PM Trudeau flees Ottowa as 50,000 trucks roll in being reinforced by 67,000 US trucks

by Alexandra Bruce, US correspondent

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and his family have fled Ottawa after the massive trucker convoy began arriving in the capital on Friday night.

According to Israeli sources, the Trudeau family have been moved to a safe place in the US.

Tens of thousands of truckers are parked in front of Canadian Parliament, saying they will not leave unless Trudeau resigns or drops all mandates. No negotiation. They are prepared to stay there for weeks or months.

Convoy of nearly 50,000 trucks roll into Ottowa, Canada causing PM Trudeau to flee to a safe location in the US, possibly toppling the government. Australia has to be next. Pic Daily Mail

Note in the video that there is a wall around the Parliament Building, just as there is now a wall around the White House in DC.

Farmers have now joined the truckers and are driving their tractors toward the Capital, with 67,000 truckers from the US reportedly en route to Ottawa, as well.

Citing its powers under the COVID state of emergency of March 2020, the provincial government of Nova Scotia has declared it illegal to finance, organize, aid or participate in a truck convoy, as well as to stand along the roadside in support of a truck convoy, with violators facing $10,000 fines.

The MacDonald-Cartier bridge connecting Ontario to Québec was partially closed due to this planned protest.  

Meanwhile, the Pfizer building in Paris was surrounded by a crowd of protestors on Saturday, shouting at Macron and Pfizer executives, calling them “Assassins!”

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “Keep it peaceful, keep it powerful, keep it Canadian.”

    Freedom Convoy’ Vows to Stay in Ottawa Until COVID Vaccine Mandates Lifted

    Hundreds of truckers and thousands of citizens protesting Canada’s vaccine mandates for truckers remain in Ottawa, vowing to stay until the mandates are lifted.

    The “Convoy for Freedom” set out from British Columbia on Jan. 23 and arrived in Ottawa on Jan. 29.

    According to RT News, the organizers of the protest initially estimated 1,600 trucks, a number that grew to 36,000 trucks, and later closer to 50,000. However, national media outlets and law enforcement reported anywhere from “hundreds” of trucks to figures in the low thousands over the past week.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday said he would not meet with the protesters because he does not believe in their goals.

    He said:

    “I have also chosen not to go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence toward fellow citizens, and a disrespect not just for science but the frontline health workers and 90% of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe and put food on our table.”

    Early reports portrayed the demonstrations as mostly peaceful, with Reuters reporting “police said most demonstrators have been peaceful,” and The New York Times describing the protest as loud, but largely peaceful.

    Canada’s CTV News late Monday reported police indicated there had been “no riots, no injuries, no deaths,” but said they had 12 investigations underway into various allegations, including bribery, threats, assault and dangerous driving.

    Ottawa Police reported zero arrests as of Monday.

    Representatives of the Freedom Convoy said the protest is peaceful, but Canada’s mainstream media, which is 70% funded by the government, told a different story.

    Travis Smith, an associate professor of political science at Concordia University in Montreal attended the protest and later wrote:

    “Despite temperatures around -20C, I saw and met many women and men, from across the political spectrum, from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds, French- and English-speaking alike, young and old, vaccinated and unvaccinated, gathered to donate their time and the fruits of their culinary talents, such as hot bowls of chili and fresh baked goods, plus sandwiches, snacks, and beverages for the road.

    “They delivered additional items donated by people who couldn’t make it in person, helped to shuttle people around, and offered what other assistance they could — including offers of accommodations or a place to take a hot shower.”

    A post on Monday stated:

    “After a night of protests, Canadians band together to ensure the streets are cleaned up. The world is watching. Keep it peaceful, keep it powerful, keep it Canadian.”

    In another video, a trucker explained how he went to bed at midnight and woke up in the morning with a truckful of food. There were more than 50 boxes of food with multiple packages inside with notes thanking the truckers for standing up for the freedom of Canadians.

    “It’s just awesome to be part of the fringe minority,” the man said, referring to a comment Trudeau made last week where he called the protestors a fringe minority with unacceptable views.

    The truckers won support from Elon Musk who spoke out publicly in support of their cause.
    Musk also tweeted a photo showing dozens of trucks lining a highway with the caption, “Taking a break from politics for a while. Here’s a nice photo of trucks.”

    Saskatchewan premier says province will end proof-of-vaccine policy in ‘not-too-distant future’

    Saskatchewan’s premier, Scott Moe, on Saturday said the province will end the current proof-of-negative-test and proof-of-vaccination policy “in the not-too-distant future” CBC News reported.

    This is the second time Moe made a public comment about the potential removal of the provincial proof of vaccination policy. Earlier in the week, he said in an interview with John Gormley from CJME/CKOM radio that he thought requiring proof of vaccination had “for the most part run its course.”

    Inspired by the convoy, Australian truckers are driving to Canberra to protest vaccine mandates, as Victoria’s premier has warned COVID booster doses soon will be mandatory…more

    Inspired by the convoy, Australian truckers are driving to Canberra to protest vaccine mandates, as Victoria’s premier has warned COVID booster doses soon will be mandatory.


  2. They might get eaten there. Ed


  3. these grub pollies world wide could show the world a new dance move at the end of a rope.


  4. Wonderful brave people fighting as soldiers against tyrant.


  5. Hmmmm… I wonder where the treacherous LNP-Labour Greens politicians and their leaders could escape to? New Guinea? I guess there’s only one way we’ll find out.


  6. Typical politician all mouth and trousers, and when the shit hits the fan, nowhere to be found, ran off and hid, like the runt that he obviously is.
    The longer he stays in hiding the angrier the populace will become, IF and when he does eventually materialize, I would be dubious about his survival, certainly politically.
    And Nova Scotia had better keep a careful watch, the truckers haven’t turned their attention in that direction YET.

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  7. Comeinspinner…

    You have certainly got the political and geopolitical terrain sussed.

    I wrote up the true history of the UN on website ‘Australia Fights Back’ (URL in the page titled “How Australia Was Globalised”. This will really put your teeth on edge, and reinforce your belief the UN should be scrapped. The truth is, what is happening now, is the reason Nelson Rockefeller designed it in the first place, and why the HQ is on Rockefeller land in NY.




  9. In the event this nice event arrives, a message for those who want to know where the bunkers are, I know exactly who to ask.


  10. If the Canadians stand behind the truckers they can hold the barricade forever. But can Trudeau evade forever, the exiled Canadians or Americans who would love to crush him like a cockroach? I don’t think so.

    This is beginning to look like a rebellion that could go world-wide, especially in Australia, Austria, Greece, France, Germany, and Italy. Maybe even in China, where millions are just containing their fury.

    If it does, we will see a repeat of the fate of El Duce when the rebels caught up to him. And I very much doubt if anyone will lift a finger to save them.

    If I were the elite, delusional eugenicists and psychoptahs even that they are, I would be issuing a non-conditional withdrawal of the covid/jab pogrom and withdrawing myself to my Plan B secret bunker for the duration.

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  11. Hey, bunker guy, it’s time to take a leaf out of the book of that other well-known bunker guy.


  12. and who wants a sook as their national leader!


  13. Trudeau appears to be a gutless wonder.A chicken who was acting like cock of the walk.
    I saw an interview last night. Klaus Schwab saying that Trudeau was one of his protegees .One of his young leaders ,as are about half of the Canadian Parliament.. So Klaus said.I thought.Oh s..t.

    No wonder Beautiful Canada is in such a mess. No wonder the world is such a mess. Jacinda Comrade Adhern is also one of his girls. It really sounds like a grooming gang. These chosen ones have existed in Australia for years .
    Do you recall Christine Nixon ? She was chief of police in Victoria,for some time, well she .. went around looking for future leaders to be groomed for that role Well Christine,who thousands were raving about,was in charge when the really bad bushfires were raging in the Bendigo , Mia Mia, Redesdale, etc areas. hen she was supposed to be on duty,and supporting the firefighters she was nowhere to be found. She was out having her nails done and then she went to a restaurant for lunch.Oh but it did not hurt her career. The firefighters on the ground,( of which I was one ) were not impressed .

    We need leaders, lovers of freedom, Personally I do not want any U N leaders In fact I believe the UN should be scraped. It was no damn good when it was the League of Nations.It has only got worse.
    This world needs prayers,and we had better find bright young people ,but right now we need older , wiser men and women to stand up and speak up right now .

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  14. “Citing its powers under the COVID state of emergency of March 2020, the provincial government of Nova Scotia has declared it illegal to finance, organize, aid or participate in a truck convoy, as well as to stand along the roadside in support of a truck convoy, with violators facing $10,000 fines.”

    In other words, “We will screw you as long and as hard as we like and you will grin quietly , accept it and be happy”. By order of Justine and her Reset Club.


  15. Gidday

    I wonder if these will appear on Propaganda Boxes throughout the world. Same thing is happening in OZ as they make their way to Canberra…..underneath the following “paste”. The sooner this bullshit finishes and everyone can “get on with their lives” the better – more and and more people [ THANK HEAVENS!!!] are fed up with all the politicians unsubstantiated crap televised by the propaganda boxes and therefore touted as “fact”….. you can fool the people some of the time and many….FAR too many are FINALLY waking up. I’d rather be shot than have that genetic crap pushed into me…thank you. Do you know where they get this genetic material from????? – That’s the question I ask everyone who has been assaulted with this genocidal poison. Remember that wearing a mask too REALLY reduces your immune systems ability to function properly. I’m waiting for the chest infections this Winter even just to tell people “ I told you so”….sounds snarky I know 😂

    Making another batch of Oi Muchim this morning – great along side any meal.

    B xx

    > >

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  16. I hope the people rally in great numbers to help the truckers. Then the government has only police and army to reinforce their “covid emergency laws and somehow I don’t think they will do anything: since they, their families and the whole country depends on truckers.


  17. the Trudeau family have been moved to a safe place in the US.
    Me: They can wait in the US for as long as they like – can the truckies wait that long?

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  18. More strength to you guys..


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