by Lyndsey Symonds

Thanks for the Video Collage. Covid Regime Counter Terrorism can definitely be spotted in amongst the police – moving as a unit and picking the individuals they are going to bring down in front of the crowd. The coppers are acting pretty much like herd animals in confrontation with other herd animals. We haven’t really seen CT in action. But they are there and they are not getting paid by the Communist state to stand around and look like robocop. Did anyone get a zoom on the patch? Are they patched as foreign military? Or are they just all in black. (very original)

Canberra Rally -pic rebel News

It looks like right now they are using the coppers as a front against the Freedom Campers who come together around the police presence to confront / video their provocations. The police are in control of the space. They have herded the protesters into a designated area (corral) and are keeping them busy. Too busy I would say for the protesters to be methodical about finding the non-Freedom Campers tasked with non-Freedom Camping assignments which have been inserted into the group.

This area has clearly been chosen for its advantages to the police and military in terms of confrontation. And this is where the convoys are headed? Vehicles in straight lines like a parking lot gives to much advantage to the police and the military in terms of sheeple control in the corral. Let’s hope the convoys can change this dynamic.

More arrests as certain cops provoke violence

Nothing I have seen in this video, suggests to me the police and CT are there to just oversee the right to protest and keep it under surveillance . On the part of the Communist State, this isn’t a photo-op Tent Embassy with permission to have a little fire and live action so an identity group on its payroll can make its point for a PR exercise. The NKVD will not be taking a knee. And they will be working with their counterparts in amongst the Freedom Campers / protesters.