Bleed to death on the inside from graphene hydroxide in vaxx trial roulette

It’s not just about mRNA. And the Australian Government wants to give this deadly concoction to kids?

Dr. Andreas Noack did a heartfelt video call out (Austria) in regards to the graphene allegedly discovered in the Pfizer shots.
He was assaulted shortly afterwards and the latest alleged report by his partner is that he is now dead.–ANDREAS-NOACK-been-killed-after-publishing-his-findings-about-the-vaccines

This was his educated explanation as transcribed:

“There is a Professor in the University of Almeira, Professor Dr. Pablo Campra.
He studied the vaccines for the presence of graphene oxide using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy.
It is the study of frequencies.
There are frequency bands. Two of those bands are important.
They show that it is not graphene oxide but rather graphene hydroxide.
I would like to explain what graphene hydroxide is.

Dr Andreas Noack investigated nanoscale tiny razor blades injected into body and victim bleeds to death on the inside, He recently died under mysterious circumstances

It is a mono-layer activated carbon.
There are C6 rings. He found it in all samples. Every corner is a carbon atom.
This is on a nanoscale. If it is 5 nm long, there are 500 rings in a row. These are hydroxy groups (OH). In graphene oxide you have double bonded oxygen, but in graphene hydroxide you have an OH group. The electrons are delocalised (fully mobile).
The piece is 50nm (nanometre) long but only 0.1nm thick.
These C6 structures are extremely stable. You can make braking pads out of this.
It is not biologically decomposable.

These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades.

These razorblades are injected into the body.
Nano-scale tiny razor blades. Only one atom thick layer.
The OH hydroxy groups can split off a proton. When the proton is split off, they gain a negative charge spread out over the whole system.

It is basically an acid.
It suspends well in water because of the negative charge.
So these are razor blades spread homogeneously in the liquid.

This is basically Russian roulette.

It cuts the blood vessels.

The blood vessels have epithelial cells as their inner lining. It is extremely smooth, like a mirror and it is cut up by these razor blades. That is what’s so dangerous.
If you inject the vaccine into a vein, the razors will circulate in the blood and cut up the epithelium.

The thing is, toxicological tests are done in a petri dish so you will not find anything.
These are the sharpest imaginable structures because they are only one atom layer thick.

I am a Specialist in Activated Carbon. In my Doctoral thesis I have converted graphene oxide to graphene hydroxide. I joined the world leading activated carbon Manufacturer. I was in charge of new carbon activated products…

If you perform an autopsy on the victims you will not find anything.
Toxicologists do their tests in petri dishes.
They can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up blood vessels.
People bleed to death on the inside.
The top athletes who are dropping dead have fast flowing blood.
The faster the blood, the more damage the razors will do.

As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood, you know you are a murderer.
It is a new material, toxicologists are not aware of it yet.

You see people collapse immediately after a vaccination and have a seizure.
These people have bad luck in this Russian roulette.
Very likely a vein was hit by the syringe.

Do you think a Pediatrician understands what graphene oxide is?

An important concept in Science is disputation.
A Scientific debate.
The basis of medicine or pharmaceuticals is chemistry.
Completely new substances, unknown to nature are brought in with the vaccines.
Everyone is talking about mRNA which is complex.
But every chemist understands what graphene hydroxide does.
The mRNA story is possibly a diversion.

I cannot imagine that anyone will be able to give me, as a Carbon specialist, a proper explanation as to why these carbon razor blades are in the vaccine.
This is war.

Even if the people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little. It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks. All the strokes. The brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up.
These graphene structures are so stable, they are not degradable. Every chemist knows this.
The epithelial cells become rough when cut up like this, and things stick to it.

This material is declared an experimental vaccine for a reason.
In Germany or Austria there is nobody with my expertise. The leading German carbon Specialist Dr. Harmut von Kienle was my mentor for one year. I wrote my thesis in this field…”

So user beware. You don’t know what batch you are getting. It’s a Clinical trial after all.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. [url=]Mesuga[/url] Ehiyakoa


  2. Noacks widow called for action.

    Our Australian Resistance Warriors will slam their fists into their hand and roar “By Jove, she is right”. And they will launch yet another legal challenge.

    I have had such a gutful of my fellow Aussies. They still don’t understand this is war, not a legal debating society.


  3. Wakey well beginning of January will be 4 monthly for anyone is due for the Booster Jab then end of January 2022 be 3 monthly for the Booster. What happens miss one of those Booster Jabs will be classified as Unvaccinated 1🤔🤔🤔


  4. Australian government has just bought a massive quantity of vaccines/boosters, so much so that there are 14 jabs per person. This equates to 7 years of jabs, done every six months throughout that time. The reason our enemies need ongoing jabs is that they are injecting various foreign components – such as hydrogel swimmers, graphene nano dots, sheets and tubes, nano sensors, routers etc – to form a fully functioning control system. Listen right through to the end and you will really understand: Max Igan “Welcome to the Internet of Bodies”:
    Our natural neural networks will be overlayed with graphene networks that take over just like AGENDA 21 Overlays on our properties takeover our properties and just like our real governments have been overlayed by corporate ‘governments’.


  5. I believe Russian roulette is an appropriate description. If depopulation is the agenda, I feel that approx 15% of mRNA vaccines have this. Even without it there are other significant side effects. The energy systems will be depleted, followed by the nervous system, especially the central nervous system, then the cardiovascular system and all other systems of the body. The speed of decline will be dependent upon pre existing health conditions. Wait for an alternative safer vaccine. Very hard I know when deadlines are preventing you from earning your livelihood. Perpetrators don’t care if you die, that is obvious, so you must choose.


  6. Greg Hunt is leaving politics to spend more time with his family – business.

    Health Minister Greg Hunt’s involvement with graphene research in the US and Australia is a real family affair. As Dr Jane Ruby stated on the Stew Peters Show, the blood of a vaccinated person under microscope showed the red blood cells strangely ‘light up’ due to the inclusion of graphene in the vaccines.
    Ed. Professor John Hunt says he is not related to Greg Hunt.


  7. “……The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear. We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far. We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones. Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.

    “They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect. When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them its for their help. We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.
    When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future. When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine. We will render them docile and weak before us by our power. They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison. …………….”


  8. Dear Editor

    I applaud and commend you for your strength of character, integrity and bravery in posting this story. If it doesn’t wake the few remaining ‘sheeple’ up nothing will. Too busy virtue signalling and allowing themselves to be chased down Moronic government rabbit holes, because they lack any capacity for critical thinking and/or independent research. To paraphrase Mark Twain: It’s far easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled. I don’t fear for them. I fear and fervently pray for the innocent children. It’s one thing to risk your own life by subjecting yourself to Nuremberg Mark 2, (for whatever misguided reason), but to offer up your children as a sacrifice to appease the murderous globalist beast is also murder and even more evil.

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  9. The Poison of the Vaccine
    I hear the cries of the dead who believed
    The words of the wicked.
    Take the vaccine and you will surely not
    Die, give it to your children also and they
    Will live and no tears will they cry.
    But there is no reply !
    The fear of death has grip their souls, &
    Paralyzed their minds.
    Like sheep to the slaughter they follow the
    Commands of the Governments, and believe
    The lies.
    Where is your faith in the Creator who
    Loves you, Satan will die.
    Judgment will fall upon him, & all will see.
    “ This Is The End Of Time ”

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  10. Jennifer Grossi

    Hi Madeleine, Have you heard anything about Dr. Andreas Noack and the report of his death. His video about graphene hydroxide is posted on Bitchute at Jenny



  11. Go back a few years, let say 100 years to 1919. The Spanish Flu was every where, or was it ? People were doing the same thing as today wearing masks
    and dying. Pictures of the day showed people going around with signs on
    there stomach saying wear the mask or go to jail that’s right this is a repeat.
    The people who were dying back then were the vaccinated, both soldiers and
    ordinally people who believed the lies, who got vaccinated, died on mass.
    This was the reality of that time and now.
    So if you want to live then don’t take the vaccine. William


  12. Riccardo Bosi advises peaceful rallies to combat this threat, CEEP asks “When will the madness end?” When the people rise up and execute the bloody lot, (and my guess would be, not before that).


  13. Not sure…but apparently Noacks partner is saying in her video 4 days after his death, that he had an attack…not he was attacked. Any German speakers out there?


  14. Saturday, November 21, 2020
    Noted German Doctor of Alternative Medicine and Lockdown Critic Arrested By Merkel’s Gestapo Live on YouTube Stream


  15. Not easy to find DR. Andreas Noack video warning to the world. Now I understand how the Boosters going to bring on the Marburg Virus because body flooded with Nano Razor Blades cutting everything up the blood has to get out somewhere and hence Hemorrhagic Fever.

    Those who took this Experimental Bioweapon is committing slow suicide those who were forced or coerced is slow homicide! I’m never going to comply, now feel sick that my entire family and most of my friends are now all walking time bombs I am sure everyone here is in the same boat.

    With the Omicron Variant that some Scientists states symptoms are mild as they want you to think because how will MSM explain when 100s of Millions died from ADE or AIDS because this Bioweapon destroys a man or womans immune system. Or will it be the Boosters that will trigger Marbug Virus because one of the symptoms will be Hemorrhagic Fever bleeding from nose,eyes, ears and mouth or rectum. Could the Marburg Virus be related to these Nano Razor Blades and the Booster might contain more 🤔🤔🤔

    How long until TGA gives Provisional Approval for Pfizer BioNTech Comirnaty be given to 5 to 11 year olds. Children have a survival rate nearly 100% with no underlying health conditions what will it be for the survival rate for Children being jabbed with the Bioweapon…


  16. Patrick Donnelly

    Graphene is now routinely added to antibiotics as well!
    Has the TGA authorised this?
    FOI for it?


  17. Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia – Bottles have Code #’s for Placebo, Vax, or KILL SHOT

    Tue 6:39 pm +00:00, 23 Nov 2021

    Word is coming out of Slovenia that, if verified, will cause an unimaginable world reaction.

    On Saturday 20 November, the Chief Nurse of the University Medical Center, Ljubljana Clinical Center, (pictured above, who deals with the administration of vaccine vials and manages everything, quit her job, went in front of TV cameras and took out vaccine bottles.

    She showed the gathered journalists the codes on the bottles, each with the final number 1, 2, or 3 in the code, and then explained the meaning of these numbers:
    Number 1 is placebo, saline.
    Number 2 is the classic mRNA “vaccine”
    Number 3 is an RNA stick containing the ONC gene, related to adenovirus, which contributes, among other things, to the development of cancer.
    For these who get jabbed from vial whose code ends in the number 3, she says people who received them will have soft tissue cancer within 2 years.
    She said that she had personally witnessed the vaccinations of all politicians and tycoons and that they all received the preparation number 1
    The media has been told to absolutely bury this story and fierce efforts at containing this information are underway right now.
    More details if they become available.

    Neither link works


  18. In other words, these so called ‘vaccines’ have been intentionally & deliberately designed as ‘murder weapons’.

    The manufacturers, ilk & their poison pushers must be prosecuted to the MAXimum extend, as possible, preferably under common & natural law due to their corrupt courts.


  19. War nowadays do not need visible weapons…..unseen weapons are the most evil ones.
    what we cannot see we do not believe most of the time….
    Christmas is near and so no wonder that we have another “Virus variant”…..this is so obvious.


  20. It’s now admitted that SM-102 is an ingredient in Moderna (by default also Pfizer, I would guess). SM-102 is highly toxic, even with skin contact and is strictly not for Human or Animal use.

    I viewed a documentary a good few months ago, describing how SM-102 is used in Hydrogel and is in fact Graphene Oxide or a derivative of such (graphene Hydroxide?) as some Countries have openly described SM-102 as a graphene derivative.

    Also of note is the fact Greg Hunts siblings are involved in the production and use of graphene, in their labs (Hunt Lab) and research/development centers, which Greg Hunt has been awarding large Government grants of tax-payer monies.

    When will the madness end?



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