by Lindsey Symonds

Here in Australia we are focused on dealing with our corruptos in the Aust Special Economic Zone.

Geopolitically, however, we must not lose sight of the Grand Chessboard.

China and Russia (ZOG East – always a Communist Bloc) have unveiled their plan for New World Order.

OK. This is the real deal. And to build a world soviet, The Owners, have to tank all Western nations as per UNCED and UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The centrepiece will be Eurasia – one Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The Hazard version of nwo is the decoy. Schwab’s ‘globalist leaders’ – the Western Black Hat corruptos running a standard issue Communist genocide in slomo are all graduates of Davos.

But young ‘world leader’ Putin (also trained by Schwab) has been graduating the ‘White Hat’ new world orderlies from the Valdai Conferences. The Mad Plan was always going to take a Third World War. Ordo ab Chao. The Black Hat ‘globalist’ leaders to tank the West and the White Hat leaders to harvest the ordo from the chao. These latter who walk among us are the ones the Australians have to identify and thwart so that our true national leaders can emerge.

The NATO talks in Berlin have failed. Very heavy armour continues to mass on Ukraine’s Eastern border and Belarus. In order to take Central Europe, the Soviet Union has to come through Ukraine. The ‘Lights Out’ event of Cyber Polygon workshopped in Davos will be the sign that the war has begun in the East.