Sydney Freedom Rally – one million voters who have had enough – we are at war – Ricardo Bosi and Dave Oneegs

The death bell is tolling for the Australian duopoly government having for decades stolen people’s freedom. Ricardo Bosi and Dave Oneegs delivered a message to the million-strong anti-establishment voters at the Sydney Freedom Rally on Saturday 27 Nov 2021, “change is on the way – Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”. After watching this great call for unity to fight a common foe, is it any wonder PM Scott Morrison and Nationals Leader Barny Joyce want to censor alternative media?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. michael anthony

    what I noticed about all the opposition to the govts vaccine situation is they are all catholics…we know it is the jesit hold and vatican law of civics and conquest.
    but when he opened with the lords prayer I thought as a former catholic he is joking delivering it to these people,being australians…..then he went I’m a pass the ammo type christian I thought what….we got Kelly,Palmer,Bosi AND A FEW OTHERS that are all catholics….you got to ask the question and Barabbas Bosi…what on earth…some one should take some of his lines he uses in speeches and see if he is plagiarising jesuit spin….they can make black seem white


  2. Thanks for the tip, Ed. But ever since the Sephardic takeover of the Vatican by the Borjas in the 15th century and up until the clerico-fascism of the 1930s it is difficult to believe that “catholic” organizations today are really what we imagine them to be.


  3. Yes I met him many years ago in the US. Ed


  4. Do we mean Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr? I actually spent some time researching him – very interesting character – they put him in jail for some time so I’m guessing he was a good guy..Barwick does like his ideas – he was a physical economist? Please don’t believe the first things you see in searches – he has an incredible body of work and was a big thinker..


  5. Hi David LaRouche is not the problem. He died some years ago. The Australian organisation under the US umbrella has a exceptionally strong Catholic influence. The original Australian organisation did not start in this fashion. The lack of Covid policy is indeed perplexing. Editor.


  6. Mate I agree 100%.

    They did a job stopping the Cash band legislation last year – we blitzed the pollies with phone calls and emails – got a Senate hearing and stopped it – they have some good ideas ( postal bank, Dams, sack ASIC etc) HOWEVER!!!

    I emailed them several times saying that all that good stuff will be moot when there are no healthy people left.. Crickets! I got some inside intel – apparently the managers have had their injections and don’t see what the fuss is – it is amazing to me that such switched on and connected people can be so ignorant – but there you have it.


  7. Quite right, ron. No mention of a policy on Covid and injections means they’re not worth looking at. As far as I’m concerned, such fence sitting is now a devious social and political crime at this point. Cowardice at best. 🙂

    If their affiliation is with La Rouche then they’re likely in the fascist fold. And we are already staring fascism in the face. So how would they be likely to restore Australia to what it used to be…. young and free!


  8. The Australian Citizens Party.

    Was in process of joining the party, withdrew the application after I asked a question and they did not reply.

    The question: There is no mention of Covid19 by the party, none.

    The most important thing on the minds of most Australians would have to be Covid 19 and mandates, they had nothing, no info. I asked them why no info – if we were all dying or dead due to Covid what wouid be the use of worrying about any other matters.

    I have not checked their site for a few


  9. Future Commander in Chief? Really? There is no such thing in Common Law. And this adulation of one man is dangerous. Bosi is a good man, but beware of making him into a ‘leader’… We are ALL sovereign men and women and we bow down to no one!


  10. Some very solid points shared between Dave and Riccardo on the subject of Communism and its stranglehold on all Australian institutions in Dave’s interview with the A1 leader the day before the Sydney rally .

    The now viral Riccardo Rant 20.10 is in response to the ‘controlled opposition’ question which Dave fielded from the live Chat. Australia is at war not just with our political class but with the elites in every institution of social influence. Both Dave and Riccardo totally get this.

    Do we?


    An Invitation to International Travellers to come and enjoy the beauty and freedoms we have to offer
    Australian TOTALITARIAN Tourism Commercial – 14 Reasons to Visit!
    More >

    Scott Morrison sacking from tourism Australia. Foi
    I wonder what this was about ?

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  12. Hmmm…I wouldn’t trust Bosi as far as I could kick him…as he’s said to me he’d like to see our Constitution rewritten…which just CANNOT happen! He’s not what people think…he’s got a huge ego and using the I’m ex military..,trust me line.
    Lots of info going around about him and several others being controlled op.
    Pls don’t pat him on the back just yet.


  13. Dear Editor
    You do such an amazing job with this wonderful and essential truth news service and with that you are incredibly busy – so I thought if it is acceptable to you I have put the above into the links that people can post around – Question are we allowed to post this around widely yet ?

    Also note >
    F Arsebook have banned me yet again from posting anything with links since I was posting out as much as I could this morning of the Australian Aboriginal Video: An Evocative Appeal from some Indigenous People in Australia which is on website.
    I hope MZ will be in the top 1,000 of Nuremberg 2 Trials.

    Anyway, here is the information hereunder, that I have put together if you think it is okay and again, thank you sincerely for all the wonderful and tireless work you continue to do to fight for our civil rights, medical rights, human rights and freedoms by bringing the people truth where no mainstream media scumjourn will go.

    Here is the post >
    Andrews stands accused of two crimes: Misprision of Treason and Fraud @ Common Law
    As you may have already heard, on Wednesday November 3rd, Premier Daniel Andrews was criminally charged and served.
    Andrews stands accused of two crimes: Misprision of Treason and Fraud @ Common Law. While the former carries a penalty of life imprisonment, both are serious crimes which nullify all of the Andrews Government’s Antichrist mandates and restrictions upon the freedoms of law-abiding Victorian citizens.
    Melbourne Magistrates Court File Number 2021-00871
    Summary of Service Documents Re: Daniel Andrews below >
    Charge and Summons Andrews
    17 December, 2021
    Two counts:
    Misprision of Treason
    Fraud at Common Law

    Click to access Shaw%2520Andrews.pdf

    The Service Documents re: Daniel Andrews consist of nine documents.

    Click to access Summary%20of%20Service%20Documents%20re%20-%20Daniel%20Andrews.pdf

    More from source >


  14. Yeah pcwwp the used to be the CEC then joined with the yanks to become a powerful lobby group. But when it comes to the mRNA they dropped the ball completely. Former members can’t understand it. Perhaps it is the extreme US Catholic influence over the Australian chapter. Editor


  15. I have downloaded a copy of the PDF file relating to Brian Shaws charge against Daniel Andrews (court date 17/12/2021).

    Click to access a9c453_c7acaffbc3ee401cafaa48110f721987.pdf

    It is encouraging, to say the least.

    However, I urge you to take scroll down a look at page 231.

    Rod Cullerton and Ricardo Bosi also appear to have charges brought against them, where they must face a jury. I’m assuming this is due to them organising a political party and acting within it?

    It’s heavy duty reading to digest all pages, but is nevertheless a legitimate document, with a real Court date. In theory (under common law) Daniel Andrews can now be placed under arrest, by police if they fulfil their obligated common law duty, or even by any sovereign citizen.



  16. So people have finally figured out the lockdown BS is for morons because the Victorian numbers in Andrews’ Gestapo state are still much worse than in NSW?

    So people have finally figured out that of the 889 “covid” deaths in Australia in 2020 some 800 were in Andrews’ world record breaking lockdown state and 89 were in the rest of Australia?

    So people have finally figured out that the “vaccinated” can just as easily transmit the “virus” as the “unvaxxinated”?

    So people have finally figured out it’s about creating fear, destroying people’s independence, achieving global authoritarian control, and making mega-bucks?

    So people have finally figured out it’s just about issuing us with our own personal passports to Utopia 1984.

    Clever people! Who says they’re all sheep?

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  17. ” the Australian Citizens Party” – these guys are strong and organized – I was part of the movement that got the cash ban legislation stopped – in a small way – very good outcome. They want a National Bank – Post Office banking – all good stuff.. But on the vaccines they are just nowhere – apparently the leadership are double vaxxed – placebo batches of course – and see no problem. As I have written to them – the poisoning of our people- and soon our children – is a clear and present danger to out future,.


  18. yep – I get from people close to “what can we do – at our age” – I say how do we face our grandchildren who ask why we let this happen – I stand for freedom – no freedom – no life..


  19. yes mate – keep it real..


  20. I expect the reason why Riccardo Bosi leads off with the Lord’s Prayer is because in the 1901 it is a STANDING ORDER of the Australian Founding Fathers that the real and legitimate Australian government convene with the Lord’s Prayer. The recitation of the Lord’s Prayer at the Freedom Rally is entirely consistent with the Australia One platform, as one of the objects is to take the Australian nation as a unity to Constitutional Convention. Amendments will be needed to the 1901 Constitution to sort out the entire quango and conflict of laws created by the UN driven Marxist state. Then the amendments proposed by the convention will have to go to the Australian people by way of constitutional and referendum.

    These are the necessary first steps to return Australia to our own basic principles of law and government.

    The Lord’s Prayer is not to ignite Jesuit and pope debates but to give the Freedom rallies the legitimate direction.

    In the context of the American Revolution 1776, the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer is like the two lanterns of the North Church – a signal to the Australian nationalist / patriot community versed in the Australian Constitution. And it excludes the satanists, pedos, judeoxtians and corporate Marxist agents impersonating an Australian government and running the UN backed covid regime and genocide in this country.

    This is a good signal. Let’s think about that Cairns News readers.

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  21. Ceep you are not alone in your observations.

    I think Aussie Cossack is a poor actor from nowhere.
    Ricardo Bosi would have had to be in the brotherhood to have reached the ranks he did.

    Rod Culleton is going after a lost Constitution (not sure the Queen is worth holding onto) but proving a Corporate takeover has occurred is a worthwhile cause and may be all that we have left to fight for.

    I’m grateful for the voice that Clive Palmer paid for Craig Kelly to warn people and possibly even save their lives. He also tried to provide alternative medicine. At least he has put some of his money to good use. That will be his legacy.

    Campbell Newman supports the big Pharma cause due to his cognitive dissonance in relation to harm that is actually being done.
    If he is really wanting to represent Queensland he should be keeping an eye on the Land Titles sell out for us.

    At this stage it would be good to know more about the Australian Citizens Party with Craig Isherwood who stands for a productive economy and Banking reform.
    The Central Banks are a key player in the NWO and ultimately the private Federal Reserve wants to own it all….

    I hope everyone has the energy for the long haul.

    Once we get past the attack on our own bodily autonomy, they will be coming for our homes and everything we have spent a lifetime working for….


  22. Ceep – Bosi HAS told us what he will do. You need to watch his vids. He is the ONLY one who has actually voiced the corruption and criminality of all those who hold power. NO lawyer has. Yet they know. NO politician has – and all keep quiet about it. Even Craig Kelly. He intends just continuing on with the Corporate world they illegally made behind our backs! Monica Smit, a lawyer, is also aware – but not once has she enlightened those in this country.


  23. Ceep, you are absolutely correct. Bosi, Cossack and especially Avi “i m such a great aussie patriot i decided to serve in the IDF instead of the aussie forces” reek of controlled opposition. Another Qanon style bait. “ just kick back and relax, the savior white hats are working behind the scenes to get rid of the global elite”. Pure bs, we are on our own


  24. NO more illegal rates! NO more illegal registrations. NO more illegal tax. ALL Councils to return to Department status where they can no longer impose their “fines” on us! The illegal entity, the ATO, no longer in use. After WWII, a small tax was introduced for the SHORT TERM ONLY to help rebuild infrastructure – and it continued to this day and strangled everyone.

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  25. Not one person has asked, not a whisper….what has happened to the ex NSW tyrant….pretty obvious she will get away with her crimes against humanity…


  26. I attended the Newcastle rally.
    Even with bad weather there must of been around 5,000 there with people arriving and departing all the time and it was great to see the Aboriginal crowd arrive, maybe at least 1,000, having gathered outside the council chambers.
    We arrived just in time before the police blocked most of the roads to the foreshore where it was held in what we think was a way to stop more arriving.
    Overall, considering the weather, a good turnout.


  27. Not sure I trust Ricardo Bosi. All he seems to say is “be patient”, “things are happening in the background”. He said the end of October for big revelations (or such like). Last week he was saying “everyone just needs to sit down and strike for a few weeks”.
    Well that easy, as most that don’t want the injection are going to be out of their job anyway.

    What exactly is he doing or even advocating? He seems to be just chanting what the crowd want to hear. Isn’t that simply what all politicians do before they put themselves up to be voted for?

    As for Aussie Cossack and the Israeli guy from Rebel News. Give me a break!
    I know 100% if I niggled the police like they do, I’d have gravel-rash all over my face. Not these guys though, it’s all slightly negative banter until the sergeant comes onto the scene, then it’s like they’re long lost Brothers.
    I think the penny was starting to drop with their youtube audience, so they nicked his security guy a few weeks ago, not violently though, just a nice casual nicking. Then they go into his house/flat and arrest him for not wearing a mask at some prior outing. Was that scripted? Dunno, but again it was hardly the full on force we often see others receiving.

    Look at the treatment/attitude these pair get, compared to that of Monica Smit etc.
    It’s night and day.

    It also looked (the previous weekend) as if all 3 have become jolly good chums while sharing a stage.

    Something smells more than a bit iffy to me about these three.
    Though, I am thrilled at the growing numbers turning out and the loathing of the major parties and their deceptions on the population, that is excellent news, as it is all over the Planet.

    Apologies for putting a slight dampener on things, but I felt somewhat compelled to say what I see and feel about them.



  28. A concern is they will ride on some new BS variant and put off elections..


  29. Agree with the article.

    We could vote out all of the major parties, were there to be honest elections.
    Due to what has happened in other countries with voting, it may well be that our elections have been rigged for years.

    Showing ID can help. The main problem would be when the paper votes are turned into digital (computer) storage. Worse still if there is digital voting – no paper votes.

    The only way to keep them honest is if we the people are present at counting and can do our own count, and we can check anything digital – entered into and stored in a computer.

    It is all so corrupt, so yes, we need to make the bastards honest.


  30. It tolls for thee – Lib/NP/Lab/Greenscontrolledopposition parties – the entire consolidated communist sludge. It tolls for thee – national cabinet [politburo]. It tolls for thee – Operation Covid Shield [KGB]. It tolls for thee – state premiers and little politburos. It tolls for thee LGAs working directly with international Communist entity: the UN.

    The Great Southland is kicking the tires and lighting the fires.


  31. I would be delighted to cheer with everybody else, but i learned the hard way not to count eggs as chickens before they’re hatched.


  32. Is Riccardo Bosi a retired Jesuit Assassin?


  33. How did we get here?
    Intelligence operation after intelligence operation, false flag after false flag, instilling fear into a retarded populous distracted by sports and beer to install totalitarian corporate Jesuit government muppets.
    “ You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death.”
    There is no membership lists of the Jesuit order but their co-collaborators the Masonic brotherhood continues to be proud of their involvement and have always been happy to advertise their membership.
    The founding Director-General of Security and head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) 1949 Sir Geoffrey Sandford Reed, KC a Freemason and grand master (1953-56) of the Grand Lodge of South Australia.
    Skip forward to 2013 and we have James Packer, John Howard and Cardinal George Pell and the secret Chartwell society (new name for an old Jesuit society) along with Peter Cosgrove, David Elliot (organiser), Prince Richard, Tonny Issa, Matt Kean, Don Perrottet, Peter Phelps, John O’Day, Kevin Conolly, Natasha Mackaren-Jones, Ray Williams, Bryan Doyle etc, etc, etc openly named in the media yet the majority of the public still think secret societies don’t exist.
    We can see the “good oldboy“ Mason network openly in ever town and city across Australia, while the connected at the hip Jesuit and other secret societies remain hidden within intelligence, military, politics, judiciary, law enforcement, media and education, all hidden within CORPORATIONS by BANKERS still influencing and controlling the masses.
    Skip forward again to 2021 and the majority of Australians are still def, dumb and blind having now injected themselves with a neurological bio-weapon which will soon be fully activated for total control and monitoring, if they don’t drop dead. The intelligence services laughed when you all adopted their bookface, twithead – social control media and now they are laughing again, they will own your very thoughts. As for the misrepresenting of vaxxed number percentages if you are the only one of a handful in your community not vaxxed then you know the percentage is high.
    It’s unlawful to name or identify an active Jesuit ASIO agent and will result in your disappearance into the bowels of the corrupt Jesuit judicial system, institutionalised as a number without a voice. Therefore I suggest you look closer at the protest organisers and those leading the opposition before you are lead straight off a cliff and you are used as part of another false flag.


  34. A million there, another one here.
    We cannot allowed ourselves to be enslaved.What would our kids say if we did nothing.These so-called leaders do NOT care about us.They have sold us out that is undeniable..We have choices, lay down live cowards or stand tll.

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  35. One million – that is great!


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