoking…..

    They don't want to know.

    Dr Martin Pall has been challenged on being alarmist in relation to microwave symptomology with 5G in humans, animals, even all life matter, but he has clearly defended his Scientific position.
    It is not a matter of if, but when.

    Reference: radiation research.org
    Reference: en.emfcyprus. com (5G) English link


  52. Hi Step O’Rafferty Yes too right they were probably eager to test drive their toy. But the power chain of command goes higher than the Commander. That has been evidenced in NZ; with the recent extreme police brutality inflicted upon protesters.
    NZ Chief Police Comissioner Andrew Coster (who unfortunately is related to me), issued that directive, but it was signed off on by the Parliament Speaker after being initiated by Ardern. See the level of puppetry involved?
    Scomo would therefore, have initiated the useage of the blasters, but beng the totally gutless a-wipe that he is, as with the torture of Novak Djokovic, sent out a hit man to do his dirty work. I would put money on Dutton’s involvement. That certainly now explains the bs deportation distraction. Witless Kershaw is only their patsy left holding the baby.

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  53. Tonyryan – Perhaps the Queen of Australia and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert are one and the same? Has anyone ever seen them both in the same room together? I rest my case.

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  54. It may or may not have been a politician who gave the order to use the weapon. It’s quite possible that the police commander issued the order. I wouldn’t be surprised if just the mere possession of this weapon would make the police eager to try it out on a crowd.

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  55. doreensheers11gmailcom

    Thank you for your many articles of truth and revelation of what is happening in our nation and beyond. Praying for our nation Praying for all those who are putting the truth out there. As two pensioners we are trying to do our bit in this great battle for our nation as well. Blessings to you Doreen and Phil Sheers


  56. This is TYRANNY 100%


  57. Rod Culleton says in the interview “Former Senator Rod Culleton – Update on the Governor General being Served”, around mark 51:00, that Malcolm Roberts admitted Australia is a Republic.
    I venture to say that forthcoming responses from Mr Kershaw (AFP) to Senator Malcolm Roberts’ questions will reflect the defence of rulings made by those who sit inside new Parliament House.
    But Rod Culleton says this will all change when the people say so.


  58. Madison is exceptionally well-informed and logical.

    What nobody has mentioned thus far is that the Australian Federal Police were previously titled legally The Commonwealth Police. The name was changed because, as the UK Queen is no longer Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia, replaced by a fictitious sheila who loiters under the dubious trade name Queen of Australia, and who cannot appoint a Governor-General, as the previous monarch did, we can no longer refer to the Commonwealth Police.

    So, we hastily created a stage character as Queen and retitled the coppers as the Australian Federal Police. And because, as no longer representing the UK Queen, it was difficult to recruit honest and patriotic Australians, so the criteria were eliminated to enable former criminals to join.

    We saw a bit of that outcome outside Parliament, using audio weapons known to kill people, against Australian men, women, and children.

    So, now we have an illicit and illegal government attempting to kill citizens by pretending they have made a law that overrides the Australian Constitution.

    Dunno about you guys but this shit does my head in.

    I want a national referendum that returns all legalities to pre-1972 status. That would eliminate all these problems in one fell swoop.

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  59. It’s got Peter (‘Goebbels’) Dutton’s putrid fingerprints all over it. I swear he is an incarnation.


  60. the sooner these grub,s are dancing on the end of a rope the better . In my retirement I can,t think of a more rewarding hobby. despatching vermin.


  61. What a tool. He wants indemnity for what? For being a tool?


  62. Probably the same deep state arseholes frying our brain with 5G

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  63. Great post except for “I just watched Senator Malcolm Roberts…” Wakie, wakie, Roberts is a board member of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corporation registered in Washington DC! Roberts pretending to be a One Nation Senate member in a pretend Parliament Senate was the one who pretended to cross the floor to make up the numbers needed to pass the pretend Bill to bring in Foreign Military allowing them impunity. It was passed into a pretend law in a pretend parliament. If it wasn’t all pretend then why do they submit to Commonwealth of Australia Constitution plus all laws passed in the referendums and laws enacted leading up to the implementation of the Australia Act?

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  64. Personally, in circumstances where crowds get out of control, I think that LRAD is a quick, relatively safe and effective means of moving the group. I do not think it was anywhere near warranted in Canberra on this occasion. I also think that the “officers” doing crowd control in Australia of late are generally displaying terribly unprofessional choice of technique and action. I have trained people in these skills for decades and would fail any of my students for inappropriate application such as has been displayed frequently in Victoria and Canberra since this NWO occupation began. Force should only be escalated to the level required to overcome resistance and taking to ground should be a last resort. More dangerous for all concerned, including the ‘officer’.


  65. Great comment J.Madison.
    We cannot keep turning the other cheek; crimes against a people by Governments are intensely psychologically and emotionally destructive within that society and can imprint the DNA for future generations. Cannot they understand that?
    The answer must be yes, they do, as fear and division is a part of their agenda.


  66. “This Reece Kershaw person failed to answer Roberts’ questions as to whether sound weapons were used against the people.

    Kershaw answered that he wanted indemnity before answering, which is an admission of guilt.”


    By his refusal to answer without first receiving an assurance of indemnity, Kershaw has implicitly acknowledged that –

    1. the sonic weapons in question were indeed deployed against unarmed, peaceful and defenceless Australian citizens (and we now know that OTHER directed energy devices were also employed to MICROWAVE said citizens),

    2. he is fully aware that the use of these weapons against unarmed, peaceful and defenceless Australian citizens was illegal under Australian and international law and constitute crimes against humanity which would likely attract the death penalty under the Nuremburg Codes, and

    3. Kershaw himself, being in the direct chain of command, was fully aware and complicit in the use of these weapons against unarmed, peaceful and defenceless Australian citizens and thereby is liable to criminal prosecution for crimes against humanity under both Australian and international law and is also likely to be personally liable for civil damages for the injuries and suffering inflicted on those unarmed, peaceful and defenceless Australian citizens.

    Interesting that the Australian mainstream media has absolutely nothing at all to say about any of this.

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